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Alisia & Sabrina

Chapter 5. Alisia mows the lawn.

Something wakes me up. This time I know immediately I am in Alisia’s bed and it’s the next morning. Hoping for her smiling face, I turn my head; but I am alone in her big bed. Looking at my dive watch I see it’s after ten in the morning. A droning noise comes through the windows from outside. “The new lawn mower”, I think.

After I put on my jockey’s I walk down the steps and look out of one of the front windows, expecting to see Alisia. Instead there is a ‘babushka’ in the front yard pushing Alisia’s new mower. What is this?

You know what a ‘babushka’ is? It’s a Russian word which I loosely translate into ‘old women sweeping the streets in front of the Kremlin’. You have seen the pictures. The person in the front yard looks like one. On her feet are what looks like an old pair of Army boots; her pants are dark gray sweat pants at least three sizes too large. They look dirty and old. Her body is covered by a similar looking, too large sweat shirt. On her head is a black scarf.

It’s the large Hollywood sun glasses which give away Alisia’s secret. Babushkas do not wear designer glasses.

“It’s mom in disguise”, I hear Sabrina say next to me. She jumps up on the couch and we watch her mom mowing the grass. Sabrina adds: “She does not want the neighbors watching her cut the grass in shorts. She does not put on a show for guys driving by.”

I know exactly what she means. Driving through suburban neighborhoods in the summer I can always see one or two house wives riding a lawn mower in a bikini. If you look at the cars driving by, you see the same car more than five or six times.

I notice Sabrina is wearing her ‘granny robe’ this morning and I think she is probably naked under it. Before I can reach for her belt, she says: “Mom left some notes for you.”

I ask: “What’s up?”

“Mom said for you not to come outside in the front yard. She does not want the neighbors to see you. Plus she pulled your truck around back. No one can see our back yard.”

“Second, she says for you to get cleaned up and ready to go to lunch after she finishes in the yard. We have to go eat before we go to dance practice.”

Sabrina leans over to me and whispers into my ear: “Fucking Alisia before lunch is not an option, so forget about it.” I didn’t think about it, but now it’s in my head. Before I could engage my brain, my mouth says: “I’d rather be fucking you instead, you little witch.”

Sabrina smiles widely and slaps my ass: “You wish.”

After I shave and shower, I dig through my Go bag for my casual jeans and a black t-shirt. Several girls have told me how ‘hot’ my ass looks in the cowboy jeans. We’ll see if Alisia and Sabrina agree.

In the kitchen I fix a cup of coffee and I hear the lawn mower coming into the back yard. Alisia stops by her small pool, sits down and pulls off the boots. Next she peels of the large trousers and sweat shirt. Good grief, she is naked under this outfit. Well, nearly naked. When she turns toward the house I can see a bikini top made of two bright lime green Band-Aid sized strips. Her pussy is covered by an equally tiny shimmering strip.

She shakes out her hair, puts on a pair of jogging shoes and starts cutting the smaller back yard. What a show. When she marches away, her ass wiggles and when she comes back her giant tits bounce. There is only one thing to do. I race upstairs and get my camera from my bag.

When I get back I see mini-me Sabrina handing her mom a bottle of water. Alicia stretches and nearly pops the top to her bikini before she sips the water. And what is mini-me wearing you may want to know? Of course, she has a matching shimmering Band-Aid sized bikini.

Opening the kitchen door just a little I shoot several pictures of them together. My new camera has a powerful zoom system and I get several additional close-up shots of them both. Sweat is running off Alisia and its pure sex.

Alisia gets back to mowing and finishes in about twenty minutes. She comes back to the pool, takes off her sun glasses and wades into the water. Mini-me joins her. I need to talk to a psychologist about this fixation to dress alike.

Two minutes later I see two bikini tops flying through the air and hitting the side of the pool. Sabrina is splashing her mom and Alisia is splashing back like a teenager. It is a totally carefree moment between the two girls. I love it. Since I can’t join them in the pool, I do the next best thing. I grab several large towels and take them outside.

“Pool boy, over here”, shouts Sabrina as she comes out of the pool. She holds her arms wide apart and I play along and wipe her down. My hands spend a lot of time on her nicely shaped small tits where I ‘accidentally’ tweak them both. Then her shapely butt gets the same treatment. She pulls of her bikini bottom off and I spend more time wiping and massaging her long legs. Lastly I finger her pussy, inserting two fingers just to the first knuckle and tweaking her clit. I stop before she enjoys it too much; mom is watching.

