Yvonne's mummy knows what to do
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‘So she told you then?’ I asked my gorgeous wife Sally. I was referring to our young housekeeper Becky, and her forcing and bondaging our daughter Yvonne and her two young friends, who were now all here with me, naked.

Sally was holding Becky by our dog’s collar and lead, and looking incredibly cool about it all.

I was tied to the bed with a freshly fucked thirteen-year-old girl called Jilly lying on me, which made a slight change since Sally’s earlier visit to Becky’s bedsit, when it had been Yvonne. Sally didn’t seem bothered though.

‘Yes she told me,’ Sally wasn’t as angry as I’d expected about being overpowered and ravished by Becky - last time it had been she herself who’d been on the leash with Becky leading her.

‘She said she’s sorry. She wasn’t too sorry to tie me up and fuck me with a huge vibrator though, so I can’t say I completely believe her.’ She looked mockingly at Becky and gave the lead a slight jerk.

‘Mummy, these are my friends Sue and Jilly,’ Yvonne was introducing them. At least her manners were still good I thought. Sue was the one under her; she’d swivelled round from their sixty-nine position which helped the introduction.

‘Hello girls,’ Sally smiled at them, ‘I hope you’re having a nice time.’ Was she mocking me? How was she so confident and in control? Perhaps I was getting a bit paranoid.

‘Don’t worry Rog,’ she said to me, ‘I haven’t exactly been faithful either.’

My wife had been unfaithful? Well I supposed that at least ruled out the paranoia diagnosis. ‘How do you mean Sal?’ I jerked my hands and feet around and she moved to untie one wrist. I couldn’t help noticing it brought her trim little bush quite close to Jilly’s pretty young face.

She saw my expression as I reacted to the news of her being unfaithful. ‘It’s not a man, don’t worry,’ she smiled at me, ‘just some girls at the tennis club. A lot of lesbians seem to play tennis for some reason. Perhaps it’s the skirts. Anyway I’ve just got into a bit of fun with some of them. It’s nothing about you, at all.’ She bent down and gave me a kiss as she untied the rope. I started on the other wrist myself.

‘Yes yes I know it’s been a little bit of a secret life, but it’s not as if you have much of a basis to complain now, is it?’ she laughed. I was at a loss. I’d been expecting her to be traumatised by her rape and outraged by my fucking our daughter and her young friends.

‘So that’s how your pussy-eating was good enough to knock Becky out,’ I observed, doing my best to play it cool as well. I had to go along with it while I tried to work out what had just happened to my neat, orderly life.

‘We’ve done a bit of bondage and what-have-you as well,’ Sally seemed quite proud of it, ‘so it wasn’t exactly my first time. And Becky wasn’t going to hurt me; in fact she was quite caring in a way, once I was tied up, even though she was a bit dominant and did wear me out. She’s very sexy; I gather you’ve found that out for yourself.’

‘Well yes.’ I had managed to untie my ankles and stand up. I gave Sally a kiss, partly out of habit and partly, I have to admit, to see how affectionate she still was. She was the same as ever, to my relief: a nice full kiss and a hand through my hair.

I looked at Becky, standing next to us on the leash with her hands tied behind her back. She radiated sex, even though she was tired.

‘She does something to you doesn’t she?’ Sally had felt some reaction in me, ‘same here actually.’ God.

‘Anyway, time we all got cleaned up and had dinner; you’ll stay won’t you, girls?’ Sally was back in mother mode. ‘Shower and call home then; Vonnie will show you the ensuite in the guest room. Becky you’re not going to run away are you?’

‘We’ve got the videos and plenty of evidence to drop you right in it,’ I added.

‘So you’re staying put for now,’ Sally concluded, ‘no new aerobics classes for young girls in some other town.’ Becky looked a bit militant but nodded.

We untied her and all went off for our showers, then congregated back in the dining room for some hastily-prepared pasta. For a while there was no talking as everyone refuelled; it was quite late and everyone was tired and hungry. Then over the ice-cream Yvonne asked the question that had been in my mind and probably everyone else’s: ‘What are we going to do, then, now?’

