Time flies, Part II
Emily and her Mom

Chapter 12. Time flies. Part II.

Background: I had missed Emily’s fifteenth birthday because I was out of town. Her mom, Suzy, sent me an urgent text to meet her at the mall, “Very Important!” When I got there they are standing in front of the central fountain wearing summer outfits. “You can redeem yourself by taking her shopping”, Suzy tells me about Em. Seems Em forgot to tell mom about the presents she has at my house. As Em says later that afternoon, “Oopsy.”

When we got back to the Suzy’s house, the girls decide to thank me and they surprised me wearing matching red hot, short and transparent nighties. Just as the fun was about to start with mother and daughter, the doorbell rang. Fortunately it was Rachel, my other “daughter”. Rachel is about five feet, six inches now and her body is curvy. Her brown hair has some blonde highlights and her blue eyes sparkle. Today she has her hair in those ‘wet look’ curls. Hot.

Turning sixteen has done wonders for Rachel. Her tits are still large for her age; but she has lost all the baby fat since Em got her interested in sports and the cheer team. Of course, a steady diet of sex from her daddy helped also. It improved her self-confidence and she still has tons of guys chasing her; but not catching the prize. She loves telling me all the details about giving guys some cleavage shows; especially the seniors when they come down to the freshman and sophomore classes to hunt fresh pussy.

Suzy let Rachel try on her new expensive pantsuit and Rachel fell in love with it. So Suzy promised to buy one the next day, with my credit card of course. Rachel thanked Suzy by eating her pussy and making her cum. All three girls swapped my cum after I loaded Em’s mouth. Rachel will do anything for her daddy; but she made it clear she wants me to herself next. As Em left us alone in her room she said, “Leave some for me Rachel; he has to fuck my ass when you get done.” Em pinched Rachel’s nipples hard, slapped her ass and walked out. Her parting comment was, “Thirty minutes then he’s mine.”

“Finally daddy, it’s been a week”, Rachel tells me and pulls me to Em’s bed. Not exactly as I recall, but who will argue with a naked hottie pulling you into bed. She cuddles up to me and we kiss hard again. I let my hand glide down her body, not stopping until I reach her sweet pussy. Ah, she is already wet. My middle finger glides into her pussy and Rachel’s hand covers mine and pushes my finger into her hard. Sliding my finger into her several times I spread her juices up to her clit and around her lower lips. A few minutes later I pull it out and bring it up to Rachel’s face. She takes my hand and sucks my finger into her mouth cleaning it gently and fully. Her blue eyes are directly in front of me and she opens them wide and sexy. Then she bats her long lashes a few times and I know I’m hers totally.

Rachel leans into me and her tongue goes into my mouth and I can taste her pussy juices. Oh God, it makes my cock get hard. So, do I suck her pussy and clit and make her cum or do I keep playing with her? Rachel already knows what she wants and whispers into my ear, “Daddy no more playing; fuck me hard.” She pushes on my shoulders and rolls me on my back with my hard cock pointed to the ceiling. When she straddles me, she does play and tease. Her nipples glide across my lips and I give her little kisses and bites. She grins and laughs, “Bad daddy, biting his little daughter’s tits.”

“Yes, and Rachel loves showing her tits to the seniors”, I tease back. “Is that the way you earn all ‘A’s’, being teacher’s pet?” We have played this before and I always love it because it still makes Rachel blush. I know she shows her tits to her teachers, especially when she wear pushup bras. They just make her look gigantic.

Rachel reaches between her legs and guides my hard cock into her damp pussy. She sits up straight for a moment and slides herself down my shaft to the root. When she hits bottom she smiles and an ‘Oh’ escapes her lips. Rachel leans forward again and lets me grab a nipple between my teeth as she starts rocking her ass. I can feel her pink nipple harden and elongate as I gently nibble it and run my tongue over it. Moving left and right I suck her nipples harder as she picks up her rhythm. Rachel settles into a relaxed speed fucking motion and I can tell she wants to make it last; not the ‘fuck me hard’ she claimed earlier. It may come later as her body dictates.

Right now she enjoys my hands caressing her tits and my lips nibbling on her. She closes her eyes and hums to her strokes as if she hears her own secret melody. “Mmm, Mmm”, comes from her. About every fifth down stroke she raises up a bit to make sure she gets my cock into her pussy as deep as it will go. I help by pushing up hard. Amazing how you can get into a groove with your partner after knowing her for years. Fucking Rachel has never gotten old or boring; she is the best.

