This is the finale of Ryan's sleepover. But I may continue the story under a new title, as me and Ryan do continue after this, just not always during sleepovers. This is all a true story, I recommend you read previous parts first.
It was 9am, the sun's morning light was spilling in through the curtains.
I woke up. Rubbing my eyes and stretching, I noticed Ryan was still asleep. I decided not to wake him.

Out in the kitchen, Ryan's sister Rachel was up making breakfast.
"hey Dan, you want a piece of toast?" she asked as I stumbled into the room, still half asleep.

"yes please Rach." I replied. I had always had a thing for Rachel. She was beautiful. Athletic build, average height, short and stylish brunette hair. But considering she was more than six years older than me, I know it would always just be a crush.

We sat in the kitchen for ten minutes, both eating our breakfast, when Ryan walked in.

"want some toast?" Rachel asked.

"nah, I'm good." Ryan said as he pulled up a chair next to us.

"so what time did you two go to sleep last night?" Rachel asked us.

I waited for Ryan to answer.

"not that late, 2ish I think. Fell straight asleep, I was shattered."
I noticed a quick glance in my direction as he finished his sentence, he didn't realise I knew he was lying.

"yeh me too, I'm a deep sleeper so I was out all night." I followed,now he must think he had gotten away with it.

All three of us continued to talk for another twenty minutes. Then Rachel had to leave for work. Leaving me and Ryan home alone. I knew I wouldn't bring up last night to him, and he definently wouldn't bring it up. But I just couldn't get it out of my mind.

That morning, we lazed around watching tv.
In the afternoon, we ate junk food for dinner.
By the time evening had come we were in our 26th match on Halo.
We really knew how to waste a day.

At 7:00pm, Ryan was in the middle of a game while I watched.
The house phone started to ring, distracting his attention and causing him to die.

"damn it! Can you answer that for me man?" he asked while obviously frustrated at losing.

It was Rachel on the phone, she was phoning to say that she wouldn't be back home tonight. She had to pull an overnighter at work. She made me promise that we wouldn't do anything stupid and burn down the house.

Later that night, around 1 in the morning actualy, me and Ryan were watching Family Guy. At the corner of my eye, I could see him looking at me now and again. I knew what he was thinking. After 5 episodes, we decided to call it a night. This time we slept upstairs in his room, he insisted that I take his bed and he sleep on the floor with the sleeping bag as I was the guest. I didn't want to argue so I accepted.
As I lay there, I was trying to decide what to do. Should I go to sleep or should I wait to see if he try's anything again. I decided to wait up for an hour or so, just to see.
Only ten minutes had passed.

"Hey, Dan. You awake?" his voice called out from the floor.

"Yeh, I'm stll awake, what is it?"

"Do you think I could sleep up there as well? It's uncomfortable down here on the wooden floor."

"Uhh, okay, but only if you sleep at the opposite end and I'll sleep the other."

"ok, cheers pal." he climbed off the floor, only then did i realize he was naked again. He jumped under the covers. My head lied at the top of the bed and his at the bottom. I could feel his feet and legs against mine.

Another 40 minutes had passed. I was still faking sleep, even faking a light snore.
Suddenly I could feel his feet moving, he rubbed his toes against my cock through my boxers. Then I could feel his dick and balls pressing against my leg. He was rubbing them against me in a steady rythym.
I continued to pretend to be asleep. Partly because I wanted to see what he would do next.
I then felt his hands pulling my boxers down under the covers. He was a little less gentle this time, probably because of what I said about being a deep sleeper this morning and him getting away with it last night.
He pulled my boxers down below my knees. Then he rolled over so his ass was next to me instead of his balls. He reached behind him and started to play with my knob. He then reared his ass towards my cock and began rubbing his ass against my soft cock. It wasnt long until I became erect, he continued to rub his cheeks against it. A few times I could even feel his asshole, sliding back and forth over my swollen head. The next thing I heard was him spitting, he then rubbed my cock with his wet hand, mixing the spit with my Pre-cum to make a slippery lube. Was he actually going to do what I think? I soon found out my answer.
He reached back and grabbed a hold of my dick, he pushed his ass backwards into it. I felt pressure at the end of my dick as he continued to push back. He moved my dick around, trying to get it in the right position. I was amazed, I couldn't believe he was doing was thrilling. My dickhead felt a fleshy and wet opening. This was it I thought, he had perfectly aligned my cock with his asshole. All he had to do was push back and we would both instantly lose our virginities.
Slowly he pushed back, it was so tight, only the tip of the head was in so far. He continued to move back, letting out slight moans as he got more of me inside him. It felt amazing. It was tight, wet and felt like nothing I could have imagined.
With one final push, he had practically my whole dick in his ass. He had done it. We were no longer virgins.

He had now started the actual fucking. He moved forward, then back, forward, then back. He wriggles his ass slightly during every push back onto my cock. It made me tense up every time. This continued for roughly three minutes. I could hear he was close to coming. He speeded up with his thrusts, his moans got louder. Then he came. His ass squeezed tighter onto my cock with every spurt.

He started to slowly move forward, off my cock. But I couldn't let him stop, I didn't want him to stop, I wanted to continue and finish what he started.

"Don't stop." I whispered
He jumped a little, his head looked over the covers down at me. He said nothing. He then got up and layed next to me, facing his back to me.

"why didn't you stop me?" he asked.

"I didnt want to stop...neither did I last night."
Again he reached back, he pulled his cheeks apart, revealing his asshole to me. I pointed my dick directly towards it. Before I pushed in, I wrapped both arms around his body, one hand gripping his chest and the other grabbing his cock.
With one deep breath I pushed hard into his ass. He let out a deep moan of both pain and pleasure. His dick instantly got hard in my hand. I thrusted him deeper and Harder than before.

"This feels so good!" I shouted. Thrusting into him at a steady rythym. He would lift his ass up and push it back to me every time I thrusted towards him. This allowed my cock to get deep inside him.

I was close to coming. I rolled him over onto his stomach, his face in the pillows. My cock was still in his ass as I layed on top of him. I thrusted harder and faster. I had to come inside him, there was no way I could stop and pull out.

"I'm coming!" I yelled.
My cock shot load after load into his tight ass. It spilled out and dripped down to his balls.
I just layed there on top off him, twitching as the pleasure continued.

My dick eventually softened. I pulled out of him, releasing even more of my come.

I fell back next to him. He turned to look at me. I then realised, this was the beginning of something confusing and scary. But I was looked forward to every minute of it.

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