This is continuing my first story, Ryan's Sleepover. This is a true story.
Ryan had just given me a blowjob, I couldn't believe it.
But now he was expecting me to return the favour. Could I really suck another guys cock? Before this night I hadn't even thought of looking at another cock, let alone sucking one. This was all new and moving fast...I wasn't sure if I could keep up.

"I don't think I can." I told him, still unsure of how to progress the situation.

"go on, it's time to give something back, fair is fair." Ryan replied. I could tell he was really eager for a blowjob. I couldn't blame him, it's every teenage guys dream to get a blowjob, this is just not the way I had pictured it.

" ok, I'll try it." I gave in.

He sat on the sofa, legs open. I knelt down in front of him, still unsure how to continue.
His dick was extremely erect, his head swollen and dripping Pre-cum.
Slowly I grabbed it with my hand and started to wank him off.

"I'm gonna want more than a handjob" he said.

I couldn't believe how open he was about it all, I was a little uneasy and unsure. Of course I was curious, but curiosity can only take me so far to my limit. Ryan seemed to have no limit.
I could see he was getting impatient. I lowered my head so my lips were just touching the top of his head. Slowly, I opened my mouth and continued to lower my head. I could feel his dick pushing onto my tounge, and his knob head rubbing against the roof of my mouth. He let out a gentle moan.
I figured that I had just better get on with it, his dick was already inside my mouth...I seemed to have passed my limit.
I sucked gently as I lifted my head, I could feel it twitching against the inside of my mouth.
I continued sucking him for a good five minutes until I could hear his moans getting more and more frequent and louder. I took his dick out.

"carry on! Keep sucking it!" he yelled.

I did what he said and put it back in my mouth. This time he held onto my head as I sucked him. He moved his arms in the rythym of my head, he was gently pushing me further onto his dick.

"argh, I'm gonna cum!" yet he continued to hold my head onto his knob.

He came a second later, he lifted his hands off me and I pulled my head up. A little got in my mouth, It could have been the Pre-cum though,I wasn't sure.
He continued to jack off as he squeezed every last drop out of him.

"that was really good!" he proclaimed.

"uhh, thanks." I was unsure how to respond, but I immediately regretting saying thanks.

After that, we both got dressed and chatted for a half an hour. It was like nothing had ever happened. But I know we were both replaying the last hour back in our heads, trying to make sense of it all, at least I was.

The next morning, we woke up, no mention of the previous nights events. Which I was glad about. I wasn't sure if I regretted what we had done.
I left his that morning and returned back home.

That day was a usual day, homework, chores, video games. Yet I still could not get last night out of my head. I was confused by it all, it made me ask myself a lot of questions which I have never thought of before. Am I gay? Am I Bi? I still considered myself to be straight, I could not have a relationship with another guy. I didnt find them attractive, but girls on the other hand. It was all the excitement of the night, it got the best of us, made us do things we wouldn't normally do. And I'm pretty sure experimenting is normal...right?
I had no answers.

That night, not long before bed, I deciding to have a quick shower. I'm usually quick in the shower, get everything clean and get out. But this time I took my time. As I started to was my cock and balls, I found my self getting horny. I continued to rub the soapy lather into my cock. A quick wank seemed like a good idea. I leaned against the wall and started tugging. Images of Katie, Laura and Sophie came into my head, the hot girls at school. They were my usuals. But now Ryan had joined them. His cock...I could picture his cock, it was like it was right in front of me again. I just could not get it out of my mind. I replayed the whole event in my head, every word and detail. It was one of the best wanks I had ever had.

It was until a few days later I spoke to ryan again. We went to the park together and just hung out on the roundabout. It was there that Ryan brought it up.

"so have you thought much about the other night?"

I didn't know what to say, should I admit that I jacked off over the memory of it every night since it happened?

"not really" I couldnt admit it. "have you?"

"yeh, a little, it gets me horny sometimes. It's the first time I've ever done anything sexual with someone else, so of course I'm gonna remember it." It made sense, this was our first sexual experience.
"would you ever do it again?" he asked shyly. His courage and openess from the other night had left him.

"I'm not was good, but I'm not sure if it's right for me." My head was still unsure what to make of the questions, even though they had been all I was thinking about since it happened.

"okay, let's put it behind us then, it was just an experiment." he said, trying to make the situation a little more comfortable.

The problem was however, I'm not sure if I could put it all behind me. A teenage can get some pretty wild urges...


2012-06-26 10:13:23
What an image you convey: "Slowly, I opened my mouth and continued to lower my head. I could feel his dick pushing onto my tongue , and his knob head swell..."

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2012-06-11 02:58:41
Love it love it love it it was so different and sexy I just loved it

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2011-08-09 01:06:44
when can we expect part 3?? hopefully soon. great story so far!!!

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2011-08-09 00:17:21
Great story, hopefully it won't take a year for the next part :P lol

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Great story, hopefully it won't take a year for the next part :P lol

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