Chapter Two:

As I watched Seth slowly ease his cock into Sara’s bum hole, my cock raged, and I began stroking it harder, as he sunk his shaft deeper in Sara’s bum. When I saw his balls come to rest on the cheeks of her ass, I knew he had all 5 inches in her bum, and my cock exploded again. It felt like I had shot out another huge mess, but my balls didn’t have enough cum left, to match that first eruption. Nonetheless, I had a hell of a mess to cleanup.

“I’m all the way in Sara-I’m gonna bum fuck you hard-get ready”.

“My bum is stretched open Seth. Give it to me good”.

I watched as he began pumping his 5 inch shaft in and out of her bum hole, and now I could tell that her bum must have stretched, since she wasn’t flinching. She seemed to be raising up her hips to match his thrusts and in another few seconds, he groaned and said he was blasting his cum up her bum.

“Oh Seth-I can feel your hot cum inside my bum. Stay deep for me”.

“I’m staying deep, because I’m gonna fuck you again in a couple of minutes-I just need to catch my breath”.

Since I had already cum twice, I needed to drag myself away from the erotic scene on the other side of the window and cleanup my mess, without being discovered. Somehow, I managed to do it quietly, and put away the stool, but now what? I can’t let them know I was home. I decided to sneak back to my room, and get dressed. Once I had all my clothes on, I crept through the hallway and down the stairs. I went to the front door, opened it quietly and then went outside. I inserted my key and made as much noise as I could, and then slammed the door, and yelled “I’m home-Who else is here?”

I didn’t get an answer, but I could hear feet scrambling on the upstairs floor, so I went to the foot of the stairs and yelled up “Are you guys home”?

“Yah Brian, we’re home-we were just working on a project together”.

Some project, I thought to myself, as my cock twitched in my pants. When I got to the upstairs hallway, all the bedroom doors were closed, so I knocked on Sara’s door. She said to come in, so I opened the door and asked how school was today. When she said fine, I asked her to show me the project they were working on.

“I don’t want anyone to see it until it’s finished Brian, so you’ll have to wait”.

“Are you feeling okay Sara? Your face looks flushed and your forehead is sweaty”.

“I think I may be getting a cold. Brian, how come you were home early? Did basketball practice get cancelled”?

“No, I just decided to skip it today. I’m gonna go check on Seth, so I’ll see you later at dinner”.

After checking on Seth, I saw the same face flush and sweat, so I asked him if he was coming down with a cold too. I think I was enjoying the fact that I could make them squirm, knowing full well that their bum fucking, not a cold had caused their current condition. I was getting a boner thinking about it, so I headed to my room to pound my cock and release a load, if there was anything left in my balls.

I dropped my shorts and let my raging boner free, and started stroking. I began visualizing Seth’s cock working in and out of Sara’s ass, and began to fantasize how my cock would feel in that hot, moist hole. Just as my cock was set to erupt, I heard knocking at my door.

“WHO IS IT”?, I said angrily.

“It’s me Brian. Can I come in and talk to you”?

“Hold on Sara”.

I quickly got my shorts hauled up and tried to conceal my boner.

“Come in Sara”.

“What can I do for you”?

“I need to ask you something very private and personal, if you will keep it just between us”.

No sooner had the words left her mouth, when my cock erupted and shot a huge load of cum in my shorts. I had been on the brink of cumming when she knocked, and her voice talking about personal and private, put me over the edge. My hands in my lap could feel the dampness in the front of my shorts, and I began to worry that Sara would notice.

“Can we talk about this after dinner”?

Sara started to cry, and ran to me for a hug. What the fuck do I do now? I remained sitting to conceal my boner as she threw her arms around me, and all I could think of was to hug her back, leaving my cum stained shorts in view. I had to hope that she didn’t notice, but when she pulled back to talk to me, she asked if I had an accident, since my shorts were wet.

“That’s something personal and private that I don’t want to discuss Sara. Maybe you should go back to your room and we can have our discussion after dinner”.

“I know about cum Brian, so there is no need to be embarrassed”.

“Jesus Sara. What made you say that”?

“Didn’t you cum in your shorts and that’s why they are stained”?

I wanted to really scold her and send her away, but knowing that she had been crying and obviously needed to talk something through, I was reluctant to get too angry with her.

“How do you know about cum Sara”?

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about”.

I began to worry about controlling myself, since my cum soaked cock head was starting to twitch again, at the thought of Sara discussing cum.