Her wider hips have a little more weight compared to Emily, so when she presses her hips down on me my cock goes really deep. When I cum inside her, the little swimmers are probably hitting home plate right away. Right now, however, Rachel is stroking my cock and clenching her pussy as she pleases. We must have been going strong for at least twenty minutes when Emily comes in carrying a tray of fresh drinks.

“Rachel, are you going to cum or just fuck all day?” Em quizzes with a laugh. When Rachel answers her breathing is a bit more labored, “I’m going to fuck daddy all day and all night.” Her body puts a lie to the plan because she seems to be getting closer to her orgasm. She sits up straight and pushes herself up and down hard. She is getting me close also. About two minutes later she rocks down hard as her climax hits. She closes her eyes and the brown curly hair swings around her head as she tightens her lips.

Rachel’s tits shake and quiver and her hand flies to her mouth to stifle her scream. Wet pussy juices squirt and it sets me off too. Grabbing Rachel by the hips, I push her down hard as Jizz shoots deep into her womb. Rachel collapses on top of me and I hold her tight as we are locked together in bliss.

“Nice finish you two”, Em teases, “bet you didn’t leave me any cum, bitch.” Em of course is kidding; but she does have an idea. After watching us for two minutes, she grabs Rachel and rolls her on her back next to me. Her tits are still heaving as she tries to recover and Em takes advantage of her helplessness. She cocks Rachel’s knees up and spreads her legs wide.

Kneeling between Rachel’s legs she pulls her pussy lips wide open and dives into her pink, wet pussy. Em suctions hard and extracts a mouth full of cum mixed with pussy juice. She slurps Rachel for about three minutes and finally stops when Rachel cries out and slaps Em’s head, “Stop, it hurts, OMG.” Em does stop and moves up to Rachel’s face. She mumbles, “Share?” and locks her lips to Rachel’s.

They are just inches from my face and I can see cum drooling out of their mouths as the work each other’s mouths. Rachel does not normally swing both ways but she really surprised me today. Em is such a bad influence, not. When they finally break apart, Rachel grins at me with a wet face and asks, “Did you like that, daddy?” Just to show her who is boss, I lean over and French kiss her and Em. Both girls are wide eyed and in shock, never expecting me to join into their play. “Did you like that, Rachel?” I retort. Both girls grin and giggle. Seems we all loved it; a nice different experience.

“Want to know what I just did?” Emily asks and Rachel nods her head. Emily tells us she logged on to one of the social websites and looked around. As usual there were lots of guys looking for girls willing to show some skin. “I was real bad; logging in under one of the bitches at school’s name. Had my big sunglasses on.” Em tells us she did not show skin to just anybody. “There were three boys who looked about ten years old. They got the show of their young lifetime.”

Emily tells us how she teased them by showing some cleavage. When they were hooked, she showed them how girls got off with the handle of a hairbrush. But first there was lots of stroking her pussy. When she spread her pussy lips wide open and showed them teen pink they about choked. Emily laughs and tells us the boys were afraid to pull their cocks out; but they were really frustrated and probably jerked off as soon as they were alone.

“And you called me a bitch, you cock tease”, Rachel laughs. I say, “Ok girls, let’s be quiet and get in the shower. We all need it.” In the downstairs shower Emily washes Rachel more than she washes herself. Rachel seems to like all the attention and does a good job of washing Em’s pussy. I was smart enough to stay out of the way so that I could recover before Em attacks me. The girls are having lots of fun until the first cold spray hit them. I’m glad I got out early because I know the hot water lasts almost thirty minutes. They jump out and don’t shriek. Thanks. While they crank up the hairdryers I make a cleanup trip through the house, collecting empty glasses and stuff.

Suzy is sleeping soundly and I make sure she is covered up. I pick up Rachel’s and my clothing and carry it to Em’s room. Now I know how parents feel; like permanent maids. I find all four cell phones and put them on ‘vibrate’ so we can get some sleep without the girls’ friends calling all night. “That’s a good excuse”, I say to myself. Being nosy, I also scan all their calls and don’t see anything interesting. The text messages are mainly about homework and the cheer team. Rachel has saved a few messages where I called her ‘babe’. How sweet, but I need to be more careful, even if she is above the age of consent.

