This story was written and played off-board. It was done off the cuff and written quickly. It was a fun role-play quick write. Thanks Cleo! Cleo in "italics" and tted46 in regular type.
It had been six months into the new school year at the college I transferred to. I didn't really want to live in the dorms because it was a fact that there was non-stop partying going on every night, so when I heard of an apartment complex near the college in walking distance, close to campus, I jumped on it. When I went to go look at the apartment, I learned I would be the only tenant which was a dream come one to disturb me when I was studying. The apartment was nice...two bedroom. I could easily transform the second bedroom into a small study area...and the living room was huge...plenty of room to practice my dance sequences and not bother a soul.

I was a cheerleader and dancer growing up, and going to this college, I was happy to learn that there was a cheer squad and gymnastics team to join. This would give me plenty of opportunity to practice...and especially: undisturbed. The man I rented the apartment from seemed nice enough...I learned by doing a quick search of his name that he was an attorney from what I could see...a pretty upstanding guy. Odd thing was...he wasn't married. That was strange...who wouldn't want to scoop this guy up?

He was handsome...well-built. Ah wasn't any of my business. That afternoon I was unpacking the last of my packing cartons, unloading my desk and everything into the study space. Pulling my hair back into a pony tail, I looked around and smiled. I was a nice looking girl, trim, semi-petite...gymnastics body with a size B chest, trimmed pussy so when I wore a leotard nothing showed through...that sort of girl. Looking at the clock, it read 3:00AM.

God...I had been up that late? I had to get some sleep. Having changed into a pair of boy-shorts no panties and a tank tops bra around midnight I was certainly ready for bed. Climbing into the double bed that was a hand-me-down from my parents, I let the sheets settle over me, I noticed how quite it was almost eerily quiet, as I fell into a deep sleep.

My college years were awesome... I had more pussy than I could possibly manage. For some reason my deviant mind could never be quenched.

Once I passed my bar exam, I was eager to practice law alongside people I knew and respected. I had been chosen from a top list of candidates to work side by side in the prosecutor’s office. There I saw every type of criminal pass through our doors you could imagine.

After working there for years and gaining the experience necessary and winning many trials....

I decided it was time to go out on my own. I also found it more lucrative to defend the very scum that I was good a prosecuting. Thing is after years of doing this, it awakened a demon in me that I needed to feed often.

In doing this I found I had a certain fascination with the rape cases I took on.... I found that these women as so called victims one way or the other was asking to be fucked in some way. I hadn’t lost a case in 5 years.

I worked out and was in great shape for a guy my age. I tried the old fashion way of satisfying my needs but these little bitches today are just too stuck up... so I’m forced to have fun in other ways.

The old building on Adams St was perfect... a 6 family building, great looking on the outside but always in a state of repair on the inside. I offer 1 apartment on the upper floor away from other buildings. I have insulated the walls so the rooms are nearly sound proof from noise, both coming from outside, as well as inside.

I interviewed several hot young college girls and found one that really stood out to be one of my top pics for my next victim. A tall slender woman, girlish looks, perfect complexion, innocent in all aspects. Perfect round butt, her breast seemed perky and firm.

It makes my task pretty easy as I control the phone lines, electric, heat and I always have a key.....

The first night is always the best..... I use my key and let myself in after I see the young woman has retired to bed for the night.... a night she won’t forget soon.

As I approach her bed, I see her lying there she looks so beautiful and peaceful..... I take a minute to stroke my cock through my pants, as I admire her....I step to the side of the bed, ready to pounce on her ...

Turning in my sleep I furrow my eyebrows, biting down on my lip slightly. Sighing as my hair, in a ponytail, drapes over my shoulder, I buried my face in my soft pillow. I slowly opened my eyes somewhat in a deep sleep, something made me feel as though I wasn’t alone, kind of creepy. Seeing a shadow through my half closed eyes, I see something moving; I slowly looked around sleepily then turned over in my sleep before opening my eyes realizing that I had seen a shadow. Opening my eyes wide, I turn over then cry out seeing you standing there, the covers falling from my body showing myself dressed in boy shorts and a tank top.

Yes Heather! it’s me! don’t move! the more you fight the more I like it.... didn’t you see me licking my lips when I gave you the keys to this wonderful apartment? did you think you could stay here without paying me?

