Rachel and Nancy's troubles
Becky watched Angel enter the bathroom. As soon a she heard the shower turn on she ordered Nancy to clean Casper up with her tongue.
"Keep your hands behind your back and clean every bit of that cock" Becky shoved the dildo fully into Rachel's pussy earning a muffled grunt from her gagged mouth. Leaving the toy in place she reached into her bag and pulled a second, only slightly smaller dildo. She moved to show Rachel the ten inch molded cock.
"Guess what I am going to do with this. I figured since your pussy is already full I would let you feel what it is like to have your ass filled. Don't you think that will be great? It will be like having two men at once."Rachel frantically shook her head NO. She had never had a guy mess with her ass and the butt plug was the first thing ever put in there. She didn't like the idea of anything else going in there.
"Oh would you rather do something else?" Becky asked, Rachel nodded her head. " Okay here's the deal, I will give you a chance to avoid me putting that in your ass. You have to make me cum using only your mouth. I'll even take off the clothes pins, but the plug stays where it is. Do we have a deal?" Rachel slowly nodded her head. She didn't really want to pleasure another woman, especially Becky, but anything would be better than what was about to happen.
Becky moved Rachel's hands to behind her back and secured them. She undid the bonds around her ankles. Rachel stood before Becky. Becky removed the clothes pins from Rachel's pussy first then her breasts. Tears flowed down Rachel's face as the blood returned to her nipples and pussy. She knelled before her tormentor. Becky removed the gag and shoved Rachel's face between her legs. Rachel started her task.
"Nancy stop sucking that dick and clean the toy in Rachel's pussy the same way." Nancy crawled over to Rachel and removed the large dildo from her friend's pussy. Rachel might have been relieved, finally her pussy could relax. Her pussy was throbbing and sore from the constant thrusting, but at the moment she was fighting for air between Becky's legs. Becky would push Rachel's face hard into her pussy causing Rachel to fight for breath. The more Rachel would lick the more Becky would let her breath. It wasn't long and Rachel was pleasuring Becky like a pro.
Nancy sucked and licked the large dildo, cleaning all of Rachel's juices off of it.
"Now fuck yourself with it while eating Rachel out." Becky's instructions left no doubt that there needed to be no delay in her response. Nancy struggled to get in a position that she could get to Rachel's pussy. Becky laughed then remembered Casper standing there with no idea what he was missing. What a shame she thought I'm sure he would enjoy watching this.
Becky pulled Rachel up by the hair and half drug her to the coffee table. Rachel was forced into her back on top if the table. Becky tied her wrists to her ankles and then ran the rope under the table, then took a second rope tied to Rachel's knees and pulled her legs as wide as she could. Rachel's head hung off one side of the table with the rest of her body immobile.
"I didn't tell you to stop. Get your face in that pussy and that toy in your cunt before I put it somewhere you don't want me to." Becky snapped at Nancy.
Nancy buried her face between Rachel's open legs while she worked the large member into her own pussy.
Becky turned Casper so he was facing the lesbian encounter on the table. She picked up the gag she had used on Rachel and put it in Casper's mouth. Angel wouldn't be to happy with what she was doing but she would get over it. Becky left on the head phones but removed the blindfold. Casper's cock started to get noticeably harder as he took in the scene before him. Becky placed a vibrating cock ring around the base of his cock and balls turning it on low before returning to her two slaves.
Becky squatted over Rachel's face so once again she could force Rachel to eat her pussy.

Nancy worked the dildo in her pussy over and over having no idea that Casper was now watching what she was doing. As much a she tried to convince herself that she was only doing this because she had lost a bet, she was actually starting to enjoy it. Rachel didn't taste bad at all, and the taste was making the toy in her pussy seem more intense. Her whole body was involved in the sexual act. Her mouth was frantically trying to pleasure her friend, her hands were thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy and soon she could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. Suddenly she was yanked up by her hair. Becky pulled her fully to her feet. The toy was removed from her pussy and shoved in her mouth so deep she started to gag. Becky apparently decided that Nancy needed to be tied. She put both arms behind her head and tied them together. She took the end of the rope from around her hands down between her legs then threw it over the exposed rafters and secured it to the table Rachel was tied to. The rope ran through Nancy's ass and up her pussy putting pressure against her slit. The rope was in a position that any move Nancy made would stimulate her clit. Not enough to bring her to an orgasm but enough to constantly tease. Becky made a point of taking more pictures of her two helpless victims. Before squatting again over Rachel's face.