‘Well let’s take stock,’ Sally was the least fazed of all of us. ‘Jilly, how do you feel now?’

‘Well, I don’t know,’ Jilly was embarrassed to be put on the spot but trying to be honest, ‘I was scared when Becky went for me, in the leisure centre, stripped me and tied me to the bench and everything, molested me, you know. I didn’t know what she was going to do to me, and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. But I feel OK now, with everyone here.’

‘So Becky would still scare you, if you were alone with her?’ Sally probed.

‘Yes, I suppose so. To be honest I’m not sure about being alone with anyone now. Apart from you obviously.’ She smiled around, ending up on me.

‘How about you Sue?’

‘She is a bit scary, I suppose, but she tricked me the first time, then Von helped her the second.’ Sue nudged Yvonne who was sitting next to her, to make it not serious. Sue was more of a fighter, really saying Becky wouldn’t have it so easy another time. She had a strong little body, too.

‘Vonnie?’ Sally asked.

‘It was a bit of a shock, you know, to start with,’ Yvonne was thinking carefully, having had weeks of quasi-forced sex with Becky, ‘and it was awful thinking about what I did. But it was me, really, more than Becks. She did force me, but it was the orgasms that were the worst, and now I feel better about them. ‘Specially now I’ve cum with Susie and Daddy as well. And I forced Daddy to cum, so that’s better as well, and you came didn’t you Mummy so anyone can be forced, if they feel like it.’ She smiled at me, the little terror.

‘Well Becky,’ Sally was sounding a bit like a high court judge, ‘there’s some damage to be repaired isn’t there? You’ve forced the girls to grow up faster than they should, it seems to me, and Jilly will have to learn to be confident alone with people again. Now the whole family is turned upside down with all sorts of taboo sex.

‘Underage sex, bondage, rape, incest, lesbianism, this is all your fault. And unless I’m misreading everyone it’s not something we can turn back the clock on and pretend it never happened.’

Becky had been hanging her head, but raised it again. ‘It’s not my fault everyone fucking likes it,’ she said.

‘It’s your fault the girls have found out about it,’ Sally wasn’t to be deflected. ‘And stop swearing you naughty girl.’ Sally was only twenty-eight, but having brought up a child she had authority over the twenty-two-year-old.

‘You can’t be cast loose to do the same thing somewhere else, anyway, and we don’t want to have these girls in court describing their experiences if we can help it, so you’ll have to stay here until your demons have been exorcised, whatever they are.

‘I think a home-grown sort of Community Service Order is appropriate. If Roger agrees, I sentence you to three months as our sex slave, subject to review.’

I nodded, feeling a slight tingle start in my balls, which were running a bit hot.

‘You are so kidding,’ Becky was almost snarling.

‘Well it’s that or the cops,’ I’d never seen Sally so strong. ‘We’ll put your dominant dark side under a bit of pressure and see if you can find a way of relating to people that doesn’t involve raping young girls and taking away their innocence. I don’t suppose you have victims in any other towns?’ Becky’s face gave that away; Sally had guessed right. ‘The leisure centre will know your previous employers, it would be an easy trail to follow, so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. You’ll be safe here and we’ll do our best to keep you satisfied.’ She grinned at her little joke.

‘So you’ll wear what we tell you and do what any of us says. You can keep doing your research and aerobics classes but when you’re out you must be with us or our girls every second. Any use of force anywhere and you’ll be spanked raw. Can you sew?’ Becky was surprised by the question but nodded. Sally stood up and started collecting plates. ‘Alright, give me a hand with clearing up please.’

I went through to the living room with the girls, trying to adjust to our new Family Values. In less than a day we’d gone from a nice conventional family with two parents and a daughter to one with...what. I had to think it through.

Sue and Jilly were bound to us by their experiences. I felt a bit responsible since it was our housekeeper who had abused them. Also I had fucked them, and that did create a bond, not to say that Vonnie had also had a cumming together with Sue. It was the school holidays still, so they had to be taken account of: if they wanted to stay here we couldn’t chuck them out to cope on their own.

