Similar to my other story, but also quite different, I think this one is better, but the one review from a friend I've gotten says it's a little bit worse, so i'd love your feedback, my next story will be a continuatiion of "The Fuck School"
This paragraph is just a description with age and physical characteristics, refer to it if you want to know how someone really looks, or just read it if you’re 100 times better at remembering long lists like this as I am. James: Same as “The Fuck School Part 1” 6’2”, 155 lbs, lean muscle, strong lower body including a beautifully sculpted ass. Al: 14, 5’8”, 180, 6 inch dick, lots of muscle disguised by lots of fat. George: 16, 5’7”, 130, 7 inch dick, really skinny, little high school sophomore. Sam: 15, 5’4”, 135, B cups, decent ass, very slightly ginger. Georgia: 15, 5’9”, 130, medium Bs, medium size tight athletic ass sculpted in heaven, brunette. Ashley: ah Ashley. 13, 5’6”, 120, medium Bs, nicely sized beautiful ass that she loved to show off in skinny jeans. Blonde, pretty face. Casey: 16, 5’4”, 130, large Bs, bigger ass, from swimming, so it’s firm and round, light red hair, my favorite. Her sister Karen: 12, 5’4 1/2” as she Al attest , half an inch taller than Casey, large As, 110 at the most, a smaller ass but similar to Casey’s, brunette, on her way to becoming her sister in a brunette. Dani: 5’3” small Bs, 110, decent ass, bright red hair, the best friend of: Tina: 5’0” decent Bs that look beautiful on her frame, 90 lbs at the most, an ass to kill for again relative to her small size, ginger in every meaning of the word.

Here I was, sitting on the couch, with 7 girls, none of whom were even the least bit unattractive, my arm around one, holding her hand too, and another snuggled up next to me. It was a similar situation for the only other 2 guys there. I’d put together this Star Wars marathon with the intention of just getting together with friends and watching nerdy movies together, but by episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, I was liking what it was turning into. I had Casey on my left side, with my left arm around her, her sister to the left of her, my right hand in Casey’s, and Georgia on my right side, nuzzled up against me. Al was sitting in a chair off to the side, Dani and Tina on either side of him, his arms around them, lookin’ like a pimp. George was on the other end of the couch with Ashley and Sam in a very similar position to me with Georgia and Casey. When we got to the lava battle/scary part at the end all the girls huddle in a little closer to their guys, and I held Casey’s hand a little tighter.

After that movie, my parents go to sleep and, as planned, we move the projector outside and set up a tarp with a bunch of sleeping bags on it on the grass and a whole bunch of pillows to look at our giant inflatable projector screen. The sitting arrangements are all similar, but this time we have enough width that we can all just lie next to each other, from left to right the order goes: Casey, Me, Sam, Dani, Tina, George, Georgia, Ashley, Al, Karen. I’m really starting to like Casey from talking between movies, and she is one of the hottest of the bunch, so I figure I’ll make a move on her at some point. Sometime around, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” I turn my head and start kissing Casey’s neck. She makes a very soft moan, obviously somewhat stifled to not attract attention, but Sam hears and turns to look at us, sees what is going on, and whispers something in Dani’s ear. Dani then looks over at us, sees what is going on, and whispers something back to Sam. The two start making out. Tina notices, and makes a bit of a surprise move on George, reaching down to his crotch and pressing her lips against his. I hadn’t known she had a feisty side when I dated her last year. George responds by reaching down to her breasts and feeling her up. Feeling their motion, Georgia nudges Ashley and motions to the scene unfolding, shrugs, and starts making out with Ashley, their respective hands on the others’ breasts in seconds. All that’s left are Al and Karen, and when Al feels the motion next to him, he motions to Karen, and they realize they’re the only ones left, so they too start going at it.

By now I’ve moved on from Casey’s neck and I’m kissing her lips, my left hand on her head, my right rubbing her toned stomach. My right hand slowly starts to make its way up her stomach to her right breast which it starts to rub slowly. We have this and two more episodes, so I’m not going to rush. By now I have a hard-on, and all the other guys probably do. Casey, feeling my hard-on, repositions herself on top of me so she can grind against it, and begins doing so. I break our kiss and move my hands off her breasts just long enough to slip her top over her head, then I resume kissing her and massaging her tit, but now my left hand is a different place, on her back undoing her bra. Within about ten seconds her bra is unhooked and she pulls away long enough to pull her bra off, exposing her breasts to me, her nipples already hard from the cold air.

I pause to enjoy the view, and take a look around to see how everyone else is getting along. Georgia has Ashley’s shirt off, and is kissing her way down Ashley’s stomach, Tina has her shirt and bra off and is down sucking George’s dick, Sam and Dani are being the slow, less-sexual girls they are and are still making out, savoring the moment. Al is taking it slow with Karen who is definitely a virgin, largely just because of her age, but also because of her apparent inexperience.

I dive into Casey’s tits, just burying my face in them at first, then moving over to her left nipple with my mouth while my right hand goes over to her right breast and my left hand moves down her back to her ass. I squeeze her beautifully proportioned ass which feels firm with muscle tone, but soft enough to give when squeezed. She really starts moaning, unrestrained this time because most of everybody else it moaning anyway, it’s a good thing we’re outside, or we might wake my parents up. I start kissing a trail down Casey to her pajama shorts, laying her down in front of me, and leaving my hands on her breasts for the time being. When my head gets roughly even I lift it up and look into her eyes, asking permission. She nods, and I remove my hands from her breasts and pull her pajama pants and panties off at the same time, putting me face to lips with her pussy.

