What's that saying about digging two graves...
I eased my slowly deflating cock out of my tied-up young housekeeper Becky and stood up, trying to collect my thoughts again and get a grip on the situation. There were several issues whirling round in my mind, all muddled up.

Somewhere in town there were two friends of my daughter Yvonne, about thirteen years old, who must need help or therapy or something because Becky had raped them in the leisure centre changing room, at the end of teaching their aerobics classes - where they’d made friends with Yvonne.

Becky had tied them to a bench, stripped them, and filmed them while trying to get them off.

It was all completely premeditated, as far as I could see. I’d just found the videos on Becky’s laptop: one each for Jilly, Sue and my own Yvonne. Jilly and Sue hadn’t been aroused by the fingering and eating of their pussies, so Becky had given up with them, but it must have been traumatic even so.

Then there was my lovely daughter Yvonne, who had been aroused, in that same situation; in fact been forced to orgasm, and had since been more or less enslaved by Becky. Had been blackmailed with her video, and reduced to being a submissive lesbian with Becky tying her up and fucking her with a vibrator, often several times a day. For several weeks - probably since the start of the school holidays when they’d been alone together the whole working week. I felt terrible that I’d let it happen.

Meanwhile right now Yvonne was still nude and tied to the headboard here in Becky’s room, pretty much just as I’d found her less than an hour before. She was traumatised with guilt, over her response to the assaults and the way she’d orgasmed so hard and so easily. Now here she was naked, tied up, with me here in the room.

She’d watched me rape Becky twice, objecting a bit but at the same time claiming Becky must have wanted it, since she’d cum. Actually Becky had cum hard; and fast the last time as well, and if we drew the obvious conclusion from the videos then maybe Yvonne was right

It was just percolating through to my confused brain that I’d been in here nearly an hour and hadn’t untied my precious daughter. I’d untied her ankles, one at a time, but not her wrists. And she’d stopped complaining about it.

The human mind is a funny thing; it can be very devious, deceiving its owner. And yet, it can be very subtle, realising things at some subconscious levels that are beyond the scope of the conscious mind at the time. I think that’s what had been happening to me that day. Both those things.

Becky was also on the bed, tied with each wrist bound to each ankle so I could fuck her, as I’d just done. I pulled her off and lowered her onto the floor, and got on the bed next to Yvonne.

I felt I had to help Yvonne account for the two extra videos, which unluckily had proved her right: her friends hadn’t been aroused by their rapes, but she had.

‘So Vonnie,’ I started, trying to sound as loving as I felt, ‘maybe you were right and there is a bit of you that is quite sexy, now you’re growing up, and that’s why Becky was able to make you cum.’

‘Well I’m just the same age as Jilly and Sue,’ Yvonne was nearly sobbing, ‘and the same stage, with periods and tits and everything, so I don’t see why it’s different for me. I must be a slag! A lezzie slut who’s just easy and anybody’s!’

‘No no,’ I was desperate to reassure her, trying to think of a way. I blundered on: ‘It’s a situation loads of people would get off in. Lots of people find it sexy being tied up, because it means you trust the other person and whatever happens isn’t your fault. You see what I mean sweetie? If you just had sex with someone now, as young as you are, it might seem wrong. Too sexy, at only thirteen. But if you’re tied up then it’s not your fault, you see what I mean?’

‘But I come in here and get tied up, every day!’ Yvonne was deep in her guilt trip, ‘I stand and let her strip me and fondle me, and I get on the bed and everything! So I must be a les and a skank!’

‘But she was blackmailing you,’ I tried to reason with her, ‘you wouldn’t have let her do it otherwise would you?’

‘No, no, I wouldn’t,’ she wasn’t giving up, ‘but I didn’t really think she was going to put the video on the web. Not really. I mean, what would be the point? Once I’d not let her fuck me, that wouldn’t make me start again would it, posting it? ‘Cos she couldn’t take it down again if I did start again, could she - it’d be all over the place the first day. So it wasn’t a way of making me, really. Well it seemed like it to start with, but then I realised.

