The plot thickens
‘Untie me, Daddy. Why aren’t you untying me?’ My daughter asked plaintively.

‘Just a moment sweetie, while I get my breath back.’ I’d just finished raping the housekeeper, to teach her a lesson for tying up Yvonne and forcing her to orgasms with a vibrator. Also I’d wanted to show Yvonne that it wasn’t her fault, anyone could be overpowered and raped. So I’d tied up and fucked the twenty-two-year-old housekeeper to a huge cum, to her fury.

Looking back now, my mind was playing tricks on me, but at the time I felt there was something I had to do while Yvonne, my precious, beautiful thirteen-year-old daughter, was still tied to the bed. Something to help her get over the several weeks of abuse she’d suffered at the hands of Becky. Abuse that had seen her stop talking to me and my wife, until I’d come home unexpectedly and caught them at it half an hour before.

‘So,’ I looked at Becky, still under me, ‘ how did it start, and how did you stop her telling anyone?’

Becky looked defiantly at me, refusing to speak.

‘It was at the leisure centre,’ Yvonne spoke up, finally, ‘in the showers, she started trying to touch me and I didn’t want her to. It was really late and we were the only ones left in there.

‘Then when we were getting dressed, just as I was putting my jeans on she pushed me, onto a bench. I couldn’t balance as my feet were in my jeans, and she’s so much stronger than me. She held me down, and tied my hands under the bench and then she pulled my jeans and panties off; I hadn’t got my top on so I was all nude. I was too surprised to scream, then I didn’t dare as I didn’t want anyone finding me like that.

‘Then,’ she choked a little, ‘she tied my ankles under the bench as well, so I was all exposed. And she...molested me. With her fingers and even her tongue and mouth! In my pussy, over my tits, my clit, everywhere.

‘And in the end I got wet, she just kept on and on. Then she got her phone out and filmed me, you know, getting off, writhing about and everything. She played it back to me. It was terrible. You could see it was me, and a girl getting me off, and I was all wet and having an orgasm, but not that it was Becky doing it. She said she’d put it all over the web if I didn’t do what she said and if I told anyone.’

‘All right Vonnie,’ I said getting up, ‘let’s see about this phone.’ I would have gone and comforted her, but my cock was half hard from listening to that story, while still in Becky’s pussy. It was so wrong, but I had been aroused nevertheless. It didn’t help that Yvonne’s naked body was looking so desirable: more slender girl than child these days, with pert tits and a waist, her little bush and delectable thighs. And she’s so beautiful.

‘Keep telling me about it, while I look’, I said, starting to hunt through Becky’s bag, ‘what were your feelings, after it started?’

‘Well she didn’t actually hurt me, but it was awful.’ said Yvonne. ‘She came to me, when I was here and you and Mum weren’t, and made me come in here. Then she took all my clothes off, one at a time and taking ages over it sometimes. Then she stroked me and touched me, and I had to lie down and get tied up.

‘It was the orgasms that were the worst though, it made be feel terrible, that she’d be forcing me and I’d get these feelings and, you know, cum, just as though it was something I wanted.

‘And then I looked up about orgasms and rape and all the sites said you don’t cum when you’re being raped. So it seemed like I wanted it. But I didn’t, honestly!’

‘Becky just orgasmed,’ I pointed out, ‘and she was being raped, wasn’t she? I bet it depends what’s being done to you.’

’That means she wanted it,’ she said, ‘otherwise she wouldn’t have.’

‘No, honestly my love,’ I hastened to reassure her, ‘I believe you didn’t want it. Becky knows you didn’t want it, you heard her. She made you, tied you up; it was forced on you.’

‘I don’t care!’ Yvonne was getting upset, ‘I came loads of times, loads and loads. Three times just this morning, and lots of other days it was two or three times as well, even more some days. So I must’ve wanted it!’ She wasn’t being too rational about it, but who could blame her.

‘Vonnie, it must be that rapes are normally violent, or with drugs or something. It’s different when it’s like in here, and Becky basically was attracted to you and doing it especially to make you cum.’

‘Daddy! What are you doing?’ I’d gone over to her, unthinking, to stroke her. I looked to see what she was worried about – my half-hard cock was waving around over her.

‘Sorry!’ I leaped away, and went back to hunting for Becky’s phone. Then I saw it, in plain sight on the bedside table. I turned it on and hunted through the contents, but there were no videos or even photos on it.

There was no point asking Becky. I saw her laptop and switched it on. While it was booting I turned and looked at her, trying to make sense of it all. There were some things that didn’t seem to add up. She was looking at me now.

‘Becky, if you were lonely, why didn’t you go to a club or something? The way you look, you’d have had a whole crowd of guys you could’ve picked from.’

‘Huh,’ she was scornful. ‘two kinds of guys in there: wimps who hardly dare speak to you and macho posers who want to be all Mr Big but aren’t.’

