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Note that this part has a long story before the actual sex, so if you don’t like long stories, either don’t read it or skip to the sex part. I still very much encourage you to read it anyhow. If I get high ratings, and many comments requesting a second part, I’ll definitely write one as soon as I can, with a wider variety in the storyline AND A LOT MORE SEX!

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My mind wandered off while the loud music banged through my earphones. I looked around me, noticing people from my age, with the same facial expression as I: boredom. Some were plucking their hair, others were trying to sleep. A few were even rolling cigarettes under their tables. I laughed a little as I gazed at the old woman in front of the room, pointing to some strange characters.

God, high school was so boring, especially physics. The old teacher was always blabbering about subjects that didn’t interest me. I stared at the board, without being able to understand anything written on it. I should’ve probably paid more attention to what the old-timer was saying, but I obviously didn’t. I gradually started closing my eyes, as fatigue started to take over my body.


My eyes shot wide open, and one of my earphones fell out of my ear as I jerked my head upwards to examine the source of the loud sound. Today was obviously not my best day: it was my teacher, holding a semi-cracked ruler. It looked as if she was boiling with anger, and I knew I was in trouble.

“Mr. Warren, you enter the classroom 20 minutes late, rudely start chatting with your friends as if there isn’t anyone here trying to teach these bunch of idiots a lesson, and instead of paying attention afterwards, you just listen to music and slumber away? What’s your excuse?”

“No one was paying attention, and I didn’t understand what you were going for with all the crap on the board, so I thought I’d use my time wisely and spend it on a little power nap… but I guess you’re going to ruin that for me as well?” I tried to sound clever, but she wasn’t in the mood for jokes.

“Young man, that kind of language will not be tolerated in my classes! You won’t live long if you keep up with this behavior!” She replied furiously.

“Well, regardless of my behavior, I’ll be living longer than you anyways Mrs. Schaeffer…” I replied. And just as the major amount of students in class started chuckling, I realized my mistake, and the possible consequences. But it was obviously too late. Mrs. Schaeffer seemed to prepare herself for a major explosion, but instead of shouting at me, and sending me to the principal’s office, she calmly replied: “I expect you to stay on your seat at the end of the lesson, because we’re going to have a long conversation about your deeds.”

She walked away, and returned to explaining her incredibly sophisticated physics. I kept my eyes open, but my mind wandered away into a deep trance again. It was impossible to withstand inactivity in such a boring lesson. I wasn’t really bothered by the fact that Mrs. Schaeffer would probably punish me badly… I had my share of trouble with her, and she knew that no one liked her.

After a while of open-eyed slumber, I suddenly felt a thug against the back of my head. I slowly turned around, and my friend Jake had been trying to pull my attention.
“Dude, you’re fucked!” He told me, grinning.

“No way?!” I replied sarcastically. “Do you really think she’s mad at me? I mean, I only offended her in 10 different ways, how can she be mad about that?”

Jake looked at me in a very serious way: “Dude, I’m not kidding. You know Lynn from Bio class?”

“Yeah.” I replied, unimpressed. “That tall volleyball bitch… ‘sup with her?”

“She wanted to ask Schaeffer a question, so she interrupted her. Instead of answering her question, Schaeffer gave her detention.”

Still unimpressed, and starting to get tired of his dull story, I replied: “Dude, cut to the chase… I know I’m at least getting detention, so what?”

“She got detention on Saturday. She has to clean up the entire Bio classroom, and finish 2 weeks of homework in one afternoon. And until after she finishes, she can’t leave the classroom.”

I started to get a little worried. Sitting for too long in 1 area with Schaeffer could lead to serious mental issues: “Well… so what…” I tried to sound tough. “I’ll just fuck that Lynn bitch in the ass to pass time.”

“Yeah she’s hot, isn’t she?” he replied.

Before I could answer, Schaeffer had done it again. She somehow managed to sneak behind Jake without either of us noticing. I looked at her in fear, contrary to Jake who still hadn’t noticed her. I wanted to warn him, but it was as if the teacher was reading my mind. She shook her head, and whipped the ruler.


