Two families struggle for control of an Asteroid miining station.
This story is my first attempt at a space opera taking many parts from all differnt stories mashed togeather to make my hybread i would like maxium comments from you guys the reader. ive also seperated my sex scenes with ---- for those who can not be bothered reading my attempt at a story line.

Fear and Blood. Part I

In the Year 2113 the Virgo Corporation had the largest asteroid mining station in the Solar System with its population of almost one million it is home to many characters from powerful business men to crooked mobsters. It is here my story starts on the fringe of human space.

My name is Heinrick I am what you call a henchman I prefer to call myself a personal assistant my boss, is Gerard Keiler the biggest mob boss on the Ceres mining station. He has his fingers in all the pies from illegal drugs to underhanded mining contracts. While the Virgo Corporation runs the Ceres mining station, it is Gerard Keiler who really wields the power. So when the wealthy business man Richard Hammond wanted to start up a mining contract it was only natural that he would come to see Gerard Keiler...


The Symphony of Sol was a C-class Starship almost five hundred meters long and powered by a nuclear fusion engine it had made the route from earth to Ceres in a matter of weeks. The Starship was normally charted for runs to the outer planets being armed enough to deal with small Pirate vessels and with a cargo hold large enough to warrant the trip. However this time it had been privately charted by the earth businessman Richard Hammond and his group of advisors and accountants. It wasn’t unusual to carry such high profile business men but the party only took up a eighth of the passenger cabins but the strict instructions where no extra passengers.

Captain Martin had been Captain of the The Symphony of Sol for almost three years and he had an experienced crew navigating the asteroid belt was nothing he couldn't handle but he was on edge pirates frequented the asteroid belt past Mars looking to highjack or scavenge off ships such as his. A high profile businessman would make quite the ransom making his ship a tasty target for any would be outlaw. Captain Martin sat in the command chair overwatching the Starships Bridge, the many flashing monitors and displays showing everything from artificial gravity to navigation. But it was Richard Hammond that Captain Martin was watching.

Richard Hammond was a young business man from earth in fact this was his first trip past the Martian Colony he couldn’t have been more than thirty he was tall and lean and looked the part in his finely tailored grey suit. His hair had the look of being windswept but still looked neat. He was a handsome man who gave of the aura of being successful in anything he ever attempted. Captain Martin hated his kind, so self confident and arrogant. The Captains thoughts were broken by the Crackling off a voice over the communication system.

“Symphony of Sol this is Ceres mining Station we have you on our scanners..." The Captain turned his attention from the business man and flicked several switches and started to reply to the Stations control tower.

The C-class Starship drifted towards the large Mining station. It slowly moved past the four spires that made up the industrial and residential districts of the station. The one residential spire was well lit simulating daytime for the occupants. Its large glass dome was clear and bright revealing well tendered gardens and mirror like glass buildings. The state of the art facility housed the majority of the stations occupants in as near to earth like conditions as possible. Though it should be noted that the conditions were better than that of the dying planet it was meant to simulate.

Richard Hammond viewed the residential spire from the bridge of The Symphony of Sol his eyes took every inch of the spire he hoped to start a new business here on the Ceres Station he had been in contact with the Virgo Corporation for mining rights over the past few months but the bureaucratic red tape had got him nowhere. It seemed to Richard that even on the fringes of space red tape got in the way.

"Sir we have been given clearance to dock" Said the Captain Martin to his principal passenger.

Richard turned to the Captain "Thank you Captain I will go ready myself". He strolled from the bridge standing so upright and proper comes from a life growing up on earth thought the Starship Captain as he left. At least now they were within Virgo Corporation space safe from pirates. The Virgo Corporation manned a few anti-pirate A-class Starfrigates to protect its investments there were also several mercenary companies that made their fortune protecting starfreighters in the area.

Richard Hammond departed the bridge followed by Victor his cousin and close confident. Where Richard was tall and thin Victor was short and stocky they were almost complete oppersets which suited Richard well as he provided the clout where Victor was able to provide the muscle if it came to it. During there time together Victor had got them out of many a sticky situation when money couldn’t solve the issue. Richard gave orders to Victor before entering his private cabin to prepare for arrival.

Once inside Richard pressed the green button on the ships internal commlink. This paged his personal accountant there was a few beeps before the commlink was answered. Richard spoke into the ships internal commlink "Gwen time to wake up we have arrived and are about to dock".

A crackerling voice came back across the commlink. "Okay give me some time to get ready"


Gwen of course was already awake and was enjoying the finer details of the trip in the form of a burly starships mechanic.