As Alisia comes out of the pool she peels off her thong and says: “Pool boy, what do you think?” “Oh Alisia, I can’t say aloud what I think, but I’ll show you later.” They both giggle and I wipe her off too. Starting with her legs, I work up to her pussy. As I lean over, I give her a couple of quick kisses on her mons. Alisia drapes a towel over my head, hiding my face and I let my tongue hit her clit for a few seconds.

Sabrina watches the action and says: “Derrick remember; lunch is later. We have to get ready now.” I think the little she-witch is jealous; but I know what she means. She does not want me to eat her mom’s pussy.

After Alisia takes her shower she sits in her bedroom and puts on her makeup. She is nearly ready to get dressed and I ask her: “Let me get a pic of you.” I show her my camera. She pulls her shoulders back making her tits stand out and smiles: “Derrick, no pussy shots, just to my waist.” I shoot several pics of her beautiful face and tits. I lean over and kiss her and say: “Thank you, baby.”

“Derrick, no naked pictures of Sabrina; please”, Alisia says as her mother’s instinct kicks in. I think she reads my mind.

Sabrina sticks her head in the door and chimes in: “Come on guys I’m ready to go. Derrick needs some steak to build up his energy for tonight.” Laughing loudly she skips down the stairs. Yes, I do have steak at lunch before we go to dance practice.

At the dance studio there is a group of about ten girls and five adults. The instructor is a tall, thin woman who looks like a ‘no-nonsense’ type who puts the class through some hard routines. Visitors, consisting of people who look like parents, sit in the back on folding chairs. All the dancers wear black leotards and white leggings.

Toward the end of the lessons the whole group performs a routine which looks like something for a recital. After the instructor leaves about half of the girls leave also; but the rest do stretching exercises with the music.

I notice three smaller girls off to the side doing leg stretches and their fathers or grand-pas helping by pushing their legs wide apart. The guys are also massaging the girl’s calves and thighs. Because they are facing away, I can’t see it well; but it looks like there is a lot of touching of little pussies going on. Yea, no wonder grand-pa likes to help.

One girl whom I would describe as normal sized, not the usual skinny dancer type, is off by herself doing stretches. Alisia and Sabrina are working as a team next to her. Sabrina brings the girl over to me and says: “Derrick, this is my best friend, Cissy. Do you think you could do some stretches with her?”

Cissy is older than Sabrina and taller. After I am introduced I find out she is thirteen and lives in a sub-division near my house. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her legs are long and the leotard does not hide her nice sized breasts. Her nipples stand up and poke the material. Since I’m sitting, they are right in front of me and it’s obvious she does not wear a sports bra like Alisia and Sabrina.

Cissy takes me over to a corner and gets back to doing stretches. When she lies on her back and spreads her legs a nice camel toe is in my face. Cissy tells me how to push and flex her legs downward to assist her leg extensions. Sweat glistens from her body and when my face gets near her pussy a slight musky odor hits me.

Holy smokes, two days ago I never thought about teenage pussy. Yesterday I was in a bathroom and got surprised by a naked pre-teen. Today, I’m thinking about leaning over and kissing Cissy’s pussy right here on the dance floor.

Cissy yelps and grabs her left leg and she moans: “Cramp, help me. Rub my calf.” I rub her calf and immediately feel a big knot where her muscles cramped up. Working on it for a few minutes loosens her up and she tells me: “Oh that feels much better. Do my thighs, too.” So I work on her thighs for a couple of minutes and she pushes her other leg at me for some of the same. While I’m massaging her right leg, Cissy lays back and smiles. Little moans accompany my strokes as my hands work high up on her thigh. I’m enjoying the view of her camel toe, but I keep my finger away from it.

Cissy lies back and opens her legs wide and does more leg stretches. She puts her hand on mine and says: “Rub my muscles like this while I exercise.” Starting at one calf she moves my hand up her leg to her thigh and right into her pussy then down the other leg. She repeats the move the other direction and my hand again rubs over her pussy.

She stretches her legs into the air and scissors them closed just as my hand is on her pussy. Cissy’s eyes are closed and I push my fingers into the material of her leotard feeling her mons. She scissors her legs open and I slide my hand down her leg and try to act like nothing happened.

Cissy opens her eyes and says: “You are doing it just right. About five minutes more, Ok?” I answer: “Whatever it takes, Cissy.” When I glance at Alisia, she and Sabrina are doing a good job of acting like they don’t see what’s happening.