She was lying there, her hands tied behind her back, on her side now. There was an animal quality to her, an intensity. She wasn’t defeated at all, there was no fear, just anger at being overpowered and raped. I went over to her, drawn by some magnetic force, and stroked a hand down her, from her shoulder, down over her waist, to her hip and then along her thigh. She didn’t make a move but I had the feeling she might bite me if I gave her the chance, it was like stroking a panther or something. Gorgeous but unpredictable.

I had to admit I liked being near her, even after what she’d done to Yvonne. Her body was an animal sort of body too, lithe and strong. She was about five and a half feet tall, with fairly broad shoulders and hips, but quite a small waist. Her frame wasn’t very deep, if you see what I mean, front-to-back. So she was quite light, and very lean, but she had an athletic strength in her. Her legs were quite long, nicely muscled, and her back was correspondingly quite short, so the shape of her was incredible, with a huge taper from her broad shoulders to her tight waist, and back out again to her hips. Her high, pert tits jutted out from her lean chest. She was in terrific condition. I realised my cock was hard again.

I went back over to the laptop, aware that both girls were looking at my cock. It’s a big cock and I’m smallish guy: I’m only five feet eight and my cock is eight inches and thick, with a bulbous head even wider than the shaft, and, so it looks a bit out of proportion. I turned away to the laptop, hiding it from the girls on the bed.

‘So Becky,’ I said firmly, ‘do you want me to go through all your personal stuff on here or are you going to tell me where the video is?’

I turned my head, to see her face looking unconcerned. I turned back – on the screen the password was being required. Of course. Bollocks.

I thought for a moment. Becky was a well-organised girl. I picked up her phone, and sensed a slight reaction from her. Aha. I went through her phonebook, looking for something that might be a password in disguise. ‘Potpal 01207767232’, there it was. Not that cunning, but then this situation was probably not what she was expecting.

The full number was rejected, so I worked through; it was the last four. I was in.

Where would it be? Not in BeckyVideos. I couldn’t see anything likely. I went to options and set hidden folders visible, and there it was : test13. Why would that be hidden?

Sure enough, in it were three videos. I ran the first video and up it popped in Media Player, with a pretty young girl tied on a bench and naked. The background looked like a changing room too.

It wasn’t Yvonne though.

What the hell?

I looked round. Becky’s face was red. Still defiant, but she’d been caught.

We all watched and listened as the girl was stroked and fondled by a hand. A young feminine hand with long, slender fingers like Becky’s. Then the back of a head came into shot, a head of thick blonde short hair, and pushed between the girl’s open thighs. The girl was lovely, pretty and slender, and just developing by the look of it, like Yvonne.

We watched the video to the end, about ten minutes. The girl didn’t cum, didn’t even get wet or aroused. She pleaded and cried and that was all. Then the video stopped.

I ran the next video in the folder. It was a different girl, same setting, same outcome: tears and no arousal. It was so pathetic, I almost wanted to cry myself. The bitch.

I ran the third video. It was Yvonne, in the same situation. By now I was dreading what I was going to see. The slender fingers started stroking over her clit and her pleading was interrupted by a gasp. As the fingers stroked over her exposed labia the complaints stopped altogether, then the gasping turned to moans as the head of her attacker lowered into her crotch. When the head was removed, Yvonne’s clit was sticking up, dark pink and aroused. The fingers dipped into her pussy and came out glistening with juice. The thumb dipped in, came out wet, and then the thumb and forefinger closed over the quite large erect clitoris. Yvonne bucked, lifting her pelvis off the bench.

The filming continued inexorably as the hand worked over the young girl’s pussy and clit, now visibly soaking wet and distended. She was moaning sexily, in ecstasy.

The picture shook about but kept Yvonne in shot as the head of blonde hair lowered again - evidently Becky was holding her phone up in one hand as she ate her young victim. Yvonne’s moaning increased then turned to a wild gasping and the blonde hair rose up, propelled by the pelvis under it. Yvonne was cumming, hard.

After perhaps twenty seconds the head removed itself and the camera moved in for a closeup of the wet, distended young pussy, then moved up for a closeup of Yvonne’s beautiful young face looking freshly fucked, flushed and excited, yet scared, all at once, before pulling back to show her whole slender, ravished little body, and ending.

No wonder Yvonne had done anything to prevent that being put on the web. But then, how much coercion had she actually needed?

It looked like the change Sally and I had seen in her and worried about was guilt. Rather than a sort of pure rape victim problem, as it were. Guilt at finding out she was a lezzie sub getting off on being bondaged and fucked by a dominant girl.

Then obviously she hadn’t wanted to admit that to me, or even to herself fully.

God! Could that be true of my beautiful only child? What on earth was a father supposed to do?

I stood up and went over to the bed. Both girls were staring at my cock, which was waving around at forty-five degrees, but I was past caring at that moment. I untied Yvonne’s other ankle.

