I could never have imagined

Chapter One

When I think back on that time, 3 years ago, and the mental imagery floods into my mind, I get aroused and erect and yet it still makes me uneasy. It was without a doubt the most erotic moment of my young life. That was when I was 15 and living at home with my younger brother Seth, who was 13, and my sister Sara who was 14. My parents were both blue collar workers, who spent long hours away from home, earning just enough for a basic existence. I am now 18 and living in a rundown apartment above a pawn shop, since it’s the only thing I can afford on my minimum wage income. I was forced to leave home at 16, and lived on the street for a while until I found work and saved enough for rent money. This existence resulted from poor judgement, raging hormones, and the fact that I committed incest.

It all began when I came home from school early instead of going to Basketball practice. I walked into the house knowing my parents were both at work, but wondering if my brother and sister were at home. I was particularly horny that day and had planned on coming home, reading a Penthouse magazine and pounding my cock until I came. I did a brief walk through and listened for them, but the house seemed totally quiet. The front door had been locked, so I figured they must have been out somewhere, and I proceeded to my room and took out the magazine from under my mattress.

With no one home, I stripped completely and began reading the Penthouse Forum stories. I don’t think a lot of those stories are believable or true, but they were sure great for getting a boner and masturbating. Although I was horny already from looking over some of the cute babes in school, I wanted to make this last a while, so I stroked slowly. I then heard the sound of the front door and the voices of my brother and sister.

“Fuck me”, I thought to myself. “Now what do I do”?

They wouldn’t dare enter my room, since they had been warned many times about the beating they would get, if they ever invaded my space. I put the magazine away and covered myself with my sheet and waited and listened.

“Let’s do it again Sara. Nobody is around”.

“I don’t know Seth. I’m still a little sore from yesterday. Maybe we shouldn’t. Check Brian’s door and make sure he isn’t home”.

“Come on sis, he’s at basketball practice for another hour and we’ll use some of mom and dad’s lube so it won’t hurt”.

“Okay then, but take it easy on my bum”.

Although I was shocked and had difficulty believing they were talking about anal sex, the comment about the lube, pretty much gave away their intentions. My cock began to throb and was glistening with pre-cum and I felt very guilty, because they were my younger siblings. It seemed that I no longer needed the magazine, since my cock danced and dripped at the thought of what they might be doing.

“How could I find out without them knowing”?

My mind raced for a plan, but my cock was doing most of the thinking for me and I had no clue what to do, other than sneak up to the other bedrooms to find out where they were. I crept to my door, opened it a crack, and when I didn’t see anyone, I stealthily moved towards the other bedrooms.

“Come on Sara, get your clothes off. I really want my cock in your bum”.

I knew now from the location of the voice that they were in Seth’s room, and that was lucky since he had a small window over top of his door. This was a really old house and most of the doors upstairs had windows above them, presumably to let light in. Sara’s room didn’t have a window, so I was glad they chose Seth’s room for their sex. I quietly got a stool from the closet and stepped up just high enough to see what they were up to.

Seth was already naked and his cock was standing straight out and glistening. His cock was a couple of inches shorter than my 7 incher and was skinny, unlike my fat one. Sara seemed to be stripping slowly, and probably trying to delay things, if she was sore. Eventually she was totally naked, and I was surprised how developed she was for a 14 year old girl. Her tits were not full, but there was enough for a handful, which Seth had taken care of. Her mound was covered by a light layer of blond curly hairs, and I thought I saw a slight glistening amongst the hairs. Maybe girls get pre-cum too, I thought to myself. Seth was on her quick, and held her tits from behind, as he humped his erection at her bum.

I was really aroused and had to start stroking my cock, but quietly, so I wouldn’t be discovered. Seth had pushed Sara face down on the bed and was rubbing the lube on her bum hole, and then all over his cock. As he mounted her to begin his assault up her bum, she tensed up and caused him to cuss.

“Come on Sara, you know it will feel great, once I’m inside you”.

“My bum is still tender, but I do want your cock inside me-bum fuck me gently Seth”.

Those words from Sara had my cock spewing large gobs of cum all over the wall and the floor. I had to bite my lips, so I didn’t moan, as the streams of cum finally subsided.

“What a fucking mess I’ve made. I can’t stop watching to cleanup, since my cock is still hard and I’m fascinated at the scene in front of me. Fuck it-I’ll cleanup after”.

So many thoughts going through my mind, but first and foremost, I was watching my sister getting bum fucked, and that was captivating. When I refocused, Seth was probing Sara’s bum hole with his lubed finger, and prepping her for his cock. She looked like she was enjoying the probe, but then she grimaced as she felt his finger being replaced by his cock head.

“Oh shit Seth, it hurts, but it also feels really good. Fuck my bum slow”.

“The cock head is in and you will begin to stretch in a few seconds, so I will go slow, but once I’ve got my cock in all the way, I’m gonna bum fuck you hard, until I blow my cum inside you”.

To be continued...............................................


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I hope Brian is going to get some too.

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a good start NOW FOR PART 2 ;;JJ

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