Instead of coming back to Em’s room, the girls have spread a blanket on the living room floor and are listening to a girl country singer. Yea, another change; I remember when it was boy bands at full blast. Their naked asses are moving up and down with the beat. I like that they are relaxing in their birthday suits and looking all innocent and sexy. Both have curled their brown hair and it hangs down covering their tits. Standing at the door way, I play voyeur and just watch for several minutes.

When Rachel spots me she asks, “Daddy can we get something to eat?” I ask them, “Em, do you want to cook or pizza delivery?” Em says, “Delivery most definitely.” About thirty minutes later we hear a car in the drive and Em goes to the door before the bell rings. Oh yea, I did convince them to put on their bikinis. Rachel had to borrow one of Suzy’s to fit her tits and ass. I’m hoping for a delivery girl; but no such luck. Unlike the pimply faced high school kids who normally deliver, this guy looks right out of a movie scene.

Tall and blond with nice muscles, wearing tight shorts, he is probably every house wife’s dream. I wonder how many he gets to fuck when he delivers. When he sees both Em and Rachel he looks around first. His piercing green eyes see no adults and he grins wide. Teen pussy has that effect. I’m hiding in the kitchen peeking out.

Rachel walks over and takes the pizzas. Her tits swing nicely as she walks toward him. When she turns around she swishes her ass. Then she bends over from the waist while placing the pizzas on the low coffee table. Her shapely tanned legs are accented by the small red bikini bottom. Her ass wiggles at the delivery guy and Em moves in close to him and asks the cost. Em’s latest bikini is also very small and shows a lot of her tits. I can see her hand lightly on his arm and one tit is pushing into his side. After he tells her the cost, it’s her turn to do the ass-view as she bends over to pick up the money from the table.

I wonder if he thinks he will get to fuck my girls; but the amount of pizza should give him a clue it’s for more than two teen girls. Rachel tells him, “Daddy will be home soon; but we can give you a tip.” Pizza boy’s smile deflates until Em runs her hand down the front of his shorts. Em says, “Would you like that?” When he smiles a ‘Yes”, she gets on her knees and unzips him. His cock is not only long, but it’s already half hard. Em inspects him closely and then gives him a hand job for about two minutes.

In the kitchen, I think, “He will not last for five minutes.” Emily sucks him into her mouth and goes down about half way on his cock. Rachel kneels beside her and they swap. Rachel sucks him for another minute before swapping back to Em. Their curly hair bounces as they work and pizza boy is groaning every time his cock gets squeezed. Emily sucks him like a pro and he wants to put his hands on her head. Is it to shove his cock down her throat? Em and Rachel don’t want to get throat fucked by a pizza guy. When his legs start shaking she pulls his cock out and hands him off to Rachel.

Rachel has pulled her bikini top off and he reaches down and runs his hands over her big tits. She bats her eyes at him and pushes her tits together and pulls his cock between them. After a half a minute of tit fucking, Pizza guy shoots a tremendous load on her tits. Holy shit; that can give a normal guy a complex.

Em and Rachel look at the mess and smile up at him. “How’s that, sweetie?” Em asks as she puts his cock back into his shorts and zips him up. “Best tip I’ve had tonight.” Rachel stands up and gives him a little kiss and she is actually careful not to smear his cum on his blue shirt. He takes a few more breaths and says, “My number is on the Pizza box; call me when your folks are not home. We can party.” As he closes the door behind him Em and Rachel giggle and whisper, “You wish.”

Rachel looks down at her chest and grins, “Um daddy, I need another shower.” “Yes you do babe; but alone. Both of you go brush your teeth. And no more tipping pizza boys!” I say half serious because you know every guy wishes he could tip pizza girls that way. Never works.

It was fun to watch.

Thirty minutes later everyone is seated around the kitchen table. The pizzas were kept hot in the oven and now sit in the middle of the table. Without anyone mentioning it, we are all dressed in t-shirts and shorts. Iced tea is in the glasses and we dig into the pizzas. Pepperoni and mushroom are my favorite. While we are eating my brain thinks of tonight’s sleeping arrangements. Mom Suzy is probably out for the night and I could sleep in her big bed; however, sleeping in a “girl sandwich” might be fun too. Plus I still owe Em her turn with my cock. Decisions, Decisions.