‘And I bet the police would’ve identified her hands and hair, once they knew who she was. It would’ve been so risky, to start posting it, she could’ve been in prison for years.’

I had to stop and think. Yvonne had always been bright. And not easily pushed around, normally. I tried to replay the expression on her face when I’d burst in and found her, but I wasn’t quite sure any more exactly what it had been conveying.

‘But still,’ I struggled on, ‘you wouldn’t let someone touch you, normally, would you, so it was just that situation, that Becky created, forcing you.’

‘Yes but then in the end I quite liked it! The cums, they were awful but I wanted them too!’ Yvonne burst into tears.

‘Darling!’ I rolled over to cuddle her.

‘Get OFF me,’ she yelled at me, ‘I’m not here to be fucked by your fucking huge cock, you total fucking bastard!’

I recoiled, aghast. I was nude, with an erection, but still. In all her thirteen years there had never been a hint of an attitude like that. The swearing, the abuse and hostility. What on earth had come over her? I stifled my automatic reaction and looked closely into her beautiful face, hoping to find a clue. I saw one.

She was waiting for my reaction. Waiting. What did that mean? Something. In the depths of my mind there was a germ of something. Then from the floor Becky spoke.

‘You total fucking bastard.’ she said. ‘Don’t you recognise it, you raping fucking sex fiend?’

That was it. Jesus H Christ. Yvonne was echoing Becky’s words, from after I’d raped her.

So now what? I looked closely at Vonnie and put a hand on her leg. Her lovely slender leg.

‘I suppose you think you can just have me now,’ she said furiously, ‘now you’ve walked in and found me all tied up and helpless. You raping bastard.’

My cock caught on more quickly than my overworked brain. It was throbbing.

My gaze ran over her gorgeous, slender young body. Pale and so innocent-looking, so very slender. Her long schoolgirl hair. The pupils in her amazing green eyes completely huge.

I tried desperately to fit this new revelation into my shaky picture of what the hell was going on. She’d just cried, that was genuine. She’d been consumed with guilt for weeks, shutting herself away in her room and not talking to me and her mother.

Two revelations to fit with that actually: one that she’d realised the video was a bluff (which put her way ahead of me), and one that she’d at least partly come to like what Becky had been doing to her. Well they fitted together, at least.

Maybe it made sense, if I accepted she wasn’t a sexless child any more but a sexually aware girl. A sexy girl. A sexy girl who was into bondage and submission, but not happy about it. A girl with a bit of a compulsion, that Becky had tipped into something she did every day. Was she a victim? How much control did Becky have? That remained to be discovered.

Anyway, the image of my sweet, innocent Yvonne was blown to smithereens. There was no point denying it, or trying to persuade her she was something she wasn’t. She knew, on many levels.

The main thing, the really important thing, was not what she did, but how she felt about it. Sex, bondage, role playing, wasn’t harmful in itself, only the guilt was harmful; the guilt and the secrecy. Thirteen years old had nothing to do with it.

I had to turn it into a game.

‘I’m afraid so, gorgeous,’ I kept it deadpan, ‘I don’t think I can resist your delicious, sexy young body any longer. As long as your pussy’s wet, I think I’ll fuck you, as you’re helpless and can’t stop me. I guess I just have to hope you’re not really a les, or you won’t be wet.’

‘You bastard,’ said Yvonne, a bit less emotionally than before I thought.

I stroked my fingertips slowly up her leg, along the top of her thigh, then down the inside. She closed her legs tightly. I pulled my fingers out, then slid one down through her tempting, teenie bush, over her delicious cameltoe, and then pushed it down into the tight crevice she was trying to protect. She moaned. I was on the right track.

I moved down to her feet, grasped her ankles, and pulled them apart. She struggled, but even with her new muscle she was much weaker than Becky. I held them with my arms outstretched for a few seconds, then felt her relax. I crawled forwards, lifting and folding her legs as I went, homing in on her pussy.

