I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is dedicated to the " OLD BLACKMAN " on here and those like him that somehow found something in white women, that I never could. Oriental's Yes, white women NO.


When he saw her in the bar, he knew that she wasn't 21 years old yet and that turned him on even more.

It had been a long time, since he had had his big dick in a young girl and he was looking forward to this one. First because she was somewhere in her teens and a prick teaser and second because she was white and he was black and that made it even more exciting to him. To see if he could get her to come after " it," like he had so many other white girl's had, before her.

He had lost count of how many white girls and white women, that he had had, over the years. Probably close to a 100 by now but who was counting. Besides just because they were white, didn't make them a " Good fuck " not to him anyway. They had to be good with either their mouth, their pussy or even their ass, to make it into his blackman's, black book.

Other wise they were ridden and forgotten.

There were too many of them around, to chase after a bum fuck again. That much he had learned early on and was glad about it.

He went over to her and bought her a drink and before she was even finished with it, he looked right at her and said, " Are you horny baby?" " Reached over and pulled her little white hand to the bulge in his slacks, as he sat there beside her. Holding it there, waiting for an answer.

Even though his question had shocked her, he wasn't surprised when he heard her whisper, " Uh huh."

Whimpering, as she felt the size of it and it wasn't even hard yet.

He looked at her and said, " Come on, let's get out of here then" and let go of her hand.

One of the older drunk white women mumbled something at them, as they went out the door but he ignored her. Knowing that this wasn't a time for arguing, he let it go. As he led the little white teenaged girl, out the back door and out to his car.

They weren't even a block away from the bar, when she slid her little white girl hand down to it and whispered, " Can I ?" " Please, can I ?" And without waiting for an answer from him, she leaned over and with both of her little hands, started undoing his slacks. Squealing, when she saw that he wasn't wearing any underwear. And there " It " was, right there in front of her.

The size of it took her breath away, it was 10 inches long and about as big around as a coke can, bigger than any one that she had ever seen before and she didn't know if she could " Take it " or not. It was scaring her, just to look at it. His huge black balls, were nestled down below it, the size of 2 golf balls, in their kinky haired nut sac. A nut sac filled with candy, " Blackman's white candy, for the little white girl's."

He was proud of the size of it, as he sat there, watching her little white hand, working it up and down. Slowly at first but getting faster and faster, until he had to beg her to stop.

And without getting mad, she stopped but still sat there holding onto it, as they drove all the way to his house.

Even the warmth of her little hand, almost made him lose it but he didn't want her to loose interest in it, not yet anyway, so he let her hold onto it, all the way there.

As soon as he pulled up to his house, the little white girl bent down over it and started licking on the big head, licking his sweet but salty precum off of it, so it wouldn't be wasted. Making him moan " Agghhhhhh, " as he almost lost it.

" No baby, nooo, we gots all night for that, don't rush it." And she pulled up off of it and kissed him, whispering, " Sorry." And " Fuck " once again, he almost lost it.

As soon as they were in the house, she was all over him again and they hadn't even made it into the bedroom, yet.

Making him sit-down in the livingroom, as she slowly pulled his pants down.

Squealing like the little girl, that she still was, as she saw that it was still hard, as it sprang back into view.

He couldn't believe how innocent she looked, as she slid her little hands under his ball sac and started feeling them, as she looked up at him.

" Oh, they're yours, they're yours baby, do it." " Suck on my old black balls, like the little " White Bitch " that both of us already know, that you really are."

Feeling her warm tongue on them, made him lay his head back and close his eyes. Thinking that it must be a dream but it wasn't.

Because every now and then, he would open his eyes and look down and there " She " still was. A little young teenaged " White Girl " licking and sucking on his old, black, wrinkled ball sac. Caressing it, with her warm and soft, " White Girl's " tongue.

Watching as she reached up and took ahold of it and started to work it again, as she licked and caressed them, with her tiny tongue.

He let her lick and suck, as long as he could, before reaching down and gently raising her head up, pulling her away from them.

" Come on baby, let's go into the bedroom and I'll let you have them again, I promise."

Before he said, " I promise," she had had a little hurt girl look, on her face. But after he promised her, that she could do it some more, once they were in the bedroom, a little smile came back onto her face and she followed him, into the bedroom.

