This one of my attempts at writing a fictional dark fantasy story. The story revolves around a Dad watching his daughter be molested and raped. Obviously if this bothers please DO NOT read this story. Comments are welcome along the lines of editing, readability, grammar and so on. I do not care to listen to your rants on the merits of the story. It is JUST a story. Thanks and have fun.
Doug and Carla were high school sweet hearts and married young. Doug was a tall guy and played basketball right through college. Carla was the typical total knockout and popular with everybody, all through high school and college. Both Carla and Doug had dark hair and blue eyes, really a very attractive couple you just knew one day their children would be among the beautiful people too. Doug wasn't all that muscular even though he was really tall. Carla was thin and athletic when she wore a bikini or shorts or tank tops her body just oozed sexuality. She caused men to run into poles and walk off cliffs she was just a stunning women. They seemed to have the perfect marriage and life. Doug went on to be a very successful business banking broker and Carla was a successful real estate agent.

... fast forward life after 3 kids now older)

Troubles started when Doug got restless and Carla wanted something different. The kids even as teenagers seem to take the divorce the hardest. Particularly Emma the youngest. All the girls really took after their parents good looks, hauntingly gorgeous. They had the tall genes from Doug and the man killer looks from their mother Carla. Even after three kids Carla could hold her own against any college aged girl. Still firm as hell and sexy good looks. Melissa and Maria. The girls were really upset that their loving parents weren’t together any more. The older girls did cope with things different. Emma was suborn like her mother, she just seemed to really be needing the most attention and love.

Doug was adamant that Emma would stop wearing the provocative clothes she had been wearing lately. Her dad knew she was just trying to get attention but Doug knew that type of attention would eventfully come back to bite her. He was firm with her and discouraged her wearing such clothes, that even Doug had to admit stirred something in him. But he did not scold her too much, as he knew she was just acting out her anger and frustration in her mom and I not being together as a family. Doug took on the full responsibility of the girls doing everything possible to raise them right.

With a house full of women Doug was somewhat used to seeing girls run around half naked and barging in on him while he took a shower or was getting ready for work... but never did he see them as sexual objects or had sexual feelings toward them. It was just natural to see them in various stages of dress or trying on different things while getting dressed and running back and forth between the one main bathroom and their bedrooms.

Doug did happen to admire Emma though... her young shapely body had tan lines and her black hair ran down the middle of her back. Although he hadn't really seen much more than sparse pussy hair, he did more than once a take second look at her pointy teenage breast. When she ran they kind of bounced straight up and down firmly. It wasn't a big deal... until one day.

Doug thought it would be a good idea to have some one on one time with Emma, she was struggling the most and she needed her dads attention. The other girls weren't having as much difficulty and had a full schedule of stuff going on, so they couldn't really cancel what they had planned. So Doug organized a nice father daughter trip, for just the two of them.

Doug found an ad for an all inclusive vacation along the coast line. Perfect! sun, beaches, relaxing time, para-sailing and excursions. Emma was so excited that her dad and she were going on a trip. forward)

Doug was checking into the room while Emma decided to explore. The beach area they were staying at was much more deserted than Doug thought it would be but was glad that there weren't that many people around to distract them from having a great time.
"Emma don’t go to far we still have some stuff to do... " Doug yelled. Emma was skipping down the beach along a dirt path leading towards the wooded area. Doug was glad there wasn't that many people to ogle his young daughter, as he noticed her skin tight hip huggers that rode very low on her teenage shape. He wonders how she could even get into shorts like that. He told her not to wear that blouse, one that barely covered her shoulders, showing off her firm flat stomach and tan body, somehow she managed to wear it any way.

Doug continued to bring stuff to the hotel room and get settled in. He even stopped by one of the bars and ordered a drink. His daughter and he would stay in the same room which really wasn't a problem they would just share the bathroom and had separate beds.

He decided to lay down for a bit and rest while waiting for Emma to back. Doug must have dozed off he awoke suddenly realizing that Emma wasn't back yet. Well no problem he didn't worry too much, she couldn't be too far and was probably making friends over at the restaurant or pool. Doug checked over the tiki hut and the restaurant and the lounge and the pool area but she wasn't anywhere to be found.

A good place to start was to walk up the path were he last saw Emma skipping down. He called out several times "Emma" hey Emma where are you come on we got stuff to do" but no answer....

