The delivery guy shares Laura with her father
It was just over a week since I had last been to Laura and her fathers house. Since I had delivered a parcel to them, and been given the chance to fuck the hot teenage girl. Bill, her father and I had arranged for this second visit. More than a flying visit like the first time. A chance to take my time with Laura. Also a chance for her father to join in as well. Something Laura seemed to be very interested. Now I was parked outside their house for a second time. I had been so looking forwards to this visit that I had arrived ten minutes early. I had been sat outside their house for five minutes. Finally I could not wait any longer.

I climbed out of my car and walked up the short driveway to their door. After taking a deep breath to calm myself, I reached up and knocked. My feelings were very different from the last time I was knocking on their door. Now I was expecting someone in, expecting to have a good time. Then I had been frustrated at having had to make a couple of trips to try and deliver a package. I had not expected to be experiencing sexual pleasure the way I was now. I waited for a moment, was just about to knock again, when Laura's father opened the door. He smiled when he saw me and invited me in.

“Sorry I'm a bit early.” I told him.

“No problem, in fact it probably is a good thing. If you had been late I think Laura would have been changing her clothes for another time. As far as I can tell she has put on six different outfits for you. I think she's been looking forwards to this.” He said with a smile.

“Me too.” I said, he nodded then turned to call Laura down. A few seconds later she appeared at the top of the stairs. Walking down until she reached halfway. There she halted giving me chance to see her in her full glory. She was wearing a thin white tunic style dress that came down barely a third of the way down her thighs. It clung to her figure in a nice, stylish manner. Not too tight, but enough to hint at what I knew was underneath. Her long legs were made to appear longer by the pair of 'do me' heels she was wearing. She had let her hair hang loose, the blonde hair haloing her face. Her make up was refined, just enough to show without over powering her natural appearance.

The whole effect made her appear older than she was. From Bill I knew that my initial guess the first time I had seen her was right. She was thirteen, but only for a couple of weeks. Now she appeared closer to sixteen. The white dress with the halo effect of her hair would have given her a innocent look. If not for the effect her heels had on her legs, or the look of pure lust in her eyes. A look that told me exactly what she wanted to happen.

“You look stunning, and hot.” I said in answer to the question in her eyes. Her face lit up.
She reached one hand out to me.

“You had better come upstairs then.” She said. I glanced at Bill, who nodded. Then walked up to take her hand. Letting her lead me up to her room. Her father following behind us. Her room was a typical teenage girls room. On one wall were posters of the latest hot boy band. Soft toys sat on the window sill. There was a combination dressing table and set of draws to one side. With various make up resting on top. A single wardrobe stood in the corner, behind the door. In the middle of the room was her bed. A single bed with silver coloured metal headboard and base board. The covers were cream with a red flower pattern.

I took the room in with a glance before turning my focus on Laura. She stopped in the middle of the room. Standing next to her bed, looking at me with a half challenge in her eyes. I looked at her for a second then turned to look at her father. He was stood by the door, just watching.

“I'm guessing there's not going to be any small talk first then.” I said to both of them.

“Knowing my daughter I'd say not. She has been looking forwards to this since we arranged it.” Bill said, Laura nodded in agreement.

“Aren't you joining in then?” I asked him.

“I will in a bit, but you can go first. My little whore knows I like to watch, and she likes me to watch her.”

“Because I know that you'll give me a proper hard fuck after you've watched daddy.” Laura said with a seductive smile. I glanced between then, sensing a back story to this unusual relationship.

“I think I'd like to know how this situation between you happened.” I told them.

“We can tell you the whole story afterwards.” Laura's father told me.

“Definitely afterwards.” Laura added, reaching out to grab my hand. Pulling me towards her and pressing her lips against mine. I quickly kissed her back, sliding my arms around her. Pulling her tight against me. I could feel her young body pressing against me. Her breasts squeezing against my chest. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, twisting it around hers. Running my hands along her spine. Then round to her front, sliding them up to cup her small breasts. They felt just as good as I remembered. I squeezed them softly, feeling their shape under my hands. Remembering just how nice they looked I wanted to see them.

Reaching round I quickly undid the zip on the back of her dress. Pulling it down, then running my hands up to pull the shoulders down. Pulling the dress down far enough to release her naked breasts. For a few seconds I looked at them. Loving their appearance. Two small perfect globes of white flesh, topped by a hard pink nipple. I reached up to cup them, wrapping my hands around them. Pressing my fingers into her firm flesh. Rubbing them over her hard nipples, making her hiss softly.

