The girls are saved, and maybe Becky too
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My daughter Yvonne and her friend Sue were giggling together, excited by their developing sexuality, or bisexuality I supposed, as my wife Sally helped the post-orgasmic Becky towards one of the armchairs.

Sally looked over at me, smiled, and blew me a kiss. A slight concern crossed her face. ‘Rog, how many fucks is that today?’

‘Er, Seven? ’ I was struggling to remember.

‘Right; bed.’ Sally was so in charge; she wasn’t normally like this. ‘ You’re exhausted. We all are.’

‘I’m not exhausted,’ Vonnie piped up, grinning.

‘I’m not either,’ Sue was still cuddling with her.

‘Alright, are you two sleeping together?’ Sally was quite matter-of-fact about it. The two young teens nodded enthusiastically, ‘OK, guest room for you then, it has a double bed.’

‘I’m exhausted,’ Jilly was clinging to me, not wanting to let go. I could see Sally weighing her need, sleeping in the same house as Becky, our twenty-two-year-old housekeeper who’d raped her.

‘OK, spare room?’ she said, looking at me for confirmation. I nodded. We’d bought the house for its garden and it had five bedrooms - part of the reason we’d taken on Becky in the first place.

So I slept with a thirteen-year-old girl, a sweet, affectionate girl who was getting quite attached to me, it seemed. Fortunately she was indeed exhausted and she fell straight to sleep snuggled up next to me, without tempting me to drain myself any further.

In the morning I came down to breakfast with Jilly, to find everyone dressed except Becky, who was just in a robe. She had the collar and lead on again, and was of necessity following Sally around, though even so the two of them were staying quite close together I thought. Sally caught my look.

‘Well you didn’t expect me to waste her, did you?’ she grinned at me. They’d slept together. I tried to make myself not be jealous; that would make no sense whatsoever: yesterday I’d fucked Becky twice - or was it three times? - Sue, Jilly three times, and Yvonne. Though it was more that Vonnie had raped me; but still, my cock had gone up for her.

Sally was as gorgeous as ever at twenty-eight (ten years younger than me) and given the choice I wouldn’t have shared her with anyone, but since she’d revealed she’d already been enjoying lesbian bondage games at the tennis club I could see it was something I was just going to have to get used to.

After breakfast Sally phoned our respective works with an excuse for the day, prompted Jilly and Sue to phone home again, and got us all organised. ‘Right,’ she said, ‘who’s coming to the chemists? We need morning-after pills.’ Vonnie said she did and then the other girls wanted to as well.

‘Okay,’ said Sally, ‘that leaves you here with Becks, Rog, do you want to carry on with the treatment?’

‘Treatment?’ asked Becky, sounding a bit disappointed.

‘Sex slave treatment darling,’ Sally stroked her shoulder and gave her a kiss on the cheek, ‘it’s what you need. We have to get to the bottom of your thing about innocent young girls don’t we? I can tell you’re a bit less hung up on these three already, now they’re not innocent any more.’

Becky looked mutinous but didn’t say anything.

The others went out and I took off my clothes and picked up the lead. A day with the gorgeous sexy Becky as my sex slave beckoned.

My cock was hard already as I towed Becky through to her bedsit at the end of the house and sat her on the bed, then I went through her bedside table with the vibrators in the drawer. In the cupboard below was a bottle of baby oil. Excellent.

I pushed the robe off her shoulders and down her arms, leaving her delicious lean, tanned body naked - apart from the dog collar round her neck of course. The bed had a headboard that was conveniently two planks going across, so I pushed her onto her back, swivelled her round and tied the lead round the headboard in the middle. My cock waved meatily around, tingling, its eight inches at forty-five degrees.

‘Pervert,’ she snarled, glaring at it. She really did not like being pushed around. I had to admit I admired her; there was something about her aggressive, dominant nature that made me really desire her.

I knelt on the bed next to her and squirted baby oil over her gorgeous pert tits. I started to massage her, working the oil over her tits and then out over her chest and up her neck, over her magnificent shoulders. She felt wonderful, so lean and muscular, yet feminine with her shape and her soft, fine skin. A blonde complexion with a light all-over tan.

