This if a role play a Friend of mine is doing with another girl.
This is not my story it belongs to a friend of mine. It is a role play between her and one of her friends. She asked me to post it here. The two women and myself hope that you enjoy this story. Once again this is not mine.

Karly smiled softly as she felt Celest touch her crotch leaning her crotch slightly away in surprise gasping lightly before leaning back towards the tender hand smiling lightly "feel anything you like?" she whispered into Celest’s ear, as a soft bulge made itself a slight bit more noticeable, nipping her ear softly. As her leg softly grinded more, as she slowly removed Celest's shirt...

Celest shivered with anticipation as she felt the growing bulge under Karly’s clothing. It was always a hidden desire for her to be with a transgender woman. Feeling that bulge made Celest’s wet pussy become nearly soaked as the two continued to grind against crotch and knee. With her shirt now gone her hardening nipples grew very stiff. Her moans grew louder with excitement and pleasure.

Karly smiled softly, her lips parting from the woman's ear, looking at Celest once more, "Mmm," she moaned slightly, her rubbing her hand against Celest’s breast, before softly pulling it down to reveal her nipple, her attention turning to this as she moved her mouth slowly down, licking the exposed hardened nipple, "your touch is making me so hot" she whispered, her hands slowly moving down unbuttoning Celest's clothes with eagerness.

Celest moaned and thrust her chest upward as her lover began to lick her hardened nipple. Her nipples were rather sensitive and if teased long enough she could orgasm just from that kind of foreplay. With Karly working to remove Celest’s jeans the young woman squirmed to help shimmy her tight little ass out of the form fitting material. Her own hands focused on removing Karly’s shirt and struggling with the woman’s lower clothing. “Oh that feels good… suck my nipples tease them…. Please more…”

Karly could only smile softly at the woman’s plea's her hands slowly manoeuvring her pants from her body, leaving the woman completely naked below her, her own pants getting undone, she smiled as she felt her top's buttons slowly getting plucked open, her hand slowly moving back up to the breast, softly wrapping her hand around the supple breast of the woman, as she softly licked under her nipple, dragging the flat of her tongue across the nice hardened nipple, before wrapping her lips around it pleasurably, rolling her tongue around Celest's nipple, her teeth soft brushing against Celest’s nipple...

Celest gasped as Karly’s tongue and teeth skilfully teased her hard nipple. She moaned and squirmed under her lover’s touch, wanting more and more pleasure both to give and receive. Once the annoying shirt was removed from Karly’s body Celest eagerly began to fondle and knead the soft breast. Her hips thrusting up to touch anything that might give the woman more pleasure and scratch the itching of her labia. Her free hand now searches to stroke the hard shaft of her lover’s throbbing penis. “Oh god yes… oh please…”

Karly could only smile as the woman moaned more and more, the skilful play turned the woman on more and more, her hardening shaft feeling the touch of the woman's caused Karly to gasp onto the nipple, her other hand moving down Celest’s body, feeling her soft stomach, touching her belly-button, before slowly approaching the woman’s clit, her fingers softly spreading her lower lips as her middle finger pressed softly against her clit, toying with it, touching it and grinding into it as she softly sucked the nipple, her tongue depressing the nipple as she softly moved her body so her cock brushed Celest's hand.

With such a sensitive body that was all Celest could take. She cried out and arched her back as her orgasm flooded her pussy and her poured out of her soaked hole. She squirmed and shook for nearly a minute before the pleasure subsided and she was able to catch her breath. Panting she looked at her lover and smiled before closing her eyes and slowing her heart rate. “Oh thank you… that felt so good.” she said softly then reached down to stroke both Karly’s hair and her hard cock. “Now I’ll return the favour.” She smiled and wiggled her lower body a bit.

Karly smiled watching the woman as she orgasmed below her, a soft smile breaking her lips as she watched the woman quiver with the pleasure of the orgasm, her eyes watched the woman locking eyes with her as she slowly calmed down once again, she smiled softly, leaning down as the hand touched her hair, feeling a hand touch her naked cock, the hard cock throbbing with desire after watching the intense orgasm, as she pressed her breasts softly against Celest’s as they kissed.

Celest smiled as their lips met, she held her lover’s head to keep her close and make their kiss last awhile. With her hand wrapped around the throbbing cock she moaned to tease Karly. She wanted that thick hard dick inside her and she could barely keep herself from wrapping her legs around the woman and thrusting herself onto the hard cock. Slowly she broke the kiss, smiled and leaned her mouth close to Karly’s ear. “Please give it to me, I want you to ravish my naughty pussy with your hard throbbing cock.” She said in a seductive tone then slowly licked Karly’s ear while at the same time stroking the hard member in her hand.