It hit Jake’s table so hard that half of the ruler shot off and landed somewhere in the front of class. Jake seemed close to having a heart attack, but he recovered quickly: “Sorry, I had to ask him a question.”
“Don’t lie to me! You stay put after class as well!” I could feel the heat of her breath. “I think I got a nice Saturday job for you both.”

“But…” Jake tried to find an excuse.

“No chance young man, you’ll be punished severely for you actions.” She blurted out, not giving him a chance to reply.

Jake shut up and stared in front of him. Schaeffer returned to teaching as if nothing happened.

A few people chuckled because of Jake’s and my stupidity. Unexpectedly Schaeffer turned around and pointed her index finger at a girl in the back of the classroom: “You!” She barked.

I turned my head to look at the girl and realized it was one of those blondes who think they’re the end, so they act like dominant bitches to anyone. She was about 5’5”, and had a nice B cup rack, and a cute face which I wished I could lick all over. Her name was Selena.

“W… w… what? M… me?” Selena asked with caution.

“You will stay after class as well. Don’t contradict me or I will have to send you to the principal’s office.”

The cute girl was near tears. She was one of those perfect grade students, with a messed up attitude. She sat still and stared at her desk. She knew she was in trouble.

From that point, everything went pretty fast. Class ended, and everyone exit, except for 4 people: Mike, Selena, Schaeffer, and me.

“You, come over here.” Schaeffer barked at us.

We quickly walked over to her desk and got to hear her judgment:

“Tomorrow is Saturday so… 5 hours of detention. You’re going to do your homework for the next two weeks. One word, and you’ll be expelled!”

Mike muttered something which rhymed with ducking hitch, but Schaeffer didn’t react, probably because she didn’t hear him.

Mike and I walked out of the classroom calmly. When we were out of hearing distance I started raging: “What the fuck, dude?! 5 fucking hours of cleaning and doing homework on a fucking Saturday ‘cuz of fucking NOTHING???!!” I was pretty pissed, and I didn’t want to give in to her ridiculous punishment.

“Just calm down man…” he replied as if nothing was bothering him. “There’s nothing we can do about it now…”

“Guess so.” I dryly answered.

We took our bicycles and headed out. Instead of going home immediately though, we stopped at a bar to order snack. We walked in, and to my surprise I saw Selena making out with some guy, who was probably her boyfriend. I heard her talk about him a few times in class and I had caught the name ‘Nick’. I kept staring at her hot, slender body while her lips danced around the guy’s lips. Suddenly she let go, looked at me, turned to her boyfriend and whispered something in his ear. He turned his head and stared directly at me before speaking: “got a problem, chump?”

He was pretty built, and he looked strong enough to beat 2 opponents at once. He was about 6’2” with a heavy frame. He was only wearing a sleeveless shirt, so his muscle was pretty much showing. He was obviously strong, but I knew my physical condition was much better. I was 5’9” and for years I had been training in my basement to build a strong, muscularly defined body, both for strength and looks. Even though I wasn’t big or anything, I knew I would destroy him if he even tried coming near me, so I took the obvious challenge he was throwing at me:

“Who uses the term ‘chump’, you medieval piece of horse shit?” I flipped him off, and casually walked towards the bar to order my food. I knew he probably wouldn’t leave it like that, so I was cautious for obvious attacking sounds, but I didn’t hear anything threatening so I just ordered my fries. Jake gave the asshole an evil eye before walking up to the bar as well and ordering his favorite snack. We sat down and started chatting about how much we hate school, and what hot chicks we’d hit.

We were calmly eating as suddenly, an object was forcefully planted into the table, merely an inch from my hand. I wasn’t surprised to see that it was a knife, and when I looked up I saw Nick.

“Does that knife resemble something of yours, needle-dick?” I blurted out just before I noticed the 4 guys standing beside him.

“Who do you think you are, you sick fuck? First you get my girl into detention, then you insult me?” He was obviously filled with rage and about to attack. And how about getting his girl into detention? She obviously did it to herself.

He looked at his ‘friends’ and gave them a sign. They came closer to me, and although I started worrying a little, Jake stayed completely calm. I waited for the guy’s next step: he grabbed the knife which he had planted into the table.

“Don’t cause any trouble or I’ll have to call the police!” The bartender shouted.

We pretended not to hear him.