I leant forwards sliding my lips over her one breast. Sucking it into my mouth. Laura hissed louder, pushing her breasts out towards me. I drew the breast deeper into my mouth. Licking my tongue over it. Softly circling the nipple with my tongue. Before moving to the other breast, doing the same to that. As I worshipped her breasts I remembered how good she had tasted. As well as how she had enjoyed my licking her out. I quickly decided that I wanted to taste her again.

I pushed her dress down until it slid off her. She quickly stepped out of it. Standing back I looked at her. She was naked apart from her heals and the skimpiest thong I had ever seen on any woman, let alone on a hot teenage girl. I admired the view, giving a soft moan of appreciation. One that was matched by her father. After a few seconds I stepped forwards to lift Laura up onto her bed. Reaching down I hooked my fingers in the thong and pulled it off. Then I ran my hands back up her legs, parting them so I could see her sweet young cunt. The soft down of blonde hair barely covered it. I could see the pink lips, glistening slightly. Reaching up I parted them, opening her to my gaze. I looked down at her open cunt, seeing the soft folds surrounding the perfect pink entrance.

I inhaled, taking in the sweet scent of her. Savouring the musky scent that showed how turned on she was. Only then did I lean forwards to lick my tongue along her. Laura gasped softly as my tongue slowly ran along her flesh. I smiled at her reaction, knowing how much stronger her reaction would be to what I was going to do. Pushing my face into her I probed at her cunt with my tongue. Squirming into her, licking at her deeply. Tasting her sweet flavour on my tongue. She tasted like sugar, lemon and musk all at the same time. A heady mix of flavours that soon had me probing deeply into her with my tongue. Opening her up with my fingers so I could push into her. Licking hard at her cunt, making her moan loudly.

“Oh god yes.” She moaned as I licked at her. “Oh fuck that's so good.”

“Baby, is he giving you a good licking.” I heard her father say.

“Yes daddy, so good, umm, so good.” Laura responded with a sharp gasp. I felt her wrapping her legs over my shoulders. Her hands were curled into my hair, pulling my face into her. Not wanting to disappoint her I took the offer to continue licking inside her. Curling my tongue in her cunt. Tasting her as much as I could. Her moans growing deeper, louder as I did. Finally I felt her pulling at my head. Trying to move my tongue from inside her to her clit. For a few seconds I resisted, enjoying licking inside her too much. Finally she became more insistent and I relented. Letting her guide my mouth up to her clit. As soon as I ran my tongue over it she jolted in pleasure.

“Fuck yes, oh god do that again please.” She gasped, so I did. Flicking my tongue over her clit. Again she jolted, moaning sharply at the sensation I was causing. I began to lick at her harder. Running my tongue over the firm bud of flesh. Easily releasing it fully from its protective hood. Curling my tongue around it, flicking it all over it. Laura groaned loudly, deep sounds of pleasure. I felt her body rocking from side to side. Looking up I could see her fondling her breasts, arching her back as I licked at her. I hooked my hands around her legs, pinning her down as her writhing grew stronger. Continuing my assault on her clit. Knowing that she could not hold off her orgasm for long. Only a few seconds later I was proven right.

“FUCK, YES, CUMMING.” Laura screamed as I tipped her over into her orgasm. Her body went tight under me, then exploded into the orgasm. Only my hands around her hips held her still. She arched back then shot up to sitting. Gasping and crying out as her orgasm swept through her. Her hands pulling my face into her, urging me to keep licking. I did, repeatedly flicking my tongue over her clit. Before taking the opportunity to probe deep into her again. Tasting her as she came. She arched back onto the bed with a long moan of pleasure as I licked in her.

Finally her orgasm died and she sank back onto the bed. I licked inside her for a few more seconds before pushing myself up. Looking down I took in the image of her on the bed. Her chest rose and fell as she gasped for breath. Her face and neck flushed from her orgasm. Her blues eyes flashing even brighter than normal. I smiled and licked her juices from round my lips.

“I guess you enjoyed that then.” I said to her, she nodded.

