Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

Romance, incest, male/ 2 females, softcore

This story is a biography, based on fact with interwoven fiction. It spans a period of about 11 years. I have used some story embellishment to hopefully make it more readable and interesting. . A reader can likely work out which part is fact and which is fiction. Comments welcome.

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We had organized to drive to Lucy’s home as she wanted to pick up some notes from her bedroom. We would stop at Sarah’s house, on the way back, and pickup some more of her things. Just before leaving, my Aunt rang Lucy. She told her they had to go out unexpectedly but would be home again at 3pm. Lucy should take her own key.

We arrived a bit after midday. The first item on our agenda was a swim. As the weather was likely to cool down before our next visit, this would likely be our last swim for the season.


I wondered how my self control would be without the presence of my Aunt and her mitigating influence.
As usual, the girls arrived at the pool wearing only a towel. They immediately dropped their towels and proceeded to tie their hair on the top of their heads. They said that they did not want to get their hair wet. My shorts barely reached my knees when I started to get that rising feeling. The warmth of the sun on me, the vision of the dark and blonde triangles, the wobble of their breasts as they fixed their hair, plus the outline of the girl’s curves against the blue water as they walked down the steps made me virtually bounce up - as hard as a rock. The girls seemed to take no particular notice - they were used to seeing it hard anyway.

In the water, the girls bobbed down to a ‘sitting’ position with their heads just above the water and their feet touching the bottom. I floated across to them likewise. Lucy looked at me and down to my dick which was still hard, floating, and pointing straight up. She said “gee……floating like that, you are in our ‘second’ position…………..let’s try it”.

She moved to me and let her legs go around my hips - “I’m going to slide on your dick.”
Next, she put her hand around my dick and pulled herself on to the head. “The water is keeping me up! ……….you pull me down so you slide right in to me” she said.

I put my hands on her hips and eased her down. “Oh ……’s feels cold” she exclaimed. It felt nice and warm to me. I had to hang on to her hips otherwise she would have floated off. Our near weightless bodies made it very easy to thrust up and down.

“Keep going……….but don’t let it go out too far…… makes it cold!” she said “………try and keep your dick hard against my spot………… yes …….. that’s real goooood ……………”. Then, just as I was starting to really get ready, she said to Sarah “you have a go ………….it’s great………it’s ok, you’re in safe time!” and slid off me.

Sarah had watched the whole procedure so knew what to do. It did not take long and I had a full penetration in her. My dick had quickly gone from one warm place to another. To regain my urge I immediately started sliding in and out of Sarah. It was effortless - so much easier than sitting on a chair. It would have been easy to keep doing it for ½ an hour. But, there was no way I could hold back for that long! Sarah looked at Lucy and said “it’s even better now Jimmy’s dick has warmed up……”

I was hoping that Lucy was treating this intercourse with Sarah as a special occasion because I was past the point of no return. Lucy must have guessed what was about to happen. She floated over and put her arms around us both. Seconds later I squirted – I seemed to go on forever! Sarah exclaimed “ooh…… I felt it go all warm inside me…………beautiful………don’t let me go yet Jimmy”. Eventually, I let go and Sarah floated off. The girls held hands and walked up the steps to dry off. I followed soon after. They looked a little disappointed that my dick had completely deflated. I knew they were still on a high when both indicated that they needed to sit down.

Now recovered, the girls stood up and wrapped their towels around them. As we moved towards the house Lucy stopped, looked down to her bush and said “I’ve got water running out of me …………
it’s wetting my hairs……….it feels funny”. Sarah indicated that the same thing was happening to her. Apparently, my dick must have, somehow, pushed water in to their opening. Not wanting to finish up with ‘wet’ pants, they decided not to get dressed for an hour. So, naked, they organized lunch. I was hoping her parents would not come home early.

