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Alisia & Sabrina

Chapter 1. Alisia shops for a mower.

Sitting in the back seat of Alisia’s fancy Volvo wagon is very comfortable. I watch her head bobbing in synch with the country music on the radio. She is listening to a girl star who had just won several County Music Awards. The music has us surrounded on the car’s multiple speaker sound system.

From back here, I see her ponytail swaying back and forth where it sticks out of from the hole in the back of her pink cap. A very happy Alisia sings along with the country song. Next to me is her daughter Sabrina, who watches her mom and smiles.

So how did I get into the backseat of a woman’s car, whom I had just met earlier today?

It all started just after noon today, Wednesday, when I was shopping in the big box home improvement store. I had just got off work after a 24 hour shift at the nearby fire station where I am a volunteer. On the way home I decided to stop and get a filter for the lawn mower I bought about a year ago. Being an early summer day, the grass in my yard really needed a cut.

I was kneeling down in the lawn mower aisle looking at the various filters and other stuff on the lower shelves when ‘they’ came around the corner. ‘They’ is an accurate description, because here was a mom and her mini-me daughter dressed alike. Remember, I am kneeling and I am looking at them at waist, or crotch, level.

The mother seems to be in her late twenties or maybe thirty years old. She is about five foot eight or nine, tall and slender. She has a very narrow waist and when she turns sideways I notice her shapely ass. She is wearing the tightest black pants I have ever seen. They stop just below her knees and I figure out later these are dance pants.

On top she wears a matching very tight black shirt which seems like a t-shirt, except it has a narrow slit in the front from the neck down to the middle of her breast. Oh yes, the breasts. Without lying, I say they are huge for her slender frame. Either a gift from God or her plastic surgeon.

On her head, covering light brown hair with streaks of blond is a bright pink baseball hat with the name of a local dance studio on it. Hence, I figured out this is probably a dance outfit.

Next to her is mini-me. I assume it’s her daughter because, not only are they dressed alike, but they also look alike. The daughter looks to be around ten or eleven years old. She is wearing the same body hugging pants and shirt. Mini-me has a very shapely ass also. I can see breasts are hidden under her sports bra and it’s hard to judge any size. The little girl is absolutely beautiful with fair skin and long lashes over her bright blue eyes.

Mini-me has similar long legs like her mother and they look very toned and muscular. So she is probably a dancer also. Naturally she has the same pink cap on her head with the ponytail sticking out the back.

They stop and look at lawn mowers and the daughter tells mom she likes the red one better than the green one. Yes, good way to pick a mower, by their color. Girls, this is not make-up shopping.

So as not to stare, I start reading the mower boxes on the floor. The mowers are displayed on a rack above the boxes. Of course I can’t help glancing at her boobs when I hear: “Hello Derrick, which mower would you buy?” I almost forgot I am wearing my fire department uniform and my name is stitched on the shirt.

“Hi, well it depends. Tell me about your yard.” She tells me about her yard in a nearby suburb with which I am familiar. It’s a gated community not too far from my sub-division.

“And who is going to use the mower?” I ask. She tells me she will use it as part of her exercise program. Looking at her shapely ass, I think she probably puts a mile-a-day on a stair stepper machine.

By now I figured a sales person would show up and push me aside but we are alone in the aisle. So I tell her about the mower I bought last year and recommend an ‘easy start’ model to her. She looks at it as I show her some of the features and she seems Ok with the price. I had already noted the gigantic wedding rings on her hand, so price was probably not important.

Mini-me is taking all this in with wide eyes and listens to me like I actually knew what I was talking about. “I wonder if I can get this big box into my car?” she says as she bends over and looks at the box closely. Since mini-me is looking at me; I do a good job of not staring at her ass wiggling in the air.

“What kind of car do you have?” I ask and she tells me it’s a Volvo wagon. I tell her it probably will not fit and even if it does its going to be a problem loading and unloading the mower. I suggest since I live fairly close to them I can put it into my pickup and follow to her house.

Mini-me likes the idea and squeals: “Please mommy, let him bring it.” Mom introduces herself as Alisia and her daughter Sabrina, who says: “Like the witch, I have heard all the jokes. And mom’s name is spelled in a weird way, blame grand-ma.”

We spend a few more minutes talking about mowers and I sell her a new gas can to go with it. Finally a sales person shows up and we check out and load the box into my pickup truck. Alisia gives me the gate code and I tell her I will be there after I stop for gasoline.

Alisia’s house is upscale nice but not overly opulent. The girls help unload the box and I get my tool box to assemble the beast. The girls go into the house. About thirty minutes later I have the mower going full blast and do a couple of practice runs in the front yard. Everything works great, so I clean up the mess, put away my tool box and go inside to wash up and say good-bye.