I worked her torso and arms for a few minutes then moved down to her legs. Giving a massage to a girl is so sexy, and all the time I found it even sexier that she wanted to stop me but couldn’t. And sexier still that as I started on her gorgeous lithe but muscular thighs she couldn’t stop herself getting aroused: she was breathing a bit harder, and the scent of her pussy was in the air. She was sinking a bit too much into the bed though: it wasn’t really firm enough for massaging on.

Without saying anything I untied the lead and pulled her up, picked up the baby oil and dragged her through to the living room. I hung the lead on the doorknob. ‘Don’t move,’ I said.

I went and got a couple of towels from the airing cupboard. When I got back I found Becky in an armchair, looking defiantly at me. ‘So!’ I said, ‘you want to be spanked I see.’

‘No I fucking don’t,’ she snapped, ‘don’t you dare.’

‘Dare?’ I said. ‘You naughty slave, that’s no way to behave. And more swearing!’

I was starting to suspect she at least half wanted to be spanked and fucked, and had simply got impatient with the massaging. Otherwise why had she started the defiance only now? We would see.

I pulled her out of the chair by the lead and she fought me, punching and kicking, actually snapping at me with her teeth. It was something completely new to me, but I managed to turn side-on before my cock or balls got hit, and then to grab an arm and twist her round before I took too much damage elsewhere. I pulled her arms behind her and wrapped the lead round them and tied it off.

I pulled her round behind the armchair and pushed her over the back of it. She tried to somersault over to the far side but I just managed to block her legs with mine. It was hard to do much though, she was still trying to kick me. Also it was quite limiting having to stay clear of her teeth. What a vixen. But my cock was harder than ever.

Eventually I found that with my legs against and inside hers and a hand pressing her back down I finally had her under control. The angle was awkward for spanking but I gave her a few smacks on each ass cheek. ‘You bastard,’ she seethed. I gave her a few more.

I ran a finger down her asscrack to her pussy lips. She was soaking.

My cock was automatically lined up. I pushed it forwards and my big, bulging cockhead slid into her. She felt really ready. I pumped slowly and gently and in three strokes I was fully in. She felt fabulous. I rolled my hips around, working my cock inside her.

‘You total fucking bastard,’ she gasped.

‘I know,’ I smiled at her lovely, shapely back, ‘I’m afraid naughty disobedient sex slaves just do tend to get spanked and fucked though.’ I gave her a few more smacks on her ass, which was more gorgeous than ever bent over like she was.

I fucked her slowly, making it last. I was recharged with a night’s sleep, my cock hard and strong and ready to cum at any moment, so I had to be careful. It felt and sounded like my slave was ready too. I fucked on and on, denying her a cumming rhythm, for perhaps half an hour. I could feel her potent, clenching pussy working at my cock, tempting it.

Eventually I couldn’t resist it any longer. I knew how amazing her pussy felt when she orgasmed and my cock was becoming desperate.

I speeded up and started pressing into her on each stroke. At the same time I reached round with my spare hand and rubbed her clit. We were cumming. My sperm surged into her as the spasms gripped us, her pussy pulsating wildly and my cock thrusting and spurting, thrusting and spurting, again and again, until we were spent.

I held her pinned over the chair for a minute or two, then the door opened and Sally and the girls came in, all grinning at the sight of us, except Jilly I noticed, who wouldn’t look at me.

‘Oh wow,’ Yvonne was thrilled, ‘you’ve been raping her Daddy, was she naughty, or did you just feel like some?’ My darling daughter was changing before my eyes.

‘She was disobedient,’ I said meaningfully, then wished I hadn’t.

‘So if I’m disobedient Daddy, what will you do?’ Vonnie started undressing her gorgeous slender young body and the others copied her.

‘I won’t do anything sweetie,’ I hastily tried to back out of it, ‘because you’re not a sex slave who’s supposed to obey every wish.’

‘Huh,’ Vonnie wasn’t convinced but she had other things on her mind, mainly lesbian slave sex it seemed: ‘well we got our morning-after pills, and some fabric to make clothes for her.’

I slid out of Becky’s pussy and she came upright, not fighting any more. I untied her arms and Sally took her lead and led her in front of the fireplace again. Sally ran a finger up the inside of Becky’s thigh, collecting the juice that was running down, and licked it off. Becky went back to being sullen again.

