This is my first story hope you like.
It was 7:00am Friday when I woke up to the sound of a text message on my phone saying "Amber I will be gone for the next two weeks on a business trip leaving Jake in charge of the house while I'm gone, have a fun spring break."

"Why does he always leave Jake in charge when ever he leaves, I'm much more mature them him" I said in a mad tone. Me and my step brother Jake can never get a long, just yesterday we got in a big fight over the chores about who will feed and take care of the dogs the next day and my step dad toke his side and makes me do it and now he leaves him in charge.

My step dad owns a kennel filled with 20 unneutered male dogs in the backyard.The dogs are all a mix between a mastiff and a rottweiler and fully trained making them well behaved lovable family pets. He though about selling them but since he bought them to get rid of some money he kept them all for us.

I got out of bed fully naked and walked into my restroom to comb my long black hair and put contacts into my blue eyes. Before leaving my room I found my hidden box of vibrators and got out my favorite multi wireless remote control vibrator that can control two eggs and two nipplettes.

I clipped on the nipplettes first and then I pushed the first egg up my ass and the second one into my pussy barley touching my hyme, I then turn the remote on the middle number five put on a long t-shirt that stops at my thighs and left my room. I love masturbating but I didn't want to brake my hyme until I found the right man and lose it the real way.

I walked down the hall and looked inside Jake's room. "He must be at football practice, good for me" I said. I took off the shirt and threw it into his room. I always loved being naked around the house when I was home alone with no one to see my 6ft tall slim 16 year old sexy cheerleader body showing off my D sized breast and perky tight ass bouncing around as I walked.

Once I got into the kitchen I made pancakes and eat it with a glass of milk while watching TV. Once finished I walked outside and closed the door behind me before walking to the kennel. The back yard is surrounded by a 12ft tall fence so I didn't have to worry about people seeing me naked.

The Fence is used to keep the dogs from jumping over it. Once I got inside the kennel I placed four bowls of dog food in all five cages for each dog. After the dogs finished eating I had to let them out of the cage and let them run around all 40 acres of the backyard until 8:30am.

It was now 8:00am and I wanted to go back inside to lay down and masturbate while I wait for the thirty minutes to be over. I walked to the back door and tried opening it to find it locked, "damn must have locked it by accident when I went outside and I can't use the front door without someone seeing me" I said sadly.

"The only door left is the dog door, hope I fit" I said getting on my knees. Once I got I down I pushed through with my arms first and then let my head and shoulders in. "this is easy I'll be inside in no time" I said with a smile. As I was crawling through the door I was able to get half my body in before I got stuck in the door by the waist.

"Shit I'm stuck, how the hell can those big ass dogs fit through the door but my ass can't" I said in a mad voice. As I was struggling to get unstuck I must have gotten one of the dogs attention as I felt a big tongue lick my pussy lips.

Once he licked it I started to scream at the dog saying "what are you doing stupid dog" and tried to kick it. Doing that only made him mad and grab my foot with his mouth before letting go and growling at me.

I was now scared to move thinking the dog might bite me again. The dog continued to lick my pussy lips with really fast strokes making his tongue go inside my pussy. as time went by I could fell an orgasm building up inside me again and making my body heat up.

I tried to hold it in thinking that if I move it will make him mad again but when I couldn't hold it any more I let out a loud moan and a big burst of my pussy juice sprayed all over the dog's face as he was licking me.

The dog gave me one last lick before stopping. I then fell him jump on me and tightly grab my waist and starts humping me, I was scared and tried to get out again as I could feel his doggy dick poking my butt and yelled "NO STOP GET OFF DON'T RAPE ME I'M STILL A VIRGIN!"

As I was moving I lifted up my butt and must have accidentally lined my pussy up with his 17" long dick because he then rammed it into my tight virgin pussy and only 6" went in but once he hit his mark he started to rape me hard and fast making his dick and my egg vibrator go in deeper with every thrust.

I started to cry as all 17" of his dick plus the egg was now in my tight pussy hitting my cervix with every thrust it was also making my anal muscles rub against the one in my ass. Time went by as he was fucking me I could fell another orgasm build up inside my pussy at the same time as the dog's knot was banging against my pussy lips and rubbing against my clit.

My whole body was shaking as I started to cum, my breast milk was spraying out and so was my pussy juice making me make a loud moan and scream at the top of my lungs. My orgasm made the dog able to ram his knot into me and I could fell the egg go all the way into my cervix sending pain through out my body.

the dog was slowing down as the knot started to grow more inside me and soon he completely stopped and I could feel a big burst of his hot dog cum pour inside me slipping past the egg and into my womb. I soon had a another orgasm bigger then the last one lasting for five minutes because of the egg and almost past out.

He kept on pouring his cum into me and I soon started to fell a mix of pleasure and pain making my body feel good as the pain slowly went away. Soon after he was down and pulled out of me with a loud pop. Before I could even take a deep breath another dog took his place and found my pussy on his first try and was already fucking me faster then the first.

I didn't fell any more pain as he was fucking me because the vibrators inside me and on my breast was making everything fell better making me have more longer and bigger orgasms. I started to enjoy being fucked as I could feel myself trying to push back and grinding on his cock and knot. He was soon finished as he pulled out and replaced by another one.

Hours pasted as I was being fucked by dog after dog moaning, screaming, having orgasms, and even playing with my breast while saying stuff like "Fuck me like the little bitch I am, fill me with your hot cum".

Soon I heard the garage door open and a car pull into the garage while a few other cars following. "Shit Jake's back and he invited his entire football team" I said as I started to hear voices.

I could hear car doors opening and closing as more and more voices came closer to the door. "Wow Jake I knew your dad was rich but this house is big" came a voice. I could hear Jake's voice as he was unlocking the door, "Thanks it's even bigger on the inside" he said opening the door.

A big group of people where flooding into the house, the garage and the kitchen are two rooms apart so they didn't see me yet but then I heard "Hey guys come into the kitchen and get some drinks" said Jake.

Soon enough all 40 players where inside the kitchen looking for drinks but still didn't see me yet because of the table. "Hey Jake what is this pink remote control thing" said one of the players.
"Let me see that, well it's on I wonder what it does?" Jake said turning the switch to ten.

All four vibrators were now moving and vibrating like crazy as the eighth dog was fucking me. I felt a big orgasm coming and was trying to hold it in a long with my moans, but then the dog rammed his knot inside me and started to pour his cum into me.

I wasn't able to hold it in anymore and let out a loud scream as I started to cum. "AAAHHHHH" I yelled as I had my orgasm.

"SHIT WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT AMBER!?" said all of them. they moved the table and where soon laughing at me "so thats what it controls the vibrators on her big tits.

"Well why should I help you since it looks like you got yourself into this mess?" he said.
"OK but if you do I tell dad about the vibrators you have hidden in your room, ha he will spank you and ground you longer then me so lets see how that goes" Jake said with a laugh.

"Wow hey everyone look outside at all the dogs" said a player. "She is being fucked by a dog and the rest are waiting for their turn to fuck this slutty bitch" said another.

"OH this is going to be fun let me take a few pictures of this moment, hey guys wanna see how well this bitch sucks dick" Jake said with a laugh.

to be continued

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