Her pussy smelt deeply sexy. Well she’d been having sex for half the day. I loved the smell, it identified her as fuckable. I licked her clit, pushing it out and sucking it. She writhed about. I looked at her gorgeous young face, aroused and desperate, the face I’d watched grow up, my own child.

Suddenly, I had to stop. I couldn’t fuck her. The instinct just wasn’t there, after all. She was beautiful, sexy, but there was too much of myself in her, and she was someone I had to cherish and look after while she blossomed, not fuck and cum into.

I got up.

Yvonne stared at me, surprised. Was she disappointed or relieved? I couldn’t tell. She was in such a state I couldn’t read her at all. Anyway it was time to get her out of this. I reached over and undid the ropes tying her wrists to the bed, gripped her arms and pulled her up. She stood unsteadily next to me.

‘Get dressed, Vonnie, and call Jilly and Sue. Invite them over, we’ll go and pick them up.’ I was back in dad mode, my cock in abeyance for the moment.

I went round to where Becky was lying on the floor, lifted her by her armpits, and pulled her onto the bed. She was pretty light, considering how strong she was. God she was sexy though. The animal aggression, the predator I now saw in her, wrapped up in her perfect young body, behind her gorgeous face, made me mad to fuck her again. I fought the impulse.

I tied her ankles together, then undid one hand, wrestled it until she tired, and tied it to the headboard in Yvonne’s place. I repeated the exercise until all four limbs were restrained and she was securely strapped to the bed, spreadeagle like Yvonne had been an hour before.

I got off and let my re-hardened cock gradually deflate again while I got dressed. I’d heard Yvonne talking to her friends, it sounded like they were agreeing to be picked up and come over.

I locked the door behind us, leaving Becky as she was. I checked the time: still over three hours before Sally came home.

I drove round with Yvonne to collect Jilly and Sue. They looked different with their clothes on, I grinned to myself. But they were happy and smiling, with no outward sign of being traumatised or anything. Still, I was going to make sure. They were lovely anyway, innocently pretty and sexy and nice to be with. Yvonne was happy and laughing with them; you’d never have guessed what had been going on. Evidently it was only at home that the effort of acting or blocking out the forced sex became too much to keep up.

We got home and all went into the kitchen, starting with a drink.

‘Girls,’ I addressed them seriously, playing up the adult role, ‘your aerobics instructor, Becky, is our housekeeper here, I don’t suppose you realised.’ The smiles vanished; Jilly and Sue were horrified.

‘We found the videos she made of you, when she attacked you. I’ve deleted them from her laptop so you don’t have to worry any more; she can’t use them against you. She attacked Yvonne as well, and we’ve been dealing with what that means.’ Jilly and Sue started to look a bit less anxious as they took in the news.

‘Now I want to make sure you don’t have any bad effects from being attacked. Even if you feel OK now, it’s the kind of thing that can come back and bug you in the future. I want you to hear from Becky that it was her fault, her weakness not yours, and I want you to exert some power over her, like she did to you, so that you completely get past any feeling of being her victims. OK?

‘We’re going to do that by making her your victim for a bit. I’ll be here to look after you, and I’ll always be here, whenever you need anybody, today, next month, next year or whenever, OK?’ The girls nodded.

‘Alright. One thing is what we’re going to do has to be between the four of us, no-one else. It’s not something you can tell anyone about, ever, OK? ’

They nodded some more. ‘This way,’ I indicated, and led the way to Becky’s bedsit.

I unlocked the door and we went in. Jill and Sue gasped as they saw Becky naked and tied to the bed, but with me in front and Yvonne behind they came all the way in and I closed the door behind them. Becky glared at us but didn’t say anything.

‘Could you get the vibrator, Vonnie?’ She went to the bedside table and opened a drawer.

