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A few days later, while at dinner, Lucy told me that there was a casual vacancy becoming available at her shop. She had arranged to take Sarah along for an interview. They had worked out that Sarah was likely to earn much better money than her current position at the Supermarket.

If Sarah was offered the position, she wanted my thoughts on her idea of suggesting to Sarah that she come and share the apartment with us. This would reduce Sarah’s travel time and cost.
I could not see any reason against the idea. Sarah was fun to have around.
The appointment for the interview was later in the week. Sarah would come to our apartment and both would get dressed in outfits that Lucy had purchased or been given by the shop.

Sarah arrived mid afternoon. They looked through Lucy’s wardrobe and pre-selected outfits that would show off Sarah’s figure. They asked me to help make a final choice, later, when they were dressing.
Next, Lucy said they were going to have a shower and asked if I wanted to join them. This was an unlikely opportunity not to be missed.

The thought of having a shower with both of them at the same time had caused my dick to respond rapidly. Before I even entered the bathroom I had become as hard as a rock. Since I had started intercourse with Sarah, what little control I had started to get over my dick, had completely evaporated. When Sarah opened the shower screen door for me, she looked and said “I don’t think there is room for four!” They both giggled… “Maybe if Lucy and I squeeze in to a corner we might just make it ………….. can I have his front and you take his back, Lucy?”


On hopping in to the shower Sarah was facing me and Lucy at my back.
“Let’s start giving him a real good ‘wash’.” She said.

Sarah was intrigued with the way my dick bounced. Time and again she pushed it down so as to watch it flip back up. I had to caution her not to be so heavy handed – it was a delicate instrument she was playing with.
However, she had not lost any of her natural ‘talent’, that she had shown last time, when getting my specimen, for making a hard dick feel even better,. Using both hands, she lightly slid one after the other, up and down, gradually increasing speed.

Meanwhile, Lucy was sensuously rubbing both hands all over my back. Next, she put soap on her breasts, put her arms around me and slid her breasts up and down my back. With two girls working on me at the same time I started to get the inevitable feeling. I said to them “slow down or I will either burst a blood vessel or have to squirt.” Lucy replied “we would prefer the latter ………….. it is quite some time since we last saw it squirt ………….. you dick is usually in one of us when it does …….. we’re ready!”

Lucy cupped her hand in front of my dick. In moments I was peaking. The girls oo’ed and ahh’ed as I squirted out with force. Sarah put her arm around my waist and said “I love watching it do that ……’s amazing.”
Lucy replied “I bet it’s slippery” and put her hand around my dick rubbing the semen all around ……….”yes it’s very slippery ………….. here Sarah …….. have a feel.”
Sarah tested how slippery it was - “yes, it’s real slippery ……….. I like it.”

Lucy turned the water back on, washed my dick clean and said that I had had enough stimulation for one day. Just as we stepped out of the shower Lucy commented to Sarah “it’s a pity all those 'swimmers' had to go down the drain!”

That was something I had never thought about before! My' swimmers' had gone where they were not meant to go. They were meant to go into a nice warm spot in a female, swim around looking for a target. If they did not find a target, exhausted they would curl up and just go to sleep. I did not think I wanted to wash them down the drain again.

After all, I had 2 females who were willing to have as many 'swimmers' as I could muster.


Next, I made myself comfortable on the bed to watch the girls try on the outfits they might wear to Sarah’s interview. It was quite some time since the girls had had a try-on session. I always loved watching Lucy do a try-on. Watching both of them, at the same time, was 3 times as good.

I liked watching the way they slid in to the clothes, arranging their breasts in to the right position. But, I liked it even more when they took them off, their breast popped out and their triangles came into view. The fact that I had been in the shower, naked with them, in no way reduced the pleasure of watching them. Obviously, there was something of a voyeur in me.

Finally, they narrowed down the selection between 2 outfits for Sarah and asked my opinion. The outfit I selected required Sarah to wear a bra. The cleavage displayed reflected the little extra weight she had put on in the breasts. Her cleavage must have been close to the maximum legally allowed. If there was a guy doing the interview, Sarah would be a shoe-in for the position. He would be mesmerized by her cleavage. I found it hard to take my eyes off it.

Lucy had decided Sarah should wear a little makeup. Not that she needed any, in my opinion. In fact, I do not think I had ever seen her in makeup.
They came out of the bathroom ready to go. I could hardly believe my eyes at the transformation of Sarah. She looked absolutely stunning, and yet, it was hard to notice where the makeup was.
Lucy had done a good job.

