This is part 2, it stands alone as pretty erotic, but you really should go read part 1. If you’ve read part 1, the first paragraph isn’t for you, if you haven’t, read.
At my school, all the guys get to fuck all the girls. Everyone goes around with pants or short with holes in them for their cocks or pussies, and most of the girls have holes for their asses to, which is the really fun part.

After homeroom, we have break. A bunch of guys keep shorts without holes in them in their lockers to play basketball, I’m one of them, but today I decide I want to get some action instead, and I go to the concrete wall. The concrete wall is a 2-4 foot high wall (the path slopes down beside it) and the girls perch themselves, presenting their beautiful pussies and asses just to be fucked by whoever walks by and takes a liking to how one looks. All the usual suspects are lined up, Alex (freshman, tall, blonde, small tits, tight, round, but small ass, but the most gorgeous legs you’ve ever seen, wearing short shorts and crop top) is the only one who isn’t taken who is at all hot, so I slip over, lube my cock, and shove it in to her without any warning, and without her even seeing me. She just starts moaning, knowing from my size and style who it is; we’ve done this many many times together. I’m up to speed quickly, grabbing her hips and forcing my rock hard cock into her ass. She grabs her backpack, and pulls a vibrator out of a side pocket and puts it in her pussy. I feel it as it goes in, and it not only increases her pleasure, but mine as well, with the vibrations traveling through the thin membrane of flesh between her pussy and her ass. Knowing Alex likes it rough, I move one hand from her hip up to her neck, and pull it up and toward me. Using that hand to drive her back onto my cock, I take my other hand and begin slapping her ass through her denim shorts. Hard. Her moans only get louder and I sense that she is close to orgasm. I take a dildo out of the same side pocket without her noticing, and suddenly pull my cock out of her ass, burying the dildo inside. Now being DPed by a dildo and a vibrator, I turn Alex around and start fucking her face, causing her to gag and moan at the same time. I reach back and start driving the dildo in and out of her ass. Seconds later she starts moaning beyond comprehension. I shove my cock deep in her throat and hold it there while she moans around it, her contractions almost pushing the dildo completely out of her ass.

Once she has stopped convulsing, I leave the slut to bring herself down, and pull back to look at the lineup again. I see a rare opportunity, Sarah(senior, very tall, around 6’, blonde, relatively flat chested, but with one of the top 20 asses in the school, and gorgeous legs, a bit like an older Alex with a little bit bigger ass) in spandex volleyball shorts with no pussy hole, only ass. Knowing she despises me, I rush over, again lubing up, grab her hips forcefully, knowing she might struggle, and I take one hand off just long enough to guide my cock into her waiting asshole. She turns around, looks at me, and says, “JAMES? What the fuck?!” and tries to get away.

I hold her down and say, “Stop squirming slut, or this won’t be any fun for you at all.” She settles down, grudgingly, and I start to slide in and out of her, slowly at first, making her feel the full length of my cock. Suddenly I slam my full length in to her and start pounding like a jack hammer. I slap her ass a few times and ask, “You like that you little whore? You like me pounding into your ass on the inside while I spank you on the outside?”

She responds with, “Yes James, fuck me with that big cock of yours! If I’d known you were this good, I’d have done this a long time ago. Oh god, I’m getting close.” I was getting close too, but I wanted to try and hold off and bring one more girl to orgasm, so I relaxed and thought of English class. 30 seconds later she screams, “Oh yes James, fuck my ass, fuck it harder!! Spank me! I stopped all activity and pulled my cock out of her ass. “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” I ran over to Alex who still had the dildo in her ass, grabbed it, and was back in about 3 seconds. Sarah was still in the moment when I shoved the dildo into its second ass of the day, and took up a position under her pussy licking and biting her clit like crazy, even through her spandex, until she squirted straight though the thin material, moaning and shouting my name for the whole school. I couldn’t really bring her pussy down easy through her shorts, so I just kind of slowly pushed the dildo in and out.

Finally I take the dildo out, and return it to Alex who promptly blows it clean, and returns it to her bag saying, “let’s do that again sometime soon.” I agree. I go in search of another catch, this time heading out onto our turf field. I just pause and take a look around, seeing what there is to see. Finally I notice Allie over on the far side of the field pretty much by herself. I wander on over there, cock still hard sticking out waiting for some more action.

Allie is one of those girls who never gets appreciation for just how hot she is, because she chooses to avoid the groups of people who would really get her appreciated if you know what I mean. She’s maybe 5’8”, large Cs, beautiful face, and an ass that is indescribable. She’s wearing fairly short patterned denim shorts, and a T-shirt.

When I get over Allie says to me, “Oh, thank god, I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to get laid today.”

I say, “Well, if you haven’t gotten any today yet, we’ll have to make sure you get fucked good,” and I lie down beside her and we start making out. Not wasting much time, I take my right hand down to our respective crotches and guide my cock slowly into her already sopping pussy; I guess she was masturbating slowly before I arrived. I start to slide in and out of her slowly, still making out with her. I bring one hand up and start to massage her breasts. She starts panting, and I start going harder, knowing she’s warmed up. Feeling somewhat close, and knowing she is a ways off, I pull out and slide my say down her body to her pussy and start licking around her lips, going up every now and then to latch on gently to her clit. After maybe a minute of this, I’m back down a little bit, and I tell her to stand up and lean on the fence, and I position my cock at the entrance to her gorgeous ass. With her tight ass, I slip just the head in, and she moans loudly. I go at a pace just fast enough to try and keep the moans coming, pulling out and humping her just a little bit when I see her wince. After about 30 seconds, I’m all the way in. I press her full body against the chainlink, and start to pound, her body completely immobilized between mine and the fence. I reach down and start massaging her clit, and it isn’t long before she tells me she’s close. I’m close to, so I just start jack hammering as hard and fast as I can, and a few seconds later I squirt my second load of the day deep into her bowels and her ass clamps down on my cock, making it quite hard to keep fucking her through it. I pull my cock out, release her and she gives me a long, passionate kiss. She pulls away with a, “Thank you so much, and please, come back at lunch,” with a wink. The bell rings, and she turns away to walk to her next class. I just watch her beautiful, round, cum filled ass walk all the way across the field, as I follow her to our next classes.

Please rate and comment, when only like 12 people rate it, it’s hard to get an idea of how good it actually is, and lemme know ideas for part three.

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2013-12-09 04:47:54
More stories like this would be undescrible and would make it one of the best stories.
Gr8 story

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2013-11-28 00:06:46
do some kind of co-ed locker room shower orgy

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2013-11-27 22:35:05
looooove it! ssoo desirable

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2013-08-03 19:18:59
Its good but could use alittle more work to make it longer. Maby add in a relationship

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2013-01-09 23:13:12
2nd period…got hurry so I don’t get stuck with someone I don’t want fuck. That other rule, no matter what level you were, you did not take the girl if she was on the guy’s cock already, unless he agrees to share but even then he gets first dibs on what hole.

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