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Alisia & Sabrina

Chapter 3. Sabrina talks about boys.

Sabrina drags me into her room and I am stunned. It is a princess’s fairy tale. Of course the walls are light pink and her bed must be a double or larger. But the big surprise is the ‘trophy wall’.

One wall is built to display trophies, ribbons and photos. Trophies of all sizes show Sabrina winning dance and beauty contests. There are several professional photos of her dancing along with a few large glamorous headshots. I may feel sorry for her; because it is obvious she has been posing since she was a baby. Sabrina sees me staring at the wall and says: “Yea, I know. It grabs you when you see it the first time. This is what the stupid bitches at school don’t understand. It’s all work for me, not fun.”

She pulls me to the bed and we fall into it. Sabrina climbs up my chest and locks her lips to mine. Her tongue pushes into my mouth and she explores me for minutes before we break to breathe. Her hard nipples press into my chest. Hey, we are supposed to be talking, like two normal naked people. Yea.

Do I have to remind you who I have laying on top of me? Sabrina is eleven years old with her twelfth birthday coming up. She is about five feet, six inches tall and has a dancer’s hard body. Naturally she is slender with long legs. Blue eyes with long lashes lets her play with you when she plays coy.

As we lay on the bed her small breast and hard nipples push into me like little darts. Plus she slides up and down on me, so her pussy rides over my cock who will probably wake up shortly after the workout with her mom. Before we get out of control, I ask what she wants to know about boys.

“Derrick, I don’t have a boyfriend and the older boys want to date me. What am I going to do?” So I say: “Sabrina, do you want me to tell you the absolute truth or just make you feel good?” She says she can handle the truth.

“Sabrina, you are very smart, you are very beautiful and you have worked hard all your life. Here is the truth about teenage boys. There may be one out there who will really love you for who you are; but the other ninety-five percent want you as a trophy. Look at your wall. That is what you will be on some guy’s bedroom wall, his trophy for his first date, his first blowjob or his first fuck. Or whatever other lies he will tell.”

Her bright blue eyes blink several times, as if tears were about to fall. “So what am I going to do?”

“Baby, you are not going to date a boy alone or get into the backseat with one. Always go with a group of girls whom you can trust to watch your back. Do that until you are sixteen”, I tell her seriously.

“Will you be the one out of ten, who will love me?” she asks. Now that is a tough question to answer when you are in bed naked with a pre-teen who is playing with your cock.

“Yes baby, I will love you and your mom, too. Now you have to be totally sure you can handle it and keep it quiet. This is not something to talk about with the ‘bitches’ in your school.” Sabrina giggles and says: “You mean I can’t talk about this?” as she strokes my cock. “Yes, you can’t talk about that or this”, I answer and stroke her pouty pussy.

Sabrina asks: “Derrick, are you older than my mom?” I tell her I am thirty-two and she says her mom is twenty-nine. She adds: “And you are in good shape, too.” At five feet eleven and about 180 pounds, I try to keep fit, but the dancer’s bodies from these two hotties puts me to shame.

So I say: “No, you and your mom are in extraordinary shape and beautiful, too. You put me to shame.” Sabrina likes it and we kiss some more. Meanwhile, her slow stroking has my cock standing up, but not quite hard.

Sabrina scoots down and puts her head near my cock. “OMG, you are getting hard”, she giggles. Somewhat unsure she moves closer, opens her lips and sucks the head of my cock into her mouth. She looks at me and her eyes open wide. “Oh, I think I taste your cum and my mom’s pussy.”

Her head goes back to my cock and she puts it back into her mouth, holds it with her lips and plays her tongue over it. When she hits the sensitive underside, my cock twitches hard and it makes her giggle again. This time she does not turn loose.

I grab Sabrina’s head and push her down very gently and slowly and then pull her back up. We do it again and she learns fast. She takes over, sucking me harder and moving up and down faster. Her lips are so soft and it’s heavenly. I relax and try to make it last as long as I can.