As they both started getting undressed, him finishing first. He watched as she took her panties and bra off. Letting him see her little titties and her pretty pussy. Cupping them and asking him if he liked them. Even though they were small, they were well formed, something that he hadn't seen in a long long time. Just looking at them, made his mouth start to water, as he thought about sucking on them and she walked over to him, bent down and let him.

Sucking on one nipple and then the other, feeling the one that he wasn't sucking on at the time, with his big black hand. Massaging it, glad that it wasn't filled with silicon, like so many of them out there were today.

Gently coaxing her back onto his huge kingsized bed.

Marveling at her tiny little white body, as she scooted up into the middle of it, waiting for him. Waiting for him to join her.

So perfect, so blemish free. Never had he seen one so perfect, not even in a magazine and their pictures that were touched up, looked as good as this one did.

But there she was, a pretty little white girl, lying on his bed, starting to whimper and beg him, " Fuck me." " Please, please."

And when he didn't get on the bed with her, she whispered, " I'll even let you do me in my ass." And that caught his attention and he crawled up onto the bed with her.

He was on his hands and knees, crawling towards her, when she reached under his belly and took ahold of it again. Rolling her head from side to side, as she whimpered, " So big, it's so big." As he crawled up beside her head and let her start sucking on it again.

Knowing that it was just a matter of time, before she was " Ready," for it.

He reached over and started stroking her pretty little pussy, with light brush strokes, just letting her know, that he was there but not trying to take her mind, off of what she was doing.

She reached up and started milking on his huge black ball sac, with her tiny white girl fingers. Sliding her finger tip back to his little black asshole, seeing if he liked it. When he didn't do anything, she moved both of her little hands back to his huge black cock, taking ahold of it and jacking it, making him hump at the empty air, like a boy dog, without a mate.

All at once he couldn't take it anymore, as he backed away from her. Spreading her tiny white legs and bent down and started lapping at her little pussy, like a cat lapping at a bowl of sweet milk. Not missing a drop of her sweet little girl, juices.

Caressing her warm soft outer lips, with his warm soft blackman's tongue. Circling her little clit, with the tip of it, before licking down one side and up the other. Pausing at the entrance, before he slid it in, making her moan, as he started working it in and out, slow at first, waiting for her to catch up to him and then getting faster and faster, as she began to draw her little white girl's legs up.

Giving herself, to the old blackman.

Opening her eyes and watching, as the old blackman, fucked her pretty pussy, with his old and tired tongue. But never to tired, to lick another girl, especially if she was white, like this one.

All at once she grabbed ahold of his head, with both of her little hands and pulled him to her. Holding him there, as her little back arched and stiffened just before her little pelvis started bucking and jerking And she screamed, " Nooooooooooooooooo " ' Noooooooooooooo " " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " " Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooo." As her little pelvis twisted amd ground onto his old man's warm soft tongue.

Whimpering and saying, " I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I didn't mean too.

She was actually starting to cry, thinking that she had ruinned it and that's when he gently coaxed her over onto her little stomach and started kissing on her little back. Once again, waiting for her, as he slowly worked his way down, to her pretty little ass.

Her pretty little white girl's ass.

When she didn't say anything or try and stop him, he slid his warm soft tongue down inbetween her pretty ass cheeks. Spreading them gently, with his big black hands, until he could see " It ." Blowing on it softly and watching it squeeze tighter and come back out, like a little flower.

Waiting for someone to come along a pick it but knowing that it wasn't ready yet, so he bent down and started licking on it softly.

Listening to the little groans and moans, that she was making, as she laid there and let him lick on it.

It didn't take long before she lost it and started raising her little white girl ass up, begging him to " Do It."

" Not yet baby, not yet."

He got off the bed and went into the bathroom and came back out holding a little jar of vaseline. Crawling back up onto his bed, he spread her little white cheeks again and gently rubbed some of it onto her little asshole. Greasing it, as he slowly eased his finger tip up into it. And Moaned, " Oh fuck, your tight." As he gently started to finger her, listening to her, whimper.

She was young and tight but hadn't she promised him, that he could even do her in her sweet white ass, if he wanted too? That told him that she had " Taken it up the ass " before, didn't it?"

Watching as her pretty little ass, started working out on it, reaffirmed that she " Had not only taken it before but had liked it, really liked it.

