Fortunes ebb and flow in the household
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I slumped back, trying to avoid the feeling of total defeat. My precious, beautiful young daughter, only thirteen years old, was raping me.

I had tried to save her from the housekeeper who’d raped her, but it seemed the forces of evil had prevailed over my muddled efforts. I’d fallen asleep, after five self-indulgent fucks in one afternoon, and woken up to find myself tied to the bed.

Now Yvonne was fucking me, working her gorgeous, slender young body to slide her pussy up and down, up and down, on my outsize and hypersensitive cock.

I was forced to realise it was my stupid, rampant cock that had made me vulnerable.

Not only had I fucked myself into a stupor, but now I wasn’t able to stop my cock cooperating in my own incestuous ravishment. But Vonnie was so sexy. She was grinning a predatory grin as she fucked me, celebrating because I’d managed to resist her earlier – starting a rape game but then finding I couldn’t go through with it – but now she was in charge and I was paying the price.

It seemed she’d been corrupted by Becky, and was beyond my parental reach. Corrupted so deeply that she’d done a deal with Becky: a deal under which she’d untied Becky so that Becky would tie me up for her, and could then, as her reward, take my wife. Her own mother!

I could only imagine how Becky would be enslaving my beautiful, slender Sally who, like Vonnie, would be no match for the twenty-two-year-old aerobics instructor. Becky was only average height and quite light, but she was super-fit and possessed an animal strength. What was Sally was going through now? Certainly nothing in her twenty-eight years would have prepared her for a prolonged lesbian rape with a huge vibrator.

I found myself wondering, looking on the darker side, if the seeds of Yvonne’s susceptibility might even have come from Sally, and if Becky would be right now corrupting Sally in her turn.

If that weren’t all more than bad enough, the two sweet thirteen-year-old girls whom I’d brought here, to help them get over their rapes at Becky’s hands, were now tied up on the floor, naked, awaiting whatever fate Becky and her new sidekick Yvonne had in store for them.

However I looked at it, it was wall-to-wall disaster.

Though the sensations flowing from my cock were fantastic, it had to be admitted. If I blocked out the rest of it then Vonnie looked and felt like a dream, not a nightmare. She had been a bit on the thin side before, but with the swimming and aerobics that she’d been doing with Becky she’d put on some muscle and her body had gone from skinny to lithe.

She still had her tiny waist, but now she wasn’t bony; her thighs were all toned muscle that gave them a delicious shape, and they flowed into her pelvis in a way that made her look utterly born-to-be-fucked.

It was a small pelvis, not wide or tall, so my fat eight-inch cock looked really too big for it; then the pelvis in turn flowed narrowing up into her waist that was so flat, so lean, with ripples of muscle visible as she thrust her pelvis forwards and back over my cock. Then the pert young tits, jutting right out, braced by her newly toned pectoral muscles, and her straight shoulders, below her flawless slender neck.

And like the others girls, the aerobics didn’t exactly seem to have done any harm to her pussy either - it felt fabulous: reactive, grippy and pulsating. I could tell that whenever Vonnie came, I’d cum with her, incestuous rape or not.

She slowed down, close to orgasm already and wanting to prolong the fuck. ‘Daddy you’re so gorgeous,’ she was half taunting me, ‘and so much better than a vibrator!’ She giggled.

Well one little success I could claim, I supposed, was that she wasn’t a victim any more. And she wasn’t suffering with a guilty secret either, for sure.

‘Sweetie,’ I had to keep trying though, ‘you mustn’t be like this. Incest, rape, it’s wrong.’

‘Well you were raping,’ she gave me the obvious retort, ‘over and over. You raped Becky three whole times. And you got Jilly and Sue to rape her as well, and me. That’s six rapings, and this is only my second.’

Her logic was childish, but hard to refute. I had put myself in the wrong and now my moral standing was gone in her eyes.

‘But Mummy hasn’t raped anybody,’ I soldiered on, ‘and what do you think is happening to her?’

‘Well if she cums then she wants it,’ Yvonne was sticking to her simple view about that too.

‘But what if she isn’t cumming?’ I challenged weakly, ‘then it would be wrong wouldn’t it? And what about Jilly and Sue?’