‘OK what shall we start with, top or bottom?’

‘We could try the hockey skirt, that’s quick, and then look at the top?’ Sue was quite keen.

‘OK I’ll go and get it,’ Yvonne went off. Sally disappeared and came back with her sewing machine, which she set up on the side table.

The rest of us gazed at Becky’s glorious body, and Jilly came and stood next to me. She leaned against me and put her arm round me. I put my arm round her and kissed her. Wow, she felt fantastic, so lithe and willowy.

Yvonne came back with her blue wrap-around hockey skirt and went confidently up to Becky with it. She fitted it on, enjoying reaching round. and stood back to look at the result. It did look very sexy.

Becky’s legs really suited it, and it just hid her pussy. The fabric followed the outline of her pelvis, not making it any wider, and her waist narrowed beautifully above it.

‘Schoolgirl look,’ I said. I didn’t think the chiffon scarf would go with it.

‘Oooh yes,’ Sally was into that evidently, ‘you can donate a shirt can’t you Rog?’

‘Sure,’ I grinned. None of the girls had anything that would fit across Becky’s shoulders.

‘And long socks!’ Vonnie was getting a bit excited too, it seemed to me.

In a few minutes Becky was looking like the very image of a pervert’s fantasy schoolgirl. One of my old white shirts had had the tails cut off and was tied round her middle, with the cuffs turned up and all the buttons undone. It was a bit too wide across the shoulders but that had the effect of showing more skin, helping the front to gape open so her pert tits were just about covered, but so loosely that you knew if you peered in you’d be able to see her nipples.

Her gorgeous legs were in colour-banded thigh-high socks, leaving a few inches of irresistible thigh showing at the top below the hockey skirt.

I wanted to fuck her again already. Actually it rather looked as though everyone wanted to fuck her, except perhaps Jilly. Jilly was with me behind the armchair, rubbing her naked young body on me.

Sally, Yvonne and Sue gathered round Becky in her schoolgirl outfit and started to molest her. She was furious, but couldn’t stop them.

I nudged Jilly in front of me, leaning on the back of the armchair, and she spread her legs to present me with her recently innocent thirteen-year-old pussy. My cock felt like it hadn’t had a fuck this morning at all. I slid the hard, throbbing member into Jilly’s entrance and it started to disappear into her slim pelvis.

I reached over her slender back to fondle her gorgeous tits, pumping my eight inches into her a bit at a time. She was gasping, one gasp for each thrust. Her pussy wrapped my cock in creamy, heavenly sensation.

Jilly and I fucked gently while we watched the others molest their schoolgirl slave. They untucked Becky’s shirt and untied it so her tits could be fondled by Yvonne, and Sue lifted Becky’s skirt and knelt down to start eating her pussy. Sally stood naked and imperious, looking at them.

‘So Becks,’ she intoned,’ the boot’s on the other foot now isn’t it? Your young victims aren’t so helpless any more are they?’ Becky just gasped reluctantly, saying nothing.

The action went on and on. The girls ate Becky to her first orgasm then dragged her to a sofa, where the skirt was pulled off again; Vonnie went off and came back with the big black ribbed vibrator.

I felt Jilly start to tense and I quickly speeded up my fucking to cum with her. We came beautifully together, gasping and groaning, then carried on watching. I combed my fingers through her thick, glossy brown hair, sniffed it, kissed her neck, and stroked over her fabulous tits and along her slender back. I could feel she wasn’t finished.

The others fucked Becky to another huge cum with the big vibrator. It was super erotic to see her legs in the socks half way up her thighs, and her arm and shoulders in the shirt, with the rest of her exposed: it really emphasised the fact that she was being used for sex.

After the next orgasm they pulled her onto the floor. It seemed to me Sally had intuitively come to the same idea that I’d been following yesterday, of completely exhausting Becky then trying to get her to open up more about her raping.

Meanwhile I could see Sally kneeling right next to Sue while Vonnie was fucking Becky. Well since Sally was bisexual she’d be pretty much bound to fancy Sue, it seemed to me: Sue’s gorgeous brown skin and sexy little body were too cute to resist, with her soft frizzy hair and fantastic eyes that were each a little bit different from the other.