Gwen had long pale white legs which her newfound lover was currently enjoying kissing up them from her feet to the inside of her thigh where he lingered gently sucking on the soft skin before continuing to kiss up to her waiting pussy.

Gwen smiled down at her lover with her ruby red lips as his tongue slowly lapped at her clit.

"We don’t have much time so get that cock of yours out and fuck me like the dirty slut I am" she commanded him.

The Mechanic couldn't believe his luck he raised his head and smirked at the raven hair beauty he struggled with his belt till he could free his rapidly hardening cock by the time he had it out Gwen had two of her own fingers deep in her own pussy and was sliding them in and out deeply.

She removed her fingers and put them into her own mouth tasting her own sweet pussy.

"I beat you want to feel your cock in my wet pussy don’t you" she asked

The mechanic nodded in agreement.

She smiled up at him then grabbed both her legs and pulled them up to her shoulders "well what are you waiting for fuck me hard".

"Do you want me to uses a condom" he asked reluctantly.

"Fuck no I want to feel that cock of yours for real I want to feel your cum leaking out of my slutty cunt"

That was all the mechanic need to hear as he moved forward the head of his cock pressing against her soft shaven pussy. The large purple head entered her with ease she moaned as she could feel every inch of his cock sliding deeply into her.

Her lover had a good size cock not the biggest she had ever had but it was good enough and the young stud seemed to know how to use it. As every thrust was deeper than the last and most importantly harder.

"Yes that’s it harder... Fuck me harder" she started to moan as he began to plough into her.

She was now gripping the sheets on the bed as he had hold of her slender ankles and was thrusting faster and harder into her wet pussy.

"Yes that’s it... Harder I want you to teach my slutty pussy a lesson"

He grunted as he gave her everything he had his cock plunging in and out of her as hard and fast as he could manage. His face was going slightly red and Gwen’s first thought was that he was going to cum already and she would be leaving disappointed she had really need a good fuck.

Gwen reached down with one hand and started to rub her own clit as her lover tried his best to please her slutty desires.

Gwen could see her young lover was not going to last much longer. "Pull out and cum on my clit and I’ll get myself off on your cum" she moaned up at him.

Her slutty command sent him over the edge and he quickly pulled out spraying his seed over her pussy and hand. Feeling the hot cum on her pussy sent Gwen over the edge and she rubbed at her clit faster rubbing the white cum onto her sensitive clit taking her over the edge.

All the mechanic could do was watch as the raven hair slut fingered and rubbed her clit till he shock herself with an orgasm. As her body recovered from her own orgasm she raised her sticky fingers to her mouth and sucked the cum and pussy juices off of them.


The C-class Starship docked and Richard was the first to step onto the Ceres station flanked by his cousin and a few of his personal assistants. The Party was dressed in fine suits and loited around the docking port for a few moments till they were all assembled. The last to arrive was Gwen she was Richard's principal accountant she had her raven hair cut short to shoulder length and her short skirt revealed her long pale legs. She smiled politely at Richard with her ruby red lips and the party now fully assembled started to make their way towards the customs station.

Once they reached the customs lounge they were meet by the official Virgo Corporation welcoming party.

"Welcome to Ceres mining station Mr Hammond" said a tall woman dressed in the Virgo Corporation hostess uniform. The uniform was made up of red high heel shoes a crimson red skirt and matching red jacket that revealed the stomach and a red cap set lopsided on her head. The hostess was flanked by two Virgo Corporation security Guards dressed in full red tactical armour and wielding Assault Blasters. The Armour consisted of a full faced helmet and red overlapping plates to protect the wearer from most low level blaster attacks. The weapons were as state of art as the armour Mk IIIc Assault Blasters a Para military carbine that used laser technology to fire short lethal bursts of laser.

"It is a Virgo Corporation directive that no weapons or illegal substances be brought on board the Ceres station." said the young hostess through her perfect smile which almost made you forget she was flanked by two very heavierly armed guards. "If you have any such items declare them to me now and you may proceed to customs".

It took minimal time for Richard to get through the customs check point thanks to his charming smile and a few small bribes. From the customs check point they proceeded to the rail station and caught a cart to the residential spire.

