Little Emily is getting older; just had her fifteenth birthday. Continues the series.
Emily and her Mom

Chapter 11. Time flies.

Time flies. When I had my first encounter with Emily, she was a nearly twelve year old pre-teen. Of course, I had known her and her mom for a few years already. It was after her divorce that I got to know mom Suzy and daughter Em better.

Em’s mom, Suzy had divorced her no good prick husband about a year before and I helped with some yard work and minor repairs. Because Em’s twelfth birthday was coming, Suzy asked me to clean their small pool for a kid’s pool party. That’s how I ended up seeing Emily in a bikini and putting lotion on her back.

Back then, her eleven year old body was what some describe as coltish; all gangly girl and very thin with long skinny legs. Her brown hair hung below her shoulders, held together with a rubber band in a ponytail. Before she changed into her bikini, her jeans stretched tightly over a nice, shapely little butt. Plus, her T-shirt tented outwards where a set of ‘beginner’s boobs’ was forming.

What started the whole thing was Emily making a big production of lying out in the sun in her tiny bikini. Yes, blame it on the little vixen. First she had to lay down the towels and bag, bending from her waist and nearly shoving her shapely tushy into the air. Then she turned totally around, looking up and orienting herself and the blanket toward the sun. Shaking and spreading the blanket next to the pool required a lot of arm waging and butt shaking while stretching her slender body to maximum height to throw the blanket down flat. Oh, and then she bent over again to straighten the four corners of the blanket before she sat down in the middle of it. She pulled her beach bag over, pulled out a set of ear buds and a little recorder device, plugged herself in and smiled as the music started.

I remember it all like it happened yesterday; because next came the application of lotion which ended up with me helping Em put lotion on her back. She began by squirting sun screen lotion on her chest and belly and rubbing it with a nice circular motion. She gently rubbed between her breasts and made little circles on each boob’s uncovered area. Then she squirted more sun screen on her hands, which reminded me of a jet of Jizz hitting her hand. As she neared her covered nipples, I noticed she switched to using both hands and her eyes were fluttering. She snuck a finger under her tops every now and then and after a few minutes gave a big sigh and fell back on her blanket.

As I walked past Em I told her: “Hey, you need lotion of your back before you turn lobster red”. She slowly looked up over her sun glasses and I saw the wheels turning in her young mind. When I was about ten steps away, I heard, “Will you do it, Uncle Ted, pleeaasee”. I was only “Uncle Ted” for about two weeks before Christmas and her birthday, when she was fishing for presents; normally, I was just the guy who lived down the street and had a truck for hauling things. Interesting!

After putting lotion on her back, I had moved down to the interesting territory of her ass cheeks and her pussy. I used a line of attack of massaging her legs first while her foot was in my crotch. It was obvious what her foot touched. Next, I put her legs back down and started rubbing her calves and thighs. I positioned myself right next to her butt and used long strokes up her thighs onto her butt cheeks. After about the third stroke I notice Em’s breathing was starting to speed up and she was quietly moaning a low “hum, hum, hum” mantra. A few minutes later my middle finger was touching her pussy and slowly rubbing up and down. Em turned her head and gave me a serious and questioning look through her shades. Yes baby, Uncle Ted wants to seriously put his finger into you.

And that is how we ended up in Em’s bed with my head between her legs and her crying, “I am going to cum”. “OK, Em I want you to get on your knees and rock back”, I told her. After licking, fingering and tonguing her, she was hyperventilating, clawing the sheets and had her face in the pillow with her ass rocking up and down faster and faster. Suddenly she let out a little scream and shook all over, her first man-made orgasm hitting from head to toes. My cock was in her ass and I filled her with Jizz. I had introduced her to anal which became one of her fav positions. All that and she was still a virgin. Holy shit.

So here we are today, three years later.

Em’s mom, Suzy sent me an urgent text to meet her at the mall, “Very Important!” When I got here they are standing in front of the central fountain wearing summer outfits. Suzy is in a very short patterned dress with flowers on it. The top hugs her big boobs tightly and is held up by spaghetti straps. From there it falls down freely. Her nipples poke the dress and I can see the dark areolas through the thin material.

Suzy has lost weight and looks much sleeker and even younger. She has fixed her hair and I figure the girls have just come out of a Salon. As the lady psychiatrist told her last year, “Suzy, it’s time to get off your ass and get a life.” That advice has saved her a ton of sessions and money. The light from the fountain’s spotlights is behind her and makes it clear Suzy is wearing only a tiny pink thong. It makes me wonder if she posed herself for maximum effect or by accident.

