Misa and i are initiated into the Asian Wives Club
In my last episode, I explained how my Japanese wife, Misa, and I joined the Asian Wives Club. It is a special swinger’s club with very specific membership requirements. Each wife must be born in an Asian country. Furthermore, there can only be one wife from the each country.

Last night we attended our first meeting. Misa was nervous; and to be honest, so was I. She wore a beautiful black silk dress that gracefully outlined her sexy ‘34-23-34’ body. As usual, she was braless. A sheer black thong covered her cleanly shaven cunt. Upon entering our SLK 55 Kompressor, she leaned over and planted a soft, wet kiss on my lips; then said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I looked into her soft, exotic eyes and replied, “Only if you want to”. She smiled and slowly nodded her head, yes. It was about a 10-minute drive to Jack and Grace’s house. They were hosting this month’s event.

Grace met us at the door, and soon she was introducing us to the other members, who were all seated in the large, attractively designed living room, “Jim and Misa, let introduce you to Jonah and Eun. Eun is from Korea and Jonah hails from Chicago. Over there is John and Ling. She’s from Singapore and he’s from London. And here we have Tom and Merlita; she’s a sassy Filipina Lady and he was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Of course, you know Jack, my proud Texan husband. In case you forgot, I am Chinese”. We shook everybody’s hand and accepted a glass of champagne from Jack, who was standing behind an elegant rosewood bar. Grace added, “Misa is Japanese and Jim is a North Carolina boy!” For the next half hour, we consumed more champagne and other libations; while eating from the fabulous buffet that Grace had prepared.

After asking and answering several questions about our background and theirs, Jack dimmed the lights and some sensual music began pumping a suggestive beat that evoked an immediate round of applause from the other guests and hosts. Misa and I didn’t know what was happening; so we just looked around the room trying to determine what was next on the evening’s agenda. Suddenly, Eun appeared in a doorway that obviously led to a bedroom. She had on a very racy purple, full-length satin gown. It had a slit in the slide that ran from the hem to her hip. It was obvious she had a fantastic figure, since the gown’s design left little to the imagination. It had a swirling pattern, which alternated between purple fabric and see-through mesh.

Eun was tall for an Asian woman; perhaps 5 feet 10 inches. Her breasts were bigger that the other gals. I guessed about 37-D. However, she had a small waist (24) and hips (35). She moved like a wild panther; as she matched each step, arm extension and pelvic grind to the music. Her black husband, Jonah, was clapping the loudest, while yelling, “That’s my baby. That’s my hot, spicy lady… Yea!” She smiled at his comment, then turned, pushed her ass towards the audience and rotated her perfectly shaped derriere. Standing upright, she moved her right leg so that it extended through the long slit in her dress, to expose her shapely limb all the way up to the cheek of her firm ass. I couldn’t help myself. My stimulated cock rose up hard and strong, in homage to the site of her gorgeous body. My raging hard-on did not go unnoticed by my all-seeing wife. Misa reached over and grabbed my shaft through my pants, “It looks like big Jim wants to come out and play.” I turned and smiled, “How is Misa’s little pumpkin doing?” She giggled, “If she gets any hotter, you might be eating pumpkin pie when we get home tonight!” We both grinned at the thought.

Eun then reached back and unzipped her gown. The gap in the back revealed that she was not wearing a bra and that her only accessory, besides her purple high heel shoes, was a t-back thong. Ever so deliberately, her dress slipped off her shoulders, sliding down to her waist. Then, with the slightest prompting by her small, delicate hands, it slipped over her hips and onto the floor. Her body continuously moved to the sultry rhythm of the music, as she turned to show her flawless form. The men in the group, including yours truly, gave her a double-standing ovation; if you know what I mean. Everyone expected the thong to come off next, but suddenly the music ended and Eun disappeared back into the bedroom, leaving male and female alike… extremely horny.

Jack then announced that it was time for the Initiation. Grace, who had gone missing during Eun’s act, came walking into the room wearing a beautiful white silk robe. The way it clung to her body, it appeared she had nothing on underneath. I then noticed that Jack was also donning a white silk robe, as he stepped from behind bar and said, “Well, Misa and Jim are you ready for your initiation into the Asian Wives Club?" Misa and I looked at each, not knowing what to say. Jack went on, “Jim, please go with my lovely wife, Grace to the Guest bedroom; while Misa and I will take the Master Suite. Remember; at anytime if you wish to stop the initiation just say, ‘stop’. You are free to leave; however, you will no longer be eligible to join the club. Furthermore, we expect all that goes on during our meetings will be kept strictly confidential. Grace then grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to the guest room. As I looked back, I saw Jack leading Misa through the same door where Eun had emerged earlier.