The third time Cissy scissors her legs closed I get a surprise. Her leotard seems to have mysteriously moved to the side and my hand hits naked pussy. The invitation is obvious and my middle finger slides into Cissy’s pussy. I finger her for a minute and Cissy rocks against my finger. Suddenly she grabs my arm and holds me and her body gives a little shiver. I think Cissy definitely had a mini-orgasm.

Cissy opens her eyes, gives me a big smile and says: “Thanks Derrick, that was just wonderful.” She reaches up and gives me a nice kiss right on my lips. She grabs my hand and sticks my middle finger into her mouth and licks it clean as she looks hard into my eyes. My brain almost stops because it has only one thought now – I need to fuck this girl.

A minute later my brain goes back into regular gear and I’m thinking about Alisia and Sabrina. What now? When I look at where they are exercising they both are grinning at us. “So, do you like Cissy?” Sabrina asks. My face blushes and I keep my mouth out of trouble by saying only: “She is a very nice girl.”

Cissy and the girls grab their gear and get ready to go. In a few minutes we all stand by the door and Sabrina asks Cissy if she needs a ride. Cissy needs a ride, so we all pile into the Volvo. Sabrina and I are in the back seat again and Cissy is up front with Alisia. The girls chatter about dance stuff and I zone out until we are near Alisia’s house. She says: “Derrick, can you take Cissy home in your truck while we get cleaned up?” I answer: “Of course, I need to check on my house and get clean clothing.”

On the way to Cissy’s sub-division I am actually near mine and I ask her: “Do you mind if we stop at my place? I need to get some clean stuff.” Cissy likes the plan and says: “I’d like to see your house. Is it a bachelor pad?” “No it’s a boring place, really”, I tell her.

At my house Cissy gets the mini-tour and she agrees it’s not a ‘pad’, just a normal house. As I go to unload my dirty laundry, she asks: “Is it Ok if I grab a quick shower while you pack?” I show her where the towels are and she asks me to get her bag out of the truck. By the time I come back into the house water is running in the shower.

I was packed and ready to go in ten minutes, but had forgotten it takes teens about twenty minutes to shower. The noise of the hair dryer lets me know she was finally out and we could get going. My mistake!

Cissy comes into my bedroom with a towel wrapped around her. Her hair is now shiny and clean and she has it in a rubber band hanging down on her side. Her side pony tail hangs down to the middle of her back. Light lip gloss makes her lips shine and I see touches of mascara and make up. She is really teenage pretty but not overly beautiful.

“Derrick thanks for helping me in the studio. I really liked how you massaged my legs”, she says as she stands in front of me. I think there is more to come. “Can we do it again?” She drops the towel and moves naked into my arms. Our kiss is hard and long and our tongues tease each other for minutes.

Cissy scrambles onto the bed next to me and stretches out. Her body is really wonderfully tight showing muscles and abs. Her breasts stand up high and appear to be about b-cup size. Her pink nipples are small and look sweet. Quite a handful for a thirteen year old girl. Her pussy is shaved and the lips protrude invitingly. I stare and just drink her in.

She looks at me and laughs: “Derrick don’t just sit there, take your clothes off before I rip them.” I’m naked in ten seconds and my cock is already twitching.

Cissy sees my cock twitching and she grabs it: “Wow Derrick, nice meat.” She strokes me several times slowly and then squeezes hard and pulls me to her mouth. Running her tongue up and down the sensitive underside has me groaning for relief. Cissy’s head goes down on my cock and she holds my cock head inside her mouth with her teeth. I don’t dare move and she uses her tongue expertly stimulating me even more. She pulls me in deeper and strokes me with her mouth until I’m hard.

I think foreplay just went out the window. Cissy has taken the lead and I’m willing to follow to make her happy. She twirls around on her back and puts her legs around my body. My cock is at her pussy. “Derrick, fuck me”, she invites. As I move into her she locks her legs around my ass and pulls hard.

Her pussy is hot and wet as I penetrate her. Gently at first, I push into her slowly to just feel her. She is so very tight, almost virginal. Her legs keep pulling me, urging me deeper until we both feel our bodies are totally joined. As she relaxes her legs I pull back and then stroke back into her again and again. We have a slow steady fuck rhythm going.

For the next five minutes or so we fuck gently and steady and both our breathing picks up. Cissy puts her arms around me and pulls my head down to her and we kiss passionately and deep. She puts her mouth to my ear and whispers: Derrick, you are my first.”

