This story is completely fictional. It is told from the daughter’s experiences and the fathers. I will purposely leave age out but you the reader can insert whatever age you like. There is more to come, if you enjoy this story.
I’m Mark; I’m married to the most wonderful women a man could want. We have two wonderful daughters. Both the girls, even from a young age, have taken after their mother’s natural slender body, dark almost black hair, except for my oldest, who for some reason sprouted the most amazing blond, redish hair. We always joked that she must be the daughter of the postman. Any one of them could peer into your eyes and command any wish they wanted. They had a control and knowing about them that was unmistakably...”princess get what I want look”. Of course Becky my wife, had me the very first night we met at a mutual friend’s party, she knew just how to manipulate me, even though she didn’t even know me.

Our first few years of marriage were pure bliss. Our sex life was that written in Penthouse magazines. Every chance we got we tried a new position, a new partner, a new dangerous place. Until our first daughter was born that is...

After we started having children the sex life changed, almost to a stop. It was a huge shock for me. I found myself jacking off to various porn sites and finding whatever resources I could to continue living out our sex life adventures and keeping those memories fresh in my mind. Although I never cheated on my wife... without her or behind her back. Sure we did plenty of threesomes both with guys and girls but always together. So no matter my urges I never would go behind her back, I loved her with all my heart.
The girls now growing up, took after their mother dead on, they used every womanly tactic to get their way, my girls had me wrapped around their fingers tighter than rubber band on a ponytail. Whenever they wanted something they always came to me: money, clothes, driving them places, having friends over, whatever it was, I hardly ever could say no.

Sexuality towards the girls was mostly sheltered, although when they asked questions Becky or I would answer their questions pretty straight forward. I was alarmed that they had a high curiosity towards sex and questions. They seem to take after me in that department, good grief.

... I have the best parents a girl could ever want. My sister and I have the best and latest clothes and our friends were always jealous of the places we got to go. I guess I never really thought about how cute I was, until boys and men! started staring at me so much. I didn’t understand it, I didn’t have big boobs like my mom, I didn’t really wear that much makeup. I spent lots of time looking at myself though, in our full length dressing mirror, attached the closet door. I guess I did have a nice butt (in comparing myself to other girls and my friends in school) and I did really love my long hair, it made me feel so pretty and feel like such a woman. My dad remarked a lot that I look so pretty. I loved my dad more than anything... even though I know I’m spoiled, I love it. My dad makes me smile every time he hugs me.

I was glad that now the girls are growing up and better able to do things on their own and had activities to fill their time... it also meant Becky and I was a full time taxi service, taking the girls to one event or another seemingly constantly. This also meant they got into more trouble; they were exposed to more of life’s hazards and difficulties as young girls. I was never much on disciplining the girls, only a very few times had I ever spanked them or grounded them and it had to be something pretty major for me to administer such a harsh punishment to my girls.

A few years ago my oldest daughter Angie had really tested me and gone to the far reaches of my patience and good will when she was younger. I had told her a thousand times don’t play with daddy’s trophy, one of the only trophy’s I won in college for MVP in baseball. I had it placed way up high on our mantle over the fireplace. Becky kind of always disliked that I had there, she said it reminder her to much of our wild college days and wished I would put it somewhere else, but I was proud of my accomplishments and it reminded me of who I was: a virile, handsome, young stud.... maybe that’s why she didn’t like it. I often glanced at the large trophy and smiled.

I never understood why my dad had such a love for that stupid golden colored trophy, it looked hideous to me. Some guy standing there frozen in time, pretending to swing a bat at some imaginary ball. The thing is, it made a great companion to my Barbie collection. I had a friend over one day right after school and I wanted to show her my collection of dolls. I was too old even then to be playing with dolls and playing house but I still enjoyed collecting them and comparing their little outfits and dressing them up. Jill my friend started messing around and knocking stuff over and making me mad. She threw one of my nicest dolls at me and missed but I didn’t even think and grabbed my dad’s trophy sitting there in a row with my dolls and flung it at Jill... I missed and it slammed into the wall breaking it into several pieces. I covered my face in instant fear and astonishment of what I had just done...I cried out loud, shaking while tears rolled down my cheeks.... my dad was going to kill me.

