She was drying her long, brown hair with a towel and looked up meekly at him. She dropped the towel and turned to him for his inspection. She ached for his touch, and was saddened by his inspection that was more clinical than sexual. She wanted him inside of her, but she was not going to question his actions, it was her duty to obey his commands and do all that he ordered her to do. She hadn't seen him bring her hair and make up bag in, but when he pushed it towards her, she knew what he wanted her to do. She picked up the bag and started applying her makeup, and curling her hair. While she did, she heard the doorbell ring a few times, as well as a couple of knocks on the door. She was just finishing up when she heard her master's voice, "Get down here, cum bucket!" She descended the stairs and entered the main room, where she was shocked to see more than a dozen people standing around, watching her walking in naked. She wanted to hang her head in sheer humiliation, but she knew that her master would not be happy about that.

He walked to her and grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her forward, addressing the crowd. "This pathetic piece of fuck meat will do anything you tell her to do, no matter how degrading it may be. She'll answer to whatever you call her, and I now present her to all of you, for your enjoyment." He practically threw her across the room by the hair, making sure that she fell to the ground. He saw several people approach her, and he grabbed his camera to capture the action.

She had hit the floor hard, and she went to try and get up, but was quickly pushed back down as a thin man nearly sat on her face, saying "Suck my balls, cunt." She opened her mouth and gently sucked the man's balls into her mouth. They were small, and had no hair, so it made it easy to suck on them. He faced her body, so that occasionally his asshole would press up against her nose. He knelt on her arms and went to work on her tits, grabbing a hold of her nipples and twisting them hard, pulling them up tightly until she screamed out in pain, her cries muffled by his balls in her mouth. He spit on her, between her tits and pushed his dick between them, holding her breasts together by the nipples. He started moving his cock, fucking her tits, occasionally stopping to spit on her, or to give her tits a few good slaps before grabbing hold of them to push them tightly around his cock. She felt hands spreading her legs, fingers spreading her pussy lips. She could hear the sounds of clicking cameras as she knew that her most intimate parts were being photographed. She felt a hand slap against her pussy, and she uttered a muffled cry against the man's balls. He was moving his cock swiftly, and she felt his balls begin to tighten, knowing that he was about to cum. He quickly moved off of her face, jacking his dick off with one hand, while his other hand slapped her across the face several times, "Keep that mouth open, you fucking cunt. I'm going to reward you with a mouthful of cum, but don't swallow it until you're told." With that, he held his cock right over her open mouth and squirted his cum. She did what she was told and held it in her mouth. He leered over her face and spat in her mouth, telling her she had his permission to swallow his gift to her. She did so, and he stepped away, laughing at her.

She felt someone kick her, hearing a voice say, "You fucking get on your hands and knees, like the bitch in heat that you are." She felt another kick in her side as she moved to get on her hands and knees. She found herself surrounded by two women and two men. The men knelt on either side of her ass, and she felt the sting of a hand across her ass, quickly followed by another slap. She went to let out a cry, but didn't have a chance. The two girls were on either side of her head, and one of them that had dark hair had grabbed her hands and pulled them behind her back, quickly looping nylon rope around one, then the other, securing them tightly behind her back. The blonde one had grabbed a thick, black permanent marker, and while one hand grabbed her by the hair and held her up, the other hand wrote something across her chest in the marker. She couldn't see what the blonde was writing, but she could feel it, she knew that SLUT had been written above her breasts. Both women released her, and her head dropped to the ground, hitting it with a thud, which incurred laughter from the crowd of people. The men were alternating slapping her backside, each trying to smack harder than the previous one, burning her ass with their hands, as they took turns administering her spanking. She didn't want to cry, but she couldn't help herself. Her eyes filled with tears and they started streaming down her face. She knew not to cry loudly, but she couldn't help but whimper quietly as her ass was being smacked. Her whimpers didn't go unnoticed. The dark haired girl pulled her back, by grabbing her hair, saying "Look, the skank is crying like a baby! Baby whore, is what she is. Well, baby whore, I'll give you something to cry about." The girl held her by the hair and slapped her across the face, several times, as hard as she could. The men slapping her ass started slapping harder, even though she has thought that they had been slapping as hard as humanly possible. The blonde woman had brought over a pair of nipple clamps and while the dark haired girl held her up by her hair, the blonde attached the clamps to her already sore nipples. The pain was nearly unbearable, and she cried out in pain, begging them to stop. "Please, stop! I'll do anything you want! Please stop!" Her cries brought dark laughter from those around her. Suddenly, someone was pushing a large ball gag into her mouth, fastening it tightly so her cries would no longer be heard. All the time, several people circled the activity, taking pictures and videos of her abuse. The dark haired woman laughed, "Ha! Now we don't have to listen to your pathetic blubbering!"

