I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
It was 3 weeks before they could get back together. His uncle had gone hunting again and before he was even out of town, Paul was after his pretty aunt again.

She was just coming out of the bathroom, when he gently pushed her back in. Sitting her on the white toilet and slowly pulled her little panties down and off, out from under her little sundress.

She wasn't saying anything, just sitting there, waiting for him to " Do it."

Watching as he spread her legs and leaned forward and started kissing and licking on it. First her outer lips and then her warm tiny inner lips. Kissing them, with butterfly kisses. Listening as she let out a little moan and watching as she spread her little legs even more and whimpered, " Please,........... Please," and he slipped his tongue up into her, tasting her, as he started french kissing it.

It didn't take long before the little groans ans moans, were coming out of her and she spread her little legs even more for him. Wanting him to " Finish her," like she had " Finished him," the last time.

But Paul wanted more, than to just " Eat " her, he want to feel her soft warm pussy, wrapped around his huge cock again.

As he pulled away from her, she moaned, " Noooo," don't leave me this way, please don't leave me this way." As she slipped her finger into her soaked pussy and started fingering herself, so the feelings wouldn't go away.

He almost wanted to stay there and watch her do it but instead he whispered, " Let's go into the bedroom, okay?"

As soon as he had her in there, he pulled her little sundress up over her head. Enjoying her nakedness, as he slowly started getting undressed. How did she do it? She still had the perfect little body of a teenager. Breasts firm and perky, stomach flat and the ass, of a full grown woman.

As soon as he was naked and she saw his huge boner again, she dropped to her knees in front of him, licked and kissed on it, until he gently pushed her away from it.

Whispering, " No baby, we're gonna fuck this time, there's plently of time for that later."

Watching as she got up onto the bed, on her hands and knees, offering herself to him, to be taken dogstyle.

Just seeing her on the bed like that waiting for him, made his huge boner get even harder. Wanting her again, like it was remembering just how good it felt, up inside of her.

The squeal that came out of her again, when she saw it, told him that she approved, as he crawled up onto the bed behind her.

Reaching down, rubbing and teasing on her pretty pussy, feeling how " Wet " she was, knowing she was " Ready."

He put the end of it up against her, wetting the big head with her juices, as he slowly eased it up into her. Watching as she tried to adjust to the size of it and letting out a low moan, " Agghhhhhhhhh." Crying out, as he eased it deeper and deeper up into her. Making her take it, inch by inch.

" Ohhh fuck, your tight, doesn't he ever fuck you."

The shame that she felt, when she heard him saying that, was unreal. She wanted to scream, " Nooo, he doesn't fuck me, why do you think I'm letting you do me?" But she kept silent, as she felt him starting to work it in and out of her. Slow at first but getting faster and faster. And she felt her little pussy, starting to grip and squeeze on it. Showing him, that she " Likes it."

Just looking down at her sweet pretty ass, made him want to cum and he kept trying to look around the room but kept coming back to it. As she started working it back and forth, up and down, on his huge boner. Sucking on it, with her wet and getting wetter, pussy.

All of a sudden he was pulling back on her wide hips and driving it up into her, harder and harder, as he heard her screaming, " Deeper, deeper," and he rammed it up into her as deep as he could and held her there, as it erupted up inside of her, " Once " Agghhhhhhhhh, " Twice " Agghhhhhhhhh, " Three times " Agghhhhhhh. " Oh Fuckkkkk," Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. As it blasted its white sticky cum, all over inside of her.

All at once her climax was triggered and her back arched and her little ass started bucking and jerking, as her warm wet pussy, squeezed and milked on his swollen boner, milking it, pulling it up into her, as it squirted again, way up inside of her. Causing her wet juices to flood out over it.

Even though his swollen boner finally went back down, he stayed up inside of her, for as long as he could.

Not even caring, that they might have just made a baby. A baby that wouldn't look like his uncle, that's for sure.
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