Once inside the room, Grace immediately began to undress me; while nibbling on my ear, and occasionally kissing me on the lips. Soon I was totally naked and she was kneeling in front of me. Her mouth started sucking on my 7-inch erect penis, which was throbbing with lust. She was an expert at fellatio. I looked down, as her soft, luscious tongue glided down the shaft to my balls. She took her time licking and sucking each testicle. Her head tilted up so that I look in her into her entrancing, almond-shaped eyes. This woman truly knew how to make a man crazy with desire. Sliding up the base of my rod, she quickly swallowed my inflamed rod, taking nearly three-fourths of its length into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my pole causing the boiling semen in my balls to seep upwards. She then pushed further down. I could feel my knob penetrate her throat; yet she kept going until I was all the way in. Her lips pressed against my pubic hair. She was breathing through her nose, as her throat muscles squeezed my cock. She pushed me back onto the bed and continued her carnal assault. I could feel my orgasm building. Moaning loudly, I warned her that I was very near. She withdrew quickly and encircled her thumb and index finger just below the tip of my dick, shutting down my climax, “Not now cowboy, you still some more felines to satisfy.

I was wondering what Grace meant by that, when I saw Eun standing behind her fully nude. She climbed on the bed and straddled my cock and literally consumed me with her soaking wet twat. Her vaginal muscles began to massage every inch of my penis. The sensation of her hot, juicy pussy pulsated all over my shaft was unbelievable. During all of this erotic stimulation, Ling enter the room and discarded her clothes. Soon, she was over my head, lowering her soft, velvety cunt onto my face. My tongue went right to work, licking the folds of her sweet vagina; then flicking her swollen clitoris until she yelled out with pleasure. For the next few minutes we kept up the debauched pace. Once again, I felt an orgasm building deep within my balls. It was then I noticed Eun’s eyes rolling upwards, showing only the whites of her eyeballs. Her body vibrated in a massive climax. I could feel her cum flowing over my cock. She must have, one, very sensitive cunt. Almost simultaneously, Ling squirted her love nectar all over my lips and chin. There was so much that it ran down my neck.

As Eun and Ling disengaged and flopped on either side of me, I noticed Merlita grabbing my hand. She pulled me up until I was on my knees. Then she positioned herself, so that her ass was raised up in the air and the side of her face pressed against the sheet. It didn’t take me long to realize what she wanted. Crawling behind her, I rammed my shaft into her gaping cunt and began pumping with all the energy I had. She screamed, “Do me Jim, do me baby!” I felt like a man possessed. I had never had so much power when fucking. This went on for at least five minutes. Her voice echoed in my ears, “I’m coming… Yes… I’m coming”. Suddenly, on a whim, I pulled out of her hot cunt and watched several volleys of her cum spray over the bed and onto my thighs. She shivered with lusty satisfaction.

I couldn’t believe that I had brought four women off and still hadn’t shot my rocks. The women wrestled me down, until I was on my back again. Like starving animals, they licked and slurped and sucked on my cock. Eun focused on the balls. Ling and Merlita took either side of the shaft and Grace dominated of the tip. They were moaning and sighing, as they devoured my bulging phallus. It wasn’t long before my volcano erupted. I warned the ladies; but they didn’t stop or even slow down. Gobs of white, thick syrup shot into Grace’s mouth; yet she kept on sucking. I almost passed out from the overwhelming sensation. After four spurts, it stopped. Grace grabbed Eun's face and let some of the goo flow into her mouth. Then she shared more with Ling and Merlita. Each lady swallowed the ration of cum that they were allotted.

The women then led me to the shower and lathered my body with soap; making sure that every inch was cleaned… even the inner walls of my anus. They kissed, sucked and caressed me until my satisfied cock was hard again. Then they took turns blowing my pipe; competing to see which one could make me cum first. Grace won, with her amazing deep throat skills. After dressing me, we all returned to the living room and sipped on wine; while I rested in the afterglow of my reverse gangbang. It was another thirty minutes before Misa emerged from the Master Bedroom, escorted by her four happy fuckers. On the way home she was very quiet; obviously, in her mind's eye, reliving all that had happened. She told me that she needed to sleep for a while; however in the morning, when she awoke, she would make love with me and tell me all that had transpired during her initiation. (To Be Continued)

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