“I do hope that you're going to show him how much you appreciated that like a good little slut.” Her father said to her. Laura glanced over at him and smiled, nodding softly. Then she slid off the bed, crouching in front of me. I looked down watching her as she undid my jeans. Quickly releasing my cock, which was rock hard by now. She curled her fingers around it. Rubbing them along me for a few seconds. Then, staring up at me with her bright blue eyes, she lent forwards and slid her mouth over me. I groaned as I felt her lips sliding along my cock. She slowly took me into her mouth. Sucking me deeper into her until her lips met her hand. She held me in her mouth, sucking hard. Before pulling back to curl her tongue over the head. I gasped, making her smile. She took me in her mouth again, began to slide her lips along me. Sucking me into her mouth.

I groaned as I felt her little mouth moving up and down me. Closing my eyes, simply enjoying the sensations she was causing. Her mouth sucking hard on me, her tongue licking over me. Her fingers rubbing softly up and down the base of my cock. The pleasure was so much it took my breath away. I reached down, curling my fingers in her blonde hair. Enjoying the feel of her sucking on me. Her movement growing faster, stronger as she sucked harder on me. I gasped deeply as she began to bring me closer to my own orgasm.

Laura gave a soft, muffled gasp around my cock. I opened my eyes and was surprised to see her father standing behind her. He had pulled her up so she was bent over between us, and was fucking her from behind. Pushing her cock into her with long deliberate strokes. Laura gasped, pulling her mouth away from my cock.

“Oh god daddy, yes, fuck me.” She moaned, glancing back at him.

“This is what you wanted isn't it my little whore. To have the two of us fucking you. Me in your pussy and him in your mouth.” He said to her as he thrust into her.

“Yes daddy, yes.” She gasped deeply. He reached forwards to push her head back down onto me.

“Then suck on his cock baby. Suck him right into your mouth. I know you can do it, go one my little whore swallow his cock.” He said as he pushed her mouth down onto me. I felt my cock pushing deeper into her mouth. Taking over from Bill I wrapped my hand around her head. Pushing her down onto me.

“Come on Laura, show me how much you can take.” I said as I pushed her mouth down on me. I felt my cock pushing deeper into her. Until I was totally inside her mouth. Her lips pressed right into my groin. I saw her eyes widen as I pushed her down onto me. Other than that she gave no reaction, there was no resistance.

“That's it my little whore, swallow his cock.” Bill said to her. “Now you can have both your pussy and mouth fucked, just like you wanted.” I allowed Laura to pull back, not wanting to choke her too much. She gasped hard, then smiled up at me.

“Do it again please, I love it. Fuck my mouth while my daddy fucks my pussy.” She hissed before sliding her lips back over me. Pushing her mouth down my cock as far as she could. I tightened my grip in her hair as I pushed forwards. Feeling the head of my cock pressing to the back of her throat. I heard her gag softly, but she did nothing to pull away. Letting me push into her mouth, fucking it with my cock. As I did her father began to increase the power of his thrusts. Fucking her hard, thrusting deeply into her. She moaned loudly, the sounds muffled by my cock, as he fucked her. I pushed back into her mouth. Forcing my cock right to the back of her throat. I felt her choke and pulled back. She just pushed her head down on me, seemingly wanting me to keep going.

I pushed into her mouth again, and again. Each time sliding my cock right to the back of her throat. She sucked hard on me, gagging every so often. Somehow she seemed able to avoid choking too badly on me. That just egged me on to go harder. I began to move faster, pushing my cock in and out. Pumping it into her mouth. As I did I could see her father ramming into her cunt. Slamming himself as hard into her as he could. The image of her caught between us. Being fucked from both ends was so hot it added to my pleasure. Soon I was on the verge of cumming. I tried to hold off, to keep enjoying the feel of her swallowing my cock into her mouth. Eventually the need to cum became too strong.

“God Laura, yes girl I'm cumming.” I gasped as my balls tightened in a familiar way. Holding her head still I pushed my cock deep into her mouth. Just as my cum pumped out into her. I heard her gag for a second, then felt her swallowing hard as my cum pumped down her throat. I held her head still, her mouth right down onto my cock, until I had emptied myself into her. Then released her, pulling away. Laura gasped hard for breath, then gave a sharp squeal as Bill rammed into her.

Without me holding her up she had to cling to the bed to remain standing, he was ramming into her so hard. Each thrust rocked her frame. Making her cry out in pleasure at the sensation. Bill was breathing hard, gasping as he kept on pounding into her. Thrusting his cock deep inside her. Ramming it hard into her cunt.

“Laura, oh god my little slut you feel so good.” He grunted between thrusts.