Now it’s time to pay me.... and this lovely body of yours will do just fine....
I take the tank top ripping it partly off you... you struggle and I yank hard again ripping more of the top from you. I use the strands of it to tie your wrist together... I pick you up and throw you over like a ragdoll... I jump on your legs and ass to hold you down as I tie your wrist behind your back... I’m gonna have you all to myself .... all night... I hope you don’t have class in the morning because you’re gonna be way to sore to walk...

I now frantically grab at your boy shorts and begin tugging them down your legs.

Listening to you, I shake my head "I gave you the down payment and deposit...and the first rent isn't due till next...mon..." Cutting off there, I cry out as you rip the rest of the tank top off of me and use the strands to tie my wrists together. Struggling against you, I shake my head then cry out sharply as you throw me onto the bed like a ragdoll, jumping on my legs and ass to hold me down, tying my wrists behind my back. Listening to you telling me that you're going to have me all to yourself all night and hoping I don't have class in the morning, I try to twist my body away as you grab my boy shorts and tug them down noticing I don’t have panties on.... "NO!!!"

Your girlish scent has me going crazy! the struggle of it... to hear your cries.... I take a second as you thrash about trying to avoid what you must know is coming. I take the opportunity as I see your ass in clear view, wiggling back and forth trying to avoid me... I smack down on the firm ass cheeks... wack, wack, wack, wack!!!! several times... each time the crack of the sound and your combined screams mix to excite me...

Struggling underneath you, I feel you letting me thrash about, trying to avoid you, I scream out as you smack my ass cheeks several times. Screaming out each time, I shake my head "Please...please stop..."

Sobbing, I stop trying to struggle for a moment and just lay underneath you looking up at you with my hands behind me "Why are you doing this?!"

I can’t take it much more.... my cock is straining against the constraints of my trousers... I’m lucky to be so well endowed, although I’m sure my victims don’t share this excitement.. I grab at my belt, and button and zipper and yank my own pants down ... I kick my shoes off and slide out of my pants as I use the other hand to put tremendous pressure on your lower back to keep you from getting up. I get my pants off and climb atop of you.... I let my cock hang down and slide along the back sides of your tender firm legs, as I lay above you and snuggle my cock between your ass cheeks.

Heather I desire you... you are the kind of girl a guy like me might never get... I’m taking what I want ... you make this happen because you reap of sexual desire and I'm a man who can read what your body is telling me!

Feeling you removing your trousers and shoes, I feel your hands putting pressure on my lower back to keep me from getting up, the pain is intense. Whimpering as you climb on top of me, I shudder as you slide your cock along the back of my legs and snuggle it between my ass cheeks. Listening to your excuse, I shake my head "I'm not a whore..I'm not like the other cheerleaders...I'm...I'm a virgin...coughing”...I whimper into the pillow as I shake my head "Please...please don't do this..."

I hissss and growl into your ears....Heather tell me what you want? tell me how good you think its gonna feel... as I slide my man cock into your small tight pussy... fucking tell me!!! you are a fucking whore... you are here.. you agreed to be here.... you dressed for me to come visit you... your pussy is wet! why is your pussy wet Heather if you don’t want this... I take my middle finger running it up and down your center... it slips into your crevasse as though your seemingly virgin pussy is sucking it in... the female juices are flowing and sticky with wanton lust... you struggle but your pussy is asking to be penetrated!

Listening to your hiss and growl, I whimper and shake my head "No I don't want this...I don't.." Continuing to protest, I hear you tell me, to tell you, that I am whore and I agreed to be there...that I dressed for you to come visit me and that my pussy is wet. Listening to you ask me why it was wet, I can’t understand why my own body is betraying me like this... I don’t want this... I sob out as you slip your finger into my crevasse "Oh god...please...please stop..."

As though we are lovers I arch my back and rub my cock up and down the crevasse of your young tight ass cheeks... I tease you and start to slip my cock into you but then pull it back... the trail of female fuck juices stick to my cock, my own cock is oozing pre-cum waiting to fuck the young pussy before me, as I use that fluid to push back and forth along your ass.. poking and prodding.. teasing and getting ready to penetrate you for the first time.... the first time you have ever felt a man’s cock inside of you.... the sweat on your body makes your skin slippery with natural lube, your whimpering and crying into the pillow... the wetness on your face from the tears, the uncontrollable sobbing, your struggling become more subdued as you tire from the fight... it’s going to happen.