It is Emily who is the bigger surprise. Now she is nearly as tall as I am and today she wears very short and tight purple shorts on her very shapely ass. A short cropped purple top, with a low scooped neck, hides her B-cup tits. She has kept the fine blond highlights in her brown hair and has let it grow half way down her back. Today, it’s curled and the mane frames her face nicely. The former coltish look has disappeared and she is now a ‘tall for her age’ teen with toned arms and legs. Besides gymnastics, Em has played league basketball for the past two years. It’s also clear what Suzy has bought for one of Em’s gifts because she holds one of the latest generation of tiny computer/pad/phone combinations in her hand.

“You missed Emily’s fifteenth birthday by being out of town, Ted,” Suzy tells me, “but you can redeem yourself by taking her shopping.” When I look at Emily she smiles, making sure I can see her bright white teeth, minus the silver braces. Her cheekbones have developed like I had thought three years ago when I first got her naked. She has changed into a beautiful girl. Emily’s grin also tells me she has not told Suzy about the birthday presents she keeps at my house. The vixen is in rare form.

For a moment my thoughts go back to the wonderful spring day when I cleaned Suzy’s pool and little Em saw me staring at her cleavage. I never did learn if Em decided to tease me on purpose or by accident when she came back in a bikini. The end result was I gave her the first orgasm and anal.

We have been lovers ever since; plus mom Suzy too, who was the real reason I was hanging around her house in the first place. Since then we have had some ups and downs and I almost married another lady who has two precious twin girls. More about the twins at another time. Also, Em introduced me to two of her teen friends and we had our little sex club going while they were in junior high. Fortunately as the girls got older their need for daily sex subsided and I went back on concentrating on work and expanding my business. With all these girls my savings were shrinking about as fast as the lousy economy. How time flies.

After giving each girl a big kiss, Em’s with some tongue, I put Suzy on one side and Em on the other and with my arms around them, ask, “So which store are we hitting today, girls?” “You’ll see, Uncle Ted”, Em laughs as we head down the aisle. A little ways down Suzy stops in front of a store with two mannequins in it. They are wearing beautiful wedding dresses. As the girls stare, I’m having a heart attack. After having sex with both for three years, I’m not ready to marry either one. I probably would have married Suzy a few years ago if things were different.

Em asks, “Don’t you think I would look good in that dress, Uncle Ted?” I gulp and answer, “You would be a real pretty bride, baby; but you’re too young and I’m too old.” Mother and daughter look a few more minutes and then start laughing. Suzy says, “Gotcha, we figured it would scare the daylights out of you.” The pull me to the next store, a very exclusive and expensive one and march me inside. “This is totally unfair, you girls hit below the belt”, is all I can muster because I know it’s going to cost me big time.

This dress shop actually has an area set up for guys to wait on their ladies. It has comfortable overstuffed chairs, magazines and best of all a bar. A good looking hard-body is behind the bar and she serves us coffee and even some hard stuff. A small stage is against a wall with the usual triple mirrors. One of the waiting guy’s wife comes out and models a fur coat. He nods approving and she smiles and gives him a little kiss on the cheek. Holy smokes, I can’t afford that kind of stuff.

Then I get a big surprise. Emily comes out and steps on the stage and inspects the pantsuit she is wearing. “A pantsuit?” I ask myself. It’s obviously well-tailored and probably expensive. Its cream color looks great on Em with her brown hair curling down. She looks even taller in four inch heels. Actually, she looks like a junior lawyer without glasses. Mom Suzy looks at me and I give her a thumbs and she says, “Em needs it for her learner’s permit photo and she got a job interview.”

“Learners permit and a job interview?” I think. Wait a minute; I react like a daddy and think “not my baby”; even though I’ve had both of them in bed together swallowing my cum. It can’t be happening to me. Suzy sits down next to me and a tear runs down her cheek as she watches Emily looking all grown up. Suzy leans over and says exactly what is on my mind, “God, we’re getting old.” Yes, and we’re acting like a married couple, too.