Sure enough Sally started touching Sue, and Sue leaned back into her. Soon they were kissing, then rolling on the floor with their legs intertwined and their clits rubbing on each other’s thighs.

Yvonne seemed to be enjoying her fuck of the hapless, half-naked Becky, easing the vibrator in and out one rib at a time, then leaning over to lick and suck her nipples.

My cock was growing back to full hardness inside Jilly’s lovely pussy. I moved it a little and felt her respond. She was such a sensual girl, she responded to every little thing I did to her.

The rest of the morning passed in a sexual haze, Jilly and I fucking behind the armchair and Sally, Vonnie and Sue fucking Becky pretty much continuously, and having sex with each other on the side. It was only a matter of time before Sally and Vonnie got together for a bout of lesbian incest, and when they did it was deeply erotic.

They looked so similar, the same big green eyes and light brunette hair, average height and lean, slender bodies. Vonnie started it by just leaning an arm into Sally, who leaned back just a little, then in a moment they were kissing.

I could see Sally wanted to teach her daughter about the joys of lezzie sex, and she did. The small vibrator reappeared from somewhere and Vonnie got the full treatment over her pert little tits and then in her tight little pussy. Sally brought her to a simmer, held her there for ages with all sorts of arousing little licks and touches to her tits, nipples, neck, clit and points in between, then twice finished her with a mammoth orgasm that had Vonnie almost unconscious afterwards.

Then they swapped over and Sally coached Yvonne until she was herself treated to a huge cum by her daughter. Vonnie was a very diligent pupil, I had to admit, with what looked like a lot of natural talent as well.

By lunchtime we were all pretty fucked out. I was really impressed that young Jilly had wanted as much fucking as she had, though I had been careful to pump her gently and not slam into her. We’d cum together every time, three times after the first one. At the end I eased out of her and she stood up, unsteadily, and I pulled her into a long, affectionate embrace, kissing her neck and running my fingertips through her hair and all over her back and her smooth, pert ass.

We all seemed to start thinking about lunch at once, and went through to the kitchen, still naked apart from Becky, who looked somehow more than naked in her socks and open shirt. Sally took her lead and led her through.

We organised sandwiches together and stood around eating them. There wasn’t much talking, though there was a bit of whispering going on between Sally and Yvonne, I noticed, with Sue seeming to have something on her mind as well and Becky listening. But with the delectable Jilly rubbing her gorgeous young body against me I didn’t pay much attention.

I was thinking how surprising it was that Jilly, who looked so young and innocent, seemed to be pretty insatiable. Well, I reasoned, the group of us was raising the sexual temperature through the roof, we were probably all going a bit sex-mad today.

When we’d eaten we all went and showered and then got back into the living room. Jilly pulled me behind our armchair again and put her arm round me. She seemed ready for more fucking while we watched Becky being ‘treated’ with our homespun therapy.

Vonnie had been to Becky’s bedsit and come back with a bunch of pink bondage ropes though, and had other plans for me. ‘I think it’s time you raped Becky for a bit, Daddy,’ she grinned. There was a murmur of assent among the others and we went out into the middle of the room.

Becky was pulled down onto the floor and her wrists were tied to each ankle. She didn’t resist as much as I’d expected. ‘I reckon you should eat her for a bit, Daddy, and then give her a good fucking,’ Vonnie certainly seemed to know what she wanted. I pushed Becky’s knees apart and got down to start eating her defenceless pussy.

Sue and Vonnie knelt down on either side. I was thinking they were going to molest Becky’s lovely pert tits, but instead suddenly Becky’s legs were free and had me in a headlock!

God, she was strong. I grabbed at her knees to try and force her legs apart, only to feel something at each of my wrists. Something thin and cold. I couldn’t move my head to see, my face was squashed into Becky’s crotch, and then I felt a weight on my back, pressing me down. It was Sally.

There was a sensation of rope and a zipping sound then my wrists were being pulled together. Becky freed my head and in an instant was helping the others to force my hands together behind my back. I was tied up, again. I realised they’d put a big cable tie on each wrist with a rope between them.

‘Now then Rog,’ Sally was in charge of the conspiracy, ‘Jilly hasn’t been joining in. She’s been monopolising you instead.’

