This is part 3 of Ryan's Sleepover. I recommend you read the previous parts first. This is a true story.
Weeks had passed...
I hadn't really thought much about it since. Sometimes i would imagine it while jacking off, but the memory wasn't as detailed as it was before.
Things got back to normal between me and Ryan. We hung out, watched films, played games. It was as if nothing had happened.

We sat at the benches during a lunch break in school.
" My parents are going to a wedding this weekend, my sister is coming over to stay with me while they are gone." Ryan's parents were highly protective over him, so he rarely got any free time without them. " do you fancy sleeping over mine for the weekend? You can bring you xbox down and we'll play some Halo."

I hadn't slept over Ryan's since that night. I figured we had moved on from it now, so I had no problem in accepting his offer.

"yeh, ok, sounds like a laugh."

It was the night of the sleepover. My mother just dropped me off at Ryan's, it was a good evening. We ordered pizza, watched a couple of films and played some Halo. His sister had long gone to bed, we were still awake in Ryan's room, laying out our sleeping bags.

"it's really hot tonight! Do you mind if I sleep nude?" Ryan had asked. It was pretty hot, the weather report had said it was the hottest summer of the decade. So I couldn't complain.

"yeh, sure, I don't mind." I wasn't planning on sleeping nude, I slept in boxer shorts.

That night, we didn't really stay up long chatting, we both decided to call it a night around 2am.

About an hour later, something had awoken me. I slowly opened my eyes, I could hear the movement of the sleeping bag. I looked over at Ryan to see him masturbating under his covers. He did notice that I was awake, he knew I was a fairly deep sleeper, so he wasn't worried about waking me.
I decided to just close my eyes again and fall back to sleep, it would be too akward if he caught me watching him.
I was laying there for ten minutes, still awake, trying to get back to sleep. Suddenly I heard Ryan's sleeping bag moving a lot more, then the zip to open it. I dared not to open my eyes. I continued to lay there on my back, arms still at my side, trying not to show I was awake.
I could hear him move beside me, he sounded closer. Suddenly I could feel movement above my covers. What was he doing?!
The zip of my sleeping bag began to unzip. I couldnt believe it, I couldn't show him I was awake, it would ruin our friendship. I didn't think he would do much anyway, probably just look.
I could feel the covers being lowered off me, they were now at my knees. My body was now his to look at, my boxers were the only thing between him and my cock.
I could feel his hands on my shorts, he was undoing the button on the front. His breathing got heavier, I could tell that he was still jacking off as I could hear the slippery rubbing noise.
He had now opened my boxers and slowly pulled out my dick through the large opening. I figured this would be it, he would finish off masturbating then would go back to sleep. I was wrong.

Suddenly I could feel him rubbing my cock. His hands were wet, either from his spit or his own Pre-cum, it felt like the latter. He continued to slide his hand up and down my shaft, by this point my dick was starting to swell in his hand, he increased the speed. My dick was now rock hard.
He let go off my manhood, I thought it was over. Until I felt his warm mouth wrap around my swollen head. My body jerked a little when he began sucking, but he didn't notice.
It felt so good, I was close to Coming. But how would he know? Would I come in his mouth?
His tounge was rubbing the underside of my cock, and his warm cheeks were pressed against the shaft. All while my head was rubbing against the back of his throat. I couldn't hold it any longer, my body twitched and my cock tensed, suddenly a spurt of cum shot into his mouth. I tried my best not to show too much movement, otherwise he'd know I was awake, I couldn't help moaning a little though.
Ryan didn't pull my dick out, instead he continued to suck me dry, Im guesing he was swallowing every drop.
Finally I stopped coming. My cock began to soften in his mouth. He finally pulled it out. It was over.

But then I heard him spit into his hand, it wasn't over. He hadn't come yet. He scooted closer to me, he was now sitting above my legs, his cock meeting my cock. I could feel him rubbing my cock and balls again, while he continued jacking off. His panting got louder and heavier, he was rubbing my balls and knob faster and harder, I could tell he was about to come.
With a loud moan, he shot his load all over my cock, it was covered in Ryan's come. I could feel his leg muscles twitching on me. He was rubbing the slippery head of his cock onto my knob.

He eventually lifted himself off me and walked out of the room, I could hear the bathroom light turn on, I'm guessing he was cleaning up. I took this opportunity to open my eyes and look down at his work. My cock was covered in his come. It had run down onto my balls and down towards my ass. How was he going to fix this?!

I could hear the bathroom light switch off, so I quickly closed my eyes again. He knelt back down beside me again. He began wiping my cock with some tissues, my shaft was almost dry when he moved onto my balls. He cupped them and wiped the tissue over them. Then he opened my legs slightly, and put his hand down between my legs and under my balls. He was actually wiping by my ass. His fingers, wrapped in tissue paper was smoothing through the line of my ass, until he got to my asshole. He spent a liitle more time in that area, rubbing his finger over my tight unpenetrated hole. It was the first time I had ever been touched in that area. It was quite sensitive and kinda felt good.

Finally he finished cleaning me and chucked the tissues in the bin, the evidence had disappeared. He covered me back up again and got back into his sleeping bag.
I could hear his light snoring shortly after.
I couldn't believe what had just happened, I could not take it all in.
I then realised, I still had another night sleeping over Ryan's.
Would he try this again?

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2011-08-27 18:57:44
make pt4 bi guy here thanks oneguy for all your effort. This is HOT

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2011-08-27 18:57:02
make pt4 bi guy here thanks oneguy for all your effort.


2011-08-11 17:29:42
Thanks for the comments guys.
My name is Daniel by the way.
Considering these are true stories, I can't chane what happened, but I assure you, it does go further. Part 4 shouldnt be too long. :)

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2011-08-11 15:37:19
could ryan maby fuck him in the next story


2011-08-11 07:36:30
What is YOUR name? (Even if it's a fake name) it is just easier to fantasize about this if I have names for all main characters.

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