Em saves the day by going back into the dressing room and coming back wearing designer jeans. Oh, much better, she looks like a high school girl again. The girls are giggling and laughing as we leave the store. Em has several school outfits and mom got a pantsuit like Em’s also. Mother and daughter in a matched set; except Suzy got hers in blue. I am glad they are happy because Mr. Credit Card sure got a major beating. Em asks Suzy if she can ride with me and Suzy agrees with a word of warning, “Don’t thank him until we get home and we can do it together, you hear.” Em puts on a fake pout and says, “But mom.” Then she chuckles and slams my truck’s door. I know exactly what Suzy meant; no blowjobs on the way home. Now I pout for real.

At Suzy’s house she tells me to get comfortable in the recliner and not to come upstairs for twenty minutes while they “put the clothes away.” I fix a nice tall drink and kick back in the ex-husband’s recliner. Memories flood me of what has happened here over the past three years.

Going back to the first night I spent in the house, it was the next morning which was also memorable. I fucked mom Suzy and again a naked Em joined in. As I was fucking Suzy, Em put her face on mom’s belly and as I get close to cuming, Em reached down and grabbed my balls. Before she squeezed she said, “Remember, Uncle Ted, don’t cum in her.” Two things happened at the same time. Em pulled my cock out of Suzy’s pussy and squeezed my balls. Cum shot straight into Em’s waiting mouth and she got three ropes full.

Eleven year old Emily lifted her head over her moms, and with a mouth full of cum, mumbled, “Share?” Suzy looked up unbelieving, opened her mouth and accepted Emily’s gift. The two, mom and daughter, became my cum sluts. All this was before Em made me a “stud” for several of her little friends.

Her first little friend, whom she had at her twelfth birthday party, was little Carmen. The Latino hottie had big tits and Em told me she had never been kissed. No big deal, so I kissed her before I found out I was kissing the wrong lips. Yes, little Carmen got her pussy eaten, but the even bigger revelation came when Suzy later told me to pop her cherry, too. Yes, I was “pimped” but I obviously did not argue. That night I fucked both Emily and Carmen. It’s then my short ride in the dark side started.

I imagined little Carmen dressed like one of the baby beauty queens, who all look like hookers. I imagined pimping her out and that’s exactly what happened to her. I pimped her to a group of guys and made a bunch of money. Then our photographer had rough sex with her and had her snort a line of coke. Little Carmen ran away the next day.

I wonder what ever happened to her. She would be sixteen now and look like a woman. Her big tits are probably still causing a sensation. It makes me think if finding her is an option. Maybe not; there is too much baggage in reopening those wounds. It took nearly six months for Suzy and Emily to get over it; but we behaved until Em introduced me to her friends Alexi and Rachel.

I met Alexi and Rachel when Emily had a little New Year’s party while mom was out of town. The girls put on a show for me while we sipped margaritas. First was Alexi, who is nearly thirteen years old. She is of medium height, about five feet and five with brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is pulled back in a short ponytail. While not plain looking, her oval face is teenage pretty, but not striking. Some may say she looks better than average.

Her body, however, is very attractive and athletic. She has been on the cheer team for several years and it shows. Her belly is tight and toned and visible because she wears a t-shirt which is cut off below her tits. They, by the way, are visibly outlined through the shirt and look to be a good A-cup. Obviously she is not wearing a bra. She has on extremely short and tight blue pants; which I expect have the word ‘Cheer’ lettered on the ass. A camel toe is her crotch. She smiles with a hand on her hips.

Next was Em, her black cheer pants make her legs look even longer. She has parted her hair in the center and has twin pony tails over her ears. It gives her a ‘little girl’ look. I notice she has given her t-shirt a ‘ripped and torn’ look. Cuts have been made all over to allow skin to show. As she walks and the t-shirt moves, I get a glimpse of one nipple peeking out and then hiding. Oh, put on a show, thank you. She moves over toward Alexi and turns around to watch Rachel.

Rachel stands at the bottom of the steps and has her head down. I first saw Rachel at the pool party, where she was the only girl not in a bikini. I sensed even then she would be shy and sensitive. We all know a girl who is often alone in the library and blossoms late in life. I already decided to be careful with her.

“Come on, Rachel”, both girls yelled. She finally heads into the middle of the room slowly and both girls clap their hands. Rachel’s t-shirt is pink and was apparently a long night shirt until about five minutes ago. It has been scissor cut about two inches above the belly button and shows just a little white skin. It cannot hide her good sized tits.