I toppled over onto my side and looked up to see Jilly in the grip of Sue and Vonnie. Jilly wasn’t very strong; probably only about as strong as Yvonne and quite a bit weaker than Sue. She was being forced down onto the floor.

‘So,’ Sally continued, ‘it looks like she still has some innocence left, as far as girls are concerned. A bit of kissing, Sue says, but no more. As it happens that’s just what we need for the next step of Becky’s treatment.’

It sounded a bit ominous for my lovely Jilly.

‘Noooo,’ she started wailing as her own friends were helping Becky - now free to do as she liked - to tie her up. I realised I had helped her alienate Sue and Vonnie a little.

Sally, Becky, Sue and Vonnie were a bit of a gang now, it became apparent, as they tied Jilly spreadeagle on the carpet, manoeuvring the two sofas to tie her wrists and ankles to the legs, wide apart. A gang with young Jilly’s innocence as their target.

‘So what we’re going to do,’ fortunately my Sally was still in charge, at least, ‘is let Becky rape Jilly, and talk about her feelings and motivations as she does it.’

‘Noooo, you mustn’t, not again!’ Jilly pleaded, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

‘It won’t hurt,’ Vonnie was sounding a bit predatory I thought, ‘you’ll just cum, what’s the problem?’

‘But I don’t want it,’ Jilly gasped. She gasped because Becky had already run a finger up her slit.

‘You’ll get into it,’ Yvonne was unmoved, ‘you’ll see.’

Jilly looked despairingly at her friend Sue, but Sue only looked back at her, sympathetic but not moving to do anything.

‘So Becks,’ Sally was sounding like some kind of therapist, all kind and on her side, ‘what’s your feeling about Jilly’s innocence?’

The mood changed as Becky’s tone darkened. ‘I want it,’ she said.

She hesitated then carried on, sliding a finger into Jilly’s defenceless young pussy, ‘I don’t see why she should have it. I hate it. All cute and useless, much better to have done with it. Why should she be innocent anyway?’

Then she went quiet because her mouth was busy in Jilly’s crotch, sucking her clit and tonguing her pussy. Jilly writhed around moaning ‘no, no,’ but getting wet by the sound of it.

‘What about yours, Becky?’ Sally asked, ‘what about your innocence?’

‘Who needs it anyway?’ Becky surfaced, a bit angry, ‘that was a looong time ago.’ She reached for the big black ribbed vibrator.

Despite myself I couldn’t help my cock responding to the sight of the delectable, helpless thirteen-year-old being ravished by the gorgeous twenty-two-year-old aerobics instructor.

I was just noticing that Sue had disappeared when she came back in, holding a cloth. I realised it would be the damp cloth like yesterday, destined for my balls. Well they were rather warm again.

Sue was catching the dominant girl thing as well, apparently, not asking me but grinning as she pushed me back on the sofa and wrapped the cold wet cloth round my balls. I was so helpless with my hands tied behind my back. I bucked upwards, groaning, and she took the opportunity to lick the head of my instantly rock-hard cock.

Next thing Sue was straddling me with her strong, sexy little body and lining up her pussy. I lay back while the gorgeous teen ravished me, filling me with sensation. Her pussy was stronger than Jilly’s and the differences made the fuck more arousing than ever.

I looked over at Jilly, who was now being fucked very slowly with the big vibrator, clearly close to a cum but being denied it. She was gasping loudly with each slow thrust.

Sally and Vonnie were standing together, an arm round each other, looking alternately at each couple. They looked so beautiful, mother and daughter.

Sue fucked me steadily for a few minutes, then started to speed up and slam down on me. I stared into her gorgeous young face, with the green-brown eyes and huge pupils, as we started to cum. Her potent little pussy surged and pulsated round my big hypersensitive cock and then I was pumping sperm into her, pulse after pulse, thrusting up, until eventually we wound down and she slowed to a stop. She leaned forward and rested on me for a couple of minutes.

‘Roggie,’ she said in my ear, ‘you’re such a fuck!’ The impertinent little minx.

I was searching for a suitable riposte when I realised that I’d dimly heard Jilly cumming in the background. I looked over and there she was, breathing hard as Becky slid the vibrator out of her.

‘What do you think?’ Sally was looking at Becky, ‘did that tell you anything?’

