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Chapter 2

After their shower which consisted mostly of Wendy licking and stroking Kevin’s cock ended, Wendy ran to her room where she quickly put on her only red lace thong and matching bra which did little to contain her perky young breasts. She then took her time deciding to wear a short skirt and black tank top. Checking her clock she was shocked to see that it was 10 pm, luckily tomorrow was Saturday. So even if she didn’t get to have one more fuck session with Kevin they had all day tomorrow.

Leaving her room with a lust filled smile she made her way to Kevin’s, but when she opened his door she saw him talking on his cell. With a sigh she quietly walking into his room closed the door and lay on his bed with her legs slightly spread apart to tease him. She followed his conversation and quickly figured out that he was talking to a woman. Annoyed with that she glared at him then slowly looked him over; he was still wearing nothing but the towel. Licking her lips she shivered while thinking about what they did earlier.

When Kevin finished with his conversation he turned to look at Wendy, he smiled at her removed his towel and grabbed a pair of briefs. “Now listen here miss jealousy that was a friend of mine who might like to join one of our fuck sessions. She doesn’t know about us being siblings so we don’t have to worry about that since she has never met you.” He said with a firm tone while putting on the briefs.

“Another girl, you want to fuck another girl? And you want me to do what, sit and watch?” Wendy asked while closing her legs and looking away from Kevin, she wasn’t too keen about sharing her lover with some woman she didn’t even know.

“Well actually I was planning on cuffing you to the bed and shoving a vibe into your tight cunt while I fuck my friend and then switch to you and maybe she might want to have a go with you.” Kevin said with a shrug. “Course I could just leave you here while her and I go fuck in some hotel all night.” He added with a cocky smirk.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Wendy protested as she quickly jumped off the bed and crossed her arms. “If you did such a thing you would get to fuck me ever again.” A threat but not one she would be able to follow through with since she was now addicted to fucking Kevin. She turned to the door and motioned to leave.

Kevin shook his head before walking up behind Wendy and picking her up. He quickly but gently tossed her on the bed and pinned her down with her hands over her head with one hand while the other quickly cuffed her to the head board rail. “I would dare, but not with you not with my little pet. Who is going to be a good girl when I take her to meet a new playmate tomorrow.” He said softly before forcefully kissing her lips and pushing his tongue into her hot mouth.

Wendy quickly accepted his tongue while hers began to play with his. She thrust her hips up against his leg and started to rub her crotch along his knee. Her thong became soaked in just a few moments. Moaning softly she wrapped one of her legs around his hips and pulled him down.

Breaking away from his pet Kevin smiled and pulled Wendy’s shirt over her head. “Oh? Looks like my little pet is in a very naughty mood, shall I make her cum or does she want to be punished for being rude to her master?” he asked while fondling her breast with his left hand while his right had moved between her legs.

Wendy couldn’t help but spread her legs and moan as Kevin stroked her wet slit through her soaked thong. “Both… please punish me and make me cum.” She begged him while thrusting her hips in time with his hand.

“Alright then my pet you will be punished. You will not receive any form of pleasure from me or anything until I say otherwise. Now be a good girl and go to bed.” Kevin said as he released her from the cuffs and sat back on the side of his bed.

Dropping her arms to her sides Wendy pouted for a moment before rolling onto her side and curling up. “Fine but you never said which bed I should go to, so I’m sleeping her.” She stated before closing her eyes and snuggling against one of Kevin’s pillows.

“Oh really well then you are forbidden to do any sexual acts while we sleep. If I smell even a hint of cum you will be severely punished.” He said before picking her up and pushing the covers down the bed with his foot. Once they were both comfortable Kevin turned off the lamb on his beside table, letting darkness engulf the room. Figuring that it would be either cruel or a tease, Kevin pulled Wendy into him with her cute little ass snuggled up against his groin.

“That’s not fair, you are being very mean for doing that.” she muttered softly before turning around to face him in an attempt to keep him from teasing her.

“Life isn’t fair my pet, now go to sleep.” Kevin said without opening his eyes.

It wasn’t long before they both fell asleep. Wendy had snuggled up to Kevin’s chest with her legs wrapped around his. Every now and then Wendy’s hips would thrust forward, allowing Kevin’s thigh to rub up against her damp thong. She was dreaming of being tied down and spanked with small paddle while a gag kept her quiet. So every so often she involuntarily let out a soft moan.

The following morning Wendy woke up alone in Kevin’s bed, as she rolled onto her back she noticed that her thong was wet and had been adjusted so that nothing hid her pussy lips. She also noticed that she was wearing nothing more then her thong and a red collar. While yawning she moved her arms above her head to stretch but found that she had been cuffed with leather bondage braces on her wrists, even her legs were bound. “Oh that cocky bastard… so not fair leaving me like this. I can’t even stand up.” she muttered with an annoyed tone while looking around the room for some note that he might have left for her to read. Finding nothing she sighed heavily. Laying on the bed with her perky 32 C cup in full view for the world to see Wendy curls up and tries to get under the covers.

Two hours later Wendy heard the door open and close, she could hear two sets of feet walking around the bed. Then without warning the covers were thrown off the bed and she was exposed to her brother and some Blonde haired woman who is covering herself with a dark grey trench coat.

