to secretfantasies i got the courage to keep going
This is the end...

Lets Run Away Still Rings In My Head Till This Day...

It Was The Day My Life Changed...



"Lets Run Away" She Says, I was shocked that she would think like this.

"Lets Run from our old life's and start a new."

"Are You Sure About this."

"Of course it will show our love completely"

"Are you sure"

"How many times can i say yes!!"

"Wouldn't you want to throw away your life for me"

"Yes!! wouldn't you"

I knew i couldn't hesitate when she asks me.

"Of course i will you know that"

"Good, we can get our stuff from the house"

"How do we get them"


She showed me a chair that was under the porch that led to our

Since I'm a little taller than her i went up first

Then i leaned over so i could pick her up

Once we where up she gave me a kiss that i wished
lasted forever

I put my finger through her reddish pink hair in
the moonlight

We both looked at each other knowing that
this was right thing

We quickly but quietly got our clothes into
Breanna's old suit case when she first got here

We packed most of the stuff we needed.

I found out that my mothers wallet was still taped under
her dresser

I took all the contents of the wallet (i remember this)

$100, A credit card, bus ticket, and a phone number,
Probably is another mans


The bus ticket was useless because it was over due

So our new life starts with $100 dollars and a $20 credit card and no
idea what to do next.

With that we left the house and cut trough the forest coming out the other
side where a restaurant was we passed it up and kept going in the city

"So where do we go now" i say "We have a short stop up ahead"

We stopped by what seem to be a burnt down foster home.

She stopped and knelled down at the foster home and put down a picture.

She stood up and said "Lets go" but before we could walk away i saw the
picture of two adults and her in the middle smiling.

I assumed that they were her parents. I'd never seen her smile that much.
I took a good look at the picture and left.

Afterwards I couldn't help it and asked about the picture.

She said "It was the only picture of me and my parents on our first ever vacation.
It was probably the only thing i have left from them."

"But every time i look at the picture i remember how they died" We stopped walking
After i saw streams of tears going down her face, she tried to wipe up the tears
before i saw but I turned her around and gave her a big hug as she started to
cry more and more.

I felt so bad i started to cry myself, we stood there for a minute holding
each other then we kissed and kept going holding each others hand.

I knew we would be fine.

The next year we both turned 18 and rented an apartment in
Columbia, Ohio

Next year we moved out and got a real house in
Florence, Ky.

Then went to a College called University of the arts

Spent 2 years at the College and got our degrees.


I sit at home tending to my house.
Breanna walks in from the kitchen with a bride's dress magazine "Should i have this blue one or the red one. I close my laptop and say "i would Prefer nothing at all." at that point she walks over to me sits on my lap and starts to kiss me as i lay her on the couch, I was about to open her shirt until she puts her pokes her head up, sticks her tongue out and says "no sex before the wedding" When she said wedding I had a clear view of the future.


(P.S we are getting married in 2 weeks, see you later)

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2011-08-20 00:52:22
How the fuck did you get money?

Details man.

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2011-08-16 22:35:08
Congratulations & best of luck to both of you!

Ed W.

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