Seth isn't a wimp, but when it comes to near 300 pound dogs, I doubt anyone can overpower them.
My name is Seth. I live alone in my
house, in exception to my two dogs,
Jasper and Amy. I am 23 years old, 6'3,
176 pounds. I have an athletic body build
with Jet Black, medium length hair. My
girlfriend Kayla just broke up with me a
week ago and Amy was her dog. Both
dogs were english Mastiffs, huge dogs
that people say drool a lot, and they do. I
don't mind the slobber. Amy was barely 2
feet tall, Jasper was close to 3 and a
half. Amy weighed around 188 pounds
while Jasper weighed 269. Jasper was
black with white and brown spots. Amy
was mostly white and brown large spots
with a few smaller black ones. Jasper
was pretty hard to handle, he was massive and strong.
One day, Amy was in heat, and I had to
keep them both separated because I
didn't want puppies. Once when I wasn't
looking, Jasper almost got Amy. I turned
away, and when I turned back, I saw him
on Amy. Jasper's dog cock extended out
to what looked like 8 inches, it was very
thick, too. I had a horrible time trying to
pull him off of her, but when I finally did, I
walked Amy into my bedroom. Jasper
was going crazy, he even broke the latch
of my door while pushing at it. I had to tie
it closed with my belt. I put food and
water in the room for Amy.
After about 30 minutes, I went to
check on Amy. Apparently she had to go
outside, because she peed on my carpet.
Thankfully it was black. Jasper was still
going nuts outside the door because of
Amy. I got an old, torn up towel and went
to clean the pee. After it was all up, I
went to go throw the towel away in the
outside garbage can. I could barely make it
to the door without Jasper knocking me
over. I guess the pee made him even
hornier. I threw the towel in the trash and
was going back inside to take a shower.
Walking back to the shower, Jasper
nearly knocked me off my feet 5 times. I
finally took a shower.
When I got out, I realized all my clean
towels were downstairs in the dryer. I
walked out to go get some. Jasper
wasn't at my bedroom door anymore.
When I passed the bedroom door, still no
sign of him. It isn't until I got to the middle
of the living room when I felt something
push me from behind. My feet were still
really wet so I slipped. I fell onto my hands
and knees. Then, I felt a heavy weight lay
across my back. Two giant legs and paws
wrap around my waist. Jasper's head
slumped against the back of my head, and
I felt the slobber sliding down my neck.. I
felt his smooth coat along my back.
Jasper mounted me. I was in shock of
what was happening. He hit his mark on
the first try. Jasper's doggy cock slid
deep into my asshole.
I cried out in pain, and tried to get up.
Jasper was way to heavy, and was
ferociously fucking my asshole. My dog
had me trapped and he was fucking my
ass! It didn't hurt as much as I expected,
but it stung for a couple minutes. Jasper
plunged my hole deep, and stretched me
so wide. I swear he was smashing his dick
into the bottom of my stomach. I thought
his doggy cum would shoot right out of
my mouth. Jasper plunged me, and
rammed his cock in and out so fast, I
started enjoying the feeling. I was
whimpering in pleasure right along with
him. I bucked my hips back and forth.
When his cock slid out, I pulled away,
when he slammed in, I pushed back on it.
Jasper was raping my asshole for
about 5 minutes. He started slushing huge
streams of cum into my colon, that deep.
He rammed me hard every time he shot.
Jasper hit my asshole 8 times. I felt
every line of cum slime into my colon and
stick to my walls. He yanked out so
smoothly and hit two more lines of his
doggy cum on my ass cheeks. It was
enough to almost blanket them both. I laid
down on my stomach, in a puddle of
my own cum. Jasper's slobber was in a
pool on the back of my head and neck,
and on my upper back. I felt so full. I stood
up on my knees and felt the slobber run
down my back. It hit my ass and mixed
with the pure white cum that was on my
cheeks and leaking from my asshole. The
cum and drool ran down the inside and
back of my thighs. I shoved my middle
finger deep into my asshole. There was
dog cum so thick and deeper than what
my finger could reach. I was cream filled
fuller than a twinkie. Covered in doggy
slobber and cum, I laid on the floor and fell
When I woke up, the slobber was dry off
me. Jasper's cum on my ass was
hardened. His cum inside of my hole and
between my cheeks was still goopy. I
scraped the dry cum off my cheeks, but
left the thick cream filling filled. I crawled
on my hands and knees to the bathroom,
and got in the shower. I used the shower
head to clean out my hole. It was hard
because my butthole was still tight. I put
on my clothes and went to my bedroom. I
looked at the clock and it was 4:30AM. I
just stayed awake. At 7:35AM, I took
Amy to the Animal Rescue League so this
wouldn't happen again. I left to go to my
pet trainer. He was helping me gain
control over my dogs since they weren't
trained as pups. I told him the story of
what happened, in less detail, and he said
he heard it happen before. I asked what
you do in a situation like this, because I
felt like less of a man now, to Jasper. He
said the only thing to do to solve it was to
get rid of Jasper. Jasper thought I was
his "bitch" now, and he would be violent if
I didn't act like I was. I didn't mind getting
rid of Amy because she was Kayla's dog,
but not Jasper.
I got home at around 9:00AM. Jasper
was awake now. He was lounging in the
middle of the living room. When I got close
to him, he started growling, and I didn't
know what to do. I got down on my hands
and knees and crawled quickly to my
room. Jasper tried to mount me twice
while I crawled. In my room, I got naked
and shoved the nozzle of a lube bottle
into my hole. I squeezed hard until the lube
was gushing from me. Then I pulled the
top out and lubed all along the crack.
Jasper was scratching at the door the
entire time. I was still on my hands and
knees. I opened the door and turned
around. I put my hands on the top of my
bed and Jasper mounted me again.
He railed me with a loud squish from the
lube. Jasper was going slower than last
time. He slid in and pushed hard, and a
bunch of lube dribbled out the sides. Then
he slid out making more lube run with it.
Jasper was going about 1 hump per 2
seconds. My jaw was dropped the entire
time. Some of Jasper's slobber ran into
my mouth, and I didn't care. It felt so
amazing to be fucked slowly like that. I
felt every part of him in me while my
walls contracted on his doggy cock. I
spread my arms out on the rested my
head on the top of my bed. Jasper sped
up now, but not as fast as he was the
first time. I grew a huge smile on my face
as the dog continually rammed my ass. I
felt his knot force itself deeper with
every thrust in. After a few more tries,
the knot popped into my hole very
painfully. Then he yanked and pushed it
back in. Now he was repeatedly ripping
me apart with his knot. I yelled loudly in
pain. The pain stopped shortly while he kept knotting my asshole. Now it was pure ecstasy and I started shooting my cum on the side of my bed.