Nick started pulling the knife out, but before the knife was even half an inch removed from the hard sturdy wood of the table, I got to see Jake’s lightning fast reflexes: he quickly jumped onto the table, with his left foot on the knife, causing the force of the landing to impale the knife deep into the wood. This also caused Nick’s hand to be crushed by the weight, and before he could even scream in pain, Jake extended his right knee to Nick’s head: it hit him so hard that his nose instantly broke and Nick was flung backwards 5 feet before falling onto the ground unconscious.

His 4 buddies were shocked by the sudden change of situation, but Jake obviously knew his skills and took advantage of the situation by serving one of the guys an uppercut to the chin. He fell backwards as well, but instead of falling unconscious, he gripped his jaw and started whining. I took the advantage too by standing up from my chair and throwing a knee to one of the guys’ stomach before elbowing him to the temple. He fell down disorientated, and instead of standing up, he tried to crawl away. Jake and I were facing the other 2 wankers. Instead of fighting though, they pleaded: “We don’t want any trouble, please leave us alone.”

They ran out of the place, while Jake and I looked around us. 3 fools on the floor, while one of them had such a bad nosebleed that half his shirt was soaked in red fluid. Other than that, there were about 10 pairs of eyes following our movements in astonishment. We looked at the bartender who had pulled out his cell phone, but was holding it in his hand hesitantly. Then he started to speak: “Get out of here guys, I’m going to have to call some paramedics for these idiots on the floor, but you don’t need to be around here, do you?”

I guess he knew we only defended ourselves so we thanked him and quickly walked out. After talking about the previous event, and how badly we kicked their asses, we both went our own ways and headed home.

Once home I greeted my family, went up to my room and fired up my laptop. I signed into Windows Live Messenger but no one fun was online so I played a little ‘Just Cause 2’ before going downstairs to watch some TV. Eventually it was about 23:30 so I went upstairs to get some sleep.

I had a hard time falling asleep, because I had to think about detention tomorrow. I remembered that Jake told me about Lynn though. She had detention, as well as Selena. Lynn was at least as hot as Selena. She was taller (even taller than me), and she had a slim smoking body with a nice B cup. She was blonde like Selena, and had a cute face as well. In contrary to Selena’s face though, Lynn’s face always had ‘bitch’ written all over it. They were both gigantic bitches, and they actually deserved a lesson. I kept thinking of ways to get them back for mocking me all the time. However I couldn’t think of anything but I tired myself so much that I fell asleep after a while.

I awoke at 7 on a Saturday, which was not my standard wake-up time. However, I had to go to detention or who might know I’d get suspended. I had a quick breakfast, and cycled to school. I met Jake on the way to school but we were both so sleepy that dialog never got interesting. Eventually we reached school, dumped our bikes, and walked in. The school was practically empty. We wandered throughout because it was 8:00 so we were 30 minutes early, and we couldn’t find a single soul. When the clock reached 8:15 though, the 2 girls with detention walked through the main doors of the school. The put their jackets into their lockers and suddenly I thought of the fight in the bar. Because of that Selena bitch, Jake and I could’ve been majorly injured that day. I gathered up a little courage and shouted: “Hey bitches, are you ready for some bitch smacking?”

Although they knew we were just joking around, they looked at us in disgust, and I grinned back. Jake was laughing out loud next to me, and before the girls wandered off to the classroom, he made a peace sign with his fingers, put him to his lips, and started darting his tongue in between the 2 fingers: the pussy-licking sign. Lynn flipped him off and as they disappeared from sight, Jake and I headed for the classroom as well.

When we reached our destination, Schaeffer was already waiting for us. She looked neutral as she told us to sit down and wait for her to finish. Maybe she wouldn’t punish us so badly I thought. But I was wrong: immediately after we sat down she started barking.

“You rotten children have no lives, so you just annoy your old teacher and show no respect!”

No one interrupted her as she continued her tirade. After she was finished (as if that wasn’t punishment enough) she announced our punishment:

“You’re going to sit here for 5 hours. The first 3 hours you’ll do homework. The last 2 hours you’ll clean this mess. If you aren’t finished with your homework, or don’t clean this place well enough, you’ll come back next Saturday for 6 hours. Not good enough? Saturday after 7 hours. And so forth. Eventually you’ll be coming back every Saturday till you finish high school, or till I die.”

