Today is my Daughter’s sixteenth birthday, and as fate would have it, my own birthday is tomorrow. And if two birthdays aren’t enough, we’ve always celebrated our dog’s birthday tomorrow also. That’s because he was just a little puppy when my daughter bought him six years ago for my birthday.

For my daughter’s birthday present I’m flying her girlfriend into town for the weekend. I look at my watch and realize that we’re going to be late if we don’t get moving.

“Go feed the dog. We’ve got to go soon,” I say.

“Okay daddy.” My daughter takes a bowl of dog food out back through the sliding glass door while I fix us both a cup of coffee for the road.

“Hawkeye,” she yells as she sets the bowl down. “Where are you Hawkeye?” she hollers again just as the dog comes running around the corner and jumps up, almost knocking her down.

“God damn it Hawkeye!” she cries. She comes back inside. “Damn it daddy, look what Hawkeye did to my dress! I have to go change now!”

“Hurry up,” is all I can say. That dog’s always been too rambunctious. Robin comes down a few minutes later wearing a pretty dark blue dress.

“How do I look daddy?” she asks.

“You look fine, now let’s go,” I impatiently say.

“Daaaddy,” she whines, “you know how important this is to me. Does this dress look nice or not?”

I stop, place my hands on her shoulders, look her in the eyes and say, “You look spectacular!”

She hugs me and says, “Thank you daddy. I’m sorry for being difficult, it’s just that I’m so nervous.”

“That’s all right Robin, you’re allowed to be difficult on your birthday, now let’s get to the airport before we’re late,” I say. We hurry to the car and pull out of the driveway. We’re going to the airport to pick up Robin’s girlfriend. Her name is Raven. I’ve only seen pictures of Raven. She looks very cute. A petite blond girl with nice full breasts and a terrific figure.

Robin’s mother and I divorced two years ago. Shortly after the divorce she moved about 500 miles away to take a job. Mostly though, I think she moved that far away to separate me from my daughter. She’s such a bitch.

The last laugh is on my ex though. I got my daughter back. Three months ago my ex caught our daughter making out with a girl! That girl was Raven. My wife is a such a narrow minded and uptight bitch! Did she try to be understanding? No! She couldn’t handle the fact that our daughter is gay.

Okay, I have to admit, it was quite a shock to me too. But I’m her father. It’s my job to unconditionally love Robin. That means no matter what, lesbian or not. I’ve fully accepted it now and have done all I can to support her.

Since my buzzard of an ex-wife couldn’t deal with it, she packed up Robin and sent her to live with me. Robin and my ex aren’t even on speaking terms with each other now. So Although I couldn’t be happier, Robin is another story. Apparently she really loved Raven. So here we are going to the airport on a Saturday to pick her up for the weekend.

Although Robin is a lesbian, she tells me she’s never actually “been with” a girl. Raven had snuck into her room on the night my ex caught them. They hadn’t actually done much yet. According to my ex they were half naked and kissing when she found them.

So now I’m flying my daughter’s lover into town so they can complete their bond. I have to admit, part of the reason I’m agreeable to this is to spite my ex. She’s going to be so furious when she finds out Robin and Raven spent the weekend together. I can hardly wait to tell her and listen to her cackle. I know it’s terrible, but I love to irritate my ex.

But of course part of me is doing this for the right reasons too. It’s because of the feud between me and the ex that Robin’s life has been so turned upside down. It’s not her fault she’s been caught in the middle of it. First she was forced to move to Los Angeles when her mother moved. Then she had to move back here again after her mother threw a tantrum. Changing schools, leaving friends behind, it’s so difficult for anyone and is especially difficult at that age. I guess I sort of owe it to her.

When we stop at a light near the airport, Robin says to me, “Thank you again. You’re the most understanding daddy in the world. I don’t know how I’m going to ever repay you for what you’re doing.”

I take hold of her hand and say, “It’s okay baby, you don’t owe me anything. I just want you to be happy.”

I’m still getting used to the idea of having a gay daughter. I think it’s helped that her mother is so against it. It’s much easier for me to embrace something knowing how much my ex hates it. I think I’ll take some photos of Robin and Raven together and send them to my ex with a cheerful note saying how much fun the girls had on Robin’s birthday. Somehow I’ll have to mention they had a sleepover party too. The old buzzard will really flip out then.

“If this is too personal,“ I ask Robin, “you can tell me to mind my own business, but I was wondering… you think Raven is the right girl for you? You know, someone you want to stay with for the rest of your life? Because maybe I could try to get a transfer to Los Angeles, so you two could be together again.”

“No daddy, it’s not like that. It’s complicated,” she explains. “Raven wants to have a family…..and kids someday. She likes guys too and wants to get married.“ Robin looks at me and says, “The fact is that she’s kind of a nymphomaniac. I’m not like that. She can be so wild sometimes. And besides, I’ve never been interested in boys, only girls.”

“Oh,” I say with a little disappointment and confusion, I’m still trying to figure this all out.