The roof top of the residential hub had a nice garden on top of it with delicate ponds and a small pool within which swam two young women dressed in scant bathing suits. A table with fine wines had been placed out for the meeting, several guards in full tactical armour stood off to the side in silence. Heinrick had positioned the two guards so that they could be seen a kind of deterrent as well as a show of force and they made the point spledently. The guards were part of a local mercenary gang known as the Ravens Talon not his first choice for muscle. Normally he would have used his own men or maybe the Wolf Pack mercenaries but this time he needed heavier armoured men to make first impressions last. The Raven Talon Mercenaries was a small group of ex-military men who were well finances and equipped. The Raven Talon Mercenaries normally provide pirate protection for mining ships in the asteroid belt but today they were the perfect choice. They had heavy tactical armour painted black with their symbol printed across the chest.

Heinrick was a large man he had been the right hand man of the Keiler family for almost fifteen years he was now in his early forties but he was still in fine shape. He spent much of his time working-out and had the body to show for it. His hair was shaved short and he was wearing a very plain grey suit which covered his many tattoos.

Gerard Keiler strolled out of the lift and gave Heinrick a welcoming hug. "Every thing is in order?" he asked.

"Of course Mr Keiler. Mr Hammonds ship docked just over an hour ago he should be on route here now I sent Hermann to pick him up from the rail station" replied Heinrick.

"Good... good... I don’t know what I do without you Heinrick try not to get locked up again my boy" said Gerard Keiler referring to the hard jail time Heinrick had done for piracy.

Of course Heinrick got the reference straight away and the memory still stung. He had done hard time on the charge of piracy. A job had gone bad, it had been a simple job all he had to do was highjack an unarmed mining rig and deliver the goods to another mining freighter only to find the drop point crawling with Virgo Corporation security. He had been ratted out and did five hard years for the crime. Five years on the prison station Purgatory five years he had not forgotten.

Heinrick had plans if he ever found the 'Rat' he would send him on a walk out an airlock

Heinrick put his hand up to his ear touching his comm link.

"Mr Keiler, Hermann reports he is on route. Mr Hammond will be here in a few minutes" reported Heinrick to his boss.

Richard Hammond and his associates exited the lift onto the rooftop. Richard looked around taking in the sight of the well tended roof top garden. Several white jacketed waiters were moving around pouring wine and taking empty bottles away. On the far side of the roof stood two very heavierly armoured Mercenaries in jet black armour with white ravens painted on their chest plates. For a station that had a directive against weapons the Virgo Corporation was not doing the best job or so it would seem. In the centre of the garden stood an elderly man with grey hair who was probably in his fifties, and a tall blonde haired man in a plain grey suit.

The elderly man started to move towards Richard Hammond. "Arrrh it’s good to finally meet you in person Mr Hammond" said the elderly man as he held out his hand to Richard.

"And it is a pleasure to meet you to Mr Keiler" Replied Richard as he took the old man’s hand and shock it firmly but politely.

"You know why I like you already Mr Hammond?" asked Keiler.

"No indulge me?"

"Your willing to come to me because you understand how things are run around her your willing to speak to me face to face like a man. I am always more willing to do business with those who are up front. You want to start up a mining contract and I’m sure you have found dealing with the Virgo Corporation is akin to banging your head against an asteroid. I can cut that red tape for you but it will come at a cost" said the older man with a smirk on his weathered face.

"Well Mr Keiler everything has its cost"

"And you wish to know what my cost will be don’t you?"

"That is why I am here"

The old man scratched his head "join me for a wine" he gestured to the table in the centre of the garden.

The business meeting went for a few hours as the two decided on the details in the end Keiler was going to cut the red tape of the Virgo Corporation in exchange for five million credits and a cut of the mining plot that Hammond would stake out. It was also agreed upon that the minerals mined would go through some of Keilers owned foundries in the Industrial spire.

Hammond agreed to the conditions "I think we have come to a good arrangement to seal this deal I will lend you a family heirloom it has been in the Hammond family for generations it has brought me luck and as a token of my good faith you may have it until you have the Five million credits in your hand"

"For an Earth dweller I think you will do well out here on the fringe Mr Hammond"

The two shock hands and Richards’s party departed the roof top garden.

Gerard Keiler turned to Heinrick "that went well I think. Get in touch with my contact on the board and you yourself go and get this heirloom it will be good to have insurance for such a big deal.

"For now I’m off to enjoy the good life. Come on my sweets" Gerard Keiler left the garden with the two young girls who were swimming in the pool leaving Heinrick talking to a couple of Keilers henchmen.


Gerard Keiler did love the good life there was an old Earth saying your only as young as the women your feeling and he was feeling a young nineteen year old girl right now, while another girl slowly sucked his half hard cock. The young red haired girl had very firm breasts in fact he hadn’t felt a set of tits like this in sometime. He wasn’t sure where Heinrick kept finding such young girls but he had no complaints.