Again taking it slow, I start to tease her, kissing and caressing her inner thighs until she starts to squirm, only then do I even start to lick her lower folds. I stay there for a long time, waiting. Once her juices really start flowing, I move up to her clit and start to slowly lick, eliciting a massive moan. Still licking, I take 2 fingers and slowly press them into her sopping wet inner folds. My licking begins to pick up speed, as do her moans, and when I sense she’s close I take my two fingers out of her pussy and slide them into her ass. She gasps and I take her clit into my mouth, holding I suck and flick my tongue over the top. She cums, shouting my name into the night and flowing juices out her pussy. I try to drink and swallow all her sweet juices, but there’s just too much that some leaks out. After her massive orgasm, I keep licking, but I slide my finger out of her ass slowly, and I just ease off everything until I stop and take a look around at the sight before me.

Everybody is at least topless, and Tina is bouncing on top of George’s dick, moaning for all the world to hear. Sam and Dani are still making out, but now are working each other’s breasts with their hands. I move to them, since their right next to me, and ask, “Mind if I join in?” They respond by looking at me, and lifting my shirt over my head revealing a toned build, but clearly not one of someone who weight lifts. I respond in turn by burying my head in the four breasts in front of me, moving it around, licking at nipples whenever they present themselves. I pull back from this, and start to move down Dani’s body with my mouth, ending at her waist, removing her pants. I flip myself over so that Dani is on top of me, and skip the thighs this time and just dive right into licking her lower folds. Feeling left out, Sam removes her own pants, and mine to, and starts giving me a blowjob. Still licking Dani’s pussy, I move one hand down and start fingering Sam while she sucks my cock. Sam started to get pretty wet, and I am wondering if she is going to be content with cock-sucking much longer, when she stands up, positions herself over my erection and lowers her pussy down around it. Needless to say, this elicits a moan from both of us, and Dani felt the vibrations in her pussy and let out a moan herself. Sam started bouncing up and down on my cock, and the two girls I was pleasuring started making out with each other and massaging each other’s breasts.

I wanted to change things up a bit, and a plan formed in my head. I moved my mouth up Dani’s pussy to her clit, and started flicking it with my tongue, making her press down a little bit and start to gyrate herself on my face. It doesn’t take long for her to get close, and when she does, I latch onto her clit with my lips, sucking, licking, and moving her clit around trying to give her as much pleasure as possible, while she still makes out with Sam bouncing up and down on my cock. It doesn’t take much of this before Dani orgasms, squirting her love juices all over Sam and me. I keep licking, and Sam keeps riding, but only until Dani is down from her orgasmic bliss, at which point I create a new situation. We all separate, and I tell Dani to lay down on the ground, and Sam to lay on top of her with her pussy in position to be licked by Dani. I spit on my cock to give it some more lube in addition to Sam’s pussy juices from before and position it at the opening to Sam’s asshole. I tell Sam to tell me if it hurts so I can slow down, and I start to slide my cock slowly into her tight anus. Sam says nothing, and around 30 seconds later my entire cock is firmly planted in her tight hole. Dani has been licking this whole time, and I start to slowly slide my pole in and out building up speed until I’m jack-hammering her ass while Dani licks her pussy, making Sam moan like crazy and lose all control over her body, just going along for the ride. I sense that Sam might be close to orgasm, so I grab her hips and start pounding for all I’m worth, and Dani, noticing, starts flicking her clit very fast, the combined stimulation causes Sam to go through a powerful, breathless, earth-shattering orgasm. We bring her down from that, and I tell the girls to switch places. Sam does so slowly, exhausted, but Dani is very enthusiastic to go through that kind of orgasm.

Sam goes to work on Dani’s pussy while I slip my cock into Sam’s pussy to get some more lube on it. After her massive orgasm, it’s very wet, so it doesn’t take very long before I pull my dick out, walk back around to Dani, spit for more lube, and start to press in giving her the Same instructions I gave Sam. Again, no speech and about 30 seconds later I’m buried in my second anus of the evening, this one tighter than Sam’s. Again I start to slide in and out, but this time I take it slower, with Dani’s anus being tighter, and both of us already being very worked up, long slow strokes work just fine. Dani’s getting close, and so am I, so I give Sam a signal, and she latches on to Dani’s clit as I take 5 fast deep strokes before bottoming out and dumping my load as Dani goes through an orgasm of similar intensity to Sam’s of 4 or 5 minutes ago, her breath stopping, her body going limp except for the contractions of her sex organs. I just stay as bottomed out as I can with my cock shrinking, and Sam does most of the work to bring her down slow.

I move back over to Casey and we let our hands roam each other’s bodies, getting ready for the real fun while we watch everybody else for a few minutes. Tina has moved over to Al, and Al is plowing her pussy from behind while George has gotten with Karen and they both came, and are now winding down. Ashley and Georgia have reached that second orgasm and are basically doing the same thing as Casey and I. Sam and Dani are watching George and Tina along with the rest of us. Suddenly and without warning George pulls his 7 in member out of Tina’s pussy and shoves the whole thing into her ass. Tina gasps, then turns to look at him with a “fuck yes” expression on her face, and he starts pounding into her like there’s no tomorrow. A matter of 2 minutes later, they both start panting, knowing their mutual orgasm is close. All of a sudden George groans and shoves his cock all the way in and Tina starts furiously rubbing her clit, picking up speed until she too cries out in pleasure, both of them collapsing on top of each other in exhaustion. A round of applause goes up from the crowd, and the two pick their heads up just enough to see the scene in front of them, 8 other naked teenagers in a backyard who clearly just had sex… and there are still 2 episodes left


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The end was hard to follow. Al was fucking Tina, and George was fucking Karen but just a sentence later it said George was fucking Tina again!

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