Heather! what am I gonna do now? tell me what you think I’m gonna do now?... tell me!!!!! “you know what is coming now....”

Blinking and listening to you I sob out as you arch your back and rub your cock up and down the middle of my ass, as you tease me, starting to slip your cock into me but pulling back. Gasping out as I feel you leaking juices all over my butt, I gasp out as I shake my head but stop struggling as you continue rubbing against me. Hearing your question, I remain silent and sob into the pillow "P...Please don''ll hurt.."

As I place my cock at the opening of your pussy... its takes every bit of strength to keep me from just ramming my cock all the way inside you... I start to bare down on you. I know from experience that once I start to enter you more than a few inches you will use all your strength to buck me off, the pain will be unbearable for a few will try one last time to save your virtue! I’m prepared for this! I grab a complete handful of your silky long hair... I’m sure you feel dizzy and unaware of what’s about to I pull back on your hair yanking your head back as far back as your body will allow......

I drive my cock fully into you for the final assault on your virgin pussy! I immediately feel you tense and scream, you kick your legs wildly!! you kick so wildly that you manage to kick your own shorts completely off... I know from experience that I can’t let up now... it’s my job to continue fucking you as hard and fast as I can! I slam my body down on yours, hard!!... whoomp, whoomp, whoomp, whoomp!! each stroke fast and hard... I’m pushing so hard that I fear the bed might give way from my trusting so violently into you, it creaks and groans and bangs in time against the wall... I feel your body, it’s so petite, I fear I might break you in two!!!

Your struggles and whimpering start to go silent... little by little I hear less from you as though you are dying... but this isn’t the case you are just giving in....

Crying out as you drive into me deeply, I scream out and shake my head then sob out, kicking until my pussy slowly learns to accept you. Feeling you pushing so hard into me, I whimper out into the pillow as I grow weaker from struggling so much "Oh hurts...not so hard...please..." Then a new horror dawns on me and I widen my eyes "Please don't cum in me..."

I know I can’t last long this first time.... a young virgin pussy like this has an ability, whether it likes it or not, to grip a cock so tightly and attempt to hold it, as it slides in and out, that even the most hardened man could not resist the boiling feeling deep in his loins. Only releasing the full volley of man seed into her, will satisfy the thirst, the desire.

Heather!!! listen to me... can you feel that cock in you? is it filling you up? you feel the pleasure?

I stop stroking so fast now... and for a moment I push hard and hold my cock deep in you and let you feel the strength of my cock concur you!

I now begin a lover’s movement... I slowly fuck you, pulling out almost falling out then slowly back in the full deep of your center pushing you down onto the bed... the room is now quiet... the sounds of love making, mating, fucking... the small moans that come from your lips, the soft squeaking of the bed... labored breathing... the impending feeling of mounting climax that will soon come.

Feeling you sliding in and out me, I whimper as my pussy grips you tightly causing me to moan out softly... why is my body feeling like this... I could never want to be raped like this, never!. Hearing your question, I shake my head and whimper as you stop stroking, then push hard and hold your cock deep in me, I can feel the thickness and the strength of your cock in me, I whimper and don't answer you. I refuse to. Feeling you moving slowly, I whimper and moan quietly my breathing labored before I try to pull away fruitlessly "Please don't cum in me...please..."

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I scream out ... in some weird animal act I throw my head down to your neck and begin biting you....I grab as much skin in my mouth as I can, my mouth open and screaming into your neck biting you, drawing blood, I can taste the rusty, salty taste of your blood in my mouth... your screaming and crying into the pillow... I’m shoving and pushing my belly along with my cock as deep as I can possibly get...

I unload my entire sack of cum deep into you... I continue to stroke, lifting my ass and throwing myself at you, until I can hardly hold myself up any longer.... I fall onto you exhausted and spent... I release the grip of my teeth and mouth from your neck but slump all my body weight onto you... my cock lodged deep in you still, your vise like grip on my cock, won’t let it go.

Hearing you screaming out, I cry out as you bite my neck, drawing blood. Sobbing and screaming into the pillow, I feel you shoving and pushing your belly along with your cock as deep as you can possibly get, the force pushes my head towards the head-board of my bed each time... Panting into the pillow, I feel you continue to stroke, throwing yourself against me until it seems you can hardly hold yourself up any longer. Feeling your biting teeth release my neck. I feel you slump your entire body weight against my back, it knocks the wind out of me, with your cock lodged deep into me still, I try to loosen my pussy from you and whimper as it continues against my will to cling and hold you tightly.

