Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 11 years. I have used some story embellishment to hopefully make it more readable and interesting. . A reader can likely work out which part is fact and which is fiction. Comments welcome.

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I was half awake when I heard Sarah bounce in to our room. She lay on the bed next to Lucy and started talking to her in a soft voice. I could not hear what she was saying but I did catch the word ‘baby’. Immediately, I was fully awake. The word ‘baby’ always made me nervous. Lucy had previously assured me their charts were correct, so there could not be any ‘accident’.
I wanted to know what Sarah was excited about.

Sarah had remembered that today was Lucy’s ovulation day. She had said to Lucy “you and Jimmy could make a baby right now……….depending on when the egg pops out, you could be pregnant this afternoon or definitely by tomorrow”.
Lucy had told her that ‘recess’ was recess and there would be no lapses. Then Sarah had asked Lucy to convince me to give her a ‘session’ to celebrate.
Because it was difficult to get me started in the morning, she had told Sarah to do the convincing herself.
Not deterred, Sarah crawled across our legs, lay beside me and whispered in my ear “please….can you do it…………it will be good for Lucy too………….I’m wet just thinking about it”.


As a result of the ‘baby’ word my dick had gone in to shock. It had absolutely no feeling at all. I told Sarah I did not think I could get hard enough – I was too traumatized.
Next Sarah kneeled up on the bed, close beside me, and pulled off her PJ’s. Within inches of my nose was her blonde bush. I had never been that close to it before. I could see every little curly hair – it was absolutely beautiful.

When the term ‘hair is a woman’s crowning glory’ was coined I’m sure the author must have meant ‘pubic hair’.

My dead dick was stirring. Probably, I could manage what Sarah wanted. Lucy must have sensed my reaction because she said one word “bathroom”. It was that hygiene thing again.

In the bathroom, the vision of Sarah bush was still etched in my mind and my dick was rapidly improving. As I turned around to dry off I could see Sarah on the bed, her legs propped ready, waiting for me. She was holding Lucy’s hand as usual. The way I felt now, I would probably squirt as soon as the head of my dick was a couple of inches inside Sarah. That would tarnish my popularity – and on a ‘special occasion’ too! I needed to calm myself and not think about the pleasure waiting for me.

Finally, I managed to get my self control back and give the girls the maximum pleasure that they expected.

I was about to flop on the bed next to Sarah when Lucy said “I need a towel……….I’m so wet it is just running out”. Sarah rolled on her side, cuddled Lucy, and said to her “I bet that means your egg has come down! ………….. it is all lonely, waiting for visitors…………. Ooh, I can almost feel those disappointed swimmers wriggling around inside of me”.

As we were getting up from the bed Sarah reminded me that she still wanted her regular session that night.


On campus, I was due to meet the girls for lunch. I could see them coming towards me, chattering non stop, as usual. The closer they came, the faster they walked. Very excited, they told how they were looking on the notice board where ‘for sale’ items were posted. A notice, not on the board the previous day, was for a massage table plus spare covers, massage oil and a manual ‘Massage Basics’. The price was clearly a bargain.

They wanted me to phone the cell number shown on the tag they had torn off. They said I could then give, both of them, massages. I knew they had liked my massage, on the first occasion Sarah went swimming with us. On calling the number, I found that the advertiser was on Campus. As the table was in his car we arranged to meet in 1 hour. The table was designed to fold and easily fitted in the trunk of a car. We did the deal on the spot.
The girls were so excited they could hardly wait to get home, to try it. Only then, did I wonder to what I had committed myself. Nevertheless, the girls were happy, and that’s all that mattered to me.

About 1 minute after arriving home both girls were naked - they were so anxious to try out the table. It was easy to unfold, and then adjust to a suitable working height for me. One after the other, they tested lying on it. Firm, but comfortable enough, was the verdict. Some fine tuning on height and it was ready. It was decided Lucy would be first.

I asked Lucy where the sore muscles were that needed massaging. She said that she did not have any. When I asked where she wanted massaging she said “all over”. So I asked Sarah the same question and she said “everywhere – especially the nice spots”. That confirmed what I thought. They did not want a massage - they wanted a ‘massage’. And there was a big difference.

I picked up the oil ready to start when there was a chorus from the girls……… “you can’t do it wearing clothes……….you need to be naked……….. otherwise, we won’t feel any good………we might need to hold something!”

Finally, I was ready to start. Lucy was on her front. I hesitated, so as to take in the vision before me. Two girls – one, naked, lying on her back, on the bed. The other, naked, lying on her front, on the table.
I had never seen Lucy lying on her front as she was. Her breasts were squashed and protruding at her sides. It was a new and sexy perspective.

I poured some massage oil on her back and was I underway. Using light pressure, I moved my hands smoothly down and up - finally to her waist. I paused, just to look - noticing the sharp contrast between her narrow waist and wider shaped hips.

The beauty of the female body, viewed from the back, was something I had seen, but not really appreciated before.

At her waist and buttocks I changed direction, moving my hands across her – back and forth. Her body wiggled in unison with my hand movements.
Then I heard Lucy say “oooh I like that ……………keep going there…………..ooh yes…………very nice”
On hearing Lucy, Sarah sat up and asked “what’s happening?”
Lucy explained “Jimmy is making my spot rub on the table ……..and my nipples.”