Whispering, " Easy baby," as he eased his second long boney black finger up into her, making her whimper even louder, as it joined the first one. And now he moaned, " Oh fuck yes," as he watched her start grinding on them, even better. Working her tight little asshole back and forth on them and not caring, what he was thinking of her, as he watched her doing it.

He wasn't movig them now, he was just holding them still and her pretty white ass was coming back for them. Squeezing and pulling on them, trying to pull them up into her deeper and deeper.

And that's when he tried to ease the 3rd finger up into her but it wouldn't go in, past his second knuckle. " Noooooooo." And that's when he knew, that she could never " Take it " not one as big as his anyway and he slowly eased them out of her. And she cried out, " Nooo, what are you doing?"

" Baby, you could never take it, believe me." " I'd split you like a watermellon and neither one of us, want that."

And with that, he gently rolled her back over onto her back and right away, her little white legs spread for him, giving him full access, to her pretty pussy. Her pretty, ' White girl pussy."

Watching and holding her breathe, as she watched him crawling inbetween them, with his huge black cock, sticking out below him.

Watching as he took ahold of it, she begged him, " Please, please mister, don't hurt me." " Please don't hurt me. As she felt him rubbing the big swollen head, along her warm soft pussy lips. Smearing them with his wet sticky precum, trying to get them wet enough to fuck her, with hurting her, too much.

"Fuck," he didn't even think she could take it up in there. She was so young and tiny. But that made him want to " Do Her," even more, as he started pushing against " It " trying to get " It " to open up and let him in.

Pushinggg, harded and harder, until all at once she was screaming, " No, No, It's to big." " It's to big, don't." And the next thing he knew, she was screaming and he felt it opening, as it pushed its way up into her. Feeling her little pussy going into spasm around it, just like a little asshole. Squeezing on it, trying to push it out but he wasn't about to give-in now, so he held it there. Listening to her screaming and begging him to " Pull it out, pull it out, it hurtsssssss."

But he just laid down on top of her and felt even more of it ease up into her. As her eyes got wider and she tried to scream but the only thing that came out, was a long low moan and he knew that he " Had her " and slowly started to fuck in and out of her. Not being able to wait, for her to get used to the size of it.

Working his long black cock up into her deeper and deeper, with the long slow strokes of the blackman. Stretching her little white girl pussy, like it had never been stretched before.

Taking ahold of her little head and slipping his warm blackman's tongue inbetween her soft warm lips and feeling her tiny tongue, licking at the tip of it. Responding to him, as he slipped it in far enough for her to suck on it and she did. Sucking on his warm tongue, as he fucked into her, harder and harder. Grinding her little pussy, with his black kinky pubic hair.

Pulling his tongue out of her mouth and raising up and looking at her and moaning, " Come on, come on" and he felt her little white hips raising up, pushing against him, grinding on his long black cock, as he worked it in and out of her, faster and faster.

" Fuck me blackman, fuck meee."

" Make me fat."

" Make me carry your baby."

" Your Black Babyyy."

Watching as her little head started swinging from side to side and seeing her pretty eyes starting to cross, as her mouth hung open and he started screaming, " Wait, Wait" but it was too late, as he felt her little back trying to arch under him and her little body started to quiver, as she screamed, " Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," " Ohhhhhhhhhh," "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh," squeeze, " Ohhhhhhhhhhh," squeeze.

And he felt her pretty little white pussy, milking on his long cock, his long black cock. " Agghhhhhhhhh, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhh, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, " Oh shit, " Agghhhhhhhhhhhh."

Squeezing, squeezing on it, again and again. Until he couldn't take it anymore and still, it did it again.

Milking on it, milking his blackman's cum up into her, so she could have his baby.

His Black Baby.

And 9 months later, she did.


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i love older nigger cock in my lil white pussy

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LMAO any white woman who will fuck a nigga has no self respect and is nothing but a pig slut..........................

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I might b wrong but I'm pretty sure a 'nigga' is in fact the president which kinda undermines ur theory of all niggas ending up in prison lol u ignorant doughnut

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I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

Since some of you may not like this story and what it's about, may I suggest that you click on my name, that's up next to the title of this story and perhaps you will find one that's more to your liking....Milker


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i wish he would write a story about haveing her daddyright there watching the whole thing now that would be a good one mmmmm yes it wound

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