‘I bet Mummy’s cumming like crazy,’ Vonnie was scarily confident, ‘and now you’ve fucked them and made them cum I bet Jilly and Sue will cum for Becks and me as well.’

Christ, my precious only child was turning into a monster.

‘Vonnie, darling, you’re not going to rape your own friends?’ I was appalled.

‘If they cum it won’t be rape. They’re sexy, you proved it. You only just even met them and you fucked them, and they fucking loved it.’

‘Don’t swear darling,’ I admonished my rapist, ‘it’s not nice.’

‘Sorry Daddy, that Becky’s a bad influence isn’t she?’ She was mocking me.

She was right though, Becky was a bad influence, to put it mildly. And my fucking Vonnie’s young friends had sent the wrong message, I could see now. To say the least.

I’d validated Becky’s sex-predation in every possible way. And Becky was top dog in this house at the moment; no wonder Yvonne was following her lead. I was a complete failure.

Yvonne’s movements were becoming more urgent. I watched her long, wavy hair flow around her shoulders as she thrust her body to and fro, even her firm, pert tits bouncing with the movement, and her gorgeous big green eyes losing their focus as she drifted into the ecstasy of approaching orgasm. Jesus, she felt fantastic, looked fantastic, and .... uurrrrggghhhhh!!! I was having a fantastic orgasm into her.

Her fit young pussy was spasming round my cock as she slammed down hard again and again, pressing to get every last millimetre in, as though eight inches wasn’t enough for her craving little quim. It felt amazing. I groaned and gasped, and so did she, as the incestuous rape reached its shocking but irresistible climax. I pumped my sperm into my own daughter, eagerly, over and over, until eventually we were both spent.

Then she sagged onto me, gasping happily. ‘God, Daddy, that was so cool!’ she panted, ‘I’m so addicted to your huge cock already. And you loved it, didn’t you? Admit it.’

‘Absolutely not!’ If you’re going to lie, lie glibly, I always say. ‘It was totally wrong. Not only rape, but incest too. Suppose you get pregnant? The child would be inbred, it could have all sorts of problems.’

‘We’ll get morning-after pills,’ Vonnie wasn’t worried at all, ‘we all need them anyway, after all your fucking and cumming in us left, right and centre.’ It was a pretty thorough put-down. I couldn’t think of anything to say.

‘Yvonne you bitch,’ Sue spoke up from the floor, ‘how long are you going to leave us here? It’s frickin uncomfortable you know.’

‘Sorry Susie,’ Yvonne rolled off me and sat up, ‘I just had to get fucked, you know how it is.’ She giggled. I despaired at the change in her, so suddenly changed from a needy, tormented young girl to some kind of female sex fiend.

She got off and helped Sue to her feet, then helped her hop over to the bed with her tied ankles. Sue landed next to me.

‘Yvonne, untie me!’ Sue was not happy. Not that hostile either, though.

‘Alright, on one condition.’ Yvonne was sounding playful.

‘Lemme guess,’ Sue wasn’t cowed, ‘you’re going to fuck me.’

‘Almost,’ Vonnie was grinning, ‘I wanna try some lezzie stuff, you know, rubbing and everything, eating, sixty-nine and everything.’

‘Fancy that,’ Sue didn’t seem to mind, she just waved her legs at Yvonne, waiting for them to be untied.

‘Sue,’ I had to ask, ‘you don’t mind? You were pretty unhappy when Becky, you know, forced you in the leisure centre.’

‘I didn’t like the forcing,’ Sue said, ‘ that’s not what I’m into, it was like an attack, the bitch, said she was going to massage me and then she suddenly tied my wrists, with a cable tie, before I knew what was going on. And then, you know, I hadn’t done anything, with anyone. I’m only thirteen, you know. But fucking you was pretty tremendous. Feelings like that, I gotta have some more of.’ She grinned at me, gorgeous and naughty.

‘What about me?’ Jilly was still on the floor.

‘There’s space this side, hang on.’ Yvonne went over and helped her up onto the bed on other side of me. I was surrounded by naked thirteen-year-old girls.

‘What are you going to do, Jilly, if I untie you?’ Yvonne asked.

