Final Chapter

Being the oldest, I had to take control of this potentially catastrophic situation before it got any worse, so I asked Seth and Sara to sit down, so we could discuss what has been happening. Admittedly, it was very difficult to focus, since Sara had cum stains down each corner of her mouth, and under her chin. Every time I looked at her, my cock head would begin to enlarge and move around like it had a mind of its own.

“Sara, would you please go to the bathroom and clean up your face. It is very distracting and difficult to concentrate for a serious discussion”.

“I don’t think that you should assume that you’re in control Brian, just because you are older. You are as guilty as any of us, and I think that we all need to agree on what happens from here. Sara doesn’t have to go to the bathroom if she doesn’t want to”.

”I kind of like your cum on my face Brian, so if you don’t mind, I’d like to leave it there as long as possible”.

As much as I wanted to kick his ass, he was right, and so was Sara. I just needed to settle my urges down and think with my big head, rather than my cock head.

“Okay guys, I think you are right and we should all agree on what happens from here. The thing that you need to be aware of is that all three of us have broken the law, and we could be arrested and removed from mom and dad’s care. Never mind how our parents would react”.

“Why does anyone have to find out Brian? Seth isn’t going to tell anyone and I certainly won’t, so that leaves you”.

“I’m not going to tell anyone either, but there is always the chance we could be caught, so at the very least, we all have to stop this and right now”.

“Mom and Dad won’t be home for another hour, so can’t we have some fun; just one last time”?

“Yah, please Brian. Seth is right, and if this is the last time, let’s have some fun”.

“What do you have in mind? After all, there are two cocks and only one of you Sara”.

“I have my bum and my mouth, so it won’t be a problem”.

The blood surged to my cock head and wiped out any shred of common sense I had left, so I said “Let’s get to it, and make this last time a real good one”.
We were all stripped naked in a flash, and because I wasn’t sure where to start, I let Sara and Seth lead the way. Sara called me to the bed and had me lie down on my back. She got on top of me in the 69 position, and as she lowered her pussy into my waiting mouth, I felt her tongue circling my cock head. Her breath was hot and her enthusiasm was electrifying. I was determined to return that sensation to her, so I buried my tongue deep in her pussy and lapped at her pussy lips. I could smell and taste her musky juices, and that seemed to fuel my fires even more. Sara had managed to get a couple of inches of my cock into her mouth, and was sucking furiously. She moaned softly and then loudly, and then I felt that tingle in my balls. Just as I prepared to cum, she yelped, since Seth had positioned his cock head at her bum hole and was pushing in. I opened my eyes to see his cock and his balls above my face and pushing forward. I lost my orgasm, and although Sara started sucking again, I was curious at the distracting sight above my face.

I could see that Sara’s bum hole was dry and Seth was going to hurt her trying to penetrate without some wetness. I didn’t think about it-I just reacted. My tongue began slurping at her bum hole and getting it nice and juicy. A couple of times, my tongue even brushed against the tip of Seth’s cock head. I will never know why, but I took his cock head into my mouth and covered it in spit as I slurped my way up and down his shaft. Seth began pushing his cock further into my mouth and before I had a chance to react, he blew his cum into my mouth. I took as much of his cum as I could and tongued it into Sara’s bum, but now Seth had lost his erection and couldn’t penetrate her.

I flipped Sara off of me and positioned her on the back, and mounted her missionary style, like I had seen in books. She spread her legs wide to receive my cock, and without thinking about whether she was a virgin or not, I placed my cock head at the entrance to her pussy and began to push. I felt heat emanating from inside her pussy, and the musky odors also increased in intensity, as my cock head slowly slid forward into her. Sara had a look of total submission and joy as she felt her pussy being stretched to the limit.

“Fuck my pussy Brian. I want that big cock head buried deep inside me. Please Brian, I need you to fuck me”.

“Sara, I’m going to take my time so I don’t hurt you, but trust me-I will fuck you hard and fast, as soon as I‘m buried deep inside you”.

“Help him Seth. I need his cock deep in my pussy”.

I wasn’t sure what Sara meant, until I felt Seth crawling up to my backside and grabbing my hips with both hands. The next thing I felt was his slimy cum covered cock head penetrating my bum hole. I wanted to swat him off of me, but I had to admit that it felt really good, to have his cock pushing into my ass, as I tried to go balls deep with Sara. When I pulled back to get another thrust lined up into Sara’s pussy, Seth also backed up. When I thrust downward, he moved with me, and soon we were moving as one. I was at the point in Sara’s pussy, when I should have encountered her virgin membrane (I read that in a book too), but it appeared to be missing. My lust was intoxicating and all I could think of was feeling my balls slapping off of Sara’s ass cheeks. I withdrew my cock head so that it was barely inside her, and then with a forceful downward thrust, I hammered her pussy hard, until my balls came to rest on her ass. Seth had all five inches of his cock buried deep in my ass and I could also feel his balls on my ass cheeks.

I looked down at Sara to make sure she was okay, and I saw a look of bliss and love. She purred and moaned and whispered that she loved the feeling of being totally full of my cock.

“Brian, please fuck me hard with that big cock. Seth, stay on his ass and help him pump me full of his cum. I need to be fucked hard”.

Seth and I seemed to maintain a rhythm as I thrust in and out of Sara’s pussy and his added weight on my back allowed me to penetrate Sara really deep. The tempo increased as I felt my balls tingling, but before I could cum, I felt Seth shooting his cum up my ass. What a weird feeling. Not unpleasant or anything, but strange. He withdrew his cock from my ass with a plop, so I began jack hammering Sara’s pussy, as she begged and moaned for my cum.

