"Still a virgin?"


When I was 13, my cousin (23) bought me a condom.
"Use it wisely"
"I'm only 13 when am I going to use it?"
"Just keep it safe."

Well, I had just started high school being freshmen and all; I was new to having lots and many girls around. I learned about masturbation, but enjoyed "banging" pillows. It always felt good, and it never hurt anyone so I kept at it.
Well at my school, seniors lead some freshmen around to show the school around. My senior's name was Francis; she was a tall white chick (6'1") with small tits and a perfect ass. When we were walking, I could not help but stare at her ass. I knew my balls were tingling and getting hard at that point, but wearing briefs helped conceal the "tent". She was hot and whenever she talked to me about the school, I could not help but be nervous. As she kept walking, I could see myself fucking her right there, but who was I to fuck a senior being only a freshmen.
Afterwards, classes started and I began to pick out several girls I could see as a girlfriend not as a sex partner. There were some girls I could imagine as sex partners, but I did not have the guts to ask. After all, I was still a virgin. Looking at porn was all I did. The girls I liked though did not like me, (actually liking my best friend) so I did not really care about it. I had other things on my mind such as Midterms and skateboarding competitions.

After about a month or so, we had over first dance. Not a date dance, but just a regular dance. After about an hour, the gossip spreader that some girl liked me. It was just flirting right?......We will soon after, I found out and began talking to her. She was an Asian like myself around 5'1 or 5' with nice sized tits and a cute face. "Ha-ha can’t believe you liked him, Christina."
"Shut up, Justin, or else I wont like you anymore.."
"Ha-ha so what? haha"
We talked about everything especially that girl I liked. She was having a party with everyone invited. I went, of course, bringing the condom in my wallet; little did I know I needed it. Near the end of the party, we were playing truth or dare. Eventually everyone had left except for me, Christina, the girl I liked and my best friend. My best friend and the girl I liked went into a room to make-out or something, so I sat around talking with Christina. We ended talking about my love life, and how I never really was a "ladies man". She even dared me to kiss her. Well, as nervous as I was, I did it. After that, I was drawn to her someway.... And as soon as I know it, she’s lying on me and I keep leaning down to kiss her repeatedly.
"Hah, Justin, you said you weren't a good kisser!"
"Well, how would I know?"
"So....Justin, you still a virgin?"
"What you're not?!?"
"Nope, lost it about half a year ago."
I was shocked. This girl, only 14, wasn't a virgin anymore. I stopped kissing her and stood up. I felt uneasy about things and just told her I needed some air. Soon I felt, arms around me and something bite my ear. I didn't turn around, but just heard "Well, Justin still need air?"
I did not reply; I just stood there admiring the moon behind the cascade of trees. Eventually I went back in, and we were in the same position as before. "Justin, I really like you. Could I please suck your cock?"
“...I’m not so sure that’s the best thing to do...."
"Please...if you let me, I do whatever you want."
"What if I'm not big enough?"
"I have faith" as soon as she said that her hand moved to my crotch. Her rubbing felt so good, I just sat there. Soon after my pants were, off and she undid my briefs. Before I could see my dick, It was gone it her mouth. It felt sooo good. She licked the head and pumping the bottom all while tickling my balls. I could feel the back of her mouth on my dick. Soon I was yelling, "I'm Cumming...", but she swallowed it.”Impressive Christine...haha..."
Well my cock shriveled down, and she layed down on me. "Well, what do you want me to do?"
"What are you talking about?"
"You get one wish.."
"That’s ok; you just give me the best time of my life. Really it’s ok..."
"That’s not fair, I was thinking something more...." and she started rubbing my cock again.
"You know we can't, we don’t have prote......" when I stopped, when my mind drifted to my condom.
"Hmmm what’s that Justin?....You want it just as bad as I do don’t you?..."
"....yeah....." I told her about the condom in my wallet and soon we were in her room.
She was naked in seconds and took mine off just as fast. My fingers were roaming all over her body, but my hands loved her tits. It was the first time I actually touched them, they were so soft! I looked at her vagina for forever, but she wouldn't let me lick it which was strange. She just wanted the feeling in her...I could see it in her eyes. I was lying on the bed and she lifted herself onto my cock. "MMMMMmmmmm, I miss this feeling.."
She was bouncing over and over. It was the best site I seen. "OoOo faster! faster! ooo that feels so good!! ahhh Justin!! I’m Cumming!” I must have come more than once in the condom. However, I was glad I made her come too. Soon after we just both lay there. She crawled next to me and we made out again. "So Mr. Non Virgin, you belong to me now."
"Is that good or bad?" with a smirk on my face.