He was so turned on by watching the punishment his slave was taking. He didn't think twice about not stopping things when she cried out and begged for it to stop. He knew she could handle all of what was being done to her, and that pretty soon, she would be cumming hard from it!. He focused in close on her ass that was bright red from the two guys that had been slapping her until their hands were sore. He suggested to the guys that they spread her ass cheeks and start to probe at her asshole. They pounced on the suggestion, spreading her ass open, showing the camera and everyone her little asshole, taking turns poking at it. Each guy spat in the crack of her ass, using the saliva to push their fingers in her ass. It took a few minutes, but before long, each of them had a finger inside of her rectum, finger fucking her ass. He knew that shortly, each one of them would be fucking his slaves ass, and it was exciting him a lot. He was right, and the one man moved between her legs, spitting on her ass crack, rubbing his cock in the saliva to lube it up before pressing it against her anus. He watched as the man slowly pushed inside of her ass, grabbing handfuls of her bright red assflesh in his hands as he began to push deeper.

She didn't have to control her cries or tears now. The huge ball gag stretched her mouth open larger than she thought possible, and no one cared if she was crying anymore or not. She tried to relax as the man started fucking her ass, but his fingers were digging into her abused ass, and that pain was overriding any other thought she might have had. His thick cock stretched her ass as he assaulted it, ramming it hard inside of her. He pounded it fast and hard, digging his fingers into her deeper. It wasn't long before he pulled his cock out of her ass, and released a spray of cum across her ass. She didn't have a chance to relax for even a moment. Her hands were untied and she was pulled up to a standing position. A voice she didn't recognize rang out, "You fucking whore! Get ready for a thorough whipping! Stand with your hands outstretched to your sides. Feet at shoulder length apart! Do not fucking move from that position, you disgusting cunt!" She couldn't see her master at first, but when the first belt came crashing down across her tits, she saw him move to the front of her, smiling smugly as he continued to video her abuse. A second belt hit her from the other side, this one crashing across her thighs, the edges of it hitting her pussy. She trembled as she did her best to hold still. Another belt hit her across the back of her thighs, and the other two belts administered their second whacks. Then more, and more. She could see the mascara streaming down her face as her tears fell, as she cried under the whippings she was receiving. She didn't even bother counting how many whacks she received. She struggled to stay in the position, but as the minutes past, she had a harder and harder time standing there without swaying, the dizzying pain nearly knocking her out. Her abusers saw this and the belts stopped whacking her.

He was so fucking hot as he watched her get whipped. He finally wanted to get in on the action a little more. He set his camera down and approached her from the back. He pushed his hard cock against her ass and loved how burning hot her skin was so arousing. He reached around and grabbed her tits, feeling her shudder in pain as he squeezed them hard, removing the clips, allowing the blood to start flowing again... but not for long, he squeezed harder, twisting the tender nipples in his fingers, whispering in her ear as he did so, "You're doing good, my dirty slut. You are loving this, aren't you? You love being abused and used, you disgusting piece of fuck meat. You're going to fuck everyone here, and they are going to use you like you've never been used before! Get ready to have all your holes fucked because it's time for you to show everyone here what a nasty whore you are! There's a man laying over there, now go and spread your ass and sit your ass on his cock."