“I’m ready Brian. Give it to me. Fuck me hard and fast. I’m ready to cum with you”.

Sara must have started cumming already, since I felt the walls of her pussy going into spasm. The contractions inside her pussy sucked at my cock head, as my balls pumped stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her. She screamed with delight as she felt my cum hit her womb, and then she collapsed like a rag doll, and just sighed.

“Oh fuck Brian. That was the most beautiful thing that I have ever felt. Your cock is so perfect for my pussy”.

“Sara, that was amazing and I loved feeling your pussy suck the cum out of my cock”.

She kissed me on the mouth and smiled as she whispered that she could taste Seth’s cum in my mouth. I probably should have been sickened, since I have never even thought about going gay, but something just seemed right about the three of us having sex in every way possible.

Reality set in as I checked the clock, so I said that we had better get cleaned up and dressed since our parents would be home soon.

After that evening, we would ignore our better judgement and have sex with each other, whenever we could be alone in the house.

On my 16th birthday, we decided that we should celebrate our unique relationship with a night of special sex. Our parents were going out to a work related function (that they couldn’t get out of, even though it was my birthday) and this was the night when I was going to fuck Seth’s ass, as he fucked Sara’s pussy. We had tried a few times before to get my cock into his bum hole, but it just seemed too big for his anal opening. For tonight, I had purchased special lubricant from the drug store, and we were looking forward to trying it out.

We began the evening with an oral circle, where we lay in a circular pattern with someone sucking another’s crotch, while being sucked. After everyone came, Sara suggested that she wanted to see Seth get bum fucked by my big fat cock. I’m not certain why this excited her, but she could hardly wait.
Seth was excited too, but wary of the pain he might feel, when my cock stretched his anal opening. Sara wanted to help him feel at ease, so she started things off by licking his bum and inserting her tongue into his opening. While doing that she also caressed his balls and cock. I passed her the lubricant, so she could totally lube his rectum, and then she worked the lube up and down my shaft and put a large gob on my cock head.

Sara knelt in front of Seth and presented her pussy for fucking, as I watched from behind. He placed his 5 incher at her entrance and slowly sunk deep into her opening. When he began thrusting, I moved into position and tried to match his movements. We found our rhythm, so I advanced my cock head to his opening and began pushing inward. The head still wouldn’t enter his bum hole, so I asked him to push back, and when he did, the head popped in. He cringed, but still managed to keep thrusting into Sara’s pussy. Because he was fully lubed, I felt like I had to force things, so when he backed up for another thrust into Sara, I hammered forward and went balls deep into his bum.

It was a blood curdling scream that he let out and as his cock wilted inside Sara, she turned around to see what had happened. Seth managed to wriggle his ass free of my cock, but the withdrawal was followed by a lot of blood, and part of his rectum. We tried our best to stop the bleeding, but it was becoming obvious that he was torn up pretty badly and needed medical attention. As blood gushed from his rectum, I decided to take responsibility for what I had done, and called 911 for an ambulance. I wasn’t sure what we would tell them, but coming up with any kind of believable story short of the truth seemed improbable.

After the ambulance took Seth to the hospital, the police arrived, followed by Social Services, and then by my parents. When the dust settled, I was charged with numerous sex offenses, and was given the boot from my home. Because I had a clean record before this, I was given six months in county jail, and then released on parole for 3 years.

As I look back now, I can only think that I never could have imagined doing those things that ruined my life. But incestuous sex, as beautiful and erotic as it was, can also be like a drug fuelled high that you don't want to come down from. That was my undoing.

The End

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2011-09-06 17:07:02
Seath and Sara could come knocking on his door . I hope Seath and Sara at least continued. This is why Anel Sex is dangrous and needs to be handled with extreme cautain. This is what a butt plug is for.

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2011-07-31 03:54:21
I do more Adult Romance then Kiddy Porn and my people bever screw befor age 14. I have nothing against you doing it, because you have class and style. Great Story Great to see your work again and its in my favs.

Quigely, you and Bailey plus WP and KH got me into reading again. I am working on a few different thing now. My first story in decades did really suck and display my mental disorder, however I am leaving it up as a C&C for later, and an example of what not to do. Besides even if it sucks I like it,

To me social issues are much more vital then the basic Suck and Fuck. Capt KH people where almost always with money. Wither Inhearted it or Invested for it, or just Won it. That was the Vegas Way he had. Plus the Boys all had Sowalen Balls and had to fuck 6 times a day to keep them relieved. I loved him so much and was so sad when he picked up his ball and went elsewhere.

You are a Great Writer, Please keep it up.

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2011-07-31 03:40:29
Quigley; You are among the Masters and this is a great final part to a great series. Things are not always a Bed Of Roses.

Now me I would have gotton a Q Cumber, and some lube and prove that somthing different did not happen. If you are not cought in the act then you are not cought.

It does not matter if she got some or or not, it has nothing to do with his Injury. Which is not all that uncommon in Anal Sex. Vaginal Sex also which is why Big Dicks like the kind in the ads have a down side.

Size is as size does and believe it or not one size does not fit all in anla either Hetro or Homo that is the case.

How do you explain to your parents that on your wedding night you wound up in the ER with a busted butt. Blood during consumation is a good thing a Hemorage is not. Finding out your Wife is a hemophiliac not so much a good thing.

Thaat leads to problems and a no Fuck Doc Bill real quick. Plus paying dearly for pussy you do get.

Why can't they get togeather as adults.

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Holy shit....The story's awesome but the ending really made me think about the whole story in general 100/100

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