Finally, Lucy gave the ok for me to continue down her legs. I was happy to linger enjoying their long slim shape. She was certainly a winner in the leg ‘lucky-dip’. After rolling to her back, I was getting ever closer to my favorite place. I must have seen Lucy’s curly bush a thousand times but it never failed to excite me. As my oily hands brushed through her curls, the hairs took on a sensual sheen in the afternoon light. I knew the sides of her mound were quite sensitive, so used both hands to very lightly slide back and forth. A slight wriggle of her hips indicated her pleasure.

Her breasts were waiting patiently for some attention. I let their fullness slide through my hands and her hard nipples slip through my oily fingers. Her breasts had never felt as good – as smooth as satin.
I then paused, resting my hands on her tummy. Lucy opened her eyes, picked up my hands and put them back on her breasts, and said ‘just a little more’.

Sarah was waiting patiently for her turn and expected Lucy to vacate the table. Instead, Lucy said that she would like something special to finish – having noticed my hard dick. I wondered what she had in mind – I knew two could not fit on the massage table!
Next, she sat up, and then slid along until her backside was in line with the end of the table. She lay back down and raised her legs and said “you can stand between my legs and easily put your dick in me………..but, first you need to pull out those footrests so I can support my feet”. When we picked up the table Lucy had remembered the seller pointing to ‘useful’ footrests.


Indeed, this was a new ‘position’.
With her feet on the footrests, I was easily able to get close. Her slit was in a perfect position for me to slide in. Standing up made it so easy. I did not even need Lucy’s help to get it started. A little forward movement of my hips and I started to slide in beautifully. About halfway in I heard Lucy say “wait……… are too low in me……….can you lower the table a little?”

Then Sarah jumped up off the bed and wanted to see the problem.
I withdrew my dick and gave the adjusting handle a few turns to lower the one end of the table.
As I moved back to position with my head touching Lucy’s slit Sarah said “I’ll help”.
She took hold of my dick, pushed the head in and out a couple of times and said to Lucy “it looks right to me ……………. does that feel better? .................. ok, push it right in, Jimmy”. I felt Sarah’s hand pushing forward on my buttocks.
A standing position meant I had 2 spare hands. I proceeded to fondle Lucy’s breasts again. They were still beautifully smooth from the oil. Her nipples popped up hard as my hands slid across them.

As I reached Lucy’s pubes, and started to slide in and out, I found that I had more control over my urge than was normally the case. I was way past my usual limit when I heard Lucy say - with what seemed to be a little frustration, “I’m ready………. right now!” I relaxed and in 2 more thrusts I was squirting beautifully. “About time……” said Lucy.

I really liked this new ‘position’. I felt that I could have gone even longer before the need overtook me. Standing, I was not using most of my energy, to support myself - as I usually needed to do when suspended above Lucy. That energy was now directed to control the urge to squirt.

I looked at the bed. Sarah was on her back and eyes closed - still holding Lucy’s hand, which was hanging down from the massage table.
I heard Sarah’s voice “can you do me later? …….. I feel so nice here I do not want to move”.

I was a little annoyed with myself that I had let Lucy down. I was so engrossed in the fun I was having, in the standing position, that I had completely ignored Lucy’s peak. Giving Lucy maximum pleasure had always been my prime objective.
Nevertheless, I had learnt something new. For Lucy, there was a balance between squirting too soon and squirting too late.
If we used this position again I would need to be careful not to repeat my selfish behavior.


When Sarah woke she wanted to know what this new position was like. I told her that, for me, it was great.
Lucy, however, said that it was enjoyable, but not as good as the regular position. There was only one plus - she could have her breasts felt at the same time as my dick was moving in and out.

But, there were negatives.

Top of this list was the fact that her pleasure spot was not being rubbed as I went in and out. This negative must have been due to the fact that our bodies were at right angles.

Second on the list was lack of closeness. Except for my dick in her, she could not feel my body.

Finally, we could not roll. Lucy did not like the complete absence of any connection after intercourse. Once my dick came out, it was all finished.

Unrelated, was my poor performance, which I promised would not happen again. Nevertheless, I still earned a big kiss, which she promptly gave me. If I liked this new position so much she was happy to do it as an ‘extra’ to the regular position.


One morning Lucy and I found Sarah sitting quietly at the table. We noticed tears in her eyes. Lucy put her arms around her and asked was she feeling ill. She shook her head.

She explained that her tears were because she was so happy - happier than she had ever been. She loved both of us deeply. She loved living with us and how we had made her part of our world. She had dispensed with any inhibitions she may have had and found new freedom. With us, she felt safe and secure. She did not know how she would ever be able to repay us.
Lucy had replied that we both loved her and that she was now family.
Repayment was, to just be herself!


It was hard work looking after 2 girls. They needed lots of attention to keep them happy. Nevertheless, I decided I would continue to do my best. If I couldn’t manage I could always call for help!


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this is a great story, i like the relationships that add to the sexual part. I would like for youl to write another although I am not through reading all this one yet. great work nice pics

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