The brunette sucking on his cock was licking up and down the shaft of his cock while her genital fingers worked on his balls. When she had first started playing with the old man’s cock she her heart had not been in it though he was still in fairly good shape he was almost old enough to be her grandfather and he looked it. But now that she held the old man’s cock in her hands her mind was rapidly changing.

She had never held a cock so big it was well over eight inches long and so thick her small hands struggled to wrap around it. When she attempted to put her mouth over the head she found that it was far too big to get more than just the head and maybe a couple of inches into her young mouth.

The brunette indicated to her red haired friend to have a look at the treasure she had uncovered. Her friend gasped when she saw the huge old cock.

"My my what do we have here" she cooed before joining her friend pleasuring the massive cock.

"Enjoy it while you can girls because soon you will be screaming for me to stop as its ripping your young holes apart" he said as his hands went wondering over the girl’s firm bodies.

It wasn’t long before he had pulled off the red haired girl’s bathing suit bottoms and he was thrusting his fingers in and out of her tight pussy feeling her pussy juices flowing over his hand. She was moaning as he fingered her rapidly before too long he was trying to push one of his juice covered fingers up her arsehole. The young girl gasped at the unexpected intrusion.

Gerard keiler thrust his fingers into the young girl’s holes until he had two fingers in each hole and the young red haired girl was moaning wildly. She had never felt something like this before she tried to suck on the monster cock with the help of her friend.

"Arrhhh Mr Keiler tooo much... please stop" she screamed fruitlessly as it didn’t stop his fingers from violating her tight teenage holes. It wasn’t long till she was shaking from the force of a massive orgasm.

The red haired girl fell onto the couch gasping for air as Gerard Keilers fingers slide out of her arse and pussy. The brunette girl stood up still holding the old man’s cock in her small hands, Gerard took in the sight of the young girl she had small breasts and a shaven pussy like her friend her toned tummy had a silver belly button ring.

"I guess it’s time to feel that big cock fill up my tight young pussy" said the brunette trying to act as sexy as she could.

"I think not I was thinking something else" he replied.

"What do you mean" she asked unsure.

"I'm going to fuck that tight arse of yours can’t have any more bastards getting around the one I’ve got is a handful enough"

Suddenly the young girl wasn’t so sure her hand tightened on the large cock there was no way it was going to fit into her arse she had never tried anal sex before she was slightly nerves.

Gerard stood up and through the young girl onto the couch so that her arse was up in the air before the girl could protest and pushed the tip of his massive cock against her virgin ring. Her eyes opened wide as she felt the tip run over her pussy lips coating it in pussy juice before being pushed into her arse.

The pressure was hard to take at first as her anal ring gave way to the large head of the old man’s cock. The old man’s cock slowly inched into her she breathed heavily as she felt herself stretching.

"That's it you dirty little slut I knew you liked it up the arse" groaned Gerard as he buried half his cock up the teenagers arse.

"Mr... Keiler..." begged the young girl as he started to move in and out of her tightest hole.

Soon the old man was thrusting in and out drawing his cock all the way till the tip was almost out of her arse then slowly pushing back in deeper every time.

"Please Mr Keiler fuck my pussy please fuck my pussy" she moaned struggling to talk as the old man fucked her tight arse.

The red haired girl had come too after her orgasm and was now watching her friend getting fucked in the arse while she herself fondled the old man’s balls.

By now Gerard had almost all of his cock up the young girls arse and the redhead was spitting on his cock as it withdrew to help lube her friends arse.

Gerard pulled out his cock from the teen arse and grabbed the red haired girl by the head and forced her to suck his cock that had been seconds ago fucking her friends arse. The red head gagged as the old man tried to push his monster cock down her throat.

He withdrew his cock from the red heads mouth and thrust it quickly up her friends arse the young girl almost screamed as it sank deep into her arse before being withdrawn leaving her raw arse gapping. Gerard continued thrusting his cock from arse to mouth until he could feel his balls tighten.

Then with one last thrust he buried his cock as deep as he could in the teen’s arse he let out almost a howl as his balls emptied into her stretched out hole. He then pulled his cock from the abused hole and grabbed the red haired teen and put her mouth to her young friends arse hole.

"Suck out my cum girl" he commanded to the teen.

Gerard Keiler was quiet happy with his new found toys he watched as the teens lay there the brunette trying to gather her breath while her friend licked out her very sensitive arse.

To be continued...

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