Sequel To: The suite life meets Justin Bieber

Although the people are real the story is for entertainment purposes only, and it contains sexual situations involving boys under the age of 18 if you find this offensive or are underage I suggest you leave now.

The next morning Justin Bieber wakes up around noon with Zack’s 8 inch hairless cock in his ass and Cody’s 8 inch cock in his mouth and Justin’s 10 inch cock was in Cody’s mouth after 15 minutes of sucking and fucking all three 17 year old boys are moaning in ecstasy when they all scream out that they were cumming. Around 2 pm Christian beadles a long time friend of Justins calls him up and askes if he could meet him in New York City a couple of days early because the following weekend Justin had another concert in New York. Justin says sure and hangs up and then asked the twins if they would like to join him and his best friend with a wink in the big apple and of course the twins said Hell Yea not understanding what the wink was meant for. After Justin showered up he called his limo driver to come get him and take him back to his hotel so he could pack up everything and get ready to go to New York City. After Justin left Cody still hard from his cock being sucked by the hot young man asked Zack if he could fuck his brains out and of course he agrees and Cody slams his cock up brother’s hungry ass. The fuck each other for the next couple of hours cumming 3 times when Justin shows up and Cody answers the door forgetting he was stark ass naked. Justin asked if he missed too much and Cody replies not yet. Justin comes in and within 30 seconds he strips and joins the sexy twins in a circle jerk and train fuck. After a few hours of sucking and fucking the boys are spent when Justin yells out "oh shit I forgot that Christian is waiting for us in New York City and is probably wondering why we aren’t there yet."

Justin was right Christian was waiting for him to arrive and so he calls him up and asked him where in the hell he is at, and Justin says that he is still in Boston at a new friend’s house and that they are on their way to the airport.

When the three boys arrived in New York City hey found Christian waiting for them with a limo to take them to the hotel. When they got to the room they were sharing which had two king beds the twins jumped onto one of the beds and Justin and Christian jumped on the other one. While they were sitting in the room waiting for the room service to arrive Christian asked what took them so long. Zack and Cody both responded watching a movie and Justin responded at Cody and Zacks house. Christian asked what kind of movie and Justin blurts out porn. Being that he was only 14 he then asked what a porno was and the three boys looked at each other with the same thought demonstration time. As Justin was telling Christian about what porn was Cody and Zack started making out which gave Christian a boner. Justin notices and starts making out with Christian and although he was shocked that his best friend was kissing him he gave in to his teenage hormones and started kissing back.

After 10 minutes of making out all four boys are now naked with the twins 8 in hairless cut cocks and Justin’s monster 10 inch hairless uncut cock and Christians bush barely visible at the base of his 6 inch uncut cock. When Christian sees Justin’s cock he gasps in amazement at the size and Justin says don’t worry the twins took the whole thing up the ass and down their throats last night you can too. So Christian starts sucking on Justin’s cock and after a few attempts he manages to get the whole 10 inches in his mouth without gagging and Justin is moaning in pleasure. Zack and Cody are 69ing and Christian asks Justin if they could do that and Justin just nods his head yea and they get into the 69 position and while Justin is sucking on Christians cock he puts one of his fingers in his mouth and when he thinks that it is wet enough he sticks it up Christian’s virgin ass which causes Christian to moan loudly in ecstasy and without warning shoots four ropes of young man juice in Justin’s mouth. When Christian finishes cumming he gets off of Justin and Justin flips Christian over and says that they are not done yet. Christian is wondering what Justin means when he feels something warm on his rectum and looks back and sees that his best friend is giving him a rim job. At the same time Zack is fucking Cody’s brains out on the other bed and Zack screams out that he is cumming and asks his brother where he wants it and Cody replies up his ass. After Justin is finished giving Christian the rim job he reaches down into his bag and pulls out a condom and some lube and lubes up is ready ass hole and cock and says that this is going to hurt a little and then it will turn into pleasure trust me and Christians says ok sounding unsure how the monster 10 inch dick is going to fit into his 14 year old ass. Justin slowly pushes his cock into his best friend’s ass and Christian screams out in pain and so Justin stops until Christian says that it doesn’t hurt any more so he starts to push it in some more and after a couple of minutes he has his cock buried to the hilt up Christian’s ass. While Justin is fucking Christian, Cody walks up behind Justin and shoves his cock up Justin’s ass and starts fucking him while Justin is fucking Christian. Zack feeling left out goes over and starts giving Christian a blow job and Christian starts jacking Zack. After 45 minutes of fucking and sucking and cumming all four boys are laying on the bed cuddling with one another when the door opens with a voice saying Room Service………………

Sequel if you request one and please GOOD comments ONLY.

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2014-02-23 02:38:03
I love it. Its one of my favorites so far I wish that I was there I can see it now.

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2013-12-31 18:29:10
Love it...the best story I ever read you should have a sequel

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2013-07-10 22:45:05
I would like a sequel. It was really good that I was jerking off the entire time reading it.

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2012-12-27 06:27:40
I aave me a bonerm 11and that just g

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2012-07-28 02:50:45
DETAILL You need to have more detail in ur storys

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