“Daddy, oh daddy you're so deep in me. Oh keep going daddy, fuck me harder.” Laura replied in a gasping voice. He increased his thrusts, making her squeal loudly. Ramming into her hard, he fucked her with all his might. She clung to the bed, gasping loudly, squealing with each hard thrust. Watching I wondered who would cum first, father or daughter. It was Laura who broke first.

“Dadddddyyy, oh god DADDY!” She screamed as she exploded into her orgasm. Bill grunted as she came around him. Ramming into her as hard as he could. Then he stiffened sharply.

“Oh yes, my little whore. Daddy's cumming baby.” He gasped holding his cock deep inside her. The pair of them gasping as their mutual orgasm ran their cause. Then finally he pulled back. Laura dragged herself onto the bed, breathing hard. I moved quickly towards her. Rolling her onto her back, positioning myself between her legs. She looked up at me, her eyes wide as she felt my hard cock pressing against her cunt.

“Oh fuck.” She gasped before I rammed into her hard. “OH FUCK!” She screamed as I began to fuck her as fast and hard as I could. I had my hands hooked around her thighs. Pulling her into me as I slammed my cock deep into her cunt. She was tight around my cock, wet from where Bill had just been fucking her. Her face and chest were still flushed from her orgasms. She gasped loudly, crying out as I rammed in and out of her. Looking down at her I could see my thrusts rocking her young body.

I could feel my cock ramming into her cunt. Slamming deeply into her body, I was totally filling her, almost able to feel my cock hitting the top of her cunt. Laura screamed in wild passion as I continued to pound her cunt hard. Arching her head back over the other side of her bed. Her hands clawing at her bedclothes. I dug my fingers into her thighs. Fucking her little body as hard as I could. Totally enjoying the feel of her cunt wrapped around my cock.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes fuck me.” Laura gasped as I rammed into her. Her words urging me on to keep ramming in as hard as I could. Her breathing was coming in sharp gasps. Her body rocking with each thrust. I was sucking in air through clenched teeth. I could feel sweat starting to run down my back. I was determined not to slow, even as I could feel my thighs muscles begin to scream from the exertion I was giving. The vision of Laura crying out in pleasure as I rammed into her young body was all the incentive I needed to keep going.

“Take it baby, have my cock deep in your cunt girl.” I hissed through my teeth.

“Yes, do it, ram it hard into me.” She squealed writhing on the bed. My hands pulling her into me with each hard thrust. Slamming my cock into her. Her body rippled with each thrust. Her small round breast rocking up and down as I slammed into her. Her nipples were tight and hard. Her neck and chest covered by sweat, glistening in the light. Reaching up I grabbed her breasts with my hands. Clawing my fingers into their firm flesh. Pawing roughly at them as I repeatedly rammed my cock into her. Twisting her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Laura gasped loudly, squealing with each thrust into her. I could feel her body shaking under me. Sensed just how close she was to a third orgasm.

“Cum for me Laura.” I hissed, “cum baby, cum.”

“Yes cum my little whore.” I heard her father say. His words were almost inaudible over the wild scream Laura gave as she exploded under me. I felt her body shuddering as she came. Squealing loudly with the sensation of the orgasm flashing through her. I held my cock deep inside her, just feeling her cunt rippling around it. Waiting until her orgasm had died, taking the time to try and get my breath back.

When I felt her sink back down onto the bed I began to start thrusting in again. I started slower, but soon began to build up the tempo. Sliding my cock in and out of her. Pushing it as deep into her cunt as I could. Now I was using her for my enjoyment. So I could savour the feel of her tight cunt around my cock. The warm wetness gripping me each time I entered her. She looked up at me with heavy eyes. Gasping deeply with each thrust into her. I was still cupping her breasts. Squeezing them hard with my fingers. Rubbing at her hard nipples with my thumbs.

I began to go faster, harder. Starting to ram my cock back into her cunt. She had got her orgasm out of it, now I wanted mine. I stood up right again, grabbing her legs lifting them up until they were pressed against my chest. Her cunt felt even tighter now, which was what I wanted. I began to ram in to her hard. Fucking her fast, deep, with quick thrusts in and out. Pushing my cock right up into her. Laura squealed loudly, arching her back, clawing at the bed. I groaned softly at the feel of her tight cunt around my cock. I knew full well that I could not go for much longer.

“I'm going to cum Laura.” I hissed to her as I felt my orgasm building rapidly. I increased my thrusts, slamming into her young body hard. Sending jolts up her body, rocking her totally. Groaning hard I kept up the pace. My thighs tightening as I reached the peak of pleasure.