Sabrina comes up for air, inhales deeply and says: “How am I doing?” I tell her she is superb and it feels wonderful. She keeps stroking me with her hand while we talk. Before she puts her mouth back on my cock, she grins and says: “You have to do me next, no excuses.” I just grin a ‘Yes’ and push her head down.

Sabrina is doing some serious sucking. She moves up and down even faster and sucks me so hard it almost hurts. “Baby, I’m going to cum in a minute”, I warn her. She looks up at me, smiles around my cock and goes back to sucking me. A little less hard, thanks goodness.

I don’t last much longer and with a loud groan I fill Sabrina’s mouth with cum. This time her eyes get really, really big. I think she doesn’t know what to do, so I coach her: “Swallow it, baby, except for the last shot. Keep that one in your mouth.” As she looks at me, I see her close her eyes and swallow twice.

Her eyes open as I shoot my last load into her and she does not swallow. My cock stays in her mouth as I relax and enjoy the moment. Sabrina stays glued to my cock for a few more minutes before I pull out and let her show me her open mouth. Her tongue is covered with my cum. “How does it taste, baby”, I ask. She moves her tongue around and replies: “Not bad, just a tiny bit salty. Like I said before, Derrick I love your cock.” Well, that makes me a happy guy because I think there will be more cock sucking in the near future.

Sabrina crawls back on top of me and kisses me again. When our tongues swap back and forth, I can taste some of my own cum. She leans to my side and whispers into my ear: “Can you get me off, now please?”

I smile and roll her onto her back and spread her legs. Her virgin slit is beautiful and sits on a pouty mound. Taking Sabrina’s hands, I show her how I want her to spread her pussy lips open and hold them while I lick and suck until she cums. Using my fingers, I gently massage her outer pussy lips and give her little butterfly kisses on her belly and mons. It gives her a giggling fit and she squirms under me. Yea, you little witch, even if you play with your pussy, you can’t kiss yourself. Welcome to a new sensation.

My lips and tongue move further south and I slide it against her outer lips and lick both sides. “Ooohh”, comes from Sabrina’s mouth over and over as I work both sides of her pussy with my tongue. She seems to be getting hot very nicely and I aim for the prize.

Inserting my tongue as deep as I can into her center has a fantastic result. Sabrina pulls a pillow over her face to muffle her yelps and screams. She tries to pull her pussy away from my marauding mouth but I hold her tight against me and keep drilling my tongue into her. Suddenly Sabrina stops fighting my tongue and rocks her pelvic into me. She is fucking my tongue as hard as she can, rocking faster and faster.

Little Sabrina doesn’t know there are yet more new sensation about to hit her. I am only using my tongue this time; no fingers inside her pussy. Penetration will come later after she confesses what she does to herself.

My tongue moves up to her clit and I rub it hard. Her pea sized clit is hard and bright pink. The tongue rub makes her whole body shake and quiver and minutes later she cums fiercely. Sabrina’s hands grab my head and she pushes me hard into her as her legs scissor closed around my head. Pussy juice flows out of her into my mouth and her nectar tastes ever so sweet.

The bad news is a girl with dancer legs is awfully strong and Sabrina is squeezing me hard enough that it hurts. Plus she is still shaking more than a minute later and I may just suffocate enjoying her juices. Guys are always joking about going to hell this way, but it’s not funny this minute. Finally, she is spent and she curls up in a ball and sobs.

As tears stream down her face, I spoon in behind her, cover us with a blanket and hold her to me. Making soothing noises into her ear, within minutes Sabrina quiets down and she turns to me. “What’s wrong baby?” I ask. “Oh Derrick, nothing is wrong. It’s just so wonderful. I had no idea it could be this earth shaking.” She gives me a big hug and plants kisses all over my face.

