My first story, an old fantasy I've had for awhile, constructive criticism encouraged, flames ignored.
At my school, all the guys get to fuck all the girls. Everybody goes around wearing clothes with holes in crotch and many of the girls also have holes for their assholes; that’s the fun part. I go to a small private high school, I’m a freshman, my name is James. I’m 15, 6’2”, 150-155 lbs depending on how hydrated I am. My dick is 6 and a half inches long and about an inch and a half thick, making me the second biggest in the freshman class, and above average for the school.

This is an ordinary day, towards the end of the school year, warm enough that the girls are wearing short shorts, and everybody will be spending their time on the field. I woke up at my usual time, showered and dressed. I don’t masturbate; I get enough pussy at school, along with every other guy, that it’s not necessary.

I load up in the car with my sister, lube in pocket, and backpack full of textbooks etcetera, and we drive to school. It’s Tuesday, so I start with free period, my least favorite time of day. No hot girls in my free period, and everybody spends the time studying anyway, so there’s no fucking opportunities until homeroom. With no passing periods at my school, everybody gets out from their classes a little early so they can make it to homeroom on time. My homeroom is in the math building, where Giselle is just coming out of geometry. I seize the opportunity before anyone else and lube up my cock and slip it into her loose and well used asshole. Giselle is without a doubt the hottest freshman in the school; D cup tits, and an ass to die for, all in all one of those bodies that has just enough fat on it to be sexy as hell, without having massive thighs or noticeable belly fat. Giselle immediately starts moaning as my dick pounds in and out. I grab her hips so I can thrust better and she starts pushing back into me. We get a few minutes in and neither of us has cum, but we really have to get to homeroom, so I pull out, we bid adieu and I walk over to homeroom, hoping Tina or Elle isn’t taken yet.

When I get to my freshman homeroom I see a typical scene, Mr. T fucking Savannah, Chris fucking Tina, Rob fucking Elle, Adam and Matt over in the corner pigging out on the snack, but fortunately Julia missing out on the action. Julia is wearing a conservative skirt and a t-shirt. I’d guess she is 5’6”, B cup tits, pretty face, and a medium ass, but she’s still pretty hot. She walks over with a look of longing, turns around and starts grinding against my crotch. My dick was already hard, straining against my shorts, so finally it has a little bit of stimulation. We grind for about a minute until we both get bored with it. She lifts her skirt and tells me, “I haven’t had anyone in my ass all day, so take it easy.” I decide to start slow and make this one last, since we have about 15 minutes until homeroom is over, and slip my cock past her thong and into her pussy. I give her long slow strokes for awhile, teasing her until finally she pleads, “don’t be gentle; stick it in my ass!” What choice do I have but to comply? I start fucking her pussy pretty hard and, I pull out my trusty lube and start fingering and lubing her tight asshole. I stop that and pull out of her pussy without warning. I just wait for about 30 seconds, teasing until she starts to squirm and begs, “Come on James; fuck my asshole with that big fat cock of yours.” I instantly shove it in to the base. She almost screams from the pain and pleasure of it, but by now most of the girls at school have learned to be masochists on some level, so I just keep going. She puts her hands on the base of the whiteboard, and I put my hands on their favorite place, a girl’s hips, and start jack hammering into her ass. I pick Julia up, dick still in her ass, and carry her over to one of the desks where I flip her over in my arms and set her down gently on a desk so I can watch. I start pounding again, but this time slower, savoring it and I lift her T-shirt up over her tight well sculpted tits. No one wears a bra, so access was pretty easy. I bend over her, still thrusting lovingly, and start licking and kissing all over her tits. She moans that she’s close, so I latch onto one nipple, take one hand and start playing with the other and begin jack hammering again. Her moans begin to really take off and then she stops breathing as her ass clamps down around my still humping dick. She doesn’t move and her breathing has completely stopped in an orgasmic bliss that only ass fucking can achieve. As she comes down from her orgasm I slow down to bring her down easy and pull out figuring I’ll get myself off in a girl a little bit hotter.

