The others sit in judgment, but it's curiously arousing...
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The next day was a Saturday, and with no work to go to, and no school either of course, we all set about dealing with our sexy but dangerous live-in housekeeper Becky. She had seemed so nice when we interviewed her, only twenty-two and a research student and part-time aerobics instructor, but she had been ravishing innocent young girls.

She had used the leisure centre changing room to tie our beautiful thirteen-year-old daughter to a bench and eat her to orgasm. What’s more she’d filmed her cumming, on her phone, and then blackmailed her.

While my wife Sally and I were at work she had then continued raping Yvonne every day of the long school holidays, making her to go down to her bedsit, stripping her, tying her to the bed, and forcing her to multiple orgasms with a huge vibrator.

Not only that, but she had also ravished two of Yvonne’s young friends from the aerobics class, though they hadn’t responded so she hadn’t pursued them. Now Jilly and Sue were here with us, getting over the after-effects of their ordeal.

As things had turned out, my initial vengeance on Becky had gone a bit awry, and she had also raped Sally, though as it turned out Sally hadn’t minded too much! It had emerged that my lovely twenty-eight-year-old wife had been doing lezzie bondage at the tennis club, so she hadn’t been fazed. In fact she seemed rather keen on Becky now.

Yvonne had been a bit corrupted by the weeks of forced sex and grown quite into it, and had got Becky to tie me up and then raped me, as well as starting a lesbian affair with Sue. My nice conventional family life, with its solid family values I thought, had collapsed round my ears.

I had been seduced by both Sue and Jilly, and I had been raping Becky a lot as well: after my vengeance Sally and I had made her our sex slave, aiming to cure her of her raping ways before we released her.

So altogether it was a somewhat unconventional household now, with me - thirty-eight and of previously good character - Sally, Becky, and the three formerly innocent thirteen-year-olds.

I had the videos Becky had taken of her rapes so she was stuck with us and couldn’t run away. Since she’d pretty much admitted she’d done it before, in other towns, we weren’t going to let her move on to some new town and victimise other innocent young teens, but at the same time we didn’t want our girls to be going through it all in court, so we were doing our own therapy on her.

Under Sally’s questioning the day before it had emerged that the girls’ innocence was a factor in her behaviour, Becky seemingly being driven to deprive others of it just as - we had to suspect - she had been deprived of innocence herself at some time in her history.

So today we were going to continue the way we had started, with fucking Becky to exhaustion to make her suggestible and get her to open up about her murky past.

The living room had become our HQ for sex, with plenty of space and two big sofas and two armchairs, and the only windows looking onto our private garden. We took Becky through there, took off our clothes, and fucked her all morning. I fucked her with my big eight-inch cock and the girls fucked her with the vibrators, massaged her with the baby oil and molested her to keep her aroused.

From time to time we dressed her in various sexy outfits - schoolgirl hockey skirt, chiffon blouse as a skirt and so on - to evoke echoes of young girls, then fucked her in them, stripped her, fucked her some more, and generally played sex games with her. By midday even her strong super-fit young body was tired out, after more than three hours of continuous sex with seven or eight big orgasms. Finally Sally slid the vibrator out of her.

Sally took the lead with the grilling, as she had yesterday. She’d become more dominant since this all started, I’d noticed.

“So Becks,” she’d changed to a therapist’s kindly tone, “tell us how it started. Who was the first young girl you raped?”

Becky glared tiredly at her, saying nothing.

“Alright,” Sally tried again, “what about the first girl you had sex with?”

More silence.

“We can keep going,” Sally threatened in the deceptively kindly voice, ”there are five of us and Roger on his own can give you a lot more fucking, he’s only cum twice and believe you me he can do plenty more than that.”

“Can I do her next?” Vonnie, thirteen or not, had been getting a bit dominant like her mother recently.

“It’s my turn,” the feisty Sue was competing for Becky’s sexy body as well. Becky is about five feet six with a very athletic build, a light frame with very defined muscles, but feminine. She radiated sex and we all fancied her furiously, except for Jilly who was a little intimidated by her still, and was more hetero perhaps as well.

Becky sighed. “Oh all right,” she seemed resigned suddenly, “it was four years ago.”

I settled back, feeling a long story coming.

“I don’t know why, I just went to the mall, and there was this girl, she looked about fifteen. Fourteen perhaps, I never found out exactly. She was walking around on her own, looking in the shop windows, killing time, and I just started following her.

She was quite small, about five feet two or so, blonde, and very lightly built. I suppose I knew I’d be able to overpower her easily. She was very cute and sexy without knowing it, like she’d never done any sex but when she did it would really hit her.

She had these great eyes, big and very light green, and she was wearing short shorts and a short t-shirt. You could see her tummy. It was really a sexy outfit, only a complete innocent wouldn’t even realise what she looked like. But she seemed to think she was dressed like a boy or something.

‘Cos she had nice tits and hips and everything, a waist, legs, she wasn’t a child any more. But she seemed to feel like a child, was the impression she gave. Like she really didn’t realise how guys were looking at her.