“Derrick, I promise you will be the only one who can do this for me. I want you to be mine forever”, she whispers into my ear and nods her head up and down waiting for me to agree.

“Baby, forever is a long time”, I answer, “plus are you forgetting about your mom?” Sabrina looks at me, thinks for a second, and grins: “Ok, I’ll share you with Alisia, but nobody else.” I laugh and tell her she is putting her mom into an awkward position. “She has to work very hard running this house and the dance and beauty contests. It is way harder than it looks. You need to be a team player and help her. Plus, remember, you need to keep us a secret.”

In response Sabrina cuddles me some more as we rest under the blanket. A loud knocking on the door makes us jump as it opens and Alisia says: “Sabrina, get into the shower and get ready to go.” Sabrina wiggles her ass at me as she disappears into her bathroom.

Alisia tells me to come on and shower in her master bath and get ready for dinner. “So, did you talk about boys”, she asks. I tell her that I used the line about her panties hanging in a boy’s room as a trophy and Sabrina understood. Group dating only, I explain.

“What else did she want to know”, Alisia asks. No time to act sheepish, I say: “She had a good time playing with my cock and it turned into a blow job.” Alisia eyebrows rise up and she says: “Well, what did you do?”

I look at Alisia and notice she is breathing a little harder. She is dressed in dark red panties and a dark red half bra, with her nipples showing over the top. So I say: “Ok, I taught her the most important part of a blowjob. Good girls, swallow and yes, she did. My whole load.”

Alisia inhales deeply and I worry she may either faint or kick me out of the house. She says: “You know she is going to blackmail me and use it against me.” I answer: “You may not have a problem, we talked about it and she sees your position. She promised to be a team player.” A minute later, I add: “Of course that was after I ate her pussy and got her off.” I may as well let it all hang out there.

“Jesus, what am I going to do with the two of you? You are just as bad as she is. I want you in my bed, but I didn’t plan on it turning into ‘education’ week. Go get into the shower.” Alisia slaps my butt hard and I get into the shower.

We drive to the restaurant in Alisia’s fancy Volvo wagon. And this is how I came to be in her car a few hours after meeting her and her daughter. The restaurant was about a half hour away, so I think Alisia picked one where she would not be recognized.
We are having a nice dinner and the waitress treats us like we are a family. She fusses over Sabrina and brings her all the special kid’s stuff. It was when the manager came by to check on us, I saw Alisia’s business savvy and negotiating skills kick in.

Remember, Alisia is wearing the bright red bra with her nipples showing and it’s covered by a red blouse with buttons down the front. She has it unbuttoned so just the tops of her breasts peak out. The manager standing over her is getting an eyeful. He asks me if he could take our picture for their guest wall. I look at Alisia and she nods and tells the manager very sweetly: “Sure, we can do that, if you can comp my daughter’s dinner.”

He blinks a couple of time as the two girls smile at him and I can see he really wants a picture of the two hotties. “Of course, no problem at all”, he says as he pulls out a pocket camera. Alisia gets up and moves behind Sabrina and leans forward into the picture. As I back out of the shot, I notice about four buttons on her blouse are now open and one nipple peaks out.

The manager swallows hard and shoots four pictures before Alisia stands up and hides her tits. By the time she sits down, she is totally buttoned up. I have no clue how she did that so fast. She grins at me and says: “Isn’t America great!”

We laugh about it all the way home.

Chapter 4. Derrick spends the night.

Back at Alisia’s house the girls tell me they are going to change into something more comfortable and disappear up the steps. Meanwhile I was to mix up some drinks so that we could relax. About twenty minutes later, Alisia comes down the steps and she is wearing what I would call a ‘granny house coat’. It covers her from top down to her toes. It’s definitely not what I was hoping for. Mini-me Sabrina is behind her in a matching granny house coat. Good grief.