Rachel looks like she has lost a little of the baby fat. Her arms and legs are not fat, but she is not toned like Alexi. She wears blue jean shorts. They look like they received the same scissor treatment as her t-shirt and are shorter than ‘Daisy Dukes’. Rachel is about the same height as Alexi and her body is curvy. Her brown hair has some blonde highlight and her blue eyes sparkle.

Alexi and Em danced for me and then jumped on my lap. Slowly they enticed Rachel to do the same and when she was in my lap we kissed. The kissing led to stripping her t-shirt off and the three of us gently caressed Rachel’s tits. From there it was to the bedroom and her first love.

I remember Rachel adopted me as her “Daddy” and she loves doing everything for her daddy. After slowly introducing her to sex and popping her cherry, I asked her why she has a Daddy fixation. She said about our first time. “When you kissed me I had to make a decision; one-night-stand or boyfriend?” “So, what did you decide?” I asked. “Well, I decided you will be my Daddy. Boyfriends come and go; but Daddies are forever!”

And Rachel has been my secret daughter for these three years. She too is now sixteen and the little shy duckling has turned into a swan. Alexi has moved on to an older group of young guys – college boys.

“Ah the good old days”, I think sitting in the recliner when I hear Suzy say, “Ted, come on up and see what else we bought.” Standing in Suzy’s master bedroom are Emily and Suzy in matching red hot, short and transparent nighties. The lights are dimmed but I can see they both have glitter makeup lightly covering their chests. As they turn it makes their boobs sparkle.

Suzy and Em look more like sisters than mother and daughter. Now they are the same height and even taller in high heels. “Em and I are going to thank you for her birthday present and for taking care of us for the last couple of years”, Suzy says, as she hands me a fresh drink. Em and Suzy pick up matching glasses and we clink. I say, “Happy birthday baby.” Em grins, leans over and kisses my cheek, “Thanks Uncle Ted.”

I lean forward to kiss her and, of course, the doorbell rings several times. Suzy looks at me with a “Now what?” look and I tell them I’ll answer since I’m the only one dressed. When I open the front door I see Rachel. “Daddy I saw your truck and had my friends let me out”, she says and throws her arms around me and locks her lips to me. I barely got the door closed before her bag hits the floor and her tits seem to attack me. Good grief, I know it’s been several days but what’s going on now?

“Rachel baby, you’re a nice surprise, come on in”, I say and grab her bag. Rachel notices there is no one in the kitchen and living room. “Where is Em?” she asks. I tell her we just came back from the mall and Em was about to model what she bought for her birthday. Rachel perks up with an “Oh goody.” As we go up the steps I say loudly, “Rachel is here.”

In Suzy’s bedroom there is no sign of Suzy, so I assume she is hiding in the bathroom. Em is in a bikini with a thong bottom. Em hugs Rachel and kisses her cheek and says, “Oh, you got here just in time to see what I bought. She pulls out a pair of the new designer jeans and pulls mightily to get them over her teen tushy. She models them and turns around several times. The pattern on the rear pockets is silver and accents the movement as she walks. If it was designed to draw your eyes to the ass, it’s doing a great job.

Rachel claps her hands and ‘Oohhs’ and ‘Ahhs’ before Em struggles out of the tight jeans. Em reaches for her new pantsuit and puts it on. This time Rachel really stares and says, “Shit Em, you look like a lawyer.” Em giggles and tells her it’s for a job interview. The door to the bathroom opens and Suzy comes out wearing her version of the same suit. “Wow Em, you and your mom look like sisters”, marvels Rachel.

“Thank you Rachel”, Suzy tells her and moves in front of the mirror. “Rachel come here”, she asks and they stand side-by-side. Suzy says, “This suit may fit you, let’s try it on.” Em and Suzy turn to Rachel and start stripping her top and jeans off. In a minute Rachel is down to bra and panties. My mind goes, “That was easy.” Suzy takes the suit jacket off and I can’t help but to compare the two sets of big tits. In their bras they seem to be about the same size; maybe a CC if not larger.

Turning sixteen has done wonders for Rachel. Her tits are still large for her age; but she has lost all the baby fat since Em got her interested in sports and the cheer team. Of course, a steady diet of sex from her daddy helped also. It improved her self-confidence and she still has tons of guys chasing her; but not catching the prize.

