I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
This is dedicated, to the one's I really love. All of the " Redneck's " out there, who do nothing but sit around and whine about everything.

It was late in the afternoon, when Billie Bob, decided that they should stop hunting and go into " Town " and find themselves a " Hooker." Preferably Molly because she gave really good " Head." And all of them liked to get their dick's sucked, so she seemed like the best choice.

Now molly, wasn't as young as the young teenage girls, that were working the streets, with her. But what the heck, " she sucked dick, didn't she and that's all that counted to them, at least for that night anyway. Besides beauty was only skin deep, wasn't it?

Molly had been sucking dick, since she was a little girl, after all, she had 10 older brothers and she was the only girl. Besides she had more cousin's than you could shake a stick at and most of them got to her too and the ones that didn't, just weren't old enough yet. Right?

As they pulled into " Town," there she was, standing at her usual corner. A corner that every man in town knew. Knew who was going to be there, " Molly." It took something like a really heavy snow, to keep Molly at home because she really liked sucking dick's. " Right?"

As they pulled up, Molly came over to the car and when they asked her how much for a blowjob. She looked inside of the car and saw that there were 3 of them and said, " Five bucks. " And then knowing that she was good at sucking cock, she looked right at Billie Bob and said, " Each." Yeah, that's right, she knew she was good at it and was going to charge them, the full amount. " Right?"

After thinking about it for a full 5 minutes, one of the good old boys in the backseat said, " Ah shit, Billie Bob, come on before someone else comes along and wants her and we all lose out." After all, she does suck dick better than any other girl in " Town " remember?

Billie Bob, sat there looking at Molly, trying to make up his good old boy mind and finally looked at Molly and said, " Ok, get in." And Molly jumped into the car, with the three good old boys and they drove her to her place and went in.

Now Molly wasn't the best house keeper and there were old milk cartons and candy bar wrappers all over the floor and all over the furniture, if there was any furniture. But that was ok because Molly really knew how to suck dick. " Right?"

When she took the first one into her bedroom, he could smell the pee stains on her bed. But that didn't matter to him because Molly really knew how to suck dick. " Right?" Maybe he could just hold his breath until it was over. Right?

She turned off the light and he heard her undressing and he wondered why she was doing that. I mean after all, he just came there to get his good old boy dick sucked. Right?

Molly had other plans for this one, since he was the first one, that she had had, so far that night. And as soon as she had all of her clothes off, he could smell her and wanted to leave. But he couldn't because she sucked dicks good. " Right?"

He felt her boney little hand, not opening but ripping his pants open. And then felt her jagged unfiled nails, as she pulled it out and bent down to it.

Sucking it into her mouth, sounding like an old man, slurping soup, out of an old tin cup. She started gumming it and he couldn't figure out what she was doing to it. But whatever it was, she really knew how to do it good. " Right?"

The stale pee smell was really getting to him and to be honest, he wanted to go into the bathroom and throw-up. But he didn't want to ruin it for her, after all, she really loved sucking the dick. " Right?"

Every other time he had to fight cuming, trying to make it last longer but this time he was wishing for it to happen and it wouldn't and he didn't know what to do. After all, Molly really liked sucking dick and he didn't want to ruin it for her, so he let her keep sucking on it. Hating Billie Bob, every second that she was sucking on it.

All of a sudden Molly started gagging on it and pretty soon, he had her burrito, that she had eaten earlier, running down the sides of it and down into his pants. Hating Billie Bob, even more.

Feeling the warmth of her burrito, running down along cock, seemed to ruin it for him and his hard-on started going away.

Molly got upset and turned the lights back on.

Standing there, with her old breasts hanging down almost to her belly button. And her old grey haired pussy, looking like an old shaggy dog.

This kind of ruinned it for him, as he jerked his pants up and ran out the door, burrito and all, with the rest of them.

Leaving poor old Molly, standing there, waving at them, as they drove away, wondering what had happened.

But she knew that they would be back. Because what the heck, she was 60 years old and still liked to suck the dick. " Right?"

" Uh huh, you got it, 2 weeks later they were back, all 3 of um.
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