After they settle on a couch I serve the drinks. Young Sabrina tastes hers and makes a face: “It’s just cola”, she whines, “put a splash of whiskey into it so that it warms me up and I’ll take off my robe.” Alisia nods her head and says: “Less than half of a shot glass, please.” When I hand Sabrina her new, very weak drink, she sips and declares: “Much better, Derrick.” She jumps up, whips off her robe and stands before me naked. Oh, much better, seems like the girls have a strip show planned.

I look at Alisia and ask: “And what’s it going to take to make Alisia take off her robe?” She gets up from the couch, comes over and unbuttons my shirt. She answers: “Alisia want to see a naked fireman, do you know one?” Oh yes, I sure do. As she pulls off my shirt, I pull on her sash and her robe opens. Alisia is naked and her high breast point at me like lasers. When I look at her pussy, I see that her little hair triangle has disappeared. I guess she does not need a road sign anymore.

Sabrina grabs my hand and says: “Come on Derrick, its bed time.” I see Alisia turning off the lights and we three head for the bedrooms. Sabrina goes into her own room and says: “You and mom enjoy.”

In the bed, I cuddle Alisia and gently kiss her lips, neck and ears. This time I will be the gently lover whom she needs. Alisia sighs with pleasure and holds me to her. When I move down to her breasts, my tongue runs over her nipples and gets them hard. Nibbling on them makes her moan: “Derrick, Derrick oh I need this so bad.” One of her hands has found my cock and she strokes me slowly but firmly.

After about five minutes of gently kissing and cuddling, she rotates around and her legs straddle my head putting us into a sixty-nine position. I feel her pull the skin on my cock down and her mouth is hot on my cock. Alisia sucks and strokes me with her mouth going all the way down until her chin hits my belly. I am in her mouth as far as I can go. One hand is on my balls and she squeezes me on and off like an exercise ball.

With her pussy in my face, I pull her down on me and lick her from her clit down to her ass. When I push my tongue into her puckered ass, Alisia lift up and says: “Derrick, please not my ass. I’ve never done that.” Well, that is interesting; maybe mom needs some lessons, too. I pull her pussy back down on my face and attack her clit instead.

Alisia likes my tongue on her clit. As I rub her clit harder, she rocks her ass against me. We are rocking hard and steady; just having fun. Alisia has my cock in her mouth all the way and I am near cuming. My legs are quivering and suddenly I feel another, smaller hand on my balls. The preteen witch, Sabrina, has my balls and I hear her girly voice say: “Mommy, I want his cum.”

It sends me over the top and my first shot of Jizz goes into Alisia mouth. I feel her turn loose of my cock and in a second Sabrina’s smaller mouth is on me as I shoot my second and third load.

This sexy scene brings Alisia off and she yelps as she cums hard. Girl juices flood into my mouth and cover my face and she pushes down hard until she collapses. As I raise my head to look down, I see Sabrina cleaning my cock with her tongue. Good girl, she cleans up after eating.

Once we get untangled, Sabrina cuddles between Alisia and me and says to her mom: “Mommy, I’m sorry. I was watching from the door and couldn’t help myself.” Alisia keeps her mouth shut and just shakes her head. Sabrina hugs her mother and squeezes her. “Mommy, I have a problem. I can’t go to sleep; I’m all hot and horny. Can Derrick get me off, please?”

Alisia raises her eyebrows and looks at me: “Derrick?”

I look at Sabrina’s long legs, sweet pussy and small breasts and say in a tone like it’s a real pain in the butt: “Well, if I have to, I can force myself.” Sabrina giggles and Alisia says: “I can’t watch, you guys go to her bedroom.” Sabrina jumps off the bed and shakes her ass at me with a ‘Come and get it’ look and runs to her room.

Sabrina is on her bed and has assumed ‘the position’ I taught her this afternoon. Near the edge of the bed, with her knees cocked and her fingers pulling her pussy lips wide open, she smiles at me. Instead of kneeling down between her legs, I take my cock and position it in the middle of her pussy, rub up and down and give a little shove. “OMG, are you going to fuck me?” she wants to know.