Sure enough the top of Suzy’s pantsuit seems to fit Rachel. After she gets the pants on we note they are a bit tight around Rachel’s larger hips. When she sees herself in the mirror, she almost cries, “OMG, I look like a college girl.” She looks at herself from all sides and it’s clear she likes what she sees. “Do you want one just like it, Rachel?” Suzy asks her. Rachel’s eyes get big and she says, “I can’t afford one with my little part-time job.” Suzy answers, “Would you take a present?” Rachel of course knows where the present would come from and looks at me, “Can I have one, Daddy?” Behind her Suzy nods her head in my direction.

“Rachel baby, if you really like it, we’ll get one tomorrow”, I answer. Rachel gasps and says, “Thanks Daddy ever so much.” Suzy adds, “Rachel, Em and I were just going to thank him for buying ours. You can join in if you want.” Rachel swivels her head slowly from me to Em and back to Suzy. Suzy is reaching behind her and her bra hits the floor in a second. Emily’s bra follows and as the two look at Rachel, she waits a half minute and then reaches behind her and lets her bra join the ones on the floor. Rachel has a wide grin on her face.

We get all the new clothes off the bed and while the girls hang them up, Rachel is helping me get naked too. Rachel gives me a big hug and rubs her tits against my naked chest. She says, “Thank you, Daddy”, and we kiss gently. As we hold the kiss, Suzy comes up behind Rachel and squeezes her into a “sandwich” from behind. Suzy’s tits push into Rachel’s back and Suzy slides her hands around Rachel and grabs her breasts. Rachel inhales hard and looks directly into my eyes. Rachel has played with other girls before; but I can’t remember her having sex with another adult, male or female. I give her a little kiss and whisper into her ear. “Enjoy, babe.”

Rachel is still wide eyed as she leans back a little and puts her own hands on top of Suzy’s and gives them a little squeeze. Suzy massages Rachel’s breasts gently and tweaks her nipples rolling them between her fingers. While they rub her tits, Rachel leans back into me and gives me a hard kiss. Her tongue is my mouth and when she finally breaks away she says quietly, “I want my daddy all to myself later.” I nod and tell her, “Ok baby, just make Suzy happy first.”

Suzy puts little kisses down both sides of Rachel’s neck and it tickles her. She giggles and lets Suzy grab her hand and pull her to the bed. They tumble into the bed and before they get back to more kissing, Suzy strips Rachel’s thong off. They stretch out side by side and pull each other close squashing their tits between them. Tongues are in each other’s mouths as they kiss hard. After a few minutes of tongue swapping Suzy grabs Rachel’ head and urges her to move to her breasts. Rachel’s lips are on one of Suzy’s nipples and she sucks gently. Her tongue flicks the nipple and I can actually see it get hard and stand up about a half inch. Amazing.

Emily comes up behind me and mimics her mom by pushing her breasts into my back. Her hands come around my front and she tickles my nipples. “You want to go to my room or just stand here and watch the show”, she says quietly, but a little sarcastically. Well actually I want to watch the show and maybe join in, remembering how Suzy reacts when a cock hits her lips. Over the past three years she has gotten a little better at not going totally crazy and ‘tornado’ sucking me. She enjoys a slower paced blow job now, however, she still thirst for cum going down her throat.

“Enjoy the show”, I say to Em as I sit down on Suzy’s chair at her dresser and pull Em into my lap. Em makes a fake pout and says, “You’re a mean Uncle; making me wait.” I laugh and tell her, “Waiting builds character. Besides, I think someone forgot to tell her mom about her presents at my house.” Emily giggles, “Oh, I may have forgotten; Oopsy.” “Yea, oopsy my butt.”

As we watch the show on the bed, Rachel has gotten both of Suzy’s nipples hard as diamonds and has moved down to kissing her belly. Her tongue travels slowly south to Suzy’s mons and Suzy sighs in a contented way. Rachel positions herself between Suzy’s legs and strokes her pussy with slow long and gentle strokes. Suzy lies back relaxed like a cat, however, after several minutes it seems to drive Suzy nuts and she groans hard. The gentle strokes are nice; but Suzy is ready for some serious action. Suzy reaches between her legs and pulls her pussy lips open. “Rachel baby, use your tongue, it’s driving me crazy.”

Rachel moves in and her lips caress Suzy’s pussy from top to bottom. Rachel’s red hot tongue flickers around before finally diving deep into the open pussy. She laps deep into Suzy as Em and I watch the action. A sheen of pussy juice glistens from deep in her and Rachel’s tongue spreads it over her outer lips. When Rachel lifts her head I see her face covered with Suzy’s juices. Wow.