‘Which one?’ she asked. She seemed quite keen.

‘Choose one,’ I said, ‘then get your clothes off.’ I said it casually, starting on mine at the same time. Jilly and Sue looked scared suddenly.

‘It’s OK,’ I reassured them, you don’t have to. ‘Yvonne’s going to get her revenge for being raped, but you don’t have to, you can watch.’

‘I want revenge,’ said Sue immediately. She was a short, dark-complexioned girl, mixed race by the look of it, with a strong, compact body, soft frizzy hair and a very pretty face. She had a feisty look about her. I imagined Becky might have had a bit of a battle to overpower her, though I didn’t like to ask.

‘Yeah, me too,’ Jilly wasn’t so aggressive about it but I could see anger in her as well, staring at Becky. Jilly was the tallest of them, just a bit shorter than me. She was quite slender, though not so slender as Yvonne. She had tits that stuck out prominently. I was hoping she was going to get out of her clothes. I decided to help that along.

‘OK,’ I said confidently, as though this were a regular game, ‘to be on the bed you have to be naked, otherwise it’s up to you. You don’t have to do anything.’ I smiled in a friendly way. I didn’t try to explain the rule, and no-one asked. Well I was thirty-eight and they were thirteen or so: they expected me to tell them what to do.

‘You fucking raping bastard,’ Becky started up. ‘this isn’t going to work.’

‘You’re going to cum for us Becky,’ I said calmly. ‘The girls are going to be the opposite of the victims you tried to make them. In the context, that means you get fucked. And then you’re going to stay fucked.’ I got onto the bed.

From the other side Vonnie was getting on too, holding a big black ribbed vibrator. She knelt down next to Becky and stroked a slender finger up her thigh. She grinned at me, confident suddenly: ‘She taught me everything I know,’ she joked.

I lay down to watch the amazing sight of my slender young daughter starting to inflict forced lesbian sex on a gorgeous bondaged girl of twenty-two. My cock swelled to its full size as I lay a leg over Becky’s and ran a finger over her defenceless pert tit. She shivered.

Sue was down to her bra and panties. I watched as she undid her bra and took it off, revealing nice-sized tits with large brown nipples. She and Jilly were looking at each other, giving each other confidence. They bent over together to pull their panties down, then stood up again. I made an effort not to stare, just registering Jilly’s firm C-size tits and both girls’ lean, feminine shape – just the shapes you might hope for from teenage aerobics regulars - but turned back to Becky, who had gasped.

She was wet already, with almost no foreplay. Staring at the ceiling, refusing to participate, but not able to control her pussy. I reckoned she’d gone wet just with having Vonnie naked next to her.

Yvonne was sliding the big vibrator into her, in one slow movement. It was fat, with about six inches of ribbed part and four smooth but textured, to hold onto. Vonnie was looking intently over Becky’s gorgeous body.

‘How do you feel, sweetie?’ I asked.

‘Better Daddy, thank you,’ she smiled at me. ‘It’s about power isn’t it? You’re so clever. I can tell she’s going to cum. But you’re going to keep those movies aren’t you, just in case?’

‘If you girls like, yes, I’ll keep them.’ I took the opportunity to look across at Jilly and Sue, who were moving slowly towards the bed. ‘Becky already knows it’s the end of her career as a lesbian rapist though. Don’t you Becks?’

‘Fuck off,’ she said, ‘you’re all fucking rapists now aren’t you?’

‘We’re all rapists together,’ I smiled at everyone, ‘it’s just your turn to be the victim.’ Jilly and Sue were grinning, quite into it now. I was wondering if Sue was looking a bit aroused, even. Yvonne was switching on the vibrator.

‘What shall we do?’ she asked, ‘a quickie, to start with?’

‘Yeh, get her off,’ said Sue, ‘fuck the bitch.’ She giggled and got onto the bed, next to me. Her arm rested against my leg.

Jilly got on the other side, next to Vonnie, who made room for her then settled back with her legs against Jilly’s chest.

