The edges of her bountiful breasts came into sight from the side of her neckband and I was taken aback by their beauty. I looked back up to her beautiful face, framed by wavy brown hair in which bathed rays of sunshine. My aunt looked stunning. Her gorgeous smile was comforting and filled me with a soothing feeling of warmth.

She held my hand one more time to say goodbye, like she always did, except this time, I did not want to let go. The soft fingers embracing my hand were sending bolts of delight through my body. I pulled her closer to hug her. To my dismay, a faint look of surprise appeared on her face, but it soon vanished and she wrapped her arms around me, pressing her firm breasts against my chest.

I went back to my car, and as I got behind the wheel, I was drenched with a new feeling of high spirit. I had a startling crush on my aunt. I was delighted that the wonderful woman growing on me was close to me, but I was also grieving because she was a member of my family, which eliminated the possibility of an intimate relationship between us. I was also saddened by the lateness of my realization, only a few weeks before I had to leave for college in Italy, not that I could have done anything if I had thought about this earlier, but I would at least have had the chance to look at her like I just did for a longer time. For a second there, I pictured myself in her arms, and I took off driving fast, contented that I would at least see her a couple more times before I left, and that she would always be there for me to see, because she was my aunt.

The next couple of weeks went by really fast, and the spark of excitement I had felt for my aunt had subsided.

It was Saturday evening, and my mother informed me of a family dinner a couple of hours before it was due. I was infuriated because I had planned a night out with some friends, but my parents insisted that I went because I had little time left before traveling and it was my duty to spend some of it with family. “Some of them might not even be here anymore by the time you come back”, said my father jokingly, but in a tone that made it clear that he didn’t need any reasons to make me go. I gave in, thinking to myself that I could still meet my friends afterwards.

A couple of hours later, we were seated at the dinner table, and I was hastily devouring my plate, impatient to go out and meet my friends. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and my grandma got up to let in the latecomers. As she came back to the dining room, I was struck with awe and lost all desire to leave the room. My little cousins had just walked in, along with their father and, to my immense joy, my stunning aunt.

She was dressed in a black evening robe that hung down from her attractive neck, superbly molding her curves and coming to an end right above her knees. She was wearing matching heels that augmented the splendor of her tanned legs. She and her family greeted everyone promptly, not wishing to interrupt dinner further, and then drew closer to the table to join in.

Three chairs to my right were already free, so an uncle got up from the fourth seat away from me and offered them to sit next to each other. As if my wildest dreams were coming true, my aunt took the one next to me. As she sat down, her dress was lifted higher above her knees, revealing wondrous thighs, and the side of her breast came into my view. After she checked that my two cousins were well seated at her right, she turned with a radiant smile towards me.

“Adam! I missed you!”.

I smiled back and as she turned her face away, I was drenched in embarrassment because I froze and could not react to at least say that I did too.

The rest of the dinner passed uneventful, until my little cousins left the table to play in the next room, and my aunt allocated more of her attention to me.

“Adam, my dear, we’re going to miss you when you’re in Rome”

I usually met these redundant comments with an annoyed grunt, but the words coming out of her mouth filled me with pleasure.

“You know, I might be visiting London soon after you go. I went shopping there last year and really enjoyed it. Maybe you can meet me there for a weekend; it’s easy to travel around once you’re in Europe”

“What… Definitely! You should also visit Rome; it’s such a romantic city”.

I felt stupid saying that, but she remained unfazed and answered dreamingly:

“I know, I would love to walk those streets again”, then she came back with a more vibrant tone “Well actually why not, I might as well go!”

Suddenly my grandma called for my aunt to help her out in the kitchen, and I was sad to see her leave the chair next to me. I was burning with a longing to grab her from behind and to hold her back. As I was left by myself to think, a forbidding realization started kicking in; I was in love with my aunt. I was most certainly not having a crude transient sexual attraction towards her, but it wasn’t the typical, dull family affection either. I thought about my girlfriend, and I was sad to realize that what I felt for her was far from being this intense.

A couple of days later, I was lying in bed reading, when my phone started ringing. I jumped out of bed to pick it up, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw it was my aunt calling.

“Adam, dear, do you have anything planned out for tonight?”

I immediately answered “No! I’m free”, hoping for the best, which is to see her.

“Really? Because David and I have a party tonight and we desperately need someone to babysit the kids. I know you probably don’t have the patience, but I thought I’d ask anyway”.