“Elizabeth babe, help Rachel, please. Get your mom’s vibrators”, I tell her quietly. Em looks at me with a devilish grin and answers, “You are being mean. You know how she will react.” I grin back at Em and say, “Exactly. And you better behave young lady or you’ll get them too.” Em giggles and says an often used phrase, “Promises, Promises.”

Em pulls two vibrators from the night stand, one massively thick and the other slender. She gets on the bed next to Rachel, picks up the baby lotion and lubes the slender vibrator first then the other. Poking Rachel to give her some room, Em massages baby lotion on her mother’s ass and pucker. Suzy wiggles and jumps a little but Rachel keeps her down by liking her pussy. It’s when Em pushes the thinner vibrator into Suzy ass about an half inch that Suzy cries, “Emily, what the …” The question hangs in the air and all of us start giggling because it’s Suzy’s trademark question. It’s what she asked the first time she swapped cum.

“How deep do you like it, Mommy”, Emily asks in a little girl voice as she pushes the vibrator into Suzy’s puckered ass deeper and deeper. The motor makes a quiet humming noise as about five inches disappear. Suzy’s ass lifts up high and she groans hard, “OMG, I can’t take it.” But then her ass starts moving up and down in a hard fucking rhythm and she grabs Rachel’s hair and pulls her tongue up to her clit. Grinding her clit into Rachel she fucks Rachel’s face hard. Em looks at me and she has a dirty grin on her face. “How is that, Uncle Ted?” she asks me. “Just perfect, just watch.” My cock is already half hard as I climb onto the bed next to Suzy’s head.

Suzy is near losing control as Rachel mauls her clit and daughter Em works her ass with the vibrator. Her eyes are closed and she is panting hard. When she opens her mouth my cockhead is ready to enter. My cock goes into her mouth and Suzy locks her lips around it and sucks mightily. Her eyes fly open and seem to say, “OMG, I am going to tornado suck you down my throat.” Instead of pushing into her throat and letting her go crazy, I hold back and just fuck her mouth with the tip of my cock. Suzy sucks even harder and still manages to get me hard in a minute.

I last about three minutes and Em knows it. She moves up on the bed opposite from me and puts her face next to Suzy’s. Em loves to catch my spurting cum and then share with her mom. It started as a lark on the first day; but the girls got hooked fast. However, Suzy beats me to an orgasm as she suddenly convulses and pulls Rachel’s head into her even harder. My cock pops out of her mouth as she groans, “Oh, oh, oh.” Em is no slacker, leaning over her mom she grabs my cock and gives it a finishing suck. Ropes of Jizz go into her mouth and cover her tongue. When I finish I drop down next to Suzy.

Emily reaches down to Rachel and pulls her up next to her mom. Rachel’s eyes go wide as she realizes what Em will do. “Open wide, baby”, I tell Rachel. She dutifully opens her mouth and Emily shares with her and mom. She leans over them and lets cum dribble into their mouths. To finish she leans down and kisses Rachel and then her mom. I can see tongues moving and cum dripping from their lips. Wow, my cock is trying its best to come back to life. Emily moves back and forth and all three have their faces together. Rachel finishes their little hot session by licking the last cum drops off Suzy’s tits.

All four of us are spent and lay on the big bed in a row. About ten minutes later Emily is the first to recover and jumps up. “Anyone wants drinks?” she asks and we all nod. I know Suzy usually falls asleep after a workout, so I’ll get Rachel and Em alone in the Em’s bed. Suzy’s vibrator is still running and I have mercy on her and pull it out of her ass. Em brings a tray of drinks and we sip. By the time we finish most of our drinks Suzy is already nodding off. Em puts her fingers to her lips and has us get off the bed. We cover Suzy with a blanket and carry our drinks to Em’s room.

Rachel says, “I get my Daddy now”, as she pushes her big tits into me and we kiss. Good grief, I taste girl juice and cum on her lips, which the whiskey does not fully hide. Emily comes up behind Rachel and pushes her tits into Rachel’s back. Her hands come around her and grab her tits just like her mom had done an hour earlier. “Leave some for me Rachel; he has to fuck my ass when you get done.” Em pinches Rachel’s nipples hard, slaps her ass and walks out. Her parting comment is, “Thirty minutes then he’s mine.”

(to be continued)

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