I go over to see if there’s any food and watch the scene’s unfold before me. Chris and Tina are going right at it with his dick in her pussy while he slides one of those realistic looking dildos with veins and all in and out of her ass. It looks like she’s cum and she’s just going along for the ride waiting for Chris. Elle is maybe 5’3”, skinny, A cups probably, but the most beautiful ass for her frame from playing lacrosse. It just sticks straight out, perfectly round and a good size for her being so small. I walk over to Rob fucking Elle’s pussy and say to him, “Let’s DP this little slut.” Rob backs up a little and pulls out of Elle so that she can turn around and Rob picks her up and slides back into her pussy while I lube up and take up a position at her asshole. I shove my cock up her tight little ass which is not so tight, I guess Rob already had a trip up there and then went back to her pussy. We just start slamming Elle between us pounding her like there’s no tomorrow. She’s moaning in the bliss of having both her love tunnels stuffed full. As such, it doesn’t take her long, no more than maybe 3 minute, to reach orgasm, and Rob and I both having been fucking for awhile are ready too, so we all say I’m close within the span of about 15 seconds. We unconsciously decide to cum together, so when Elle starts clamping down, Rob and I just let loose with a ton of jizz being the first time of the day for both of us. Everybody comes down slow as Rob and I set Elle down, bending our own knees to let our softening cocks still penetrate her as they slowly start to come out.
Everybody else in the room is going through a similar process and after maybe 2 minutes Mr. T wraps up homeroom and says to everybody, I’ll see you next Tuesday!

Comments are appreciated, ratings as well obviously. I could keep going with the day and do some more stuff, or move on to a more traditional story that might actually happen in the real world, largely up to you.

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2013-01-09 23:13:22
2nd period…got hurry so I don’t get stuck with someone I don’t want fuck. That other rule, no matter what level you were, you did not take the girl if she was on the guy’s cock already, unless he agrees to share but even then he gets first dibs on what hole.

Let me know what you think

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2013-01-09 23:12:28
“You two, either finish now or get to class.” One of those other unwritten rules, you don’t disrespect the adults of the room. No matter how much cock you stuff down her throat or in her ass or how many loads she swallows or eats out of the asses and pussies of her students, you listen and follow their instructions. I pulled out quick, right before she came. Giselle was sweaty and panting, obviously upset that she did not finish. I was not so close and I knew I could get more elsewhere so I was not too upset. Looking at her 14 year old butthole, it stayed open, gaping wide, urging something to be stuffed down into it. She squeezed her muscles making it wink at me. She gather her books and turned. Looking down at hard throbbing cock she looked up and smiled. “Finish later?” I nodded and she smiled again. “Promise?” I nodded once more. She walked off to class, walking a bit awkward since I just gave her asshole a workout.

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2013-01-09 23:11:44
“Who said anything but asking?” I replied as I plunged my rock hard man hood deep into her ass. She screamed with pleasure and surprise. I took no mercy as I pumped in and out of that young freshman ass. Those 14 year old cheeks squeezing my 14 year old cock as it buried deeper and deeper until my balls were smacking against backside. The bell rang and people were flooding out of their classroom. No one really paid any notice. Anal pumping, cock sucking, cum splashing was just an everyday scene in the hallways and in the class. People said hi to me as if I were just talking with friends. Giselle was getting close so her responses were limited. The bell rang and a teacher stuck her head out the door behind us that led to the faculty lounge.

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2013-01-09 23:10:56
I made eye contact with him and he knew that I was headed for that supple ass that belonged to Giselle. He saw and politely walked right past keeping to his side of the hallway.
Getting behind Giselle, I popped open my bottle of lube and squirted a fair amount in my hand. The sound of the bottle being squeezed alerted Giselle. I knew she heard it but she pretended not to. She reached up again, that ass begging me. The split in her yoga pants stretched revealing the crack of her tan smooth ass, urging me to come in. I grabbed her waist and pushed the head of my erect cock into her crack and stopped at her anal entrance. I looked in her locker mirror and she was looking right back at me giving me those desirable eyes. “I was wondering when you were gonna ask.” She said.

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2013-01-09 23:09:22
the raging hard on growing in my pants. That is when I caught the eye of another guy eyeing her ass the same way I was.
There was unspoken rule in the school, more of a custom. Any guy could use any girl, including faculty, at any time in any way he sees fit. However that meant that each guy was rated in some way, not just by the size of his cock or his popularity but also by the way he brought the girls he stuck to climax. Even though I was not massively popular but my cock was different. It was large for a freshman but there was something else about it. It found the g-spot like a lodestone finds metal. I could never feel it but really only sense the small changes. Depending on the girl and which hole I was in, I could sense my cock thicken, straighten, curve or narrow being attracted to the G-spot and that fables X-spot. Even though I was a freshman, I was silently rated with the seniors. First pick usually not including the faculty. I made eye contact with him and he knew that I

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