‘I’ll just watch, honest.’ Jilly wasn’t a troublemaker. And she was curious.

Like me.

‘OK, Becky’s got the key anyway,’ Vonnie wasn’t going to rape them after all. I breathed a sigh of relief as I watched her undo Jilly’s ropes. God, what a state things had come to, when it was a relief she was only going to have consensual lesbian sex with another thirteen-year-old. And what about Sally?

‘Vonnie,’ I said, ‘what about Mummy? You have to untie me.’

‘You think I should break the deal?’ Yvonne was challenging me again, ‘I gave her my word.’

‘Yes of course I do, sweetie, it’s not a normal situation is it, what do you think Becky’s doing to her?’

‘Well she’s grown-up isn’t she, it’s not like me, a few more orgasms won’t hurt her will they?’

‘Darling you know it’s all different if it’s forced. You understand that don’t you? Why have you done it anyway, got me tied up and handed your mother over to Becky?’

‘I wanted you Daddy. You teased me and got me all worked up and then stopped. You fucked Sue and Jilly and Becky, I was the only one you hadn’t. And…I don’t know…’

Just then the key turned in the lock. We all looked at the door.

It opened and Becky walked in, leading Sally by a leash and collar. It was our dog’s collar and lead, from the hall, and the collar was buckled round Sally’s neck. They were both naked. They both looked tired, but Becky was triumphant while Sally looked fucked out. Slender and vulnerable; her hands were tied behind her back. I strained at my ropes but apart from a creak I made no impression.

I stared at my wife’s beautiful face, trying to see how bad things were for her. She smiled tiredly at me.

Becky looked at my cock, still glistening slightly with Yvonne’s drying juices. Then she looked at Sally. ‘See, Sally? Is that a freshly fucked daughter or not? You lose the bet, I’m afraid.’ Then she turned and led Sally out, locking the door behind them. Too late I realised I hadn’t said a word.

And I realised Sally had bet that I wouldn’t fuck Vonnie, and I had. What were the stakes? What had I cost her, with my incurably hypersensitive cock?

‘Now look,’ I turned back to try and lay down the law to Yvonne but she’d untied Sue’s ankles already and had her face buried in her pussy. Sue’s hands were still tied behind her back, but she didn’t seem to mind. She grinned at me: ‘I’m being so worked over,’ she said happily between breaths, ‘this is some sexy family. What’s you’re name anyway?’

Bloody hell, I’d fucked her without her even knowing my name. ‘Roger,’ I said, ashamed I hadn’t somehow told her.

‘You’re frickin kidding,’ Sue laughed even as she gasped with being eaten, and Jilly laughed too, ‘Rogering Roger, that’s my kind of cool dad.’ I couldn’t decide if it was disrespectful or not, but felt I had to smile back.

I watched the beautiful young girl writhe and gasp as she was eaten out by another beautiful young girl – my own little Vonnie. It was all different when the rape was a game. My incorrigible cock thought it was great, anyway; it was absurd but after however many fucks that afternoon - six was it? - it was coming to life again, propelled by the unreal sexuality of it all. It occurred to me that Man hadn’t necessarily evolved to even survive a situation like the one I was in.

Yvonne’s long hair flowed over Sue’s thighs – rather delicious meaty thighs – and her head moved around as she shifted her attention from one bit of unseen teenie genitalia to another. My imagination was going wild.

Sue’s gorgeous brown body squirmed about, her little tits looking flushed and her nipples sticking up with arousal. I gazed, hypnotised, at her beautiful young face, her gorgeous big eyes with the pupils huge in arousal, framed in her lovely soft, frizzy hair. I wished I could bury my nose in that hair, run my fingers through it and sniff in her ear.

I felt fingertips on my cock and looked down: Jilly was touching it with a delicate, sensual hand. She was free, it suddenly dawned on me, and Yvonne was, er, busy.

‘Jilly,’ I whispered urgently, ‘untie me.’

‘I mustn’t,’ she whispered back, ‘I promised.’

Not another teenage moral dilemma, I groaned to myself. Before I could muster an argument Jilly had leaned over and slid her mouth over my cockhead, taking away my reason once more.