"Oh shit, Jasper. Knot me with your thick fucking doggy cock!"

Soon, my asshole was filled to the brim
again with his thick cum along with my

Now I always crawl around the house
naked. Jasper fucks the shit out of me
whenever he wants, and always knots me.

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2013-09-18 17:28:19
mother fuck..if you guys dont like the story stop being little twats and grading it like your a fucking english teacher BECAUSE YOUR NOT! and if you are..well then you can piss off because hint 'XNXX' means PORN SIGHT. not 5th grade essay on the english writing god people like you piss me off. anyways good story=)

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2012-05-23 15:07:57
Only one thing to say besides I loved the story. I'm a male bitch myself and the dog doesn't always knot when he shoots. Despite any misspellings and putting the words in a proper setting is: who cares. The reader is not purchasing an edited novel where all this matters, who cares. (we are here for one reason and one reason only, to enjoy ourselves while fantasizing from another's perspective.)
Just Enjoy what's written and stop writing remarks about someone else's intense orgasmic pleasures of writings. (did i say that write?)
If there were a perfect edited story here, then there would probably be only a handful, maybe 4 or 5 stories TOPS!

But for this story, the ending could've been longer as you didn't give me enough time to Climax, ohh well...

On to the next story.

(If you're gonna write a bad comment, at least have the decentsy of leaving an email so you can see how many people write hate-mails to you!)

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2011-12-30 10:57:44
Hey, it's Continue(dude who wrote the story).

To the guy who said "Dogs don't just pop out of your ass. They stay knotted once they cum. Jesus christ. Learn the facts before you post shit."

Dogs don't always knot you when they cum. Jesus Christ, learn the facts before you post shit comments.
Also, I never said this story was 100% accurate. Jesus Christ, learn the facts before you try and diss my story.
And, I'm so sure Jasper just being stuck in Seth's asshole, unable to move or continue fucking him would be an exciting story. Jesus Christ, make sure you're not a retarded 7th grade writing skill bitch before you post hate comments.

fucking idiot

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2011-12-02 20:45:09
if that happned to me i wold have fucked him right back

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2011-10-28 08:07:51
That's way the besstet answer so far!

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