I was mildly disappointed, but I did have nothing to do and didn’t want to let her down now, so I agreed to come over.

“Adam that’s great, I can’t tell you how thankful I am. We’re staying out late so get your clothes if you want to sleep over”. She paused a little and added: “You can tell your girlfriend to come if you want, that’ll make the night easier to bear for you and when the kids are asleep you guys can have all the fun you want”.

“Thanks Aunt Laura, but I’ll be fine alone. See you!”

I hung up and let myself drop on my couch, with an expression of disenchantment on my face. I found solace by telling myself that I would’ve been alone at home anyway watching TV, so it wasn’t going to be worse if I babysat my cousins.

Around 6:00PM, I rang the bell to my Aunt’s house and her husband, wearing a satin dinner suit, greeted me with good cheer. He let me in and led me to the living room.

“Laura is still dressing. She’ll be out in a minute”.

As he left the room, my cousins darted into it and ran towards me to hug me. Soon after I regained balance, my incredibly alluring forty years old aunt walked into the room, still putting on her earrings.

“Adam I’m so glad you came. We would have loved you to come with us. Are you sure you’ll be okay?”, she said, holding my arm.

“I will Laura, you guys enjoy your evening and no worries”.

She gave me a prolonged kiss on the cheek and as she turned to leave the room she said : “Hopefully it won’t be too long, and when we get back we’ll enjoy your stay with us if you’re not tired”. The trail of perfume she left behind her knocked me out.

Watching over my cousins was an easy task, because they usually behaved and didn’t cause any trouble. I kept an eye on them while they practiced their music, then we had dinner together. After that, I turned on the TV and switched to their favorite cartoon channel which they peacefully watched. I left the living room and was drawn towards my aunt’s bedroom. As soon as I opened the door, I was overwhelmed with the soothing familiar smell. I saw an unlocked wardrobe, so I immediately walked over to it to explore the attire it held. I found in a drawer my aunt’s bras and panties, of which I held one close to my nose and mouth. I drew in the sweet smell before placing them back in the drawer.

Suddenly I heard the faint jingling of a set of keys, so I rushed back to the living room and waited for my Aunt and her husband to come in through the door. I noticed that my cousins had already gone to bed, so I quickly switched off the TV that was still showing cartoons and I grabbed a book, pretending to read.

But a couple of seconds later, I heard the door slamming a bit too strongly and keys falling to the ground so I walked over to see what was going on. I found my aunt barely standing, seeking support with her hand on the wall. I ran to her and wrapped my arms around her to hold her up.

“Hi dear, I think I drank a bit too much. I told David I was going to leave the party sooner and drive back alone, it was so stupid of me to do so”

“It’s ok aunt Laura, wait, I’ll help you to the bed”.

I knew there was nothing to be worried about, but taking care of my aunt was stimulating me a whole heap. I half carried her to her room, and helped her into her bed. She sat on the edge and looked up at me with a thankful smile.

“So, did the kids bother you?”

“Not at all, the little angels were very calm”, then I added “you look lightheaded, I’ll get you some water”.

“Actually dear, I feel much better. Let’s go to the living room, Dave is still at the party, no reason why we shouldn’t have fun too. How about a movie?”

But as we went into the living room, she dropped a bit too heavily on the couch.

“You choose the movie Laura, I’ll go get your water”.

In the kitchen, I reached for a glass, and as I was pouring water into it, I couldn’t hear the footsteps behind me until two arms were wrapped around my waist. My aunt rested her head on my shoulders, pressing her breasts into my back.
“My dear I’m sorry for this, I should be the one taking care of you in my house”.

Her closeness was invigorating. I managed to turn around, evading the tension of her grip.

“It’s allright Laura, you need… some rest”.

My voice faded out as I was taken aback by the exquisite sight before my eyes. My blood was boiling with lusty anticipation.

She caressed my face, smiling at me tenderly. I held both her hands, pulling her closer to me, and placed them on my shoulders. I then lowered my hands to her waist, closed the distance between us, and looked into her eyes, a few inches separating her face from mine. Her smile gradually faded, replaced with a vaguely wilder expression of yearning, slightly troubled by the forbidden lust that was bringing our bodies together.