‘Thank you Daddy,’ she said, shamefaced but hopeful, expecting me to go and untie her hands, but I took the pink bondage rope over to Becky, fought her kicking legs and tied her ankles with it. Then I walked out to get a screwdriver and some long screws to repair the lock with, and to try and collect my thoughts. And get a memory stick.

When I came back in I was struck afresh by the sheer sexuality of the situation. The room seemed full of tied-up naked girls, one twenty-two, one thirteen, both gorgeous. Both sexy. Neither of them as innocent as they seemed, by a long way.

I fixed the lock and transferred the video files onto my memory stick, then deleted them from Becky’s laptop and cleared her recyle bin. I went over to her.

‘Who are those other girls?’ I asked, ‘what sort of state did you leave them in?’

Becky said nothing, not even looking at me. Yvonne answered though: ‘They’re my friends, Jilly and Sue. From the aerobics class. That’s what we were doing, with Becky, she’s the instructor.’

That was news to me, but it made sense. The phrase ‘sexual predator’ came into my mind. I started to feel some sense of direction.

‘Right!’ I said to both of them, ‘you’re going to bring them here and we’ll try and make it right with them. You’re going to explain, Becky, that you were utterly selfish and weak and it was all your fault not theirs, and it’s never going to happen again. We’re going to tell them the videos are gone and will never be used against them. I’m sure they were scared by them even though they didn’t respond to what you did to them.’

I went and stood over Becky, still getting no reaction. Suddenly my anger returned. She was gorgeous, but a bitch. Or something. Emotional in a way I didn’t understand, but anyway I wasn’t going to put up with it. Confronting her with her wrongdoing and still being defied like this. The gorgeous, sexy bitch. Coming into my house and dominating my daughter and raping her friends. I wasn’t going to have my Vonnie in court with this though, whatever; the police were not an option.

‘OK Becky,’ I said, ‘this one’s for Jilly.’

‘Nooo,’ she was suddenly willing to speak again, ‘I’m sorry! I couldn’t help myself!’

‘Maybe a second lesson will teach you,’ I said, ‘a bit of suffering might give you a bit of sensitivity. Not that you seemed to suffer so very much last time.’ I rolled her over onto her front.

I untied her ankles and wrestled with her flailing legs again, until she tired and I was able to hold them bent up to her ass. Her gorgeous firm, smooth ass, with a bit of a tan. I tied one ankle to one wrist, then untied the rope between her two wrists. I had to hang on for a couple of minutes while she fought to get the second wrist free, then I managed to tie it to the other ankle. I forced her over onto her back.

I pushed her knees apart, and there she was, defenceless.

Normally it would have been quite clear to me that raping a girl to punish her for raping a girl was absurd and wrong, indefensible. I can only say my mind was not working properly. The sexuality in that room was completely off the scale, and I am highly sexed, I have to admit. I was half in control of myself, that’s all; the other half of me was in the control of my rampant cock. It’s not an excuse, I know.

Anyway, I ran a finger along her slit and up to her clit. She was wet. Freshly wet, I thought. She moaned. ‘You bastard, you fucking bastard. I’m not here so you can fuck me with your fucking cock, urrggghhhh.’ I had entered her. I wasn’t hanging around this time, I needed to cum.

She was easy to enter, this time. I sank my big cock in to the hilt in one slow thrust. Wow, she felt fabulous. Tight, creamy, and pulsating. It occurred to me she was as turned on by it all as I was, though if so she was never going to admit it in a million years.

She kept looking over at Yvonne, who was still tied to the headboard, naked and looking like a pervert’s wet dream: young, slender and vulnerable, yet sexy as hell with her pert tits, tiny waist and little bush. And she in turn was looking intently at me and Becky.

I started to fuck the gorgeous hellcat. I gazed down at her stunning face, her perfect complexion, a blonde complexion with a light tan, some freckles, her blue eyes, strong eyelashes, small nose and big cheekbones. She glared back at me. But, I suspected, she was trying to hide her arousal.

However luckily for me her pussy had no deceit, it was totally aroused and not trying to hide it. I’d never felt a pussy like it, it was so strong, so reactive, giving my cock a working over as it squeezed and pulsed around it. When I banged into her vulva at the bottom of each stroke I could feel a jolt of sensation rip through her, her fit young body getting ready to orgasm already. God.

I speeded up, not trying to prolong things. I fucked the sexy, sex-mad girl faster and faster, harder and harder. I grabbed her shoulder as her body started to slide up the bed. I felt her tense.

‘Urrhhhhhh’ she groaned as the orgasm surged through her, gripped her, and took her over. She went rigid under me as my cock was suddenly released from the intense pressure and started spurting. I was cumming, cumming into her potent, spasming pussy that was demanding my sperm.

I came and came, on and on and on; and so did Becky. The gorgeous bitch.

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