Alisia is waiting in the kitchen and as I wash my hands in the sink she pours two shot glasses with a nice expensive whiskey. “Thanks Derrick, you really saved me today. Let’s toast.” We clink the glasses and sip the whiskey. It is superb and goes down smooth. About that time, mini-me Sabrina sticks her head around the corner and chirps: “I heard that, I want one too.”

“Sure thing, baby”, says mom as she lines up three shot glasses. She makes sure I see she pours a cola into one glass and refills ours with whiskey. She hands us the glasses and says: “A toast to fireman Derrick for saving us in the store.” All three of us clink glasses and Alisia and Sabrina sip theirs down. I stand there and tell Alisia: “Sorry, I can’t drink and drive, plus I have been up 24 hours. I need some sleep.”

Alisia says: “Drink up, I have a plan.” She tells me she saw on TV that emergency workers kept a “Go bag” with everything they needed for a three day trip. “Do you have a Go bag?” “Sure”, I answer, “it’s in my pickup.” Alisia tells me to go get my bag and nap here in her house and she will fix a great supper when I wake up. Sabrina jumps around and yelps: “Yes, we need some company. Please get your bag.”

Sound like a plan to me since I don’t like to cook for myself. Supper with these two honeys is a great idea.

When I come back with my Go bag, Alisia takes me upstairs and shows me the master bedroom. It is girly fancy with a king size bed. She tells me to take a shower in her master bath and she would wake me in time for supper. I see a wedding photo on the wall and ask about it. She tells me her husband is a pharmaceutical rep and travels most of the time.

I had figured she would put me in a guest room or on a couch, but I have no problems sleeping in her bed. First, I really need a shower and shave, so I head for the master bath. After shaving I jump into the shower. A fancy shower with multi-heads sure beats my bachelor shower stall.

When I finish, I open the shower door and reach for a towel; but the towels have disappeared. Instead, eleven year old Sabrina is sitting naked on the commode holding a towel for me. “Trade you, towel for a look at your cock.” My brain goes: “WTF, I can’t be in here with a naked kid.”

Sabrina sees the look on my face and says in a girly voice: “Come on, Alisia doesn’t know I am in here unless I scream. I promise I won’t scream if you let me see your cock up close. Now come here.” Bitchy little witch, she is. Let me add, naked bitchy witch, she is.

As I take the two steps to put my cock right in front of her face, I notice she already has nice size tits topped with pink nipples. Maybe two can play here without anyone screaming.

Sabrina takes my cock in her hands and points it up to look at the underside. One hand moves to my balls and plays with them. She pulls the skin back on my cock and studies the swollen head. Then she strokes me up and down slowly and looks up at me and smiles. “Oh yea, Derrick. I think I am going to love your cock. The bitches in my class are always bragging about getting their brothers or friends off.”

Water is dripping on her from me and she hands me the towel, but does not turn loose of my cock. Stroking me gently I can feel that I am getting hard. Sabrina has a good rhythm for a first-timer. “Sabrina, is it really your first time?” I ask her. She bats her blue eyes and answers: “I swear. Of course I see it on the internet.”

“Do you want to kiss me?” I ask hoping the answer will be a yes. Sabrina leans forward and puts her lips on my cock head. Her tongue comes out and swirls around it. Her hand keeps stroking and I am nearly hard. “Open your mouth, baby”, I urge her. When she opens her lips, I push my cock head into her mouth and stop there. Her tongue plays with me and she touches the sensitive underside. If she keeps this up I will shoot Jizz down her throat in a few minutes.

Sabrina has other plans. She pops me out of her mouth and says: “Save it for later, you will need it. Get some sleep.” She stands up kisses me on the lips, gives me a little tongue and disappears out the door. What the hell?

So I crawl into the king size bed and try to go to sleep. The pillows have a perfume scent which must be Alisia’s. All I can think about is those great tits.

Chapter 2. Alisia wakes me.

Something wakes me. You know how one assumes you are in your own bed. I do too until I smell the perfume on the pillow. Then it hits me, I am in Alisia’s house and sleeping in her bed. Plus I already had my cock in her daughter’s mouth. Oh shit, I may be in trouble here. Something else hits me; I am not alone in the bed. I hope naked Sabrina has not climbed into bed with me.

As I turn me head slowly the perfume smell gets stronger and Alisia smiles at me: “So are you rested, Derrick. How does my bed feel?” I notice she has the blanket pulled up to her chin and I answer: “Your bed is awesome and I really like it with you in it.” Alisia gives me a big smile and her expressive blue eyes sparkle. She says: “I’m glad you are in it, too.” She pulls the blanket down and her naked tits pop up.

“Do you like my tits?” she asks coyly as I stare at her. They are pointed and stand straight up and have hard brown nipples topping them. Her skin is lightly tanned and smooth. “He made me get them bigger, but I’ve gotten used to them now”, she says, obviously referring to her husband. I answer: “Alisia, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.” I pull her blanket away and she is totally naked.