She continues, “Robin is the first girl I‘ve really wanted to be with. She’s also the first girl I‘ve ever confided in about being a lesbian. I just want a chance to be with her. I want her to be my first time. She’s special to me.”

“Okay sweetie,” I say, “I think I get it.” I really don’t get it, but there’s no sense in trying to grasp it all at once. I have a feeling that this is going to be a long and slow learning process for me.

As we pull into the airport and work our way to the parking garage, I say, “I’m sorry for missing all the signals as you were growing up. I should have seen them.”

“What signals?” she asks curiously with a raised eyebrow as I park.

“Oh, you know,” I say, “The time you were eight and you said you’d rather play Little League baseball than do gymnastics. And there was the time you took that “Ken” doll we gave you back to the store so you could trade it in for another Barbie doll. I should’ve known.”

Robin laughs, “Daddy! Don’t be silly!”
She gives me a big hug and a kiss. As we get out of the car and go inside she chuckles and says, “Next you’re going to think that all those fishing trips you took me on somehow turned me into a lesbian.”

I don’t tell her so, but that’s exactly what I was thinking. After all, with no son, I did kind of over do it with the fishing, sports and stuff like that when she was going through her tomboy phase.

She puts her arm around me as we walk to the terminal. Oh well, maybe it was my fault or maybe it wasn’t. Either way I like the way she’s turned out.

We find the gate for Raven’s flight and only have to wait for a couple minutes before she comes walking our way. Wow! She’s stunning. Long blond hair, an adorable face, an infectious smile. Much hotter in person than in the photograph that Robin showed me.

I hope I’m not jealous of my daughter’s partner. No! I couldn’t be, of course not! It’s just that she’s really hot. They embrace each other heartily. Then they kiss just a little bit too long. I wonder if everyone knows they’re lesbians. I look around, expecting to see a lot of shocked faces. Fortunately, I’m relieved to see that the only person showing any interest in them is a teenage boy. I laugh to myself, “Fat chance kid!”

“Daddy,” Robin says, “this is Raven.”

She holds out her hand for me, “Hello Mr. Crane. Thank you much for inviting me.”

“Your welcome,” I say, “and please, call me Jay.”

We go pick up her luggage. As we head back to our car, I fall back a little as I pull Raven’s bag behind me. I watch them walk, holding hands and giggling, so obviously in love. At least it‘s obvious to me. I can’t help but think back on my own high school days. Everything seemed so simple then. Lots of girls, most of whom I wanted to fuck and a few who let me.

It’s definitely a lot harder for Robin. She’s been afraid to come out of the closet at school. She says she will when the time is right. At least for this weekend she can be who she is for a little while.

They climb in the backseat and I work our way out of the airport and onto the highway. We decide on an Italian restaurant for dinner on the way home. The girls have a great time talking about their school in Los Angeles and Robin’s school here.

Raven enjoys my stories of Robin’s childhood. One of a parent’s privileges is to reveal to their child’s friends all of the follies of their early years. The key is to find a balance between funny and cute incidents versus outright embarrassing ones.

We get back on the road and are home soon. I take Raven’s luggage to her room. Once there, I put her bag on Robin’s bed and offer to help her unpack.

Raven says, “No! You probably don’t want to see what’s in my luggage.”

I realize what a stupid thing it was for me to offer. I can only imagine what sort of uh…..dildos and strap-ons she may have brought with her. I suppose I’m just in the way now.

I suddenly remember what I promised Robin. That I would leave the house until after midnight so they could have some privacy and not have to worry about whether or not I could hear them.

“Well,” I say, “um, I think I’ll be going. It’s Saturday night and there’s a movie I’ve been wanting to see. It’s actually a double feature, so I’ll be gone until at least midnight.” I wink to Robin.

Robin stands there with her hands on her hips looking at me, trying not to laugh. “Thanks daddy,” she says to me, followed by a kiss on my cheek. “Now get going!” she commands.

I quickly exit the house and drive away. I go straight to the first bar I can find. I order a double shot of Wild Turkey bourbon on the rocks and contemplate what I’ve done. I think I may have actually broken the law. Something about transporting a minor across state lines for lewd and lascivious purposes.

Oh well, It’s for a good cause. Making my daughter happy. Besides, I lost my virginity when I was sixteen. She’s certainly old enough to have sex and the best part is that she won’t get pregnant.

Next I go to an all night diner where I have some coffee and blueberry pie. I read a newspaper to kill time, then finally go home after midnight. I quietly go to my room and slip into bed.

At first I have trouble sleeping. I keep wondering what they did in their little love nest. I’m oddly excited for my daughter. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am. I hope it all went well. Finally, I fall asleep and dream about Raven.

I awake in the morning with a full erection and fresh memories of my lewd dream involving Raven. I get up and take a much needed cold shower.

Although today is now my birthday, Robin and I decided not to plan anything until next weekend for me since Raven is here. I figure that Robin will at least pop in to say happy birthday though. I hope so. Maybe I’ll be able to find out how her night went. Of course, I can’t just outright ask her, but I’ll be able to see what her demeanor is like.