Jilly seemed inexperienced but not entirely clueless with cocksucking. I guessed she’d watched videos but not actually done it before. Anyway she kept her teeth out of the way, that was the main thing, and just the idea of it was arousing enough: the willowy thirteen-year-old with my middle-aged cock buried in her pretty, innocent-looking face. And she didn’t persevere with it for long anyway. After a minute, with my cock at full size and almost full hardness, she slid onto me and started lining up her pussy.

‘Roger me,’ she joked as she slid her pussy onto my cock, much more easily than last time. God. All these teens were getting so cocky. She felt fantastic, anyway, her pussy tight and slippery like some kind of magic glove. Her face was lovely, with warm brown eyes, strong eyebrows and thick, straight brown hair. I wished I could stroke her.

I heard Sue starting to cum next to me, and vaguely watched as she bucked Yvonne’s head around. Then Jilly started to fuck me and my concentration drifted away. I was just aware of Vonnie and Sue shuffling round and starting a sixty-nine, with Sue on top and her pussy with Vonnie’s lovely young face in it right next to me.

I lay there, bound and helpless, while Jilly fucked me steadily, in no rush. She was savouring the sensations, experimenting a bit with her movements, flexing her lithe, supple back to move her pelvis around and try different angles with my cock. From time to time she stopped the pumping and just rubbed her clit around on me. Her face was a picture of youthful happiness, smiling at me.

After a while – I had no idea how long – her movements changed and became more rhythmical and straightforward. She started to bang down each time, speeding up. In reflex I started arching up to add my thrusts and increase the speed.

I gawped hazily at her lovely slender young body, her gorgeous tits and fine skin, as it humped up and down and she gasped louder and louder, while we pursued ecstasy together. After another half-minute of rising joy we both exploded, my cock pumping yet again into her tight teen pussy as it pulsated, once, twice, half a dozen times, and then I sagged back, and she sagged beautifully on top of me. I tried to kiss her neck, but without my hands I couldn’t get past her hair.

‘Do you want me to untie you, Daddy?’ Yvonne was smiling at me, still this new confident sexpot person.

‘Yes sweetie I certainly do,’ I answered.

‘Well alright, but there are conditions,’ she was grinning, and so was Sue who was now underneath her, stroking her affectionately.

‘Oh yes?’ I groaned. I was going to concede, I knew. I was battered, defeated, fucked into submission.

‘You have to fuck us whenever we want,’ she informed me. ‘No arguing or anything, your gorgeous huge raping cock belongs to us, OK?’

I felt I had to put up some resistance after all; I couldn’t become the plaything of three thirteen-year-old girls, surely? ‘Now Vonnie...’

I stopped because the key was turning in the lock. The door opened again. Sally led Becky back into the room. Becky with her hands tied and the collar round her neck!

Sally’s face was smeared all over with glistening, half-dried liquid and I realised she must have been eating Becky’s pussy. Becky looked furious. Sally, my beautiful Sally, was looking like I’d never seen her: still tired, but naughty. And victorious.

‘She untied me so I could eat her properly; that was the bet,’ she said with a grin, ’so I gave her my best pussy-eating, twice; she came really hard, then she fell asleep!’

Sally surveyed the room, taking in the girls’ confident, smiling faces and my no doubt fucked-out appearance. ‘Well it looks like you got the girls over it all, anyway.’

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Well (below) it's good of you to make such a detailed comment. I agree about the 'as long as you orgasmed' idea being wrong BUT it's not the protagonist or me saying that it's the young girl being difficult. Yeah it's not the most credible plot I have to agree lol, but it's not supposed to be read too seriously. And in other episodes it is explained that there were aspects that Yvonne did like, and later on they all apologise to each other. Anyway sorry you couldn't suspend your disbelief, I have to own up to forming the plot around the sex somewhat :).

On the ages: for me some 13-year-olds are ready, some aren't. If they are it can be a sexy fantasy IMO, as long as they're in charge hehe. On rape I feel I can cover bad things as long as bad is described as bad which, ultimately, it is in this series; maybe not in each individual episode, to the full serious extent, but the mood changes accordingly.

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