I came home one afternoon and noticed something missing... it wasn’t apparent to me right away.... wait a minute what the hell. She has finally gone and done it, my dammed wife has taken my trophy down and stashed it someplace. My mind raced, thinking maybe she threw it way, maybe she gave it to someone, what could she have done with it. I wouldn’t know for sure... I txt her right away... “what the F did you do with my trophy”?... “what the hell are you talking about.. I didn’t touch your stupid old troph...” ... “Im at a cheer practice with Krista... stop bothering me with ur nonsense”

I looked around and couldn’t find it anywhere... I notice Angie was home and went to her room... I knocked on her door.. Angie you in there? ... no answer... knock, knock ...Angie honey you in there? I’m trying to find my trophy that was on the mantel!

My dad was knocking at my door, I had already asked Jill to leave before my dad got home. I was so scared, I had butterflies in my stomach and felt like I was going to throw-up I didn’t even know what to say.... my dad knocked again... Y-- yes daddy come in!

Hey how are you pumpkin? how was ur day? I’m trying to find my old trophy.. it’s gone from the *my mouth gaping open*

As I walked in I saw in her small hands, holding pieces of my trophy. I stood there for second, my face turning red, sweat almost comes out from my forehead, I gritted my teeth and hissed to Angie what the fuck have you done!!!!??? Somehow all I could think is that she must just hate me or that she is just so spoiled that she thinks she doesn’t have to respect anyone else property or that she must be doing this to get back at me for something... like WHAT though! The thoughts raced through my head. I give these fucking women everything I have! my mind raced... it became more to me then about the trophy, it seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I snapped.

I had never heard my dad curse so much... I don’t remember seeing him so mad, his face was red and his forehead shined from a thin layer of sweat. The anger in his faced scared me so much... I thought I was gonna pee myself when he started coming towards me.... I had no idea what was going to happen but I think I’m in trouble.

I don’t know what came over me... I was blind... I took two steps towards Angie, I could see the fear in her eyes... she must have known what was coming... I slapped at her small hands, flinging the remains of my once prized possession from her, she instinctively pulled her hands to her face covering herself in a defensive mood...even though up that point I had never slapped her or her sister... only the occasional spanking on their bottoms. I grabbed at her tiny wrist picking her up off the off the floor and from the side of the bed where she was sitting, instantly spinning her around and throwing her doll like body face down on the her flowery bed.. the stuffed animals bounced around like it was an earth quake. While she was face down and crying into the bed spread, I grabbed at her waist line for the skinny belt holding her blue colored shorts, tearing and pulling the silver color small clasp lose. She’s screaming back at me “daddy please no... I’m sorry daddy... please no, I didn’t mean to, it was an accident... please no!” her cries were of no use to me right now, I was furious, I didn’t hesitate for a second as I now tore at the button on her shorts shredding, popping and pulling them down roughly as she kicked and screamed, her feet where flailing desperately.

It was a flash... like a lightning bolt had hit me... I covered my face trying to protect myself... I see the rage in my dad... like I had never seen... is this even my daddy? I felt weightless for a second and a stinging sensation through my wrist and arm... I was like in the air doing a weird spin... I remember seeing parts of my room in my vision as I my daddy turned me face down on my bed. I had this weird thought, I remember getting a spanking from my mom and dad only couple times in my entire life... but never like this...why was he, pulling at my favorite shorts like this... why was he pulling my panties down... I heard the buttons pop, they sounded like little sparks as my shorts where pulled down my legs. I tried kicking and closing my legs so he couldn’t get them down but my dad was very strong. I frantically tried covering my naked butt with my hands to protect myself from what, I’m sure was gonna hurt like all heck. I was only able to keep my hands there for a second... he managed to scoop both my hands in his large ones and hold them down over my head on the bed area above me. I screamed again into my flowery pink bedspread ... pleading with my daddy... I told him over and over I was sorry it was an accident... I would never disobey him again... I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t.

