When a prank goes horribly, [right!] watch what happens.
"...and from that, we know the primitive
instinct for the male is to find a warm
place for his penis in the night. Everyone
knows it's colder in the night than the day
so, unconsciously, it will try and find the
warmest place at the time."

**bell shatters the 30 second silence**

I'm James, and I'm 19. I just got out of a
primitive human class. Today's lesson was
sexual acts we still carry with us today.
My classes are finally over and I can go
get ready for the party at my brother's,
Seth's, dorm house tonight. We go to the
same college, he's 21 and it's his last

Later at the party:

"Hey Jacob." Some guy walked up to me.

"Actually it's James." I told him.

"Oh sorry man, you're Seth's brother,


"Cool, you wanna help us prank 'em?"

"Ha, sure."

"Alright, follow me."

Me, him, and two of his friends walked
upstairs. We stopped in front of a door
reading 17-C

"This is his room." The guy with the video
camera told us.

"Alright..." The first guy started. "Jaybee,
you're gonna go in there first." He was
staring at me.

"James." I said sternly.

"Oh, sorry bro. Go in first, we'll be right
behind you." So I went in.

The guy followed me, but the other two
stayed out.

"Alright, James." He finally got it right.
"We're gonna make your bro look gay,
just as a little going away present."

I started laughing softly. "How?"

"Well, you get naked and lay in bed with
him. Adam will keep your head out of the
shot so know one will know it was you."

"Why do I have to do it?" I asked, sort of

"Well you're his brother, it's a little less
weird and gay to us than if a friend did it
to him. Plus you probably seen him naked

He was right. It wasn't on purpose,
though. I didn't know he was getting out
of the shower. Seth was really cut, he
had a perfect 6 pac. Washboard abs. He
had a dick that looked about 6 inches, and
it was flaccid. Really thick, too. I had to
make sure I didn't touch him, because I
knew he slept naked all the time. It was
cold in the dorms. I got naked and got into
The guy went and got Adam and his friend.
Adam was filming and they were all
laughing. I heard one of them say:

"Can you believe it? Seth turned out to
be a total fag."

I started laughing quietly again. I turned my
back to my brother and inched myself
closer to him to make it look more real.
When they got to the bed, I felt the tip
of Seth's hard penis hit me between my
ass cheeks, hitting the beginning of my
hole. I stopped moving and curled myself
up into a ball. There weren't any covers. I
tucked my knees up and my ass pulled
away from Seth.

"See, what did I tell ya."Started one of
"The so called ladies man is only like
that 'cuz he takes cocks like a lady!"

Then, I felt Seth's arm fall around my
waist. It was too dark for anyone to see.

"Alright, thanks for helping, Jack."

"It's James." I told him. "No problem.
Peace man."

"Later, bro."

I let down my knees and Seth's tip went
back to touching my hole. I tried moving
Seth's arm off of me, but he grunted and
almost came awake. I laid there
motionless for a minute. Then I felt him
press against me. His grip tightened
around me, and I couldn't escape. I felt his
defined abs against my back. His cock
head started sliding in, and then my
brother thrusted into me. I almost
screamed, but I held it in. It took all of my
I tried to roll away, but I got pinned on my
stomach. Seth started humping the shit
out of me. He was so fucking thick. His
thighs were making a slapping sound on
my ass every time he crash landed in my
hole. My cock was getting really hard, but
it was trapped by the mattress. I started
moaning deeply. It actually felt good to
have my brother's huge cock in my virgin
ass. I heard someone walk in the room,
but I couldn't control myself. I started
gasping and whimpering in pleasure. Then I
moaned loudly about 3 times. Seth's balls
were thumping against mine. His were
bigger. I heard the person walking around
each side of the bed. They had a camera. I
saw the light. My brother started
unleashing a ton of cum into my butthole.
I started cumming myself, and it got all
over me and the mattress. Seth pulled
out, unloading three more sperm shots on
my ass and balls, then he fell to the left
of me. I heard the zoom on the camera,
and graciously raised my ass and spread
my cheeks to reveal my prize for being
such a good sport. I heard the camera man
say "damn." Then the camera thudded on
some wood behind me. I let my cheeks go
and a few seconds later, I felt the bed
imprint and heard it squeak.
Two warm hands grabbed me in front of
my thighs. A warm tongue twirled around
my balls licking off all the cum. Then, it
slid up both of my ass cheeks. The tongue
went between my cheeks while I held
them open once more. It went up and
down across my asshole. After several
minutes, the licking stopped. The bed
squeaked some more, I heard a zipper,
and then a cock slid into my used hole,
again. This guy wasn't as thick, but he
was definitely longer when he went balls
deep. My eyes started watering while he
fucked me doggystyle. I sat patiently for
him to fuck me. My hands in between my
knees, with my ass, full of cock and cum,
pushed out. I was moaning again. I didn't
realize, but I was begging for the
mystery man to pound me hard.

"Oooh....... Please fuck me.. Yesssss, pound
my ass good and hard. Oh fuck me, mister,
fuck my tight little ass. Please don't
stop.... Don't stop..... DON'T STOP!"

I heard my sloppy hole sloshing while the
guy pounded me. I was getting fucked and
my big brother's cum was the lube! He
fucked me really slow, and then pounded
the shit out of me. I was in heaven! Or hell.
I'm not sure which, but it felt amazing!
Touching ass to thigh, he started cumming
very deep inside of me. I almost came
again. When his dick was done spasming,
he railed me a couple more times, leaning
his stomach on my back. The man kissed
the left side of my neck a few times, and
then pulled out slowly. He took a camera
shot of my used hole, and then walked in
front of me. His cock dangled in front of
my face. I opened my mouth wide and
stuck out my tongue. He wanted me to
clean it off. The long cock slid to the back
of my mouth. I gagged, then I forced it
down my throat. The guy moaned and his
balls hit my chin. I slid it out, and then back
down. I felt two fingers slide in and out of
my cum filled hole violently. I was slurping
my brother's cum off a guy's cock, and
getting my sloppy asshole fingered. I felt
cum bubbles pop from my hole, and globs
of the stuff running down my crack. The
guy pulled his cock away from me and fed
me his fingers. I wrapped my lips around
them and ate my brother and his cum. He
pulled up his pants and walked away.
I got up and slipped on my grey boxer
briefs. My shirt was easy to find since it
was light green, but I had trouble getting
my pants and shoes on. When I finally did, I
walked into the hall to see know one in it. I
felt the gooey mess in my ass. I went
downstairs to go to my truck. I saw two
guys with cameras. One was Adam and
the other I didn't know. I decided to just
go home.

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