She saw the man. He had a thick cock, and she was nervous about this, but she did as she was told. She straddled the man, facing the crowd, as she looked at the man's cock and balls that she would now be fucking. She lowered herself onto the man's cock, feeling it spread her rectum open as she adjusted herself on the long hard cock. She moved slowly, allowing herself to grow accustomed to it, but the man owning the cock inside of her ass had a different idea. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down hard, impaling her completely on his hard dick. She cried out in both shock and pain, but it didn't matter, the mad wrapped his arms around her legs and lifted her up, dropping her on his cock again. Her legs were spread wide open, and she was sure that everyone could see the juices running out of her pussy. Another man approached her and knelt between the man's legs. He pushed her back against the man beneath her and her hands reached back to support herself. The second man wasted no time in pushing his cock into her pussy. It was soaking wet, so the long, thick shaft had no problem shoving into her with one big thrust. Her pussy and ass were both full with the thick, hard cocks and they started fucking her in rhythm. She couldn't stop the wildly hot sensations running through her body. In less than one minute, orgasmic waves flooded over her. The men noticed and started fucking her harder. She came again, and then again. She couldn't believe how good it felt to be filled with cock, and as the intense pleasure began to wane, she felt the ball gag removed by someone, quickly being replaced by a short, stubby, flaccid cock into her mouth. She instantly began sucking on it, feeling it grow in her mouth. She didn't know how long her holes had been ravaged, but she felt hands jostling her around, and the man that had been fucking her ass pulled out of her, but another cock was put in it's place, not as thick as the last one, but began immediately ramming up her asshole. The man who's cock she had been sucking was pulled out of her mouth, and she noticed that the man who'd been fucking her ass was now presenting his cock at her face, pushing it past her lips without hesitation. The man grabbed the back of her head and pushed the length of his cock into her mouth. She could hear the voices mocking her for sucking off a cock that had been in her ass, but at this point, she didn't care. She was lost in the pleasure, and it wasn't long before the cock was removed from her soaking wet cunt and another put in it's place. Her hands were taken and wrapped around cocks, stroking them, knowing that they would be eventually fucking one or all of her holes. She couldn't keep track of all that was happening. All she could see was cocks everywhere, fucking her, using her body. Many hands slapped at her tits and her ass, and her hair was being pulled in a variety of directions.

He admired his slut's exuberance. She was riding cock after cock, sucking and stroking them, and loving her body being used. Those who weren't using her, were busy taking pictures and videos of the action. He counted at least ten guys that were circling here, each other them going at all of her fuck holes. He called out loudly, "Fuck that slut harder, look at that disgusting cunt, she fucking loves it! Give it to her harder." Others started calling out loudly as well. Hands were everywhere, slapping her tits and face, and sweat was dripping all over her. Her mascara was in streaks down her face and her lipstick was smeared all over. Even the permanent marker was smearing from all of the action. She looked like a well used whore, and that's exactly what he had wanted.

She heard a voice from behind her, the man who was currently fucking her ass. "Hold on, lets fill this sluts cunt with two cocks!." He withdrew his cock from her ass and pushed it against the cock of man already fucking her soaking pussy. She felt her pussy stretch as the two men pushed together, both cocks pressing inside of her wet hole. They went slow at first, but quickly started fucking her faster, and she couldn't even think straight, the pleasure was so intense. She nearly bit down on the man's cock that was inside of her mouth, but he took advantage of her screaming in ecstasy to ram further down her throat. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her body, which caused the men to go at her even faster than she thought possible. She felt almost deflated when the man under her pulled out of her pussy and went back to fucking her ass. No one had cum in her, or on her, yet, and she knew she was due for a big giant load of cum on her face. She was actually looking forward to it... having all of that hot cum landing on her face and eating it all up. It gave her more energy and she started bucking wildly, riding the cocks and gripping the cocks in her hands faster, stroking them, wanting all of those loads of cum that she was building up in all of these men. She stated to cum again, and even the cock in her mouth couldn't muffle her screams of pleasure. She heard some voices, but she wasn't sure what was being said, but she felt the cocks pull out of her pussy, ass and mouth, and was dragged by her hair to the middle of the room.

He was so excited to see what was about to happen to his slave. He made sure to get a good position to record it. "Come on, my little fuck cunt, tilt your head back and open wide, but don't swallow until you're told!" He watched her do as she was told, and as if it was the signal to go, man after man started to jerk off over her, spraying loads of cum on her face. Some men dribbled it onto her, others shot across it, so it landed in long jets across her eyes or other parts of face, still others pressed the heads of their cocks against her cheeks, leaving a solid puddle of jizz where their dicks had been. The men were groaning in pleasure and the women were commenting about what a nasty slut they were watching. He was getting hard again as he recorded the gooey facial she was getting. He could hear her gurgling as her mouth filled with cum, as she tried not to swallow. When the last man had emptied onto her face, he moved in closer, zooming in on her face, and seeing that her mouth was so full of spunk that it was dribbling out the sides of her lips. Her hair was covered in it, and what was left of her makeup was smeared by all of the action. When the men had stepped away, a couple of the women moved in, and started to move the cum that was onto his slave's face, into her mouth. "You can swallow what you've got in your mouth now, slut, because by the time these girls are done, you'll have another mouthful to go!" Some of the people laughed at his comment, and he saw his slave struggle to swallow all the cum that was in her mouth. She made a little gagging sound, but got it down. The two women were now on either side of her, scraping the cum up with their fingers, before shoving them in her mouth, wiping them on her tongue. When his slave had another mouth to swallow, each of the women leaned forward and slowly released a mouthful of spit, letting it land in her mouth. "Swallow again, cunt," and he watched her gulp it down.

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