I can’t believe I popped a virgin’s cherry. When I look at her with a question on my face, Cissy giggles and says: “No cherry, the vibrator got it on my thirteenth birthday.” She adds: “Go harder, make me cum and make me a woman. Cum inside me, our school gives out ‘the pill’ like candy.” I will blame it on the liberals who run our schools; it’s the reason I am fucking a thirteen year old. Works for me.

Fucking harder and deeper makes Cissy moan as she pushes back on me. We are both working hard to get us off. My balls are churning as I get near to cuming and I try to hold it until Cissy cums first. “A gentleman does that; makes sure she cums first”, my thoughts make me laugh. But sweet Cissy does not disappoint me as she comes off the bed hard against me when her climax hits her. Her legs lock against me and she pulls me into her even harder. She is gasping deeply over and over and lets out a little scream.

The third time she pulls me into her as she spasms makes me cum and hot Jizz shoots into her. Cissy feels it deep in her pussy and her eyes get wide. Her mouth emits a long “Oooh, wow it is so hot.” Her arms and legs are tight around me and she squeezes as hard as she can. “Don’t move”, she tells me as we lay locked together on the bed.

Cissy holds me for several minutes with my cock deep inside her before she relaxes. “Oh Derrick that was wonderful.” I tell her she was wonderful for me too.

Unfortunately Cissy says she really has to get home and we get dressed. Cissy has figured out I work from home when she saw my office and she tells me I can pick her up from school every day if I want. We decide that twice a week may work but any more would probably be a problem for her. Cissy says she will do like other teenage girls and tell her parents she is at a sleepover. Then she can spend the night here.

I don’t tell her this is getting way too complicated, since I am already the new ‘stud’ for Alisia and Sabrina.

When I stop at Cissy’s house she gives me a quick kiss, slips her tongue into my mouth and whispers: “I love you Derrick. Next time we’ll take more time so I can do you too.” It makes my cock hard.

Chapter 6. Derrick spends a second night.

On the way back to Alisia’s house, from dropping of Cissy, I had some serious thinking going on. I liked meeting twenty-nine year old hottie Alisia and fucking her while her husband was out of town. But her eleven year old daughter Sabrina has turned me into a pedophile. First she has me eat her pussy and then she hooks me up with thirteen year old Cissy. It is heavy stuff on my mind.

By the time I get back to Alisia’s house I realize how much time has passed, the afternoon is nearly gone. As I park my truck in the backyard, my mind goes: “I hope the girls aren’t pissed.” When I enter the kitchen the smell of fresh cooking hits me. “Wow, now this would be nice to come home to every evening”, I say as Sabrina jumps into my arms and says: “Welcome home, Derrick.” Her tongue is in my mouth for a quick French kiss.

Holy smokes; this is what a daughter should be saying to her father not her mother’s boyfriend. Alisia is by the stove with an apron on. Both girls are dressed alike again in tight fitting jeans with yellow tops. As Alisia bends down to check the oven, I get a glimpse of bare tits under her blouse.

When Alisia stands up she catches me staring and smiles. “Dessert is way later”, she says laughing. I guess the girls are not mad for me being late and apparently I’m just in time for a home cooked dinner.

When Sabrina leaves the room, I tell Alisia that we have to talk about our situation. “I need your advice as a woman and mother”, I tell her.

“What’s going on, Derrick?” she asks.

So I tell her I think I’m in love with her. But I have concern about Sabrina and now Cissy.

Alisia says: “Cissy is easy to understand because I’ve known her for years. She is shy and lonely. You just came along at the right time. She probably will want you to fuck her, too. But when she gets ready to leave, let her go. Treat her real nice. Then let the little bird fly free.”

“Yea, she wants me to pick her up after school”, I answer.

“And she’ll get you into bed one of these afternoons”, Alisia says. I don’t tell her – been there, done that.

“How about Sabrina?” I ask.

“Sabrina is almost twelve and she wants to know about sex. These little girls can see sex on the internet and they want to do it too. Plus the older girls are sending naked pictures of themselves to every boy they know. I don’t want Sabrina doing this stuff. Teach her that real life is different. I don’t care what you do with her here in this house, except remember my rule – no fucking. You are all mine.”

“Yes dear”, I say seriously like she was giving her husband a lecture, then we both laugh. Alisia has put the food on the table and dinner is ready. Sabrina comes back in and asks: “Guys, what so funny?”