Doug walked further down the path and then took another path that went a little further into the woods. Doug had a weird sinking feeling in his stomach and started feeling anxious as he called out to Emma. Doug could have sworn he heard a high pitched girls voice but it was not very loud and in the distant. Doug went further to investigate.

He came upon a clearing a notice a van parked next to a picnic bench and doors were slightly open and he could see the van kind of swaying and rocking back and forth. There was that high pitch girl sounds of distress… that sound only a girl in trouble can make. The sounds were coming from that van... his face started turning red and his throat instantly got dry as he noticed just a portion of a young girls hair going back and forth inside the van. It was his girl! Someone had her and was hurting her! He froze, just froze, his legs were stiff and he couldn't move, he couldn’t scream or yell or stop them, he was paralyzed.

He was about twenty feet or so from the rocking van and muffled screams of his daughter.. After a moment he positioned himself a little different and was well hidden in the bushes. He didn't utter a word as he now could clearly see two very large grown men holding Emma and slapping her face several times.

One would hold her tiny hands behind her back while to other screamed at her to suck his cock. Her shorts and pink panties were halfway down her thighs and her new blouse was torn and pulled down off her shoulders exposing her B cup pointy tits. She was shaking her head back and forth and struggling and trying to keep the man from inserting his cock in her tender young mouth. The man grabbed a hand full of the long dark hair and bunched it around his fist as he was able to control her head better. He then fisted his cock in his hand and pushed forward into her face. He still hadn't succeeded in actually getting the cock in her mouth. He then bent down his face close to hers and whispered something... then all of sudden he used his other fist that was holding his cock and slugged her right in the stomach.

Doug was sweating and squirming as he watches his young daughter being brutalized by these men. Something was taking over him, as his own cock swelled to its largest full erect self.. a ragging hard-on that needed release. He could do nothing but take his own cock out from his shorts and stroke his cock as he watch his daughter being raped.

Emma doubled over with a "ummmffff" and couldn't breath very well, now the man raised back up with his cock in hand and guided it to Emma's mouth. This time she opened her mouth to accept the large uncircumcised cock. Doug's mouth was wide open as he watch the cock slide slowly now in and out of his little girls mouth. Emma did her best to suck the cock that was being feed to her... as the cock pushed fully to the entrance of her throat she would gag slightly signaling the man that he needed to withdraw once again... and as the cock withdrew she seem to hold her lips tightly around the enormous cock. The man behind her continued to hold Emma tightly, as if she could escape if she wanted.

Doug stroked his own cock back and forth slowly but knew he had to let it go occasionally or he was going to cum too quickly at the sight before him. The man was now thrusting very quickly into and out of the teenage girls mouth... you could see his ass cheeks flex as he tried pushing as far as possible into the young girls mouth... the forceful mouth fucking caused her head to slam back into the man holding her each time the man in from pushed forward.

Emma used her tongue to push the pungent cock head away from her throat but it only managed to excite the man further as he pistoned in and out of her mouth. Saliva was running down her chin and tears streaming down her cheeks as the man’s moans indicated he was close to cumming. The other man behind her encouraged him "come on man ya fuck her face, feel that mouth man, go for it.. cum in her mouth give it to her"
The man yelled again at her... "baby I'm gonna cum right down your fucking throat don't you move, take it, take it" the man began clutching at her hair tighter and held onto the roof of the van as he shoved forward screaming "I'm cumming ohhh yea I'm fucking cumming!" Emma did her best to take as much of the cum as she could, her eyes where shut tight, sweat dripping from her brow, her black hair sticking to her face and cum dribble down her chin as the man held the cock in the teenagers mouth a few more minutes. He pulled out suddenly and had one or two more squirts that landed right on her nose and cheeks.

The men high five each other and begin to switch places. Emma is thrown down to the floor of the van as the next man takes his turn in fucking the teenagers mouth. This time Emma seems to know what to do and doesn't want to be hit again. This time she is just held on her knees, the man still fully clothed unzips his pants and pulls them down to his own knees. He pulls out his massive cock. Doug can’t believe what he is seeing, what are the chances that two men would have that large of cocks... he actually felt sick that he wasn't doing anything to help his daughter, instead he was fully watching the most erotic and taboo thing that a father could do... watch his own daughter being raped and brutalized by to strange men.