“Girls, how would you like to camp out down here in the living room for the night; with me of course?” I ask. Rachel grins and answers, “Daddy we haven’t done that in ages. Can we sleep late?” Em ads, “Remember there is no school tomorrow.” As I smile, I tell them, “Sounds like a plan to me; but no getting drunk. I think Suzy has to go to work in the morning, so I want the place clean and my daughters sober. Well, more or less.” Rachel and Em snicker and shake their heads in a ‘Yes’.

I think they will do anything for sex from their daddy. The girls put the left-over pizza in the refrigerator and clean up the kitchen. It surprises me that they work quietly as they wash dishes and take out the trash. Then they move up to Em’s bedroom and straighten it also. Another quick look into Suzy’s master bedroom and bath and the whole house is reasonably straight. They bring several quilts into the living room and spread them on the floor. The stereo plays quiet music.

Meanwhile, I do my own walk around, making sure doors are locked, curtains closed and the lights are off. In the living room two table lamps provide soft light. After mixing a pitcher of margaritas, I fill glasses for the three of us. With the soft music in the background we toast each other. The whole break since fucking Rachel earlier was longer than expected; but it sure let me recover for the night ahead. “This work is so hard”, I giggle to myself.

Em and Rachel look at me expectantly and I tell them, “Do a little dance if you want.” They know what I want to see as I settle into the ex-husband’s fancy recliner. Em and Rachel move to the middle of the blankets, grin at each other and slowly start swaying with the music. It’s a repeat of when I first met Rachel. Alexi and Em had conned her into letting them cut her jeans off shorter than ‘Daisy Dukes’. That first night we also had margaritas here in the living room. We’ll see if Rachel remembers also.

The girls do some shaking and shimmying for a few minutes and then pantomime some cheer moves without yelling. Finally Emily comes over and jumps into my lap. She grinds her booty against me simulating a lap dance. This is what she and Alexi did also to get Rachel to sit on my lap nearly three years ago. Its clear Rachel remembers also because she dances up next to us and shakes her finger at us, “That’s how you got me naked the first time.”

When Em jumps off my lap, Rachel mounts me, but instead of facing away from me, she faces me and puts her legs up on the arm rests. She lifts her arms high and Em pulls her t-shirt over her head. For the second time within hours Rachel’s naked tits bounce in front of my face. Her pink areolas and hard nipples are inviting. My hands go to her nipples and I roll them between my fingers. Em stands behind her and pulls her own t-shirt off. She reaches around Rachel and cups her breasts and then puts her in a ‘sandwich’ by pressing her tits into Rachel’s back.

We caress Rachel’s sensitive nipples and breasts for a few minutes until she leans into me and says quietly, “Daddy, its Emily’s turn.” I whisper into her ear, “I know baby. Daddy loves you.” Rachel rotates around and faces Em; she gives her a hug and slides off my lap. She pulls Em to the middle of the blankets and kneels down in front of her. Rachel pulls on Em’s shorts but the cheer pants seem to be glued to her ass. Emily giggles and hooks her thumbs into her pants and wiggles out of them. Rachel lies on her back and also wiggles out of her shorts. When they roll on their stomach, the two naked asses invite me to get into the middle.

Naked I glide between the two teens and pull a blanket over us. In half a minute our body heat has raised the temperature to a nice level. Emily rotates toward me and her nipples poke my chest. I cover her face and neck with little baby kisses and she purrs deep in her throat. I have not taken time to really heat her up lately. The few times she comes to my house she wants to get a quick ass fuck and it makes her happy. Maybe Uncle Ted has a few surprises left for her.

Emily likes the baby kisses on her neck and I move ever so slowly down her front. Kissing her shoulders on both sides, I spend several minutes between her face, neck and shoulders. I move to her breasts and circle them with my lips and tongue. Em keeps purring and I figure she likes this also. I wet a fingertip and gently run it around her nipples several times. When my tongue touches the first nipple, Em sighs deeply and her hands are on the back of my head keeping me from moving south.

Yes, I think Uncle Ted has not spent enough time making her vibrate like a violin string before fucking her. Right now seems like a good time to do it for her. Plus it’s a superb education for a sixteen year old in case she ever dates one of the high school jocks. They are all hormones and have no clue about love making.