Karly gasped softly into the kiss as she felt the hand around her thick hard cock, feeling the hand tease the member as she broke the kiss, Karly could only open her eyes as she felt Celest’s warm breath on her ear, speaking those dirty words, she smiled softly, pulling away as she felt the woman message her cocks skin, "Mmm" she moaned, "your wish is my command Celest" she whispered, slowly moving her hands down, spreading Celest’s cunts lips softly, letting Celest’s hand help press her cock teasing the tight ring muscle with the tip of her hard cock, "ahh, so warm.... so tight.." she gasped..

Celest spread her legs apart then wrapped them around Karly’s hips. She groaned at the resistance of her pussy even with all the pussy juice and cum, the cock was by far the biggest she had ever seen and felt. But she fought to have that wonderful fuck organ in her tight hole and she would not rest until it was buried to the hilt inside her cunt. With her other she teased her clit to help lubricate her sex even more. Moaning and whimpering until finally several inches of thick cock impaled her. “Yes! Oh you’re so big…”

Karly gasped loudly, her lips parted as she moaned with the tightness of the girl her wonderful fuck hole tightly, sheer moans of lust as she felt the soft inner walls of the woman’s wet insides, how the hole felt around her cock, the tightness of her walls as she pushed deeper into her, intent on the same goal as Celest, feeling the several inches become more and more as she felt the thick cock penetrate her lover, eventually fitting the whole 10 inches deep inside Celest, slowly but surly burying her hips hard against Celest’s hips, gasping as she pressed into Celest, there beasts hard against each other, there nipples rubbing against each other, "SOOOO GOOOD"

Celest gasped as Karly’s full 10 inches filled her tight hole. Her breath was heavy as she felt the cock inside her pulse. Her arms wrapped around Karly’s back and held her close. “Oh fuck! Don’t move… not yet… sooo big…” she moaned and bit down on her lower lip. Her lover’s cock had penetrated her womb and she was both shocked and sore from the penetration of her tight hole. Looking up at Karly Celest smiled then roughly kissed the woman on top of her.

Karly blushed slightly as she heard the woman's word's, gasping softly still as she felt the woman's insides messaging her cock. Feeling it against her naked skin, before feeling a rough kiss touch her lips, this only made Karly moan, softly into the kiss, tilting her head softly to the side, parting her lips as she kissed Celest with eagerness and anticipation.

Celest slowly started to move while she slid her tongue into her lover’s mouth. She moaned a bit as her hands lightly caressed to woman’s sides, back and supple ass. She broke away just long enough to say, “Okay, go slow.” Then returned to the deep kiss.

Karly lips felt the joy of Celest's tongue, her own tongue softly meeting the invited guest, brushing against it softly, feeling the soft muscle, gasping softly as Celest broke the kiss, speaking once more, she felt the kiss return, "Mmm" she moaned in compliance, her tongue wrapping around Celest’s feeling it, enjoying it, as she moved her own hips slowly, her cock slowly grinding against Celest’s tight walls as she pulled her cock out before moving slowly back into the woman, taking her at a slow and pleasurable speed, the grinding of her cock slipping into the woman, feeling her tight walls could only cause Karly to gasp with lust into the kiss.

Celest could only moan and move in time with Karly. The cock filling her so completely felt so wonderful, she wanted to be fucked hard but her tightness would only make that desire a rather painful experience. She hoped her body would stretch and loosen enough for a faster fuck. Her nails slightly digging into her lover’s back as they kissed. It was all she could do to keep herself from Cumming again so soon, she wanted both of them to cum together. The pleasured sound coming from her would be heard by anyone who entered their room.

Karly gasped loudly as she felt the woman below her move, even the slightest movement could be felt by her enlarged cock, feeling the walls swim around her cock she moaned loudly, she could feel the nails of her love grind into her back, this only caused a loud moan of intensified pleasure, feeling the slight pin pricks of pain mix with the deep amount of pleasure was too much, she gasped loudly, breaking the kiss, moaning as she did, "ahh," she moaned softly, "to....Cummm..." she bit her bottom lip trying to hold it in, she felt do hot and heavy, she could barely keep the urge in.

“Ahh... Yes… Cum… cum with me…” Celest moaned as slightest motion of her lover’s cock sent jolts of pleasure through her body. At first she regretted how tight she was but now that she how much pleasure it caused for them both she wanted her pussy to stay as it was.