I remember back last year seeing Emma jumping out of the shower from our master bathroom. Her shapely ass and small pert breast stood perfectly to attention… her tan lines and small amount of pubic hair accentuated her young teenage curves. She really enjoyed our large in ground pool and took every opportunity to lie out in the sun in the skimpiest two piece bathing suits. The kids weren’t allowed there when I was married to their mom but once their mom was gone I didn’t use the master bath as much anymore and the girls loved the Jacuzzi tub and large shower. It was nothing for me to be taking a piss and one of the girls just walking in… “Dad hurry up I have to use the bathroom” Then as I’m shaking it off they just plop right down and start peeing. It all seemed like they just like messing with me and embarrassing me… I would chuckle and leave the bathroom closing the door behind me.

Now in front of me, just feet away, my little Emma is being used like a rag doll for the purpose of pleasuring these two burly rough men.
…as Emma bends over and reaches’ out with her tongue, followed by opening her mouth only to be filled with this man’s large mushroom head cock. The man lets her control the speed in which she moves her head up and down. The cum still wet on her face from the last man who had relieved himself of a sack full of cum. The large cock glistens in the sun light with her saliva, sweat, tears and the other mans cum.

The man now begins to speed her mouth movements up by holding tightly and pulling her head by using the length of her hair. She seems to have less control of the depth in which the cock goes in and she begins a series of involuntary gagging as the cock slides deeper in her mouth. My mind races with agony as my little girl is being treated like some whore… my little girl never did anything to deserve this horrible treatment. Yet here I sit still stroking my cock trying not to cum to fast. How could I let this happen?… how could I be turned-on by the sight of my daughter being raped like this.

If they continue to hurt her what could I do… I’m no match for these guys. I can only hope that once they have finished with her that they will send her on her way… even if bruised and battered …but alive!

The man arches his back pushing upward towards Emma’s face… while the man behind her holds her neck with a powerful grip, so the man pushing can penetrate her throat… I can see his balls now slapping at her chin each time he rapidly pushes in and pulls away. Her hair is swinging back and forth... her lips pulled tightly around the cock, trying to reach his climax.

I can hear the van springs creaking as the motion continues, seemingly forever. He yells and growls a guttural noise as he erupts load after load of white cum all over her face... she seems to be staving off the attack of cum hitting her face by licking and keeping her mouth open to capture the man’s semen. As he finishes cumming he slaps her hard on the face and she falls to the floor of the dirty van.

The men leave her lying there and sit back catching their breath... They open a bottle of beer and pass it back and forth. I can see their cocks still hard and ominous looking as they rest on their haunches. Her panties and shorts still half way down her legs, her blouse torn to shreds, hangs on part of her shoulder and back.

I wonder for a moment …maybe they are done and ready to let her go! But my relieved mind is short lived as the first attacker spins her around.
Emma is thrown about the van, her long legs look like lifeless doll legs as the man roughly yanks her shorts completely off … but still leaving her panties wrapped around her ankle and suspended in the air.

He purposely pushes her legs back by using his muscular arms behind her knees, locking her in place with her pussy now upturned and exposed. He looms over her briefly as I hear him say... “this little cunt is gonna feel mighty fine” He yells down at her “are you a virgin?” I can hear Emma whimper saying “yes! I’m a good girl... I never have had sex.,. never!” “YOU damned fucking right you’re a good girl... and now you’re not gonna be a virgin anymore!”

I’m in total shock as I witness the man wrap his own hand around his massive cock and place the tip at her nearly hairless pink opening. Emma is crying loudly like I have never heard her cry! It was some god awful heart wrenching sounds that came from her as she begged for the man to stop…. Please mister... please mister… please stop!! Ohhhhhh no please stop!!

I can only attest to my own animalistic sexual desire at that moment but her pleads turned me on even more….I know that man must have been pushed to the limits as well, as he rubbed his cock up and down the pink slit several times…gathering up natural female juices. I was thankful that he wasn’t rushing the already painful deflowering of my little girl.

I couldn’t believe my eyes... her body must have reacted involunteringly but naturally, as her young woman juices provide lubrication to the pending penetration. This was, to her body, a matting, a natural thing to do… her body didn’t know she was too young and being raped by these men. Yet it was providing the necessary wetness to help the man get maximum depth and steady friction and pleasure.

The large mushroom head was now safely inside her…despite her moving to avoid it but so much more of the cock was still outside… his ass cheeks wiggled and bounced, I could hear him grunt as he continued pushing and pushing himself in. He would go in an inch or two then pull back out, each time he did the lips of her pussy held the cock tight as possible, it seemed like it didn’t want the cock to leave her womanly parts.