“So you’ll all start your homework now and I’ll keep an eye on you. However….” She added.

“However I’ve got an appointment at the gynecologist.”

That thought will haunt me forever.

She continued her speech. “So I’ll set up a camera.” She pointed to the device on the tripod. “It’s connected to my laptop so it’ll make a backup of the video which I’m shooting of you on the device. When I come back in a few hours, I’ll have a hard copy and a soft copy. I’ll watch the video, and if any one of you dares to do something other than work, work, WORK!” She shouted.

“You’ll be arrested. Expelled. Thrown into prison!” She was starting to get nervous by her own tirade.

“Anyway, the camera records sound as well, so talking unnecessarily won’t be tolerated either. Good luck and I will see you in the afternoon.” She walked towards the door and just before she left she added: “I also want you and you to sit together in front, and you and you to sit together behind them.” She had pointed to Lynn and I at first, then at Jake and Selena.”

I sighed and sat down in the front, so Lynn sat down next to me and opened her books. Jake and Selena did the same thing behind us. Schaeffer closed the door, and then did what I feared: she locked it. I wondered why she would do something like that. It might seem unlikely but what if a fire breaks out? She sure wasn’t the brightest bulb in the set.

Anyway, I seemed to get bored really fast because even though I was occupied with the load of homework Schaeffer had assigned to us, I felt the need to sleep. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with this for 5 hours. I was starting to get really bored, then suddenly, probably the stupidest idea ever shot into my head… what if I… touched Lynn? I mean, she can’t make a sound or she’ll have to come back again, and the camera view was only focused on our upper bodies. So I thought I’d slightly tease her.

She was wearing a mini skirt, so I lowered my hand under the small desk, where the camera wasn’t focused on, and as I kept on writing like a madman to fool the camera into thinking that I was just working (for the sake of my dignity and future) I brushed my hand slowly but surely across the naked part of her leg. She felt so smooth and delightful, I wanted to just put her on the table and fuck her on the spot bare. But I knew that wouldn’t be too smart, considering it to be rape, and on top of that I’d get expelled and thrown into jail.

Lynn didn’t react to the direct touch of my hand on her bare skin, probably because she didn’t know it was on purpose. I tried again, now squeezing a little instead of brushing. This time she definitely noticed because she looked at me in shock before slapping my hand away under the table and looking at the camera lens. Immediately when she realized that the camera was recording everything she did, she quickly bowed her head and looked at her homework. One of her hands however stayed under the table, probably to protect her from my greedy hands. I grinned and took a piece of paper. I then grabbed a pen and wrote:

If Schaeffer notices anything, you’ll have detention for life, and you’ll be known as a slut as well, not that I’m doubting that fact anyway. Remove your hand and be a good girl or I’ll be the cause of a messed up future for you.

I put the note on the edge of her table, and she cautiously turned her head to read it. After a few seconds she blushed and slowly moved her hand back up the desk. I was kind of shocked, to see that there are people who would rather be sexually harassed than standing up for their selves, but I didn’t care much. I slowly put my hand back on her leg and started massaging her thigh. She shuddered and her eyes started becoming watery. I stroked her leg slowly and stopped once in a while to squeeze her a little. She shuddered, and I didn’t know if it was the excitement or the fear but she started sighing as well. I kept stroking for a while, until realized I could take this a step further, and see what she’d do.

I kept caressing her leg, and then gently moved under her mini skirt. She inhaled loudly as I touched her panties, but she didn’t do anything to stop me. I rubbed outside of her panties. I felt her pussy lips swell up as I caressed her with two fingers. I then used my whole hand to cup her cunt and started moving up and down roughly. She seemed to enjoy it, and she didn’t mind letting me know by sighing loudly, so I took it to the next level.

I let go of her panties for one second, and just as she thought I let her loose, I slipped my hand into her underwear. She shrieked and stood up:

“No that’s too far!” She cried out.

My hand had already slipped out of her underwear as she stood up, so nothing was visibly wrong. Selena and Jake just stared at her and I asked her: “What’s wrong? Will you please say it in front of the camera so Mrs. Schaeffer doesn’t punish us for unnecessary behavior?”