“Fuck, here it comes Laura.” I almost shouted as I rammed into her hard. Before emptying my cum deep into her. Grunting as I came, Laura moaning deeply as she felt me cum inside her. I held my cock deep in her, even after I had finished cumming. Just to feel her around me. Only pulling out when I felt myself going limp.

Laura lay on the bed, gasping for air. I stood watching her, matching her gasp for gasp. Bill moved to the end of the bed. Looking between us slowly.

“You know, you two are so hot to watch. Do you always fuck like that.” He said to me, I shook my head.

“Not normally, your daughter brings something out in me I guess.” Bill's eyes flashed with agreement.

“Oh yes, my little whore brings something out in me as well.” He said, helping Laura up to her feet. She came over to me and pulled me down into a hard kiss.

“Thank you, that was fantastic.” She said after breaking away from the kiss.

“I'm glad.” I replied running my hand down her back to cup her buttocks. Squeezing her ass hard with my hand. I wondered if I should ask to fuck her ass, but did not want to push. However, her father noticed my actions and the expression on my face.

“I think our young friend wants some more.” He said to Laura, before looking at me. “Don't you?” I nodded slowly in reply. “So, what do you want to do.”

“I... I want.” I began, suddenly nervous. “I want to fuck Laura in the ass.” I said in a rush. Laura gasped softly and looked up at me. Her eyes wide, glistening sharply.

“You do, really.” She said in an excited voice that surprised me.

“Yes, I wanted to do it that first time.”

“You should have said, I love having my ass fucked.” She told me, pulling me down into another hard kiss.

“I'll go get the lube then while you get her in whatever position you want.” Bill said walking out the room. I did not move for a few seconds. Simply enjoyed kissing her, feeling her mouth opening to my tongue. Then Bill's words finally sunk in. I pulled away from the kiss, moving her round to the end of her bed. I bent her forwards over it, running my hands down her back to her ass. Circling her buttocks with my fingers and softly parting them. Looking down at the tight ass hole that I was about to fuck. Her father returned holding a tube of KY jelly. He handed it to me with a smile. I could not believe I was about to fuck this hot young girl in the ass, and her farther was approving of it.

I put some jelly on my finger, pressed it against her ass. Pushing it into her slowly. I had already figured that her ass had been fucked before. Probably by her father. So was not too surprised at the relative ease with which I managed to push my finger into her. She was still tight around it though. I shivered softly in anticipation of how her ass would feel around my cock. Pushing my finger into her I smeared the jelly deep into her. Laura hissed softly, squirming against my finger. I pulled the finger out of her and began to rub the jelly onto my cock. I was so hard at just the idea of fucking her ass. Once I had covered my cock I moved behind her. Again using my fingers to part her buttocks. Looking down to watch as I pressed my cock against her ass.

Laura gave a soft murmur as she felt me pushing against her, wiggling her ass over my cock. I pushed forwards, pressing against her. Watching as I slowly entered her. She gave a sharp gasp as I pushed into her. Opening her ass around my cock. Pushing forwards slowly, so I could watch myself enter her. My cock disappearing into her tiny ass. I had been right, she felt tight around me. Her ass gripping me hard, even with the lube inside her. I had to push hard to enter her all the way. Finally I was fully inside her. I gave a soft hiss of feeling as her tight ass gripped the whole of my cock.

“Fuck, you feel so big in my ass.” Laura hissed back at me. I smiled at her.

“How does this feel.” I said before pulling back and thrusting hard into her.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes.” Laura hissed again. Gripping her hips I began to thrust into her. Pushing my
cock deeply into her ass. Making her gasp sharply as I entered her. I increased the power of my thrusts. Ramming in harder, faster. Fucking her ass deeply, pushing into her repeatedly. She moaned, cried out as I did. Her cries become louder, shriller with each thrust. I kept up the pace, thrusting in and out. Feeling her tight ass stretching around me. Looking down I could see my cock sliding in and out of her tiny ass. The sight was so hot I wanted to just let go and take her fully. I held back, not wanting to go too hard. I did not know how used to having her ass fucked she was.

Then Bill climbed onto the bed. He knelt in front of Laura's face, cupping her head with his hand. Pushing his cock against her mouth. Laura opened her mouth, taking him into her. Bill pushed forwards, pushing his cock deep into her mouth. Laura's squeals were muffled by the cock in her mouth. As I continued to thrust into her ass, I watched her father pushing her down on his cock. I could hear her sucking on him. Bill pulled back giving her a few seconds rest.