Well after about a week, she had told me she was with another guy, which I had already suspected. "But don't think I still don't own you. You and your dick" with a little tug on my balls. I smiled.

I could not help but masturbate a lot after that. It was amazing. Most of the time I locked the door and banged a pillow or jack off, but it was not the same. I was out of condoms too, so I would not be doing this again for a while. I would jack off two or three times a day sometime. One time, I was playing with my cousin who lived with me. She was 25 and in college getting her masters. I thought I locked the door, but she came in seeing me with cock in hand. I never felt more nervous or scared at the time. I thought she was going to tell on me, when she closed and locked the door.
"Melissa...what are you doing...?" with a scared expression on my face. She kneeled next to me, and took my cock into her mouth! I was shocked and excited. Her tongue was warm and comforting, just as Christina had done it. I did not want to cum, so I pulled her off and said, "You want to suck it or fuck it?"
"I don’t have a condom..."
With that, she left the room, and I regretted not letting myself cum in her mouth. However, she returned with something in her hand.
"Am I too late?"
Soon we were at it. Sure, I had imagined fucking my cousin, but I knew it was not right. With a condom, no one would be hurt, so I was glad. I was on top ramming it into her. "Ooo right there ahhh oo, Justin!!" She clenched me tight and I felt her jiggle. I knew I had made her cum. I had not cum yet, because my cock grew down after she left to get the condom. When she was back, I had to get it big again, so I was ready.
She pulled out and peeled the condom off. She loved to suck dicks I thought and let her do her thing. Soon we were in a 69 position. The juices were just as wonderful as I had imagined.
After we both came, I showered off and she took a bath. (Separate bathrooms) I do not think we talked about it ever since.

When I returned to school that Monday, it was weird. People looked at me differently, or something. Or was I just imagining it, either way I felt uneasy all throughout the day. I tried not to look Christine straight in the eye, because I felt uneasy about something and did not want her finding out.
"Justin you okay?"
"Fine, just a little stomach ache."
Well, it soon passed and I was back in classes. After second midterms, everyone was invited to a date dance. I wanted to impress my friend so I threw an after-party at a hotel. We only had two rooms, but only one was used. Everyone seemed to hook up except me. Therefore, I just played video games and ate in the cafe in the hotel. I was waiting in the lobby when I heard
I looked up to see my senior leader waiting for her sister to finish MY party.
"O hey, what’s up?"
" come you're not in a room?"
"O, I don't really have anyone to snuggle or kiss or stuff...."
"C’mon, ill go with you to see what’s happening."
We walked and I showed her a peek of what happened and went into the single room with on one inside. She came in, as the party did not end for another 30 minutes. I changed into my pajamas in front of her and got into bed. She joined too, which was awkward only in panties and a bra. "So what we watching?"
"Whatever you want" handing her the remote. She flipped to porn, which was quiet normal for me.
"Ok with this?"
"Yeah sure..."
Soon I could tell she was horny, so I took my chances. I rubbed my hand over her stomach. She let out a little moan and looked my straight into my eye.
"Justin, I'm horny."
"I know..."
"Could you help me? Please" with a little kiss.
I slid her hand over my cock and undid her bra. Her tits were nice and perky while sliding my hand into her panties. She rubbed my cock and slides her hand in as well. Soon we were naked under the sheet. As soon as I was naked, she licked my cock, well only to lube it. "Ooo ahhh, Justin, I didn't expect you to be this AHH, that feels soo good."
"Glad you like it."
"Ahhh I’m Cumming!” as she held me close.
Soon I was about to cum and I did not have a condom so I pulled out and said, "Suck it."
I came very quickly and we showered together.
She gave my quick kiss and left picking up her sister.

Soon after the party ended, I heard two knocks on my door. I opened it to find Christina standing there crying.
"What happened?!?"
"Stupid Chris just wanted sex."
"oo I'm so sorry."
We hugged closely....

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2013-12-30 19:52:25
piss poor writing you need to delete this trash and run it through a GOOD EDITOR or have a GOOD WRITER rewrite it for you

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2011-11-23 00:15:24
it was nice
im still a virgin male albino age 15
anyone interested?

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2011-08-17 14:39:35
Love the virgin type stories and this one had the promise of a good one, but the execution fell short. Work on development. Good, but room for better.


2007-08-08 12:00:56
I've read better prose on the back of shampoo bottles. This story sucked...


2006-10-22 04:22:11
Sorry, but I have to say this. After reading the comments on here... Folks, please, I think all of us are getting tired of having to say this... If you read the word Incest in the description, you should already know that it has such, so don't flame the kid for your lack of attention. And yes folks, he is 13, if you had bothered to, again, read the description, you would have seen that. /| MidnightFiend /|

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