“Brian, it really upsets me to think of what your opinion must be of me, after what you saw earlier”.

“What are you talking about”?

“When I turned back to look at what Seth was doing to me, I saw your face in the window above the door”.

Busted. Now what can I say? I couldn’t try and perpetuate a lie that she already knew was false.

“Sara, I did watch you and Seth, but I’m not upset with you. I was shocked and curious”.

“You’re not mad at me”?

“No, I’m not mad. It was weird watching my brother and sister having sex, especially anal”.

“Is that not normal Brian”?

“Let’s just say that it was shocking and leave it at that. How long have you two been having sex”?

“Since your basketball practices started, and nobody was home”.

Visions of them bum fucking regularly, while I was at practice, caused my cock to get fully erect and tent out my shorts. I didn’t even try and conceal it, since I was curious as to how Sara would react.

“That’s a really big bulge in your shorts Brian. Why did that happen”?

“I got aroused thinking about sex, and you naked”.

“Sara came over to me and hugged me again, but this time she sat in my lap, directly against my erect cock. It throbbed against her backside, and it made her giggle.

“What’s so funny”?

She continued giggling as she said that my bulge waved hello to her when she sat down. It was kind of funny, but I was getting worried about where this was going.

“Not another word. You need to get up and leave now Sara. We’ll continue this conversation after dinner”.

At the dinner table, the three of us were all very quiet, and afterwards, I waited in my room, not knowing how I was going to deal with Sara. I had not had sex with anyone before, except for my right hand, so already, my two younger siblings were more experienced than me. What the fuck was I to do?

Knock Knock.

“Brian, can I come in”?

“Come on in Sara”.

“Mom and dad are going for groceries and I told them I would rather stay here and work on my project. Can we finish our talk now”?

We both heard our parent’s car leave the driveway, and knowing that I was alone with Sara and about to talk about bum fucking and cum, my cock engorged and began to throb in my shorts.

“You should let it out of those shorts Brian. That looks quite uncomfortable”.

This is where my judgement failed me, and I began the journey to ruin. I dropped my shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. I stood up, took off my shirt and socks and stood naked and fully erect facing Sara. As my cock glistened and throbbed, Sara got flushed and had a look of wonder and astonishment on her pretty face.

“Oh my god Brian! Your cock is huge. Can I touch it”?

I was beyond reason and common sense, so I continued with my reckless journey.

“You can do more than touch it Sara. Suck it into your mouth”.

The words had barely left my lips, when she dropped to her knees in front of me and grasped my cock in her right hand. She brought her mouth to my cock head and slowly tried to fit it between her lips. She was struggling, so I asked her to use her tongue to make me feel good. I had read about blowjobs, but had no idea they could feel this good. As her tongue swirled around my cock head, I reached down to hold her face with both hands and help guide my cock into her mouth. She struggled to open her mouth wide enough, but eventually succeeded in taking the head and an inch of my shaft through her lips.

Instinctively, I began thrusting my cock, trying to go deeper in her mouth, as I pulled her face further onto my shaft. With about two inches inside her mouth, and me thrusting, she began to moan. The moaning almost felt like a vibrator on my cock head, and I began to feel a surge of cum leaving my balls.

“Sara, my cock is going to blow a huge load of cum. Can you suck it out and swallow it for me”?

The muffled moan, I took as affirmation, but realistically, the grip I had on her face prevented her from going anywhere, but deeper on my shaft. The force of the cum I shot at that moment, was very strong and even the ensuing streams blasted her mouth with just as much force. She struggled to keep my cock and the cum shots inside her mouth, but soon cum was shooting out the corners of her mouth. What an erotic sight that was.
“Keep sucking and licking Sara. I’m not done yet”.

I don’t know how many times she has sucked cock before today, but I couldn’t imagine her getting any better than she was right now. When all the cum was out of my cock, she finally surfaced for some air, and the cock head made a popping sound as it was released from her mouth. Talk about maintaining suction.

“Sara, that was a beautiful thing you just did for me. Would you like me to do something for you that would make you feel as good as I do”?

“I already do Brian. I came when you shot your cum into my mouth”.

“Are you going to bum fuck her now Brian”?


“Long enough”.

“I should kick your ass for invading my personal space”.

“Not sure how mom and dad would like that, especially after I tell them that you came in Sara’s mouth”.


Hearing Sara scream like that, and be so upset, after she just sucked me to my all time best orgasm, got me calmed down instantly.

To be continued………………………….

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