We spent a couple of hours with Lucy’s parents when they arrived back. Sarah explained to them how she liked living with us and how much she enjoyed her new job at the fashion shop. As my Aunt was very interested in their jobs, Lucy had brought three outfits each, to parade. I thought they looked glamorous. My Uncle was impressed. He told the girls that they looked more beautiful each time he saw them.

Next, we drove to my parent’s house for an early dinner. The girls repeated the parade for them before we started our return drive.
We stopped at Sarah’s house and she picked up the items she wanted. She would still see her parents regularly as it was only a ¾ hour drive. On leaving her father asked me to keep an eye on Sarah and look after her for him. I assured him that I would. I don’t think the ‘look after’, he had in mind, was exactly how I was presently ‘looking after’ her.


One night Lucy came to bed and said that she needed to discuss Sarah’s situation. She was concerned about Sarah being able to get through her ‘drought periods’. Sarah had 10 days for ‘practice’, with 18 days for Lucy. For those 18 days, however, Sarah would have nothing, not even a cuddle.

I suggested we get Sarah a vibrator.
I knew vibrators were popular at a female dorm. I had overheard some girls talking about it on campus. It appeared that there was a small pool of vibrators available for borrowing. But the demand had become so great that names had to go on a waiting list. Some girls had their own unit and were being pressured to lend it to others. A request had been made for additional units to be bought and placed in the pool.
But, according to Lucy, Sarah would not have anything mechanical to do something that was biological.

Next I suggested that Sarah, herself, could rub her pleasure spot for stimulation.
Lucy had all ready talked to Sarah about that option. Sarah said she had tried that before. It had felt ok, but, she could not get an orgasm, as she did when having intercourse with me.

It appeared that her mind was telling her that stimulation of her spot should be a male responsibility.
Lucy could understand this, because, over the years, she had always had me to do it for her.

Lucy said that I was the only one who could help.

She asked if I would agree to rub Sarah’s spot. Sarah’s 18 day drought period was divided in to two - a 7 day period and an 11 day period. Providing I did a proper job Sarah should manage with 1 rub during the 7 days, and 3 rubs during the 11 days.

Having had years of practice, honing my technique, giving Lucy rubs, I considered myself an expert at providing maximum pleasure. Lucy specified there should be no ‘quickie’ rubs. What I was to give Sarah needed to carry her through the ‘drought’.

Lucy had explained Sarah’s need so well that I just could not refuse to help - any thing to keep my girls happy.

During the time since Sarah had started lab sessions I had never touched her spot. According to Lucy, that would have been ‘making love’, and therefore not allowed. Now, I was going to do exactly that. Obviously, it was justified on the basis of ‘special occasions’.
In any case, Lucy would be there to supervise.

With that all settled Lucy suggested I go in to tell Sarah. She would be anxiously waiting for my decision.


While waiting for me Sarah was reading some notes she had put on her Kindle. She switched it off as I sat on the edge of the bed. Her blonde hair surrounded her head on the pillow. She was so alluring. I had the urge to lean forward and kiss her forever. But some things were out of bounds. When I told her I was agreeable to helping out she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me profusely on the cheek.

Sarah told me she had become concerned that she was expecting too much from me. She knew Lucy should have priority. She explained that she had not realized that she would enjoy intercourse as much as she did. I told her that I was not sure I would be able to manage every day of her allotted time, but if I needed a rest, I would tell her.

Next she asked me to test her response to my touching, but not rubbing, her spot. She pushed the bed covers down. My favorite blonde triangle was enticing. She widened her legs for me so that her slit, surrounded by her beautiful curly hair, was open for me. I had never seen it so close up before. I felt my heart rate increase, accompanied by a hardening of my dick. Her little hood was a lovely shape. I could see exactly where her spot was. I looked at Sarah. She had her eyes closed. I placed my finger on it and exerted a little pressure. Sarah gasped “yes……yes…….I think it will be good!”
Removing my hand, I said that, if feeling her pleasure spot did not work perfectly, I could try her G-spot. In addition, she could hold my hard dick. She let her hand slide across my boxers, found my hard dick and said “that would definitely help!”


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