Here were four girls, all young, naked, and involved in forced sex; and me. My cock was like rock, except that rock doesn’t throb.

Yvonne started thrusting the big buzzing vibrator in and out of Becky, the entire ribbed section glistening with her juice. Becky started to gasp in rhythm with it.

‘Does it really go in?’ Sue was looking at my cock, ‘I mean, do you need a big girl for it?’

‘Yes it goes in, even quite a small girl,’ I smiled at her, ‘the girl just has to really want it.’

‘I didn’t fucking want it,’’ Becky was just able to gasp out.

‘Wow, you fucked Becky?’ Sue was surprised, ‘She’s not very big. Very strong, but it doesn’t look like it’d go.’

‘I’ll show you later, if you like,’ I smiled at her, ‘you can decide if she really wants it or not.’

‘Ooh, OK, thanks,’ Sue held my gaze for a couple of seconds, then looked at my cock. I looked away, at Becky, and felt Sue lean a bit more against me. God. She was only thirteen, but she was sexy. It was hard to recognise the crying young girl in the video.

I had to admit I found young girls alluring, if they were sexually mature with periods, pubes and tits, and ready and willing. For most women I reckoned the most perfect age to be about twenty-three, but some developed to their prime earlier or later, and some were simply gorgeous for a couple of decades or more. But the perfect smooth skin and lithe, slender bodies of some teen girls was something that really set the hormones off in me.

Sally, my wife and Yvonne’s mother, had been irresistible at only fourteen, and even though I’d been twenty-four I’d fucked her and got her pregnant – with a bit of help from a young teen’s forgetful pill-taking. So Vonnie had been born as a love-child and I’d married Sally as soon as she was sixteen. Sally was still gorgeous at twenty-five actually, a lithe and slender young woman. Yvonne took after her strongly.

Becky was starting to cum; Yvonne had been moving the big vibrator around in a slight circle as well as in and out, and her little hand had been banging against Becky’s vulva as she thrust it in. To finish her, Vonnie had wet her finger and thumb in pussy juice – of which there was plenty - and rubbed Becky’s clit between them.

We four rapists watched and listened as Becky thrust her pelvis up off the bed and groaned loudly, held it there for several fascinating seconds, then collapsed back, gasping and breathing hard. Yvonne turned off the vibrator and slowly pulled it out. ‘It’s more feeling next time if you let her pussy get back small and then put it back in,’ she grinned.

God, what had she been learning?

‘Do you want to do her next, Jilly?’ Yvonne was still grinning, enjoying the reversal of fortunes and the victimisation of their erstwhile tormentor. She passed Jilly the vibrator and they swapped positions.

Sue and I watched as Jilly tentatively offered the big black vibrator up to the hapless Becky’s pussy. Gradually she pressed it in, and we all watched the ribs on it disappear one by one. Becky stared wordlessly at the ceiling, but couldn’t stop her pelvis shifting slightly as the sensation started again.

I felt Sue move against me. She looked at me with a big smile on her lovely young face. I noticed her eyes were slightly different colours: one slightly more brown with green flecks, the other a bit more green with brown flecks. I stared a moment too long. ‘They’re different colours,’ she said, her smile becoming uncertain; it was something she was sensitive about. Damn, I felt bad. ‘They’re gorgeous,’ I said quickly without thinking, ‘I love them being a bit different, I could look at them all day.’

‘Could you, really?’ she said, and snuggled against me. She was looking directly into my eyes, holding my gaze. What could I say? ‘Yes,’ I said, smiling at her. God, close up she was more than pretty.

Her face was approaching mine; the atmosphere in the room was sexier than anything I’d ever even imagined. I moved automatically towards the kiss. In a moment I was on my back with the gorgeous teenaged girl lying on me, snogging me hard and rubbing her delicious young body around on my cock. She seemed to know what to do, not looking for any guidance.