After about ten minutes of nipple and breast caresses, Em turns my hair loose and I venture south. Now it’s her belly button’s turn for a little tongue invasion. Of course, this makes her giggle hysterically and it set Rachel off too. Rachel had been watching quietly, but her hands were also gently rubbing her own tits. By now the heat under the blanket has risen to the point where Rachel pulls it off.

It gives me a chance to get between Em’s legs without getting tangled up. Pushing her legs apart, I cock her knees up and look at her freshly shaved pussy. Her tan lines leave her mons totally white and inviting for some heavy teasing. Starting by rubbing her thighs I move my finger all around her mons and pussy without touching it. I do it for several minutes until she is back to her purring sounds. Ah, much better. My tongue and lips follow the same path. First my tongue travels around one upper thigh and then up to her mons and down the other thigh. Bach and forth until I detect a little pelvic rock starting.

My fingers gently trace her pussy lips up and down and slowly pull them apart. Making sure my fingers are moist I insert two just a little and feel her moisture also. Em rocks toward me as my fingers enter her and she grabs my arm to keep my fingers inside her. She rocks a little more urgently as I massage her pussy. It feels like about five minutes before Em releases my arm so that my lips can reach her pussy.

I kiss her outer lips and run my tongue all around her before pulling them apart to get to the pink honey center. When my tongue goes into her pussy, Em puts her hands into my hair again. I tongue fuck her a bit more urgently and Em presses down on my head with each down stroke. She does her pelvic rock in unison. Her growl is getting deeper and her face seems to be concentrating on the pleasure-pain. Em last about ten minutes before she pulls my face up to the prize.

I use my lips to find her clit and gently suck it out of its hiding. Her clit seems to be normal size and reacts to my sucking quite nicely by getting hard. Em lets out several “Oohhs” each time I suck her clit into my mouth. When I suck it into me she pushes my head down and in a minute I’m getting fucked by her hard clit. Rachel watches as Em moans and “Oohhs”. Rachel leans over and kisses Emily’s mouth and their tongues move around hard. I can feel Emily’s orgasm is just minutes away.

She is definitely humming like a violin string. Her whole body is quivering and she moans harder until she explodes. She grips my hair hard and pushes me into her clit even harder. I suck the poor nubbin into my mouth as I feel pussy juices pouring out of Em. She arches up hard and sticks a fist into her mouth as she screams a quiet scream. Her legs lock around my head and I know to just relax and let her try to break my head with her strong legs. It lasts for several minutes before she crashes back with a sob.

To make a woman totally yours, a man needs to tend to her after her climax. But instead of cuddling against me for comfort, Emily rolls onto her knees and sticks her ass up in the air. She wants to get fucked while she is still high on her orgasm. I moisten her ass with a dab of baby oil and push my cock head into her anal ring. Em’s head is down on the blanket and she breathes hard as I stroke into her.

Her ass muscles grab my cock and squeeze it hard; but I push into her even deeper. We fuck hard for about five minutes and I can tell we are both getting close. Em will achieve a second climax within seconds. Both of our bodies are dripping sweat and our breathing is labored. Suddenly Em convulses a second time and her second climax ripples over her. I push my cock into her hard and feel it going extra deep. Jizz shoots into her hard. This time we both collapse and I cuddle Em to me as we roll on our sides.

Rachel is wide eyed and says, “Wow, are you guys trying for a record?” All we can do is grin because we are breathless. Rachel pulls the blanket over Em and me and gets up and brings fresh drinks. We take a few sips but even this has to wait.

Around ten minutes later we are sipping more of the fresh margaritas and Rachel says, “You two ought to take a quick shower. I second the idea; but pull Rachel with us. In the shower, Rachel washes Em from head to toes but then comes back and spends time on Em’s pussy. Em whines, “Easy Rachel, I’m sore.” Rachel giggles and answers, “That’s not where you got fucked.” Em nods her head and says, “OMG, I have never had one like that. Holy shit.” Seems like Uncle Ted was successful.

Rachel looks at me with a question in her eye. “Can you do me like that, Daddy?”

“Yes baby, Daddy will do you like that too. But I don’t think tonight.”

A half an hour later, the hair dryers had finally stopped and we were back under the blankets. Maybe I’ll wake Rachel in the middle of the night and make her scream in ecstasy. Plus she has not really been ass fucked hard like Em.

Decisions, Decisions.

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