At this point I was building adrenaline... and anger! the more she struggled and kicked and screamed the more I was spurred on to capture her and finish teaching my little princess a major lesson. She attempted to grab her upturned butt with her tiny hands, I can remember the pink sparkly nail polish that shined on her finger nails as she clutched at her own bottom. I wrestled with her for only mere seconds dragging her partly over my lap while taking both her hands in my mine, stretching and pulling them high above her. I could hear her muffled screams, her head darting back and forth trying to avoid the assault. She stiffened and clinched her round firm butt cheeks tightly together... preparing for the onslaught of spanks that were ready to be administered. With her torn blue shorts and baby blue panties wrapped and tangled around her knees.... I began spanking and hitting furiously on her small butt!! wack, wack, wack, wack, wack... over and over again.. her screams and crying and kicking made this almost seem brutal. It wasn’t, it was love. I yelled and screamed at her as I hit and spanked at her small butt, the crimson red color was there after only 10 or so smacks! I continued the spanking, holding her wrist and hands tightly and my free hand swung quickly and wildly on her. As I continued spanking smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack...I did this for what seemed like minutes and minutes... I hit her so much that I was panting and getting out of breath as though I was a 100 yard sprinter; my hand prints were so fierce on her that the entire area of her wiggling butt was a pure red almost looked bloody but it was welted and shinny. I now could see and feel warm moister all over my leg and see wetness that looked like water between her legs.. this added to the stinging sounds of me spanking her. Y-you....wwillll.... nnnott... touch.... my...stuff!... you willlll respect mmeeeee... As I slapped at her small ass the last few times, before stopping and slumping over slightly, panting and tears welling in my eyes.

The first few spanks from my dad stung like crazy! I thought maybe that would be about it... but it wasn’t. I screamed until my throat was hurting and felt raw... I could feel my eyes bugging out from screaming and crying. Strangely I can still remember feeling the bed bounce and wiggle as my dad hit me so hard my body was being pushed into his leg relentlessly over and over. More weird sensations were beginning to appear in my body, as I felt some strange tingling sensation as my daddy's bare hand hit me... I certainly couldn’t describe it, but it gave me a funny feeling only inches from where he was hitting me. I ignored that, because at some point it felt like my butt was wet it was stinging and hurt so bad. I couldn’t get away from the beating I was getting from my matter how much I kicked and pleaded. I didn’t fully understand why he was so mad at me... I loved him so much... I was so hurt and confused. I was so distraught with fear and hurt that I hardly noticed until it was too late to stop it....I was peeing... OMG! I was so embarrassed and this made me cry in shame even more. At the same time I felt another weird feeling deep, deep in my tummy... I had no idea what it was but it made the stinging and hitting feel better, joyful almost, desirable.... like I didn’t want it to stop.... I ignored it, I couldn’t cry anymore ... just sobbing and spasms in my body now... my daddy stopped hitting me. I whispered only loud enough that my dad could hear me... “daddy I love you... I’m sorry”

As I slumped over my now defeated daughter, she stopped kicking and screaming, her ass moved back and forth slightly and pushed somewhat into my leg, for second I thought she was humping my leg but it was so slight that I pushed that thought out of my mind. The only sounds in the room now were her sobbing and hiccuping from the punishment. I gained some of my composure and realized that maybe I had gone to far. In a voice so slight, I almost missed it.... “daddy I love you... I’m sorry” I almost broke in a loud cry but silently begin sobbing myself....Angie honey... Angie I love you so much sweetie.... I’m sorry you made me hit you. Daddy loves you too.... you mean the world to me.

In an effort to console her and sooth the pain of the beating, I place my hand very gently on her butt. She yelped out... “aouuwwww” I softly ever so slightly rubbed it in circular motions trying to sooth the burning sensation she surely must be experiencing. I let go of her hands, she didn’t try and pull away or struggle. Her arms even though I wasn’t holding them stayed out stretched above her, her hands now flat on the bed slightly clutching the bedspread. I placed one hand just beneath her tee-shirt on her lower back and used my still free hand to rub her upturned fiery red bottom. I continued in a circular manner rubbing. This might have been ok... except I now have a steel hard on.... I’m fucking being aroused after having just beat my young daughters ass and then rubbing it. What the hell could I be thinking?

More than anything, I just wanted to comfort her and take away the pain I had caused. After all, this was my princess. As I continued my slight circular motions on her ass, I also rubbed up and down the small of her back pushing her tee-shirt up even further. This all must have made her feel better as her sobbing subdued and turned to very soft moans and panting. I let my longest middle finger fall down between her cheeks... it touched the pink area just protruding from her small pussy lips. I would rub once in a circle then dip back down again each time going further into her moist young pussy... she never even flinched when I did this.. she just pushed herself back slighting, her nearly hairless pussy lips seemed to almost suck my long finger in as she gyrated against it. After moments of doing this my raging hard on was strained tightly against my black dress pants from work.

I heard my dad, the dad I loved, now telling me how much he loves me... that felt wonderful to know he didn’t hate me. I was drained and hurting badly... every muscle in my body was aching from my punishment. My dad released my hands... I’m not sure I wanted him to... I grabbed my bedspread and tried to stop sobbing. Then a shock came to me, I yelped in dad was now rubbing my stinging butt. At the same time he was also rubbing my back.... it felt soooo soothing and reassuring.