Alisa says: “I was just reminding Derrick that tomorrow is a school day for you. Early bedtime tonight for you, young lady.”

“Oohh mommy, can Derrick tuck me in and put me to sleep?” the little witch asks and winks at me. Alisia rolls her eyes and murmurs: “Good grief, baby. Wasn’t last night enough?” Sabrina shakes her head and says: “More please”, like one of the kids in the movie asking for a second helping of pudding.

We chuckle and eat. Afterwards we relax in the living room until it’s bedtime for Sabrina. “Derrick come tuck me in”, she says as she grabs my hand and we head for her bedroom.

In her bedroom, Sabrina reaches up and unbuttons my shirt and then kneels down and unbuckles my jeans. With one deft move she pulls my jeans and jockeys to the floor. My cock springs out in anticipation and is already half hard. Sabrina grabs my cock and again pulls the skin back. Her mouth goes over my cock head and her tongue hits the underside making me squirm.

Suddenly she lets go and looks at me seriously: “Oohh, Derrick’s been a very, very bad boy”, she says in a mocking tone, “I smell pussy juices on you. Did you fuck Cissy?”

Well, what do you say when a girl has you by the balls and she is squeezing? So I just nod a ‘Yes’.

“I think Derrick has to be punished and he has to do whatever I ask. Otherwise I’ll tell Alisia.”

I just nod again. Now the little she-witch is able to blackmail both me and her mother.
“Oohh goody, this will be fun”, she giggles as she sucks me into her mouth and moves her head against me hard. I am in her throat again, but she turns lose quickly before she chokes. A few more minutes of sucking me off and I’m hard.

Sabrina peels her clothes off quickly and gets into ‘the position’. She spreads her pussy lips wide open with her fingers and says to me: “Rub me with your cock.” I move into position, grab my cock head and rub her pink pussy from the bottom up to her clit and back down again. We do it several times and she pushes hard against me when my cock is in the deeper part of her pussy.

Sabrina reaches down and says: “Let me do it, Derrick.” She grabs my cock and pushes its head against her small hard clit. She uses my cock like a vibrator rolling it over her clit and massaging herself. “A live human vibrator”, I think. It makes my hard cock twitch and she grins as it jumps in her hand.

“Derrick, I’m going to try something”, Sabrina whispers. Her pussy lips have now nearly closed over my cock head and I feel moisture on me. Looking down it seems I’m about a half inch inside her. She grabs my cock a little harder, points me into the middle of her pussy and tells me: “Push, but only an inch.”

Shit, this is getting dangerous. Mommy can tell if her baby gets popped. “Sabrina, be very careful. I can’t pop your cherry”, I warn.

“Ok Derrick, go for it slowly”, she answers. When I push, her tight pussy envelopes me and squeezes back. Because Sabrina is so wet I manage to get into her about an inch and I stop. She is breathing hard and fast and her hands are clutching the sheets hard. Her eyes are shut tight in a grimace.

“We are together, locked like dogs”, I think as we wait for a minute. Sabrina looks at me and smiles: “Wow, Derrick, I love it when you eat my pussy; but this is really nice. Just a little bit more, please.” When I put most of my weight on her I slide in a tiny bit more and hit a something. “Hymen!” I think.

“That’s it Derrick; as far as you can go. Please fuck me just a little.”

I pull back until my cock head nearly pops out and push back into her. When I hit her hymen the second time she moans: “Yes, do me Derrick.” And I do; setting up a nice short stroke to give Sabrina a mini-fuck.

In a few minutes Sabrina’s womanly instincts kick in and she rock her pelvic with my strokes. We are in bliss but as Sabrina rocks harder I’m hitting her hymen more often. Scared of popping her cherry, I pull further out and shorten my strokes. It allows me to stroke her faster and Sabrina pushes herself to move even quicker.

A few more minutes of mini-fucking and Sabrina yelps and twitches hard under me. Her legs shoot straight up as a hard climax rolls over her from head to toe. The pillow is back over her face as she muffles her cries. Her tight belly is rippling with several convulsions and her pussy squeezes me tight. I keep my cock inside her and just roll with her jerks.

In a minute or two she recovers and falls back on her bed. No whimpering tonight. With a really big smile she says: “Derrick I can keep a secret, even from my mom. You are going to fuck me every night. We can do it without popping my cherry.”

I answer her with a question: “Every night? You wish.” She gets the joke; it’s the line she used on me this morning. We both laugh and she pulls me down next to her and cuddles to me. I pull a blanket over us and hold her. Kissing her tenderly on her lips my hands massage her small breast and help her relax.