“No baby, not yet. That will be your thirteenth birthday’s present. I just want to let you feel my cock”, I answer as I rub her clit and then move back to her pussy hole and push my cock head into the opening. Of course it does not fit and I don’t yet want to force her. It will happen soon.

“Baby, sit up”, I whisper to Sabrina and she sits on the edge of the bed. It places my cock right in front of her face and she knows what to do. She smiles at me, blinks her baby blue eyes and opens her mouth. “Oohh, for me”, she says before taking my cock into her mouth.

Because I am still soft, I push my whole cock into her mouth and she sits and holds me for a minute and then moves her tongue around the bottom of my cock. I take Sabrina’s hands and put them on my ass and show her how she can pull me into her mouth deeper.

She pulls on my ass cheeks and pushes my cock into her mouth till her nose hits my stomach. Then she relaxes the hold on my ass and I move back out of her mouth. In a minute she has a rhythm going of pulling me in and releasing me. I am face fucking her based on her desire. And she does desire it; moving faster and faster. Her lips squeeze my cock harder and harder. A few minutes later she pops me out of her mouth and takes a couple of deep breaths. “OMG, are you going to cum?” she asks as she looks at me and adds: “You are really getting hard.”

“Baby, that’s the idea. I have another load for you before you go to sleep.” When she takes me back into her mouth and pulls on my ass, I take a chance and push the head of my hard cock into her throat. Sabrina stops moving and her fingers dig into my ass. She holds me in her throat for half-a-minute and then pulls me out. “I can’t do that, Derrick; not tonight. You are too big.” That certainly leaves it open for teaching her later.

“I’m about to cum, baby. Let’s finish”, I say to her and move back into her mouth. Ropes of Jizz shoot into her and she swallows twice. The last load, she keeps in her mouth just like a told her this afternoon. Sabrina smiles, opens her mouth and shows me her tongue covered in cum. “Now you can swallow, like a good girl”, I tell her and she does.

Pushing her back on the bed, I have her assume ‘the position’. This time I do bury my tongue in her pussy. I can’t believe I have not finger fucked her pussy; but she really gets off on being tongued. Trying to speed the process a little, I attack her pea sized clit and it has a good reaction from Sabrina. She is really hot and horny and she jumps and twitches.

Her pussy is already oozing and wet and feels hot. Sabrina jumps and twitches again when I rub my tongue over her clit and she grabs my head and pushes down. This time she does not try to escape like this afternoon. Instead she rocks her hips up into my face as I push my tongue across her clit. I enjoy her rocking up and down and it feels like she is fucking my tongue.

Diving into the middle of her pussy, I let her tongue fuck me hard. She has her hips going fast like only a dancer can. A few minutes later, she falls back nearly exhausted. I know she must be close to cuming because she is moaning and shaking. Before rubbing her clit some more to bring her off, I decide on a small new treat for her. Lifting her legs higher, I smear some of her juices around her little puckered ass.

When I push my finger into her ass just a little, Sabrina nearly comes off the bed. Her eyes open wide and she gasps: “Derrick, OMG, OMG. We can’t do that.” Before my tongue goes back on her clit, I tell her: “Oh, we are going to do a whole lot of that.”

Biting her clit gently sends Sabrina over the top. She gushes and has the pillow on her face again muffling her yelps. When she stops shaking she grabs me: “OMG Derrick, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, baby. Go to sleep now and dream about what we’ll do next”, I say to her as I rub my finger over her pucker.

Back in Alisia’s bed, she asks me: “Did my baby go to sleep?” “With a smile on her face”, I answer.

Alisia looks at me seriously and says: “Don’t plan on fucking her. You are all mine in that department.”

As I pull the blanket over us, I reply: “I will fuck your brains out whenever you want; but maybe I can be Sabrina’s thirteenth birthday present.

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