The wish was granted each time the cock went deeper…. On about the fifth time he drove in and out with only about half of the cock going in… he pulled all the way back until the head was just resting on her outer pussy lips…. Then he reached and held her shoulders… a sinking feeling hit me like a ton of bricks… he was about to launch a major attack on her hymen.

My eyes watered again in a sex filled frenzy as the man and Emma screamed at the same time…he pushed the entire length in her in one quick motion… he then pistoned in and out like ten times then pushed all the way.. I could see his large ball sack resting on her partly tan ass cheeks. She cried and whimpered as he held her tight. Her legs high in the air above him… I could only see her ankles jiggling around like a tap dancer.

He laid on her motionless for several more minutes, I guess giving her time to catch her breath and calm down a little…he then started that natural rhythmic fucking… his ass moved up and down, he now pushed all the way to his pelvis as it reached bottom then pulling all the way out, only to start over.

Emma grunted and whimpered each time his cock reached her depths rocking her hard back and forth… as things calmed down the only sounds I could hear were the slow stroking of my own cock and the van springs as it rocked and swayed.

The man was now speeding up his strokes.. he was close to cumming… even though he had cum volumes earlier he must have had more saved up… sure enough he grunted and snorted like a wild horse as he pushed and emptied his load directly into the young girl under him…. my daughter. The mixture of cum, sweat, her virginal blood and woman juices made her ass completely wet, it shined and looked amazing as he pulled himself up…her pussy pushed his cock out making a plopping sound as the cock withdrew. Her legs fell to the side as he got up and she laid there in a fetal position.

The next man proclaimed it was his turn.. “was she good man?” was her pussy as tight as you thought? …”jump in there you’ll find out”. Emma was exhausted! Her face was red from the beating and her deflowering was taking a toll on her young body.

With the previous fucking she had just got and her juices still flowing, the man entered her easily and quickly. He wasn’t as graceful as the first rapist.. he slide all the way until his belly was flat on her belly, like he was trying to lodge himself inside her body and could get no further, he would pull back and slam down again and again… Emma tossed her head from side to side wishing and pleading for the fucking to be over soon.

I was overdue, I couldn’t last any longer…. My engorged cock head burst a load of cum several feet… I climaxed the hardest I ever have in my life, it was the most awful moment and the climatic of my life. I held my breath tight so as not be heard as I came and came.

At that same time the man fucking my daughter was climaxing and cumming also… only difference was he was cumming inside of her! He grunted and bucked his hips wildly at her upturned vulva area, her legs still bouncing around on either side of the man’s large body. He withdrew like the other man and several squirts of cum erupted from her filled and defiled pussy, the lips still pulsing and partly open from the fucking.

The men high-fived each other and declared they needed to get the hell out of there. They found their dirty old jeans and quickly put them on…. One of the men grabbed Emma by her one leg and pulled hard dragging her across the van floor…she yelped from the sudden tugging and raised herself up only to whined up being tossed from the van like garbage.

I left my position and headed back down the trail, so as not to be seen. Once I could hear the van race down the road in the opposite direction, I gathered my composure and went back to find Emma as though I was just now looking for her. I found her there naked except for her torn blouse and panties till around her ankles. She was sobbing uncontrollably. I ran to her and grabbed her, hugging her and asking what was wrong …what happened?
I swooped her up in my arms and carried her back to our room. As I held her draped in my arms I could see the remnants of sex running out of her.

Our lives would never be the same.

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Your a sick bastard, I wanna fucking kill the dad and beat the living shit outta you. You made him sound like a wonderful dad then went off the deep end with this perverted pedofile shit. What the fucked up mother hell is wrong with that dad?!

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Well that was a really great storie. Damn I liked that. Please do more of this, what happens next. Hope that daddy rapes and abuses Emma really hard and violently during there vacation and continues to use her after thay get home.

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Well that is interesting now. I only hit post comment once and it decided to post it three times, how nice, what a piece of shit that is.

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Damn, tted46, that was one fucking HOT, HOT rape story, and so,so, fucking fine. loved it, please give me some more of this. Love brutal rape and with her daddy looking on made it even better. I especially like this shit when the little sluts are underage, that is the best. I so hope that you will go on with this story and that her daddy also rapes her ass hole, mouth and cunt. I would love to see her daddy get the two guys that first abused her back and that all three of them could have that baby slut pull a rape train all week long as thay use and abuse her any way that thay like. The more she is used, abused, raped and hurt the HOTTER it is and the more cum I shoot.

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