Alisia’s firm tummy shows muscles and her pussy is shaved, except for a little triangle of hair pointing downwards as a road sign. I almost have to laugh when I see it. Alisia sees me grinning and says: “I did it as a joke. No one has used it in a year.” I assume ‘It’ is her pussy. I answer: “You gotta be kidding. I expect every guy in town hits on you.”

“Yea, they all want to see my tits, but none of them is honest or trustworthy to keep their mouth shut. You, on the other hand were ready to leave without hitting on me. I think you can be boyfriend material.”

With that she leans over and locks her lips to mine. She has a sweet tasting lip gloss on and I enjoy the new sensations. Alisia pulls back and ask me: “Derrick can you be a gentle lover?” I tell her of course I can, but she answers back: “Well, not today, maybe tomorrow. Today I want you to play with my tits, eat my pussy and fuck my brains out.”

Well, those are direct and to the point instructions. I push her onto her back and squeeze her tits and bite her nipples. She grabs my head and pushes me into her tits hard and gasp: “Yes, like that, but remember my implants.” Pulling on Alisia’s nipples with my teeth makes her groan and moan. I listen carefully because I don’t want to hurt her too much. After about five minutes of rough play she pushes my head down toward her belly.

When I get between her legs, Alisia reaches down and spreads her pussy lips wide, showing pink. Her knees are cocked at an angle and I push my tongue into her, as deep as I can. She is already getting moist and her pussy smells both womanly and of perfume. She must have given it a spritz.

When my tongue hits her clit, Alisia jumps and groans: “Oh my, yes get my clit, please.” I work my fingers up to her clit and push the skin back, forcing it to come out of hiding. This way I can get my lips on it and suck it hard.

In minutes my lips are locked on her clit and I have several fingers in her pussy stroking her fairly hard and deep. Every time I push into her, she pushes back twice as hard. Her hands are on my head and she keeps my face on her clit. Her pussy is dripping juices harder and it looks like she will cum quickly.

It only takes about three more minutes of massaging her clit and her whole body is shaking. Alisia lets out a quick scream as she cums hard. Her legs wrap around my head and trap me as she gushes into my mouth. “Oh my, I needed that”, she yelps as she falls back. Alisia rolls over and scoots to the edge of the bed. Her feet are on the floor, but she is bent over at the waist with her upper body lying on the bed. Her sweet ass is in the air: “Derrick, fuck me hard, now.”

Standing behind her, I push my cock into her wet pussy wanting to go root deep, but Alisia’s cunt tightens around me tightly and keeps me out. This is like doing a virgin the first time. As I push harder it seems to be a battle between my cock and her pussy. “Alisia, relax, relax now”, I tell her and she looks back, smiles and says: “I am relaxed, just haven’t been used.”

When I reach forward and twist her nipples hard, she squeals, but her pussy gets the message and lets me slide in all the way. She is still tight around my cock as I fuck her fast. By now I am also totally hard and I can feel my balls churning. It will not take long until I fill her with Jizz. However, I feel movement behind me and when I turn my head I see daughter Sabrina coming around my side to watch. Of course she is naked.

When I look at Sabrina she puts her finger to her lips to keep me quiet. Right now I don’t care because I am about to cum into her mother’s pussy. “Alisia, I cuming”, is my only remark as ropes of Jizz shoot into her. She in turn tightens her pussy muscles and milks me to the end. When little Sabrina sees me cuming, she grins widely and says: “Mommy, he is so hot. Did he make you cum?”

Alisia whips her head around and sees a naked Sabrina watching us closely. I expect some yelling, but Alisia stays cool and says: “Yes baby, Derrick made me cum. Now please run to the kitchen and get us three colas.” Sabrina’s pretty ass swishes out the door to get our drinks.

As soon as Sabrina is gone, Alisia says: “Derrick, you need to help me here. I have to give in to her a little bit, but not much. She has an exceptionally high IQ and the school pushed her into a higher grade; worst mistake I ever made. Now she wants to know about boys, so will you talk to her about what teenage boys would want from her? From a man’s perspective?” Of course, I agree to help.

Sabrina brings the drinks back and we sip the colas. Alisia asks: “Baby, do you want to talk to Derrick about boys?” Sabrina looks at me and my cock, grins and answers: “Yes mommy, Derrick can teach me about boys.” Alisia tells us it’s going to take about an hour for her to take a bath and get ready to go to supper.

Alisia gets off the bed, comes to me and gives me a big hug and kiss: “Thank you, my lover”, she says as she heads for the bath. As I admire her shapely ass, she tells us: “Sabrina, show Derrick your room, talk about boys and play nice.” All three of us laugh as Sabrina grabs my hand and drags me out the door.

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