Becky looked a bit puzzled. ‘It told me she’s a slut like the rest of us,’ she said.

‘I see,’ was all Sally said.

‘How can she be a slut?’ I said, ‘she’s only had one man and now you.’

‘Yeah she came though didn’t she? Even though it was forced. Anyone could just stroll up and make her cum.’

‘Nah,’ Sue was still Jilly’s friend, ‘she wouldn’t cum for just anyone. You are sexy, you know, and she has fucked you, hasn’t she?’

‘Only ‘cos I was fucking tied up,’ Becky didn’t want to give up Jilly’s victim status just like that.

‘Yeah but still,’ Vonnie was loyal to Jilly as well, ‘she didn’t cum for you in the leisure centre did she? Now she just did, that’s ‘cos she’d fucked you. You’re not exactly a stranger are you?’

I had to smile to hear Yvonne’s implacable logic applied to someone else. Sally intervened anyway, before the argument could heat up.

‘Why do you say the rest of us are sluts?’

Becky looked a bit trapped suddenly. She didn’t say anything, so Sally continued: ‘How did you lose your innocence, anyway?’ Becky still didn’t reply.

‘OK, well how old were you?’ Sally was being kind, but persistent.

Becky still wouldn’t say anything and Sally let it drop. There was something there, but it would have to wait.

‘Alright never mind,’ Sally picked up the baby oil and went over and lay down on the other side of the hapless, spreadeagled Jilly, ‘let’s share her for a bit.’

Meanwhile Vonnie was coming over. I’d made up my mind not to let her get me hard and take advantage of my tied-up state. Incest with her mother was one thing, they were both so beautiful it seemed quite natural they would be attracted to each other, but father/daughter was something else - something more taboo with its implications of inbreeding.

But Vonnie just stroked a delicate hand over Sue’s shoulder. Sue sat up, still straddling me, and Vonnie bent down and kissed her. Sue dug up the damp cloth from next to me and applied it to Vonnie’s pert tits, making Vonnie gasp with pleasure. She ran it around for a bit, stroking over her tits and nipples, then up onto her neck, then slowly down to her smooth, pert ass. Vonnie was glowing and breathless with arousal; it was so sensuous.

Before I knew what was going on Yvonne was moving onto me and was astride my face, facing towards Sue, with her wet teen pussy insisting on being eaten. My cock was being brought back up by the activity in Sue’s strong little pussy, and I found my resolve fading. It would have been too rejective, I told myself, to just lie there inert and not eat my daughter when she was depending on me.

Vonnie anyway tasted delicious, and her moans as I ate her sounded delicious too. I could sense but not see the girls kissing and fondling each other with the damp cloth, as Sue started to ride my cock again.

We continued for some time until the girls closed in on their orgasms. We were all so connected I knew we were all going to cum together, and I put my best efforts into my pussy-eating. I felt the pulsating and vibrations build again around my cock in Sue’s potent little quim and I started to cum into her again, listening to the gasping and groaning above me and feeling the final desperate writhing of Vonnie’s labia on my face.

There was a minute’s winding down then the girls got off and I could see again. I looked over. Jilly was shiny all over with baby oil where the two older women had been massaging her. I could just heard Sally talking, very quietly, to Becky, but I couldn’t make out the words.

Becky was being gentle, stroking Jilly’s amazing young tits, while Sally was slowly fucking the helpless girl with the small vibrator and playing with her clit. Jilly was sighing with pleasure. I got the impression she'd had a cum while Sue and Yvonne were fucking me, and now Sally was continuing with some kind of teaching Becky about sensual sex. As opposed to brute fucking with the big black ribbed beast of a vibrator that was Becky’s normal modus operandi.

I realised that in the end Sally was going to get Becky to open up about herself; it was only a matter of time. The girls would be the catalyst. Once she did, the affection in the relationships around her would be a way forward for her, somehow. She would always be dangerously sexy though.

It looked quite likely, I pondered, that Becky and the girls would be around for some time to come. The girls were getting rather naughty though, a bit cocky and disobedient it seemed to me.

Sally looked over at me with her beautiful smile, enjoying herself. It was high time I fucked her again, once I’d recovered from Sue. ‘Ready for afternoon tea?’ she asked.

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