We had the same good-looking young housekeeper but now she was an ex-rapist and sex slave. My wife was a double-lifeing bisexual bondage freak who had lezzie orgies at the tennis club and didn’t seem to mind if I fucked our thirteen-year-old daughter, her friends, or Becky.

My sweet, beautiful daughter had raped me and was into Sue and bondage, and for all her mere thirteen years was now a highly sexed girl who was used to having several orgasms a day with a big vibrator in her pussy.

We’d gone from being – I thought – upright citizens in the community to outlaws with a whole cluster of guilty secrets. I’d be locked up if the truth came out.

And we were all bound together by sex now, I realised. That realisation came even more strongly as Jilly snuggled up to me on the sofa and my nose found itself in her thick, fragrant hair. Automatically I breathed in, savouring it. I felt one gorgeous tit rest lightly on my chest and her lovely firm young thigh press against my leg.

Also automatically my ever-ready cock started coming back to life. My balls really were on fire though. ‘Sorry Jilly, I have to move,’ I apologised, getting up, ‘my balls are too hot, after everything.’

‘You could put on a robe, Daddy,’ Yvonne seemed to think it was amusing, ‘then they can cool down.’

‘Actually I’m a bit hot too,’ Sue was grinning at Vonnie.

A nice cool robe was a very inviting idea; I went up and got one. When I came down there was a pile of jeans on the floor and all the girls were in T-shirts and panties. Well, possibly panties. I could see at least one pair in amongst the jeans.

Yvonne and Sue had been kissing, on the second sofa; they stopped to grin naughtily at me and Vonnie lifted the bottom of Sue’s T-shirt to reveal her fluffy brown bush. Trimmed, but full. Very nice. They both giggled.

Jilly came back in from the kitchen holding a cloth. ‘Did you want to try this Roger?’ she asked, ‘it’s damp.’ She was a very sensitive, kind person I realised. I reached for the cloth but she pulled it back. ‘Can I do it?’ she asked.

So when Sally and Becky came in from the kitchen they found Vonnie and Sue snogging on one sofa, their bare legs intertwined, and me sitting slumped on the other sofa with my robe open and Jilly just applying the cool, damp cloth to my balls. I knew what was coming but still I jumped when it made contact.

Jilly had opened out the cloth onto her hand and then lightly closed her hand to cup my balls with the cool sensation. My cock shot up as though the afternoon’s array of fucks had never happened.

There was a slight gasp through the room as all the girls surveyed its disproportionate size and bulging head. Jilly looked round nervously in case she was going to be usurped, but Sally reassured her: ‘don’t worry Jilly, that’s yours sweetie, enjoy! But first, everyone, we should just make a start thinking about Becky.’

Becky was standing passively next to Sally in front of the fireplace, looking sullen. Sally started undoing Becky’s jeans. Becky made to grab them but had her hands firmly smacked.

‘Have you done any fashion or clothing design at school?’ Sally was looking at the girls, ‘I know you’ve done some haven’t you darling?’

‘Yes we did some last term,’ replied Yvonne, ‘fabrics and colours and things, and how to sew shapes, with darts and everything.’

‘So did we,’ said Sue, who was at a different school, with Jilly.

‘Alright, good,’ continued Sally, ‘we have to do some clothes for Becky now, so that she’s nice and sexy for us and so that there’s not a lot of endless undressing when we want to molest or fuck her.’ Her smile almost turned into a girlie giggle.

‘So we should look at her body, the shape of it, and think what clothes will suit her best. Everyone’s different, and clothes can reveal some bits, hide others, and hang in different ways.’ As she was saying this she’d been pulling down Becky’s jeans to reveal her gorgeous long, firmly muscled legs. Sally pulled off her trainers, socks and jeans, leaving Becky in small white panties and her T-shirt.

My cock throbbed even more.

Sally lifted Becky’s hands over her head and pulled off her T-shirt. We all gazed at her incredible body in bra and panties – the fair slightly tanned skin, slender neck, broad, straight shoulders, short back with the amazing taper down to her small waist, then the flare out to her nice wide pelvis. It was super athletic, muscular without being at all beefy, and super feminine.