The little she-witch doesn’t know she did punish me. By not cuming and having to hold off, I have a serious case of blue balls. Fortunately, in five minutes she is sound asleep. I take a quick shower and let my cock relax, before joining Alisia back in the living room.

“Is she asleep”, she asks. And like the night before, I answer: “With even a bigger smile on her lips.”

Alisia says: “Don’t sit down. Mommy wants her boy-toy in her own bed.”

Alisia’s bedroom is a surprise; it’s in ‘romantic’ mode. Subdued light comes from a small table lamp and the air is strawberry scented from a candle flickering on the night stand. The soft pink walls reflect the light and give the room the appearance of evening sunlight.

New satin sheets and pillow cases in a soft pink help the romantic mood. Alisia stands by the bed, turns her back to me and lifts her arms. I move behind her real close and pull the yellow blouse over her head. Reaching around her, I cup her tits and let my fingers play with her nipples.

Kissing her neck and ears with soft kisses gets Alisia moaning. Her hands cover mine and we both play with her tits, now squeezing and pinching her nipples. She moves her ass and grinds into my crotch.

I see Alisia’s front in her vanity mirror and I see myself playing with her tits. “Alisia, you’re the most beautiful girl I know. I do love you”, I whisper to her. “I’ll tell you a secret”, she replies, “You are the only man I’ve fucked since I got married, except him.” She nods her head toward the wedding picture.

I cannot believe my luck and tell her so. “Then you can handle the bad news”, she replies, “In the morning you have to leave. I have a cleaning crew coming to erase any signs of a man in this house. Hubby will be home the next day.”

“How about next week?” I ask and Alisia tells me her hubby will be home for two weeks. “Derrick, next month I have to go to California for a week to work on a TV contract. You can come if you want.” A week in CA with her sounds just great. “Of course, it’s a date”, I say.

We play for a few minutes more before I rotate Alisia around and attack her tits with my lips.

Sucking her nipples into my mouth makes the tips get hard and elongated. I squeeze and roll them between my lips moving from the left to the right and back. Alisia has her fingers in my hair and guides my mouth to her favorite spots.

“Oh God, come on”, Alisia says and kneels down in front of me. In a half a minute she has my jeans unbuckled, pulled down to the floor and my cock is in her mouth. My brain goes: “Mother like daughter, what a reversal.” Except her cock sucking skills rate a top of the scale.

She teases my cock head with her lips and her tongue slides out of her mouth and glides down the sensitive underside. Alisia’s eyes look directly at me and when a moan escapes my lips she grins. She knows she is doing a good job. One hand is on my balls and she pulls my cock into her mouth, swallows me down her throat and then quickly releases me.

The effects of the deep throat hit me a few seconds later and I twitch like crazy. Alisia looks at me and says: “Oohh I think somebody likes deep throating.” My fingers are in her hair and it takes a lot of restraint not to just pull her back onto my cock.

But she plays nice and does it again. Nearly hard now I can feel her throat closing on my cock head as she pulls me in and holds me tightly. Her hand on my balls plays with them like she has a pair of marbles, massaging and squeezing. I’m not going to last long.

“Alisia, I’m going to cum in a minute if you keep this up” I warn her. She nods her head and pulls her head back and then impales herself again. Her throat is massaging and squeezing my cock head and I last about three more minutes. When it’s obvious I’m about to cum, my legs shaking hard, she puts her hands on my ass and holds me tight against her mouth.

Jizz shoots out of my cock and down Alisia’s throat and now I hold her head against me. No escape even if she wanted to until I fill her full. Her throat is in a spasm and I can feel her swallowing hard. Three good loads and I’m spent. When I release her head she pulls back and takes a big gasp of air. My hard cock waives in front of her face.

Alisia has turned into a horny slut. Her mouth is back on my cock and she tongue cleans me from tip to root. “Did you like?” she whispers. “I didn’t want to cum so fast”, I say, “but it’s a most wonderful gift.”

“It’s my present to you for the past two days. But we have all night”, Alisia says as she strips her jeans off and climbs on the bed.

As I look at her pussy I know that as soon as I recover I’m going to do what I promised her earlier; fuck her brains out.

And during the next two weeks when I cannot see her, there is always Cissy after school.

Yes, I have turned into a sex maniac and a pedophile. Life is wonderful.

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I hated it when my company transferred me. She was 25 and I was forty. God she was tight.

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