“More, please more.” Laura hissed to him. He grabbed her head and forced his cock totally into her mouth. Pushing her face into his groin. I could tell that he was making her swallow every inch of his cock. She gave a soft gag before he pulled back.

“Is that what you want my little whore.” He said to her, she nodded hard.

“Yes Daddy, I want you to fuck my face.” She turned to look at me. “Fuck my ass hard, take it as hard as you can.” She gasped back at me. I rammed into her with a single massive thrust. “Fuck, yes, like that.” She gasped.

“You want us to both fuck you, to take you like the little whore you are.” Bill said to her. Laura nodded quickly, turning to look up at him.

“Oh please yes, do me both of you. I want you to fuck my face and ass totally.” She gasped up at him. He grabbed her head, holding it still with a vice like grip. Pushing his cock into her mouth he began to thrust into her. Forcing her face up against his groin. Ramming his cock totally into her mouth. Laura gagged softly on him, but also began to make small mews of pleasure. For a few seconds all I could do was watch as her father fucked her face hard, and she enjoyed it. Then she pushed back into me, reminding me of my part.

I slammed into her, no longer holding back. Fucking her ass the way I wanted to from the start. Hard, fast, pounding my cock into her. Her squeals were still audible around the cock rammed into her throat. I could hear the mix of pain and pleasure in them. Even though I was going so hard, she was actually enjoying the pain of it. God she was a whore for that. The idea urged me on, to go harder. In and out I slammed my cock. Ramming it into her ass with all my strength. Thrusting it up into her so hard I was forcing her into the bed. Her father kept up fucking her mouth. Ramming his cock in and out. Pushing his groin into her face. Forcing her to swallow all of him.

Laura seemed to be in heaven from the soft mews and cries that escaped around the hard cock in her mouth. Sounds of wild pleasure that only urged both of us on. I rammed in harder, finding extra strength from somewhere. Bill pushed his cock into her mouth. Forcing her to swallow him for longer. He was gritting his teeth tightly as he did. Looking at his face I could tell what was coming.

“Oh yes, baby yes.” He groaned holding his cock deep in her mouth as he came. Laura gave a soft gag as his cum pumped into her throat. Choking for a moment before swallowing loudly. I continued to ram into her, pounding her little ass hard. Grunting as I did, watching her father cum right down her throat. He pulled out sharply sinking back on the bed to watch me pounding his daughter in the ass. Laura arched up, turning to look back at me. Her face flushed from where he father had just fucked it. I could see cum dripping down her chin. Reaching up I grabbed her by her blonde hair. Yanking her back onto me hard. Slamming up into her ass with fast, deep thrusts.

“Unn, fuck, oh god fuck yes.” Laura squealed with each thrust into her. “Do it, fuck me so hard. Yes oh god, fuck, FUCK, FUUUCCCKKKK!” She screamed and to my amazement she came. Her body shuddering with her orgasm. Her ass tightening around me, gripping me so hard. I grunted as I rammed in and out. My body reacting to her orgasm by rushing into its own.

“OH fuck Laura.” I cried out, ramming up into her with every last ounce of strength. Pushing her up into the air with my thrust. Then cumming inside her, holding my cock buried as deep in her as possible. Emptying myself into her ass. Laura squealed in pleasure.

“Cum in me, oh god yes, in me.” She cried, pushing back at me. I grunted hard, my orgasm seeming to go on for ages. Pumping cum deep in her until finally I felt my body relaxing. I pulled out and she sank onto the bed. For a second there was silence, broken only by our three gasps for air. Then Laura stood up, wiping the cum from her chin and licking her hand clean.

“I think you two can do that to me any time you want.” She said glancing between us. “I've not had an orgasm like that since the first time daddy fucked me.”

“Baby, whenever you want me to come round I will be happy. You are such a whore I love it.” I told her, her smile widened.

“We have the rest of the evening if you want.” Her father said to me. Laura turned to look at him.

“God not for a bit, I need to recover.” She said quickly.

“Me too.” Both her father and I said at the same time. We all laughed softly.

“While we're recovering, you two can tell me how this all started. When did you two first fuck, and how.” I asked them, interested in the story behind their peculiar relationship.

“Come downstairs and we'll tell you.” Bill said climbing off the bed. Laura grabbed my hand and they led me downstairs to tell me the beginning of their strange relationship.

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