On my ride over to Arif's the next day I could only think about crazy yesterday had been. I had gone from sexually inexperienced to a personal slave. I was nervous about his comment as I had left " tomorrow." Although nervous about who it might be I was actually a bit excited to find out because even though I had been made into someones bitch, I did get some satisfaction. I rang the doorbell and Arif greeted me smiling, he told me to come inside only this time we passed through his backyard to a fairly largee guest house.

Again Arif had a pair of lingerie for me to put on, but also a girls uniform from our school which I wondered how he got. I looked at myself in the mirror, pink panties nearly visible because of the drasticaly short plaid skirt with knee high socks and a white button up blouse. Again I was shocked how feminine I looked, my medium length hair could pass as a pixie cut. Arif was pleased with how sexy I looked, enough where he decided we would be filming again. His phone rang and he told me our company had arrived and he left me alone for a bit to show them in

Looking around the living room of the guest house I noticed a few things, one a small pile of items: a blindfold, bungee cords, and bottle of viagra. These instantly made me nervous, but I also observed a door with a lock on it. I approch the door and as I looked at the lock felt a pair of handd push me up against the door and the blindfold went over my eyes. I was released and didn't dare take off the blindfold.

"Come over here," I heard Arif order and I followed his voice which was by where a few armchairs and a small table were "Get up on the table and dance, babe." I carefuly stepped onto the coffee table and began a striptease. It was clearly part of his game that I didnt know who I was dancing for. I unbuttoned the blouse and seductively unhooked the bra and tossed them aside, then turned my back to the chairs and bent over as I pushed the socks down exposing my bare feet. An 'mmm' came from the audience as my panties were visible from bending over. I slipped the skirt off, hooked my thumbs around the thong as I slid it down. Once completely nude I did a 360 to showcase myself and wondered why I was trying so hard.

"You can take off your blindfold now" I did so immdediately and nervously turned around. I saw that two other people were with us, a black guy around Arif's size I'd never seen before and Christina a sophmore I had hooked up with before- an attractive girl about 5'5" 120 lbs with b-cups. I was terribly embarrsed couldn't believe she was seeing me like this and also because I thought I might get stiff looking at her outfit short black shorts and tight tank top.

"Lets get started then, Christina warm him up like I was telling you about," she came over and we didnt say a word, I was still shellshocked. Even more surprise when she had me lay on my back and began to finger my asshole, she was clearly just as imberresed as me but wasn't gentle forcing three in. Arif then had me return the favor fingering both her ass and pussy "She was a virgin till a couple days ago, now Dave lets go get some water to take the viagra" With that Christina quickly explained how he sent him nude pictures for money and was now being blackmailed and I said how I was also blackmailed.

I felt a bit more comfortable that we wouldn't judge each other but the feeling subsided as Arif and Dave returned and has they had Christina take off her clothes I had my arms tied behind my back with the bungee cords. Christin's body was incredible and she was also restrained. Dave said he wanted to try me first. With that we were placed facing each other with our faces on the ground and hips in the air. Dave waisted no time his black cock felt like a wiffle ball bat penetrating me. Judging by Christina's scream she also was getting anal.

After what seemed like forever Dave pulled out and him and Arif switched places. They fucked us for a while longer and I have to say I was turned on whether from getting fucked or seeing and hearing Christina get fucked. After some time they again pulled out and following a brief debate decided I was a better fuck. It was more of the same after that only this time oral instead of anal. Once both of them were edging they again voted who was best- Christina was a better mouth. Declaring it a tie the tie breaker became who could take a better load. Arif said "Winner gets a treat."

They had us on our knees faces together cheek to cheek. Arif and Dave both beat off and shot their loads onto our faces and opened mouths. Arif suggested me and Christina kiss before swallowing the loads. I assumed that the winner's prize would be something like getting fucked agai, so as we made out I didnt really put any effort while Christina ended up with most of the cum and swallowed heartily. Even though she was turning me on so much I figured after her seeing me made into a bitch Id have no chance with her, or Arif wouldn't allow it. Equally impressed by her Christina was declared the winner

"The prize," Arif said "Is winner gets to fuck the looser, so you'll need some help with that, Tina, which is why I bought you a present to help you out. God I love spending money," with that he went to a closet and retrieved an unmarked bag, and pulled out a pink strapon dildo which also had an insert that would go into her pussy. Christina blushed but was clearly relieved. She awkwardly put on the dildo and Dave suggested I get on my back, which I did. Christina split my legs and and started to fuck me. Arif and Dave watched as Christina reluctantly was getting off. The strapon wasnt big enough to reach my prostate so it really only was hurting me further, but seeing Christina moaning and sweat dripping down her breasts as she fucked me got me rock hard. I was starting to like this too much I thought. Christina finally orgasmed and squirted as she pulled out of my tender ass, the strapon was soaked she clearly enjoyed herself.

Arif dismissed the two of us home, and suggested I drive Christina home before telling me to show up the usual time tomorrow. As we got dressed in silence, Arif and Dave were in the kitchen getting a drink and we could overhear a few phrases " could probably make money...the about the other one..." Christina and I were silent the whole trip until I parked in her drive way. She reaches across the console and starts undoing my pants and says "Im so sorry I had to do that to you, and you couldnt even got off like I did so here- you can understand my throats still sore though," She jerked me off and as soon as I came, kissed me on the cheek and left. As I pulled out of her driveway I thought about what just happened and whats going on tomorrow.

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