Sally unclipped Becky’s bra and pulled it off, exposing her high, pert tits; not quite as fabulous as the one I was lightly stroking, but very nice. The little panties came down last, with teasing slowness, revealing her prominent shaved mons. There were no tan lines, the glowing skin was sheer and perfect.

Sally turned her round slowly so we could appreciate her firm, smooth ass and the shape of her back. I loved the way her frame was quite shallow, front-to-back, it gave her a delicacy to go with her athleticism.

Jilly was ogling Becky as intently as anyone. ‘She’s sexy, isn’t she?’ I whispered in her ear. Jilly nodded, not taking her eyes off Becky and still lightly cradling my balls with the cooling damp cloth.

‘So, where shall we start?’ Sally was mistress of ceremonies, ‘we can dress her with existing clothes, or alter clothes, or make new. Let’s have some ideas, then tomorrow Becky can do the sewing.’

‘We should hang something from those shoulders,’ I offered.

‘Something short, so we can see her tummy,’ Sue was into it.

‘Or see-through,’ Yvonne chimed in.

‘I’ve got a big chiffon scarf,’ said Sally, ‘we could start with that? Make something simple with the fabric, a cape? Then something for lower down...’

‘I’ve got my wrap-around hockey skirt,’ Vonnie offered, ‘she’s a bit wider than me but it adjusts, and it’s nice and short.’

Becky was looking more and more angry with being treated like a doll. ‘Why don’t you fucking ask me?’ she spat, ‘I’m the one who’s been dressing me for the last twenty fucking years.’

‘Now Becky,’ Sally was severe, ‘I’ve told you about swearing. Wait here and don’t move.’

Sally disappeared upstairs and Becky stood where she was, naked and glaring at everyone. We all ogled her shamelessly, fondling each other as we did so: Jilly and I, Vonnie and Sue. It was all very, very sexy I thought. This sex slave concept had a lot going for it already.

Jilly was moving gradually onto me, looking partly across me at Becky, starting to straddle one of my legs. ‘Are your balls cool enough now?’ she asked.

‘Yes sweetie, thank you,’ I answered automatically, before I realised what I’d called her. Well she was so lovable. She nudged me and I shifted obediently to lie along the sofa on my back, and she climbed onto me. She pulled off her T-shirt, looking hopefully for my reaction to her incredible young tits, which were surprisingly developed for a thirteen-year-old.

I smiled at her and reached up to stroke and fondle them. They were really gorgeous, a C-cup size, attached over a large area of her chest, so they didn’t sag but just had enough volume for the upper surface to curve slightly down then up to her large, dark-pink nipples. They were firm but soft, and very sensitive. She gasped with pleasure as I ran my fingertips over them and gave them little squeezes.

I could feel the damp cloth against my ass-cheek where it had fallen. I took it and spread it over my hand, then lightly brushed it over Jilly’s tits and gave each one a slight squeeze. She took a huge, enraptured breath. ‘Oh GOD,’ she groaned. This girl was deeply sensual.

I stroked the cloth down her back, feeling her reaction. Over her tight little ass. She was so slender, nearly as tall as me at about five feet seven, yet so light. I kissed her on the lips, then on the side of her neck. Every touch thrilled her.

She moved up, rose to a crouch, then lifted my big, throbbing cock and slid her pussy over it. Young though she was, it slid straight into her, swamping me with incredible sensation. Well, I reflected, this was her third time today. She worked it in with a couple of thrusts, then lay down on me, moving only slightly with it embedded deep inside. There was no urgency, just that ultimate connection.

I gazed for a moment into her lovely young face, at her wide mouth, perfect teeth and brown eyes with the huge pupils. I kissed her once more, then we both turned our heads to watch Becky again.

Sally had reappeared, naked herself now, with a small vibrator. I had no idea where it came from. I had a moment to admire her firm little body for the thousandth time, no taller than Becky but more slight, before she came up to Becky and stood behind her and slightly to one side.