She looked at the camera, and stuttered: “N… nothing…”

She reluctantly sat down again, on the edge of her seat opposite to me. First I looked at Selena who seemed to be occupied with her homework again. Then I looked at Jake. He was onto me: he smiled and gave me a thumbs up, then moved his own hand under his table.

I did the same and inserted my hand into Lynn’s panties again. Her soft labia were swollen, and she was pretty wet for someone who was being harassed in such a manner. I played a little with her clit. I kept grabbing bits of her pussy and pulling them. I was amazed that she let me do this.

I went lower and just as I was ready to insert a finger into her hot lingering pussy hole, I heard a scream then a smack. I jerked my hand out and looked behind me: Selena had stood up and her hand was extended. She just slapped Jake. He turned his head towards her and stood up.

“You pervert! You deserved it, you tried to touch me!” Selena shouted.

“Yes I did. That’s not a reason for you to slap me, is it?” He replied grinning.

“It fucking is. I’m getting out of here!” She angrily said. “I’ll report you for harassment and you’ll go to jail!”

I was getting worked up, and this bitch had just interrupted my attempt of getting some sweet pussy. I stood up and walked towards her, slapping her immediately.

“You should know a few things, you whore. One: we’re all still 17, we can’t go to a real jail yet. Two: you’ve just broken the silence, that means we all get a lot of extra detention. Three: THE DOOR IS FUCKING CLOSED YOU EMPTY MINDED SLUT, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?”

Jake jumped in and continued as if he knew what I was going to say: “So this is what’s gonna happen.” He threateningly added. “We’re going to fuck both of you girls till you pass out whether you want it or not.”

I was kind of surprised: “Dude… we can get in real trouble for that… I don’t think….”

He interrupted me before I finished my sentence: “Yeah well man, you need to trust me on this one. I can assure you we’re getting out of this one without any trouble. Promise.”

And I believed him. It sounded idiotic but he was so sure of what he was doing that I immediately started. I slapped Selena again and said: "You take her, I’ll take Lynn. There’s no one in the building anyway so we can do whatever we want.”

“Noooo!” the girls shouted in harmony. But it was too late for them. I walked over to Lynn, grabbed her roughly by the arm and pulled her up. She was whining and begging me to stop, but there was no stopping now. We were either getting away with it, or not.

I jammed my hand down her panties and started massaging her clit. She kept whining but I didn’t even slow down. Her beautiful face was now covered in tears and make-up and as I kissed her neck, she slowly started breathing more regularly and stopped crying. Maybe she started enjoying it, or maybe she knew resistance was futile.

I rubbed her clit, and move my fingers up and down her wet slit. She started sighing loudly and moaning softly. My finger then penetrated her tight little fuck hole and she screamed as I started finger fucking her pussy. First I used my index finger, then my middle finger. After a few moments of finger fucking her with one finger, I put both my fingers together and penetrated her hole again. She shouted out louder than before and from that moment on she was moaning constantly as I fucked her closer to orgasm.

Jake on the other hand had torn Selena’s shirt off and was now hungrily sucking her tits. She was putting up more of a fight but I knew Jake was a tough guy. He wouldn’t let go. He had one hand in her panties and was furiously rubbing her crotch while sucking on her delicious looking nipples. The other hand was massaging her other tit and he was occasionally pulling hard on the sensitive nipple. Selena didn’t give up and kept shouting and screaming. Jake then grabbed her panties from the inside and tore them off. He then proceeded to finger fuck the bitch with one hand while he gave her an almighty slap for her to shut up. It kind of worked. She didn’t go completely silent but her complaining volume decreased drastically. He inserted two fingers into her just like I did and was finger fucking her with crazy speed. She was clearly at least as wet as Lynn, if not wetter, but she tried her best more not to make it obvious.

I focused on Lynn again. I roughly grabbed her and kissed her neck. I licked, sucked and bit her skin and she just couldn’t resist but to let out a moan now and then. She was naturally still resisting a little, but it wasn´t annoying or anything. I stopped enjoying her neck and instead kissed her hard on the lips. I pushed my tongue beyond her lips and started exploring her mouth. She made me so hard and turned me on to the extreme. I unexpectedly pulled her panties hard, and the thin strings which kept them on snapped under the pressure. She covered her pussy but I grabbed her hands and moved them away roughly from her hot cunt. I then tore off her shirt and tried to tear off her bra as well.