Sue sat up and started rubbing her clit up and down along my cock. I could see on her face she was really sexed-up already. I lay back and let her make the pace. With my two cums earlier in the afternoon I could take a bit of stimulation without cumming. However she wasn’t messing about: in a minute she lifted my cock with one little hand and started lowering herself onto it.

Her pelvis was slightly wider than, for example, Yvonne’s, but still it looked too narrow for my thick shaft and bulbous cockhead. It started to go in, though, and Sue didn’t seem afraid of it at all. I didn’t like to ask if she’d had other men, but anyway it was quickly clear she hadn’t had a hymen to worry about as my first few inches disappeared in a moment. Then in another few thrusts from her agile young body she was fully impaled on my entire eight-inch length.

Well these days - with vibrators, dildos and all sorts of videos online - virginity and ‘first time’ isn’t what it used to be, so who knew. She felt fantastic, anyway, both her attitude and her tight, creamy pussy. I put my hands lightly on her waist and savoured the amazing feelings, gazing at her delicious pale-brown body with its straight shoulders, pert tits, and fine skin. And her gorgeous eyes.

I could hear Becky next to me, gasping again, and the buzzing of the vibrator as Jilly pumped it in and out of her. Sue was looking at me and across at Jilly, her grin gradually turning into a faraway look as the orgasm approached. Her pussy was pulsating around my cock.

In a very few minutes she was there. She didn’t wait around, she kept her rhythm going and went straight into a terrific uninhibited orgasm, taking me with her. It felt fantastic as my cum surged through me and I pumped my sperm into her, spurt after spurt.

I came down from the high and Sue subsided onto me, breathing heavily. I felt a glow of affection for her as I stroked over her head and down her smooth, firm back onto her pert ass.

I heard some extra gasping from the other side of the bed and raised my head to look over: Yvonne had taken another vibrator from the drawer and was getting off with it, looking rather practised I thought. She was close.

Jilly was speeding up with raping Becky, who sounded close as well. I cuddled Sue and in a minute we were watching Becky and Yvonne cumming, both together. I realised Vonnie had been watching Becky and timed hers to match.

‘Mmmm, that was nice,’ she said. ‘I think I’ll have a shower now. You don’t mind if I use yours do you Becks?’ She was taunting, though not really hostile.

‘I want a shower,’ said Becky.

‘OK,’ I said, looking at Yvonne, ‘I’ll hold her, you wash her.’ I’d decided the way forward was to get Becky really tired, exhausted even, to make her more suggestible, and then try to get to the bottom of her sexual predation, and at least make her apologise. I wasn’t going to have Yvonne in court describing how she’d been raped to orgasm for weeks, but I didn’t want to set Becky free and have her inflict that on other young girls either.

I still didn’t feel she was wicked, somehow. Lonely, as she’d claimed? Possibly, in some obscure way. Aggressive, definitely. Oversexed, also definitely. A sex addict? For teenage girls, that wasn’t impossible either.

‘I can wash myself, thank you,’ said Becky angrily.

‘Fat chance,’ I said, ‘with your hands tied.’

I untied Becky one limb at a time, retying her hands together before untying the second one from the bed, and took her into the shower. A nice big shower, with various grab handles for the previous owner’s infirm parent.

Vonnie washed her own slender little body, then Becky’s, spending a lot of time on her tits and pussy. I washed myself and took over with our next rape of her. Becky’s sensitivity was dropping a little and Yvonne’s fingers hadn’t been enough to get her to orgasm. We dragged her out of the shower, bent her over the basin, and I entered her from behind. I still fancied the sexy bitch, and being in the shower with her had recharged my cock.

She still felt fantastic, her pussy a bit less tight and grippy than earlier but still creamy and smooth. I fucked her slowly at first, then gradually built up the pace. It took about fifteen minutes but eventually she built to an orgasm and I came with her, lifting her with my thrusts as I spurted deep into her spasming quim.