‘So Becky,’ she pronounced portentously, ‘for swearing and being disobedient you’re going to put on a little show, for the benefit of your owners.’

Becky looked at me, perhaps gauging whether I would intervene if she used her strength to defy Sally, and I tried to look steadily back at her, hoping to put across that I wouldn’t mind giving her a damned good spanking. Not that I’m into spanking, normally, but it would be a real sacrifice to pull out of Jilly to intervene, and I probably would take it out on Becky’s firm, smooth buttocks.

Becky stayed passively where she was.

I looked over at Yvonne and Sue, to see them sitting slumped with their butts on the edge of the sofa, their legs overlapping, and their hands working slowly in each other’s pussies. They were certainly ready to enjoy the show.

Sally slid a sensual hand onto Becky’s shoulder then up her neck, and I saw Becky react despite herself. The other hand, the one with the small beige vibrator in it, Sally slid down over Becky’s pert right tit.

She crossed her hands over and turned on the vibrator. Then she slid it buzzing back across to the nipple, which was erect and begging to be played with. Which was what Sally proceeded to do.

She teased the nipple with the zinging tip of the vibrator for a while, then leaned forward and licked it. Blew on it, then licked it again, blew on it, then put her mouth over it. She pulled her mouth off, leaving the nipple really wet.

She put the tip of the vibrator back on, this time with the spittle to soften the vibration into the sensitised flesh. Becky couldn’t hold back a quiet groan. Sally continued to wet the nipple, blow on it and vibrate it for another minute, then she ran the vibrator lightly in circles round the whole firm breast. Another minute of that and then she started sliding it down towards Becky’s shaved pussy.

‘Spread your legs,’ Sally instructed, and after a second Becky did. Sally slid the vibrator straight in, and next thing our slave was being fucked in front of us, as Sally worked the vibrator in and out of her soaking pussy, gripping one thigh between hers so she could rub her clit on Becky’s gorgeous thigh.

Becky was too highly sexed to resist, though I could see she was trying. She was gasping in time with the fuck strokes, which Sally was making irregular, watching Vonnie and Sue, and me and Jilly. I realised Sally was going to time her slave’s cum to match ours. I gave Jilly a little nudge with my hands and a thrust up with my pelvis and she sat up and started to move, fucking me.

Over the next ten minutes we all gradually homed in on a group cum. Jilly felt and looked fabulous on me, her tight, creamy young pussy pulsating more and more strongly round my cock. Even more than the first two times she seemed to crave my sperm.

Vonnie and Sue were gasping away on the other sofa, their hands moving rapidly in and out of each other’s pussies and their thumbs rubbing vigorously on each other’s clits. They looked gorgeous; two beautiful sexed-up young faces next to each other, sharing their new sexuality. They were still in their T-shirts but it didn’t matter.

I started thrusting up into Jilly’s eager young pussy and she timed her thrusts to mine, getting more synced with the practice. I heard Becky start to moan with a cum, and looked over again.

Sally was now rubbing her thumb wetly over Becky’s clit with every stroke, and rubbing herself hard. It looked distinctly expert. In the middle of it all I was struck how I’d had no clue about what Sally had been up to at the tennis club. Though come to think of it she had seemed to want a bit less sex recently; less sex with me, anyway.

But I was having enough sex today, for sure. The lovely girl on me was getting there. Becky was starting to writhe around in Sally’s sexy grip, her lovely face taking on a desperate look as the inevitable cum approached. Sally slid a delicate hand up onto her throat, the other hand slamming into her vulva with each stroke.

Vonnie and Sue were there as well, and I heard and saw everyone erupt into orgasm together, gasping, groaning and writhing as the ecstasy took us over.

I pumped yet more sperm into Jilly’s tight young pussy, groaning with each spurt, again and again, till there was no more, and then flopped back, immersed in my post-orgasmic bliss. Jilly flopped onto me and I stroked and kissed her, feeling her almost purr. What a gorgeous girl.

I looked over at Sally and Becky; they were pressed together, mons to mons, tit to tit, hands in each other’s hair, kissing deeply.

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