Anyway she went into the Sunglass Hut and started looking at the sunglasses, so I went in and stood opposite her at the rotating stand she was at, and pretended to be looking myself.

I tried on a pair of mirror sunglasses so I could look at her and she wouldn’t know. She had nice legs and a flat tummy, pert little tits in a bra, she was just so…lovely. So sweet. Little pointy nose, full lower lip, dimples, a few freckles, her eyebrows all full, young and not plucked at all, and huge eyelashes. No makeup or anything. Straight blonde hair with a centre parting, just onto her shoulders, it was like even her hair was so innocent.

I dunno, I just wanted her. She was so fresh and pure. My pussy was wet with being near her. I had to make her cum. Strip her and fuck her and make her cum and cum. I wanted to feel her writhing about and watch her pretty face as she got sexed up and came, for her first time.

So when she tried on some shades I took mine off and looked over and smiled and said they looked nice. And she smiled back, she was a sweet girl you know and friendly, so I went another step and said it was a shame to hide her eyes though as they were so pretty.

She blushed but kept smiling at me so then I knew I was in with a chance. Well I have a nice smile don’t I even though I’m such a bitch. I went round and reached for her sunglasses and she let me take them off. I said something like ‘that’s better, you’re so pretty you really should let everyone see,’ or something, and she was flattered, she hadn’t got a lot of confidence you know, so I knew I was in.

It’s funny isn’t it, you’d think someone as sweet and pretty as that would have loads of friends and be all confident but it doesn’t always work like that.

Anyway I touched her arm and said did she want to come and look round the shops for a bit and she said yes, so we did. Then I basically chatted her up, you know, and found out she was waiting for her parents but they wouldn’t be too bothered they’d just phone if she wasn’t there, so I got us to the end of the mall and said did she want to listen to some music in my car and she said yes.

She was a bit lonely I suppose. So we got in my car and I put some music on then I moved it across the car park to the far end where it was empty and nobody around, with it being the middle of the week. It was an old SUV with dark windows and I parked it facing a load of bushes, with no-one having any reason to go past and look in, so at that point she was mine.

I knew she wasn’t going to just let me fuck her so I’d decided I was going to take her. I flipped the door lock switch and they all clunked and she started looking a bit nervous.

Then I reclined my seat, all the way, so it was almost flat, and tried to get her to do hers as well but she wouldn’t. Even she’d realised what was going on by then. She tried the door handle to get out but it wouldn’t work at the first pull, with the locking, and she didn’t know to try again.

So I leaned over her and reclined her seat, got on top of her, you know, and pulled the lever, and it went back.

She wasn’t screaming, I dunno, she was just a quiet person I think, so she struggled but didn’t yell or try to poke me in the eye or anything, she was just a victim.

I grabbed her wrists and pulled them back over her head and got the rear seatbelt and tied them into it. She stopped fighting then. She was pleading, saying ‘no, no, please, don’t and stuff,’ but I didn’t care. All I could think of was getting her off.”

She stopped.

The rest of us were agog, waiting. It was so wrong but my cock was big and throbbing. In the hiatus Sue and Vonnie moved together and started fingering each other’s pussies. Sally was starting to play with herself, and Jilly leaned onto me and and stroked my cock. I put my arm round and stoked her tit, and we sat there on the sofa, looking at Becky on the floor. I grabbed Jilly’s hand to stop her wanking me before I came and then she just held it lightly, which was alright: a great feeling that wasn’t going to make me cum just yet.

“Go on,” Vonnie was impatient, “what did you do then?”

Becky looked at us all getting off on it and carried on. At the back of my mind was the thought that she could have told the story in a less arousing way, really. I didn’t think Sally had actually asked for all this detail.

“So I pulled her trainers and socks off, then I got her shorts down. I had to lift her a bit but she was really light. She was starting to wriggle and press her legs together, crossing them, so it took me a couple of minutes, and it dragged her panties down a bit as well.

They looked really sexy, half way down her butt and with her little blonde bush showing over the top, so I left them there.

I pulled her T-shirt up and left it up on the seat belt, above her hands, so she was in her bra and panties. The bra was a soft white bra, it wasn’t doing much because her tits were so pert, it was just keeping her nipples off the T-shirt more than anything.

Anyway so I took a few photos of her like that, then I took off my own clothes. That was quite sexy, being in a public car park like that and nude, with an underage girl tied up.

She started crying a bit, which was so not sexy, it was the photos that set her off I think, but I just didn’t say anything to her, didn’t look at her or anything and after a while she stopped. I suppose she realised I wasn’t exactly her mum going to go gooey over a few tears.

Then I told her, Allison her name was, that I was going to show her about sex. She kept saying ‘no, no’, but I could tell she knew it was going to happen. She was just lying there with her arms tied over her head, part stripped, there was nothing she could do to stop me and we both knew it.

I keep a vibrator in my bag, ‘cos sometimes I just have to get off, you know, so I got it and turned in on, then I started on my pussy with it, showing her. She was amazed, you know she hadn’t a clue. I had to explain pussy juice and clits and the whole thing to her.