When we got back into the bedroom we found Sue and Jilly kissing on the bed, their bodies pressed sensually together. It was very sexy and I’d have loved to stand and watch, but we had to get Becky re-tied. I had more tiring fucking on her agenda.

This time Sue took the vibrator and started off sliding it into Becky’s overworked but still wet pussy. I almost felt sorry for her, but she didn’t feel sorry for herself, starting a fresh round of swearing and calling us fucking rapists. Which we were, of course, though she had no right to say so! It was her sixth rape of the afternoon, but still she had energy and fight. It was hard not to be impressed. And turned on, I had to admit. I did find her deeply sexual, a predatory animal.

Jilly was on my side of the hapless Becky this time. I wondered if it was accidental. Was she following in the footsteps of her friend Sue? Having been sexed up and then been left hanging. She leaned into me slightly, her arm on my leg.

Gradually as I watched our sex-mad twenty-two-year-old getting fucked with the big black vibrator, by the gorgeous thirteen-year-old I’d just fucked, my sexy feeling returned. Jilly nudged into me as my cock started to swell to a slightly soft erection.

I found my eyes wandering to her remarkable tits, which didn’t belong on a thirteen-year-old – maybe she was fourteen. The rest of her, her young face, didn’t look fifteen, anyway. Her tits were not terribly large, they were good-sized and beautifully shaped, with the upper surface curving a bit then ending with a pointy nipple, and the lower surface curving down just a little before swooping up to the tip. Jilly saw me looking.

‘I’m a bit of an early developer,’ she smiled. It was a lovely smile, with her wide mouth and perfect teeth. She was slender and pretty - willowy. With those gorgeous tits erupting out of her narrow chest, high up, and a nice little light-brown bush. I smiled at her.

She reached a hand out to me and I took it, leaning back and pulling her onto me. We kissed and stroked for a few minutes, building our desire. I picked up that she wanted to go underneath and helped turn us over, as I heard Becky starting yet another orgasm. After I’d fucked this lovely young girl under me I’d start grilling her.

It was a long fuck, but glorious. Jilly was a little bit nervous and it took a while to get her really aroused and into it. Then once I was in her the orgasm took a lot of building until she was able to forget herself and let it happen. It was lovely though, her fabulous young body feeling and looking so beautiful, those fabulous tits flushed and a bit swollen as my big cock pumped gently in and out of her tight pussy.

Then eventually I could feel her within range of a cum. I ramped up the pistoning and we both started our orgasms together. I came hard into her, pumping and spurting a dozen times, then sagged onto her as the post-orgasmic bliss overtook me. I slid off to the side, thinking I’d better not fall asleep.

I woke up with my usual woodie, trying to pull my arm to me but not being able to. I pulled harder, then pulled the other one, to find that wouldn’t move either. I came fully awake to realise I was on my back., tied to the bed, my legs as well. Yvonne was climbing onto me, her sexy little mouth heading for my cock. She sucked it for a few seconds, while I looked around in bewilderment.

On the floor I could just make out parts of Jilly and Sue, with their wrists and ankles tied together. What the hell had been going on? Where was Becky?

I felt Vonnie slide further onto me, her sexy, slender fingers on my cock, which was reacting, a bit aching but still sensitve. Then she started kissing me.

‘Darling, Vonnie, you mustn’t,’ I protested.

My daughter smiled sweetly at me: ‘I’m here to fuck your huge raping cock,’ she said, ‘you total fucking raping bastard.’

God, I was stunned.

‘Sweetie,’ I stuttered, ‘ you mustn’t copy Becky like that. Where is she anyway?’

‘I did a deal with her,’ she said, ‘when Mummy came home early.’

‘Yes but where’s Becky gone?’ I was perplexed.

‘Who knows?’ Vonnie smiled, a smile that looked predatory all of a sudden, as she slid her tight, creamy young pussy onto me. ‘She’ll have taken her somewhere. Your bedroom perhaps.’

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