What followed only lasted a couple of seconds. She closed her eyes and slightly parted her lips, breathing out weakly, and as I took in her scent, my mind went numb and my lips softly met hers in a tentative minute kiss. The moment our lips touched, I had a kick of excitement that sent a thrill through every cell of my body. For a split second, our eyes were wide open, absorbing the sight from a perspective they had missed all these years, and then our lips collided again, this time with a strong fervor.

With her left hand on my cheek, she placed her right behind my head, and her tongue parted my lips, slipping into my mouth. The smooth moist wrapping my tongue stirred my desires and I began thrusting my hips forward, pressing my body vigorously against hers.

She broke the kiss and leaned her head on my shoulder, breathing softly into my ear. I ran my hands down her back, and grabbed her ass firmly. She let out a deep moan which spurred my excitement. I pulled her by the hand back into her room, and pushed her onto the bed. I climbed on top of her, and started humping her, my eyes locked into hers. She soon picked up on the movement and set a rhythm, wrapping her legs around mine, holding me fervently in her grip.

I felt I was going over the edge, so I broke our embrace, and pinned her to the bed by the shoulders. Her wide-open eyes were filled with lust, and she opened her mouth with a teasing smile, letting out loud intermittent moans, moving her waist and hips under me in a taunting way. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and thrust up onto me with all her force, her body starting to pulse with orgasm. Giving up any resistance, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me, both of us pressing onto each other as hard as we could. Our eyes met for a split seconds and our lips smashed together, which put me over the top. My dick jumped fiercely in my pants, squirting my cum pulse after pulse, matching the thrusts of her hips into me with each of her orgasmic spasms.

As my thrusts diminished and our breathing slowly came to normal, all I could think of was that I wanted to further satisfy her. I leaned in to kiss her neck. I sucked on her earlobe, and she gasped one last time, falling back into the bed in a yielding stillness. I looked back into her eyes and stroke her lower lip with my thumb, and a soft moan came out of her mouth. She lifted her head, searching for a kiss that didn’t come. My lips went back to sucking her neck and my hands plunged behind her back to unhook her bra.

My aunt’s plentiful breasts were a wonder to the eye. I gently squeezed her soft breasts, stroke her delicious hard nipples and sucked them. I ran my hands over her breasts one more time, then down her waist, and to the base of her dress which I slowly started pulling up her legs. I kissed my way up to her thighs, and paused right next to the panties, before giving a small bite to her inner thigh. My aunt was growling with pleasure. I rubbed her pussy through the soaked panties, letting loud moans escape her lips.

I grabbed her panties at the waistline and pulled them off, revealing a cleanly shaved pussy. I took in the strong aroma of her sex, before kissing her thighs again. Aunt Laura was gasping for air as I licked her pussy and shoved my tongue into her. She held my head in place with her hand, and I hooked her thighs in my arms to push my face more into her. My aunt started grinding my face growling, moaning and screaming and I began sucking her warm pussy at a quicker pace, flicking my tongue in it furiously.

Still holding her hips, I grabbed her clit between my lips and sucked on it, and then stuck my tongue as deep as it goes, my head gently bobbing up and down as her grunts turned into whines. A sobbing scream came out of her throat and her head jerked. She gave a chain of cries, her body convulsing, when the orgasm exploded and her back arched while she gave a long shuddering moan.

Totally spent, she melted, collapsing into the bed, her thighs glistening in the dim lights. I pulled my head from underneath her dress, and looked up into her eyes. She pulled me down to lay with her and cuddled up next to me.

“Cousins are probably awake and wondering what’s happening”

“mmmI know…”

“What if they come into the room. And your husband Dave will be back soon”

“mmm… Kiss me. Lover”.

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When I was 12 or 13 and would spend a week at my Aunt Michelles I'd sleep in her bed as she was divorced and had a large bed. We lived in Minnesota and she slept with the windows open a few inches and the sheets were so cold in her bed. I think this was why I would usually wake up snuggled up against her warm body. She was slightly on the heavy side like my mother and she had large fleshy tits. I began to really look forward to my visits at Aunt Michelles and started to place my arm on her abdomen while she slept and let my hand rest on one of her large tits. I was fascinated with her large areolas and sometimes her nipple would harden if I gently brushed it with my fingertips. On these occaisions I would have a little 5 inch hardon in my pj's. One night when I was 13 and I was lightly squeezing her breast with its erect nipple I heard her ask what I thought I was doing? She got out of bed, made up the couch for me and I never slept in her bed again.

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