“So this is your little sex toy, she’s quite the beauty with a natural dark shade of red hair.” The woman said with a sexy smile as she sat down on the edge of the bed and reached out to stroke Wendy’s hair.

“Careful she might bite or claw you, she hasn’t been trained to let other people touch her yet. Course I do prefer to keep her to myself, but since she happens to be my little sister I doubt I can keep her as my sex pet.” Kevin said as he pulled Wendy to the head of the bed and kissed her neck. “Wendy this is Kate, she would like to join us today. Be a good girl and I might make you cum all day.” He whispered softly.

Frowning at Kate’s words Wendy pulled away from her hand, but was soon pulled away by Kevin. As he held her against him she snuggled in to his chest and softly moaned from his kiss and whimpered at his promise to make her cum throughout the day. Looking at Kate for a moment she sighed then nodded. “Fine, but why is she wearing that? Is she hiding something?” she asked while looking up at Kevin.

“Yes I’m hiding my body. Kevin invited me to join in a little sex party earlier this morning so I decided to wear some very revealing clothing that could get me arrested if I were to wonder out in public.” Kate said with her sexy smile.

“That’s why I wasn’t here when you woke up. I had to go pick her up since her car is getting a new transmission and exhaust system.” Kevin said while fondling Wendy’s left breast and lightly rubbing her pussy. “So do you want to have some with Kate or do I have to tie you to the bed and let her do as she pleases with you?” He asked softly.

“Has her way with me? She likes girls?” Wendy asked after moaning a little.

“Yes, I enjoy fucking cute little girls like yourself and I love have a thick hard cock shoved up into my wet cunt. I’m Bi-sexual sweetie.” Kate said as she stood up and took off her coat. Her clothing wasn’t just revealing it was nearly non-existent. Her rounded D cup breasts were in clear view with only a little flower covering her nipples. She also wore a collar but hers was spiked, moving down her only form of clothing covering her ass and pussy was a tiny mini skirt which was made out of a black lace fabric.

Blushing a little Wendy stared at Kate’s outfit and felt her pussy get a little wet. “Oh wow, that suits you rather well.” She said softly.

“Thanks sweetie, your attire suits you perfectly. Now enough with the small talk come here and let me show you how women pleasure each other.” Kate said as she crawled onto the bed and up to the siblings.

“Now listen here ladies, before you starting going at it I need to set something up so Wendy here will remember this day for the rest of her life.” Kevin said as he moved off the bed and went into one of his desk drawers, then went to the closet. After a couple minutes he had set up a tripod and positioned a video camera to record everything that would take place on the bed.

“Well looks like your big brother has a kinky side after all. Hope you aren’t camera shy kitten because I’m going to make you moan like a dirty whore.” Kate said before Kevin started recording.

Before Wendy could say anything Kate’s lips pressed down over Wendy’s, which were quickly parted by Kate’s invading tongue. As the girls kissed and fondled each other Kevin was enjoying the scene while his camcorder filmed every second.

It wasn’t long before Kate moved between Wendy’s legs to attack the younger girl’s pussy with her skilful tongue. From the first lick Kate attacked the young cunt mercilessly. Her tongue lapped at the soft folds before her tasting the sweet nectar buried within. Her clit received equal attention as Kate alternated between licking the wet pussy lips of her new lover and sucking lick a starved infant on her hardening clit.

All the while Wendy moaned loud and ground her pussy against Kate’s beautiful face. Her delicate fingers wove into her hair to keep her as close as possible without suffocating her. “Oh god… yes just like that… more! More please give me more!” she cried out in bliss.

“That’s it Kitten purr for me let me hear your pleasured moans.” Kate said softly. She quickly inserted two fingers into Wendy’s soaked cunt and started to finger fuck her. “Kev, get my bag. I have a little treat for our Kitten.” She said before returning to suck on Wendy’s clit.

Kevin quickly picked up the black bag by the bed then tossed it beside Kate. She continued to lick and suck Wendy’s clit while searching through the bag with her free hand. When she found what she was looking for she gently nibbled on Wendy’s clit, make her gasp and arch her back. Slowly Kate pulled her fingers out and removed her mouth, making Wendy groan from the loss of pleasure. “Don’t worry Kitten I’ll get right back to you once I get your surprise ready.” Quickly Kate donned a strap on; with a smile on her lips she moved between Wendy’s legs and licked her lips. “Take a look Kitten this is your surprise.”

Wendy looked down and smiled when she saw the large pink cock. “Oh please let me have it, I want to cum sooo bad. Please fuck me hard.” she pleaded while spreading her legs wider.

“Don’t worry Kitten you’ll get this big boy soon enough.” Kate said as she started to rub the tip through Wendy’s wet slit. The girl was soaking wet and getting wetter. A good sign she might become a squirter. Once the tip was wet enough Kate slowly pushed it into Wendy’s wait pussy. The young girl moaned as inch by inch slid inside her tight hole. This strap on was the same length as Kevin’s cock but a little thicker. When Kate’s strap on was buried to the hilt she leaned down and kissed Wendy on the lips. She started thrusting when Wendy accepted her invading tongue.

It wasn’t long before Kate was fucking Wendy like it was then end of the world. Both girls were loving their first fuck together. One a little more then other of course but Kate was still getting off from listening to Wendy’s loud moans. “Al… Almost there…. Going to cu… cum….”
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