The bra straps were too elastic however, so I commanded her to take it off. She reluctantly did so. She dropped the bra, and revealed her beautiful tits. They were a small B cup but oh so beautiful. I looked in amazement, but apparently she didn´t appreciate it that much. She tried to cover up her breasts but I looked her in the eyes and she immediately dropped her hands. She was noticeably taller than me, and that turned me on because I enjoyed the look of tall and hot girls. I moved to her and started caressing her breasts roughly. She did enjoy it, moaning in ecstasy as I rubbed her clit at the same time. She didn´t care to oppose me anymore. She knew it was pointless.

My dick had grown to its full length by now, and I was ready to fuck this bitch. I, however, still wanted to play a little with her tits and even taste her pussy. After sucking, licking and biting her tits while massaging her pussy for a while I let go of her and pointed at my crotch: “Your turn now.” I said.

She knew that nothing good would come from resisting so as she hesitantly got on her knees, I turned to Jake and Selena. He was grinning from ear to ear as he mouth fucked his little princess. Apparently he knew how to handle her because she wasn’t complaining anymore but instead furiously jacking and sucking him off.

I looked back at Lynn and she had already unbuttoned my pants. She slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. She didn’t really do it with expertise so I figured she was anywhere close to being a virgin. She then pulled down my underwear, revealing my erect friend. My dick jumped in her face, and she seemed to be a little overwhelmed, almost as if she didn’t know what to do. But she did: she grabbed my cock and started stroking. At first she was a little slow, but she managed to pick up the pace and within a few minutes it felt amazing. I gripped my cock by the base and brought it closer to her mouth. She understood the sign and took it in her mouth.

“Dirty little slut likes it huh?” Jake was keeping an eye on us as Selena sucked his cock.

I was in heaven. She sucked and licked all over my cock, giving me a feeling I had never felt. She flicked her tongue across the length of my dick as if she was licking a popsicle. After a few minutes of sucking I neared orgasm and I pressed her head firmly onto my cock as I exploded deep down her throat. She gagged immediately, and she was so shocked that she didn’t even attempt to swallow.

I never shot so much cum in my life, and when I was finished I quickly released her to give her some air. She immediately spat all the cum on her hand and tried to regulate her breathing. After she was breathing normally again, she looked at her hand and then licked all the cum and swallowed it. I was still extremely turned on, and wanted to taste her pussy.

“Stand up.” I told her, with dominance in my voice.

She immediately stood up, and I pushed her on the little desk and pushed her legs apart. Her hot, wet pussy looked amazing, and I pressed my nose against it as I inhaled the sweet scent. Then I extended my tongue and started licking her. At first she was just sighing a little, but as I started licking and sucking her pussy harder and rougher, she proceeded to moan and groan harder. Eventually I was ravaging her pussy by sucking, licking, biting and tongue fucking her hard.

She was reaching climax, and I was causing it. I kept tongue fucking her, and she joined me by rubbing her clit. She was rubbing furiously before cumming hard. Her pussy juices flooded my face and I tried catching all I could in my mouth and swallowing it, but I couldn’t. She tasted amazing though. She was convulsing like crazy, shaking violently because of her orgasm. She moaned and groaned and kept rubbing her clit.

She must’ve been coming for at least a minute before she calmed down. I grabbed her, softly this time and pushed her on her back on the 2 consecutive little desks. She laid down and I got on top of her, before kissing her. This time she pushed her tongue into my mouth first and I returned the favor. I stuck two fingers in her pussy while massaging her breast and told her to get ready.

She was confused at first but when she saw my rock hard cock close to her pussy, she knew what I meant, but apparently she didn’t agree with me:

“No! I’m still a virgin, we can’t go that far!” she told me.

“You won’t be a virgin after today.” I grinned from ear to ear, just before putting my dick to her labia.

“Get ready!” I told her.

And just as I got ready to push forward, I heard footsteps in the hallway, coming towards the classroom…

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