"'ve had get out of me..." Not thinking about what I'm saying I continue on "I'll move out of here..."

I hear you pleading as you still defiantly act as though our love making meant nothing to you. My seed is deeply in you... I have your blood in my mouth. I have concurred you! I roll off you pulling you with me so that I’m spooning you from your back.

I stroke your beautiful silky hair... I rub your bruised cheeks and smoothly begin petting you... softly over and over. I listen as you sob occasionally but it seems to subdue you, you seem to be quieter now. I hold you in this position coddling you, as I stroke your legs and sides and breast... ever so slowly.. like lovers do.

Heather .... you are my girl now... you are not going to be able to leave anytime soon... until you have learned to be obedient and trained well.
I untie the restraints from your bruised wrist... I roll you onto your back.. I place your arms above your head in a relaxed position. You’re much to tired to struggle, you know the worst is over there is no sense in fighting....

As you lay on your back, you are much more comfortable now...the restraints are gone and you can stretch out, I place my hand on your belly and abdomen... I rub in circular motions inching closer to your pussy mound. You make no move to stop me.....

My middle two fingers slip into your soaking wet pussy... I slowly slide my fingers up and down the reddened fingers disappear into the silky pussy hair as I stroke up and down in a smooth loving rhythm... it’s your turn to feel loved.

Blinking as you roll off of me, pulling me with you and spooning me from the back, I feel you stroking my hair, and try to pull my head away. Feeling you rubbing my bruised cheeks, I look at you sobbing as you pet me but I eventually grow quieter and stop pulling away. Holding me in this position, I feel you stroking my legs, sides and breasts slowly causing my body to slowly relax. Hearing you calling me your girl, and telling me that I won't be able to leave anytime soon, until I have learned to be obedient, I shake my head before asking "How do you presume to keep me here..." Cutting off there, I whimper as you remove the restraints and move me to my back, lifting my arms above my head. Feeling you placing your hand on my belly and abdomen, rubbing in circular motions inching closer to my pussy mound, I whimper and tense but don't move to stop you.

Tensing again as you slip your fingers into my pussy, I gasp out and shake my head "P...please stop...oh god..." Panting slightly, I bite down on my lip "Oh god..."

I see your labored breathing and your belly rising up and down... your arms still stretched above your head. Your eyes are closed, your lips are slightly open and you take in short breaths of air ...

Heather don’t fight the feeling let yourself cum.... feel that climax coming... feel your center begging you for release....

I smile intently as I watch you, my concurred girl about to experience her first orgasm.. a climax that I have given her.... her rapist! her new master!

I see you arching and fucking my fingers.. gyrating your hips in a circular motion trying to get all of my fingers inside of you...your breathing intensifies and your belly rises and falls in time to your labored uncontrolled moans.

Sobbing out I shake my head as I breathe in short shallow breaths, as you tell me not to fight the feeling and let myself cum. Whimpering as my breathing intensifies, I look at you then cry out as I cum around your hand "Oh god...".. oh god what have I done?”

Looking at you as I collapse to the bed feeling your hand in my pussy, I try to pull away from you but I'm too weak as you hold me there, looking down into my face "Oh god...please...please no more..."

Feeling scared, and embarrassed, I look away from you knowing that you may have conquered my body but not my will. Biting my lip, I'm determined to try to break free of your hold. Looking up at you I try to pull away from you again....


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2012-02-11 14:23:37
I luv the story. Its so hot. I'm soaking wet

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2011-08-03 11:21:45
Oh Ted, i luv ur stories! Mandy


2011-07-24 10:24:02
That was funny I complained about comments being anonymous ...and I forgot to log in, which made my own comment anonymous LOL

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Thank you "proof reader" well I do put a disclaimer at the beginning of the story... I know and I have asked for help. I see story's on here all the time with the crappiest spelling and writing but they get high ratings. I never see comments about how horrible the grammar or punctuation is. Do I get low rating because my story sucks wind or because of poor spelling and word usage? Don't be "anonymous" write me.

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2011-07-24 06:38:56
You need to have someone proof read your work. The biggest mistake I picked up on was concurred, which means to agree when I'm sure you meant conquered.

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