When I get out of the shower I step back into my bedroom. There’s a knock on the door and Raven playfully asks, “Are you decent Jay?”

“No,” I yell, “give me a second to put something on.” I turn around to grab my bathrobe hanging on the hook on the bathroom door. I can hear my bedroom door opening before I have a chance to put my robe on. “Hold on girls. I’m not decent yet,” I impatiently say.

I stay turned around with my exposed backside facing them as I scramble to put on my bathrobe.

“You look pretty decent to me.” Raven quips.

“Girls…..” I say as I turn around, only to see Raven standing there alone wearing pink pajama bottoms and a red bra. She really should be wearing a little more but I’m not about to complain.

She smiles and says, “Happy birthday Jay!”

“Thanks,” I say, “where’s Robin?”

“In bed,” she says. Then she grins, “she’s kind of tired and sore. I think I wore her out last night.”

“You had a good time then?….um….I mean, everything went okay?“ I awkwardly ask. I can feel my face blushing.

“Yes,” she says, “we had a fantastic time.”

“That’s a relief,” I say, “I’m so glad.” I walk towards the door and say, “Let’s go see her.”

“No!” Raven says, “You can’t, not yet anyway. Not until you open your birthday present.”

Perplexed I ask her, “What present?”

Raven spreads her arms out and says with a big smile, “Me! Robin wants me to…..and these were her exact words, fuck daddy’s brains out.“ She drops her arms down and says, “So hurry up and unwrap your present, it’s getting horny!”

Despite my shock at what Raven’s just said, and despite my shock at what my daughter asked her to do, I pull her towards me without hesitation and kiss her on the lips. Her tongue slides right into my mouth as I grope her tight, well rounded little butt with both hands.

She manages to work her way out of her bra while I pull her pajamas and panties down to her knees. While getting out of my bathrobe I ask, “You’re sure Robin said this was okay, right?”

She nods her head as I lift her up and set her on my bed, “Yep,“ Raven says, “Robin said she wants to share me with the only man she’s ever loved……and I want to be shared.”

I kneel down and spread her legs. I take a good look at her delightful little pussy with its small patch of trimmed blond hair and begin licking. Raven mumbles, “Like father, like daughter,” as I thrust my tongue into her.

Raven then scoots back and says, “I want some too, let’s do a 69.”

I get up on the bed laying down on my back and help her into position. Her lips skillfully slide up and down my shaft. She’s not new at this. While I continue eating her out she starts moaning and crying out quite loudly. It’s no wonder they wanted me out of the house last night. I just hope Robin isn’t bothered by the noise.

Raven tenses up as she cums, drenching my face with her juices. Soon after that I groan, “I’m cumming…..” I pump a full load of semen into Raven’s mouth as she moans with delight, gobbling it all up.

She sits up and turns around. As she lays down on top of me and kisses me she giggles, “You curl your toes when you cum, just like Robin does.”

We lay there for about twenty minutes cuddling, kissing and talking about what a wonderful girl Robin is. My cock begins to stir, ready for more. She massages it and says, “I need you inside me.”

Once it’s fully hard again, I lay on top of her and push it into her young pussy. I haven’t entered anything this tight since high school. After a few minutes I pull out of her and she gets up on her hands and knees. I take hold of her hips and reenter her wet pussy. I then pound her little body vigorously. Once again she moans and cums before I’m done. Robin is right, she is kind of a nympho. I keep pumping her and she gets her rhythm back right away.

Looking at her pretty pink asshole, I slide my thumb into her tight opening. She moans. “Mmmm, feels like it’s still lubricated. Robin used a strap-on to pound my butt last night.”

For a brief moment I picture my Robin humping Raven’s asshole and I can’t resist. I pull out of her pussy and push the head of my cock into her anus. I try to be gentle with her. She may have done this before, but still, she’s only 16. She moans, half in pleasure and half in pain. I slowly push it all the way in. I begin thrusting my hard cock in and out of her.

Her asshole contracts tightly, gripping my cock as she cums once more. Just then I let loose and fill her ass with semen. We collapse again and kiss some more.

After a while, I ask her if she wants some coffee. Then I ask her to go get Robin while I get a pot brewing. Down in the kitchen I get out three cups, some sugar and cream, then I wait for the coffee to finish.

There’s still no sign of them yet so I pour myself a cup and relax. Robin finally comes down and says, “Happy birthday daddy! Did you like your present?”

I give her a big hug, “As much as you enjoyed yours I‘ll bet!” I pour her a cup of coffee and hand it to her.

She takes a sip and asks, “Where’s Raven?”

I shrug my shoulders, “I thought she was in your room.” I pull open the curtains on the sliding glass door to let some sunshine in. Raven is in the backyard, naked, on her hands and knees. Hawkeye jumps up and mounts her from behind.

“Oh my God!!” we both yell. We quickly close the curtain and look at each other in shock. Robin says, “I guess I shouldn’t have told Raven that it’s Hawkeye’s birthday too.”

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