I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
It was late afternoon, when Danny hurt his leg, fooling around with his friends, out by the football field.

When he stood-up, he had alot of pain in his knee and 2 of his friends helped him to the nurse's office and left him there, while they went on to their classes.

The nurse was not the usual school nurse [ old and wornout looking ]. This one had only been an RN for about a year and she wasn't wornout looking. Believe me.

Danny hadn't seen the [ New ] nurse yet and when she walked into the room, he almost lost it. Because she was gorgeous, simply gorgeous and she was a [ Latina ] and that turned him on, even more.

Miss Lopez [ Juanita ] had only been at his school 2 days, when it all happened.

She was very tiny [ 4' 11 ] and probably only weighed about 100 lbs. But it wasn't her height or weight that caught his eye, it was her little titties and how they pushed her nurse's uniform out. Proud and pretty and she was proud of them to, he could tell that, by the way she was walking.

Even though danny was only 16 years old, he could still feel the blood starting to flow to his groin area and even though, he was there because he was hurt. He had forgotten all about his knee and was getting a hard-on. Just from watching her.

She asked him, " What's wrong " and he stumbled for words, trying to get his mind off of her and remember why he had come there, in the first place. Finally he blurted out, " My leg, my leg, I hurt my leg." And she said, " Oh, ok, " and helped him over to the examination table and helped him up onto it.

She tried to feel it [ his knee ] but couldn't tell, what was going on with it and that's when it happened.

" I'm sorry, but I need to see it and asked him to lay back and as soon as he did, without even asking him,she reached out and started undoing the buttons, on his levis.

He wanted to tell her to " Stop " but nothing came out and the next thing he knew, she was sliding his levis down. All the way to his ankle's. Leaving them there, as she moved beck up to his knee and started feeling it again, with her tiny warm fingers.

All at once he was whimpering and saying, " You better stop, Oh miss Lopez, you better stop."

And as she turned to look up at him and ask why, she saw that he was starting to get a hard-on.

Being the 16 year old boy that he was, he started telling her that he was sorry and apoligizing for it, saying that he couldn't help it.

She let out a little squeal and told him not to worry, that she had seen plenty of them before and went back to looking at his knee.

And he laid there wondering what she had meant by that [ plenty of them ]. Was she saying that she was that experienced or what?

Finally he regained his courage and said, " Yeah but have you ever seen one this big before." And before she could answer, he pulled the top of his underwear down and it sprang-up, in its full glory.

It was at least 9 inches long and probably not even full grown yet and he was proud as shit, about the size of it. Even at his young age [ 16 ] it had parted more than its share of girl's pretty pussy lips and even entered afew of their little asshole's, if he wanted to be honest about it.

Stretching them and making them cry, just by the size of it and how deep he was able to get it up into them. He was known around school as, " Big Dicked Danny." A name well deserved, believe me.

Even the little nurse [ Juanita ] let out a little whimper and moaned, when she saw it It was that big.

All at once she let go of his knee, said something in spanish and went over and locked the door.

Coming back over to him,she was whispered something in spanish, reached out and touched it, with her little hand. Sliding her tiny fingers along it, like she was feeling the swollen veins along the sides of it and they were turning her on, in some kind of way.

Without saying a word, she took ahold of it and looked right at him, [ like she was daring him to stop her ] lowered her little head down and started licking softly, on the end of it

Her warm soft tongue was getting to him but just licking him, wasn't all that she wanted. So she opened her mouth and slipped it down over the swollen head and started coaxing it, coaxing it to squirt for her.

Watching her bobbing her little head up and down on it, started getting to him and he took ahold of her head, moaning, " Ohhh fuccccck." as her little tongue, kept caressing it and her little hand worked it, faster and faster.

All at once she whimpered, " Come on, come on." The first english that she had used, since she had started sucking on it.

And he screamed, " Oh noooooooooooo " and she squealed, " Yes, ..........yes " as his white sticky boy cum, pushed up out of his warm balls, squirting out of the end of it and into her warm sucking mouth. Erupting " Once " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, " Twice " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " Three times " Agghhhhhhhhhhhh. As he laid there quivering and listened to the little " Gulp " "Gulp " " Gulping sounds, that she was making and he knew that she was, " Eating it " and that made him squirt even more, as he raised up and watched her doing it.

Even when he was through cuming, she was still milking on his warm balls, with her little tingy fingers, trying to coax more of his " Boy cum " out of them.

And that's when he saw her eyes starting to cross and didn't understand what was happening, until her whole body started to quiver and her warm sweet girl juices started to flow.

He couldn't believe it, she had just climaxed, by sucking on a young boy.

The next thing he knew, she had raised up off of it and was kissing him on the mouth and whispering, " Please don't tell." As she told him to pull his pants up, so she could unlock the door.

Neither of them said a word, as she watched him getting dressed and then limping out the door. Forgetting about all the pain he had been in, only 20 minutes before.

She [ Miss Lopez ] had done her job well, she had taken the pain away and made the little boy feel even better.

A little smile crossed her face, as she watched him walk away and closed the door. Waiting for the next one to come in, so it could all start again.

And that's when she decided that she really liked her job and hoped to keep it, for a long long time.
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