So I got myself nice and wet and then I started on her. I wedged a knee in between hers to open her up, and stroked her through her panties a bit, then I rubbed the vibe up and down over her, through the panties, over her clit especially. She sort of winced more than anything.

Then I did it over her nipples, and after a while they came up. She was sooo embarrassed I almost laughed, but it was a start, her face was bright pink, but there they were sticking up.

So I reached behind and undid the bra and then pulled it up her arms like with the T-shirt. Her tits were lovely, all conical and looking so perfect and untouched, not a bad size either, and so I touched them, obviously, and they were quite sensitive, like they were a bit of a guilty secret she’d been trying to get used to. ‘Cos they were a good B cup already, heading for a C even.

So I licked them and sucked them and vibed them, for, I don’t know, ten minutes even, till they were lovely and flushed and the nipples were really twanging when I flicked them. She was gasping a bit and I knew I was on course, and she was going to cum for me.

So I moved on to her innocent young pussy. I was going to have her virginity.” She laughed shortly. “Not her hymen, I didn’t want blood all over the seat, but her first orgasm.”

“I pulled her panties down, slowly, and she started pleading for me not to do anything to her. She knew vaguely what was going to happen. That her innocence was about to end.

Anyway she just lay there while I lifted her a bit and pulled her panties from under her ass and down her legs. Then she was naked. She was very lovely actually.

She had a little blonde bush, quite thin but it was there and it wasn’t trimmed at all, though to be fair it would’ve tucked in to a bikini all right.

So I started on her properly, pushed her legs open and started stroking up the inside of her thigh to her labia, then up to her clit. She was dry as a bone, all tight and tense, little thing.”

“I should think she was,” Sue had been dry as well when Becky had raped her, “anybody would be.”

“Vonnie wasn’t,” Becky’s retort was quick as a flash.

“Well you were just dead lucky,” Sue was not giving in, “most people would be.”

“Heh, you would’ve been wet if I’d had more time,” Becky was such a predator, “Jilly too. It was just that I only had a few minutes in the changing room. In my car your pussy would’ve been mine.”

Sue was too honest to deny it; she just looked defiantly at the older girl.

“Go on Becks,” Sally steered it back to young Allison’s ordeal.

“Alright. Well she was dry but I’d got her going with her tits so I kept at it. It was my first time as well, but I reckoned I had an hour and so I just had to keep going and try different things until one of them worked.

The vibe didn’t seem to do much down there so I got down in the footwell and used my mouth and tongue. I pushed her legs wider apart and licked up her slit, over her labia, then I pushed her clit out and licked that and blew on it, and nibbled it a bit.

I got my finger wet in my pussy and held it up to her nose, then I worked it into her. So I kept on and on, and I kept rubbing it and nibbling and pumping and prodding her g-spot and then suddenly her clit came up and her pussy was wet and I was there.

So then I got up and lay next to her and she wasn’t trying to close her legs any more, I fingered her and rubbed her clit with my thumb, and got her a bit looser so I could get another finger in and then three, and she was on the way.

It still took quite a long time, I dunno, fifteen minutes or so, just fucking her with my fingers, rubbing her clit, all wet, till I thought to suck her nipples as well, and that finished her.

So she was there, all young and fresh and perfect, with her lovely little body all sexed up now, writhing around, bucking up and down a bit, and she was gasping, and her gorgeous eyes were huge, her beautiful little face was even better than I’d imagined, all flushed and excited, with that distant look, you know, when sex has taken over.

So I didn’t want to risk losing it, you know, losing the feeling, so I just kept on and she arched up a bit and went all tense and stopped breathing for a second, and there she was.

Cumming for me, cumming and cumming, I could feel her pussy gripping my fingers, and I kept her going for as long as I could, quite a few seconds, twenty even, and then she just collapsed back onto the seat, all amazed and shocked at what she’d done.

God, it was so what I’d planned. Better. She was all sexy. We both knew she’d never be the same.

She just lay there panting, all flushed and fucked, and I got the vibrator and did myself, I was so ready I came in like a minute, watching her while I did, and she was amazed all over again.

So then I started to worry, now it was over, so I took some more pictures and untied her and got her dressed and got my own clothes on and shoved her out of the door. I was pretty sure she wasn’t up to taking my number plate so I drove off as quick as I could.”

“And that was it?” I couldn’t help asking, “Did you see her again?”

“No I left town, it was too risky, if she had a big confessing session with her mum or something. I was eighteen and if she was only fourteen or fifteen, or thirteen even, it would've been trouble. If she didn’t see me again no-one could identify me so I just moved. And I’ve never heard anything.”

We all sat in silence for a minute, taking it all in.

“So that was the first time,” Sally was trying to be in therapist mode, though she was well wound up herself, having got her fingers out of her own pussy just in time before she came I reckoned, “now you’ve just done it again, four years later. How many times in between?”

Becky just glared at her. That was all we were getting.

We’d made progress, but there was still work to do.

Also it was hard not to see that everyone in the room had been getting off on the story of the hapless young Allison’s deflowering.

Well maybe it was just the way Becky had told it.


Thanks to sexy just18n2009 for inspiration and content from her story ‘My Pickup at the Mall’ :).

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