I immediately decided to offer to go with them to the center. To have my 2 girls, by themselves, looking like they did, was just too much of a risk. Especially, if they decided to window shop after the interview. It was the time of day when there would be plenty of vultures around!
I needed to be vigilant.
I took up my usual position as the girls went into the shop for the interview.

When they arrived back, they were all smiles. Sarah was offered the position. Next week she would go to the Area office for some training and, on completion, would commence work in the shop.

Sarah was staying over so we returned to the apartment. As she was now going to live with us permanently she would organize to move some of her belongings the next day.
With classes, work and Sarah settling in to a new job, the next couple of weeks was a busy time for the girls.


When moving her gear, Sarah had said that she expected to help with all chores, cleaning and cooking.

Over the summer period I had looked forward to Lucy and my cleaning sessions. Wearing clothes while cleaning was a no-no for Lucy – you just got hot and sticky.
I loved to watch her breasts as she moved around energetically. They wiggled from side to side and bounced up and down. This movement seemed to make her nipples go hard and stick out, which made watching them even more entertaining. Also, she did a lot of bending over, such that there were many views to be watched ……. a back view ………a front view .. …………. a side view. Lucy could not understand why it took me so long to the vacuum the carpet. Keeping one eye on her all the time……….. just slowed me down.

At the next cleaning session I would be even slower. Sarah would probably be naked like Lucy. Trying to keep one eye on 2 girls, bobbing and bending, would be more time consuming.

Unfortunately, the weather was cooling down and I was unlikely to be seeing as much bare flesh in the coming months. I would definitely lose interest in cleaning.

Being the only girl in her family Sarah had had lots of experience in cooking. Lucy and I had tended to muddle through. Now, Lucy was learning from Sarah and enjoyed working in the kitchen with her. The meals were now quite varied - far better than eating out. One thing I noticed – they always wore clothes while cooking.


With Sarah living with us, it was much easier for Sarah to have her lab sessions. Sarah’s liking for intercourse was definitely increasing. With some coaching from Lucy she had quickly mastered the technique of using her vaginal muscles to increase her level of pleasure (and mine). When my dick penetrated to her pubes I could then feel a soft massaging of my dick, starting at the head and flowing up the shaft. How they did it, I do not know - she was better at it than Lucy. I certainly enjoyed it!

Over the 8 day recess period I had given Sarah 5 ‘practices’. I am sure she would have liked more. On a couple of nights she indicated she would come in again in the morning if I felt up to it. But, I was not up to twice a day.


The next morning I was last up. As the weather was now cooling, I expected they would be fully dressed. But I found them sitting in the window sun, at the dining table, topless. Lucy and Sarah were alike in that they did not like to wear any more clothes than they needed to.

Their charts, which were updated daily lay on the table. Lucy jumped up, put her arms around me, and gave me a big kiss. I just loved the way her breasts felt so warm as they pressed against my chest. She said that they wanted to discuss the charts with me. Lucy pointed to her days marked ‘P’. As we skipped those days, she asked me whether Sarah could have them for ‘practice’.

I had originally thought that the novelty of ‘quickies’ with Sarah would wear off. But, that did not turn out to be the case. In fact, I started to look forward to them. However, I did not want to appear to be too enthusiastic about this suggestion, so I hesitated.
I looked at Sarah- our eyes locked – she was waiting for my answer. Still looking at her, I said “of course”. She immediately jumped up. Two more breasts pressed against my chest and stayed momentarily. She kissed me on the cheek. Her eyes told me that that was her thank you.


Later on, I reflected on the potential commitments I had made. I was obviously weak because I could not say ‘no’ to the girls. They had a way of convincing me, that what they asked for, was a necessity. Since I had started with Sarah, Lucy often wanted two lots of sex in a day, albeit often a ‘quickie’.
All up, Sarah had 10 days and Lucy 18. If Sarah had 3 ‘seconds’ and Lucy had 7 ‘seconds’, I would be required to perform 38 times over 28 days. Would I be able to manage that? Would that be even possible? I certainly would not be able to help with chores – I would be too exhausted.


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Kik noblessee girls any age im a black male

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You are such a fine writer and this has been such a good series. Your people are well developed and they hold true to charter through out the series. Lets keep it going. Happy Sex, Happy endings.

Time for the babys to start coming, let the swimmers find their target.

I really think he is going to need some help but I would not want to see another Male in this unless it was a young cousin.

Lucy is and always has been a major control freak but has given up a lot of pussy and petting and is still young. Maybe one of Sarahs Brothers would fit in. My joy of older sister younger brother sex not with standing.

AS restrictive as it was he still had a fantasic childhood.

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