Karly gasped softly as she lightly pumped her thick cock into Celest, he head beside Celest’s as she passionately kissed the woman’s neck, giving it much more attention then a few moments ago, her hard cock feeling the darkest recesses of Celest's insides, feeling her warm wet walls around her cock, as she bucked softly into the woman, her sweat beading on her breasts as she moved, as they rubbed and grinded against Celest’s, before gasping one last time, pushing her cock as deep as she could pushing into Celest's beautiful frame and feeling the pleasure reach its peak as her cum flooded from her hard cock into Celest's beautiful body...

“Aha… ah… oh god…” Celest felt everything Karly did to her, from their rubbing breasts soft thrusts of the large cock and to the hot cum flooding her womb. She moaned and held tightly onto Karly never wanting her leave the bed let alone her pussy. She cried out as her hot cum forced Celest’s orgasm to rush through her small frame. Her back arched and her head tossed back and forth while her nails dug deeper into her lover’s back. With every twitch of Karly’s cock Celest let out a short pleasure gasp.

Karly gasped lovingly as she felt her cum fill the woman below her, feeling the woman's orgasm, feeling everything, she could feel her cock twitch as the cum seeped more into the woman, gasping lightly, feeling her nails dig into Karly's back, she didn't move, almost as if frozen to keep her cock inside the woman, refusing to pull it from her, her lips contacting Celest's roughly feeling the passion of the sex urge her to make the contact as she moaned softly, speaking but not moving her lips from Celest's "I’ve never cummed that hard before..." she gasped...

“N… neither have I…” she said softly then eased her grip on Karly. “You were amazing…” she sighed and nuzzled the woman’s neck. She was happy to have experienced this and was now content to never allow anyone else to fuck her. Celest moved slight but instantly went stiff and moaned. Her body was even more sensitive thanks to the wonderful orgasm; the slightest movement now caused her have tiny orgasms. She bit her bottom lip and moaned.

Karly smiled softly, "You’re beautiful," she whispered, brushing a few strands of hair softly, letting the red hair slip through her fingers, before slowly pulling herself from the woman's love canal, gasping softly, as she did, "I’m... Glad you weren't afraid when you saw 'it'" she whispered as she did.

Celest gasped as Karly pulled her cock out of her tight hole. She reached up and touched her cheek and with a loving smile kissed the woman above her. “Actually I was… but I wanted to try it anyway, and I’m very glad that I did.” She smiled and sighed happily. “I don’t think I’ll ever want any other cock ever again.” She added and licked her lips while looking down between their bodies.

Karly blushed as she felt the lips of Celest against her own once more, hearing those words she blushed, watching Celest look down, she blushed slightly, "I should clean myself up" she whispered softly, the beads of sweat obvious on her, her glistening cock fresh with Celest’s juices and her own cum, she blushed softly, wrapping her arms around the woman, as she intertwined there legs.

Celest blushed realizing that she was staring that she wanted to go for another round. She held her new lover in a soft and loving embrace, cuddling up and purring softly. “That can wait a little bit, right now I just want to be held by you.” She said softly and closed her eyes, nuzzling the woman’s soft pillow breasts.

Celest's head nuzzled her breasts as she smiled softly, kissing the woman's forehead, her eyes closing as she thought for a moment, her cock was still evidently hard, this made Karly blush softly as she bit her bottom lip thinking about going again, though she new the woman had cummed twice at least, and was undoubtedly tired... she whispered quietly," How do you feel," she whispered quietly, as she blushed more, thinking of all the things she could do to the beautiful girl, all the naughty thoughts...

Celest answered without thinking and smiled softly. “Naughty… sensitive and …. Well I’m still a little horny…” once the last word left her lift she opened her eyes and blushed, burying her face into Karly’s cleavage. “Oh dear… I’m sorry that just came out…”she muttered and slowly looked up at Karly like a scared kitten.

Karly smiled as Celest spoke, listening to her sweet voice, before feeling the woman hide in her cleavage, causing Karly to gasp lightly, feeling her sensitive breasts, "Its, mm, Ok" she smiled softly, "I think, I still am too..." she whispered softly, blushing red, knowing it wasn’t just a thought, she still was.... Karly blushed softly, "Would you mind," she blushed, "if I pleasured you? Again?" she blushed redder, thinking of those words coming out of her mouth, she felt her cock brush against Celest's leg slightly causing her to blush more.

She looked up and shook her head. “I’d love it…” she said softly and blushed a dark shade of red. She felt Karly’s cock against her leg and bit her lower lip thinking about all the possible things she could do with it and what it could do to her. Celest smiled then started to light lick the top of Karly’s breasts. She wiggled her butt a little and mewed.


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