Instinctively I think I wanted to jump up and tell him to stop doing that... but I didn’t really understand what he was doing anyway... it just felt sooo wonderful I didn’t want the feeling to stop. I certainly had no idea at the time why I did this... but I involuntarily started moving my butt around and pushing it back towards his loving touch. I could tell how much he wanted to help me feel better... I couldn’t explain it then... I just knew.

It dawned on me that I’m getting ready to cum in my pants and the daughter I just gave a beating to is about to have an orgasm on my finger... she is too young to even know what this is! but her body certainly knows. I continued to move in circular motions quicker and diping my protruding finger in her just enough to touch her smoldering wet pussy. I stopped suddenly rubbing her butt and just darted my finger in and out quickly, her body arched back pushing as much of her pussy on my finger as she could. She had her own face pushed hard into the bedspread still partly draped across my lap, as she panted and moaned. A sudden loud moan and yelp echoed in my daughter’s girly decorated room as she climaxed against my jerking finger. At the same time, I came in my pants, having never touched my own ragging cock.

OMG... what is happening to me... what is happening to me... why is my body doing this.... why is there such a strange tingling wonderful feeling deep in my tummy and down at my pee area.. I can’t stop myself from moving my hips around... my daddy doesn’t seem to stop, he just keeps up this in and out motion... I think he is using his finger! I’m soooo embarrassed I can’t even look at my dad I don’t dare look at him in fear that the shame I feel and the faint feeling I feel will over take me and I will pass out. I swear I didn’t even try to but I screeched out and feel like a million stars had just collided with my head but in a swirling magical way. I tensed my body and shuddered uncontrollably. This isn’t right, this has gone past being punished for breaking my dad’s favorite trophy, this is something else. I know I couldn’t tell mommy or my little sister about this... the spanking YES! I’m telling mom... the strange feelings that leave me breathless and wanting, and drained... never!

I laid Angie aside gently, in horror of what I just done. My hard on was subsiding and my head that was spinning out of control is starting to slow down. The flushness in my face is leaving and I can think more clearly. Angie lay there still face down panting, her shorts and panties still bunched around her knees.
Angie sweetie... you ok? come here please let me hold you, please let me hold you in my arms. As she turns over I see her soaking wet and red face. Her long blond hair is sticking everywhere on her sweaty face. She looks at me, her eyes still red from screaming and crying. I pull her into my arms. I love you baby, daddy loves you so much.
“I know you do daddy.... I know you do”
I pull back and kiss her as lightly as I can on her pouty wet lips, I kiss her cheeks, I kiss her forehead. I hug her some more.
I guess I pretended like nothing else happened, that my young daughter had not just had her first womanly climax on my finger. I had punished her; I did spank her very hard. The rest was a blur not to be discussed.

I felt my dad lay me aside... I could hardly move anyway...It was a huge relief to hear my dad asking me to hug him, he picked me up, pulling me into his protective strong arms. I never had felt so safe. I didn’t even mind that my face must have looked a mess and my hair was everywhere. I just knew he loved me and he had made me feel better right then, than all the happy things I had done in my life to that point, all rolled up into one moment. I look delicately and innocently into my dad’s eyes as I see him coming in close to my face, I just puckered my lips slightly and he kissed them... it was soft, I almost could hardly feel it. He kissed my teary cheeks and sweaty forehead. He told me how much he loves me... I felt like a princess again.

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If you cannot extract constructive criticism from comments, then you shouldn't write stories. Also, the part where you indicated 4th grade reading skills: you write at that level. It's not laziness that is the cause of the urge to not read the story, it is the complete lack of structure. I could not care any less if you do or do not take this as constructive criticism.

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This is one of they best...


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well I'm not gonna apologize for my, story negative people!... I cant help that your 4th grade reading level isn't able to understand the character switches... I agree to an extent that it would be better if I was able to get back in and edit as I find errors or format a certain way the make flow better for you... BUT I cant! and if you lazy fucks cant follow the flow of the story then don't read it... but giving the story a "neg" because you cant read should not go against the story that's being told. Stop being a lurker and sign in to the forum area and request or point out errors where I can fix them.

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Worst story I've ever read!

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the flow, or lack there of made this story very disinteresting and difficult to follow. did not read to completion

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