In Rachel's position her pussy was spread wide directly in Casper's view.

Casper watched as the dark haired woman lowered her pussy into the redhead's face. The redhead was licking frantically at the pussy. The lighter haired brunette was trying to find a comfortable position for the rope between her legs. Casper watched the three beautiful women in front of him for a few minutes, his cock throbbing wanting contact. Suddenly the dark haired woman snapped upright. Casper could tell there was yelling but still couldn't hear past the music playing in his ears. The dark haired woman quickly untied enough of the bonds of both other women that she could led them through the door and outside. Casper watched the one girl struggling to keep up to the rope being pulled through her crotch. The door closed and then there was nothing, even the music stopped. Casper felt the headphones removed from his head by someone behind him. He felt hands caressing his body working down and forward towards his wanting cock.

Finally when naked breasts touched his back he felt the hands reached his vibrating member. Every touch seemed to radiate through his whole body.

He heard Angel's voice whisper in his ear, "Did you like what you saw?" Casper nodded his head, "Would you like to see my body?" All Casper could do through the gag was barely mumble a "uh huh"

Angel never took her hand off his cock as she moved slowly around his body. She kissed him softly on the lips before backing up for him to see. His eyes admired the goddess before him, as step by step she came into view. Her skin was perfect, smooth and silky. Her figure was amazing with full natural breasts and firm full hips. His eyes wandered up her legs, admired the neat line of her smooth pussy, up her firm belly, across her large light colored areolas, then finally to her beautiful face. Their eyes met and Casper knew he would do anything Angel wanted even if he hadn't lost a bet.

Angel approached Casper and undid all his bounds and removed his gag, leaving the vibrating cock ring in place. Angel guided Casper to the futon and sat down. She opened her legs and didn't say a word. Casper knelt before her and lowered his face towards her beautiful pussy, this was truly paradise and he was going to make this Angel happy.


Rachel was put in the back seat of Becky's SUV. Her hands were tied to the handles above the doors leaving her on display for anyone inside the tinted windows. Nancy had her hands tied to the handles also except she was placed in the far back facing the back window. The position thrust her chest forward leaving her very much exposed to anyone that could see past the back door. Becky got dressed in a loose skirt and blue top before getting in the drivers seat.

Both Nancy and Rachel were glad the windows were darkly tinted as they drove onto the interstate.
They rode for about twenty minutes before Becky noticed a car full of college guys. She reached over and rolled down all the windows including the back. There was honking as the guys admired the exposed women. Rachel was beat red from the embarrassment even though she could feel herself becoming moist.
Becky pulled off the highway into a park. Lucky for Nancy and Rachel no one was there except the car that was now following them. Becky made sure both other women knew that they were not to talk or fight anything that happened, or else things would get a lot worse.
Rachel couldn't fathom how it could get worse but knew Becky would find a way.
When they stopped Becky opened all the doors exposing the two women even more. The guys from the honking car got out and walked over to get a better look. Becky opened all the doors.
"You can touch all you want. Hell you can do anything you want to them. Think of them as play things." Becky offered the two women to the strangers.
Hands fondled the helpless women's bodies. Fingers violated their pussys and asses.
Becky and three of the guys untied Rachel from the back seat and drug her to a near by picnic table. She was tied on her back in a way that her legs were open facing one of the benches and her head hung off the other side. Becky tied a rope to her hair and pulled it so her mouth was gaping open. In her position she was unable to move at all.
Becky took pictures as three of the four guys groped and fondled Rachel's tied body. Nancy watched from the open back hatch still tied. As the fourth guy aggressively bit her nipples and fingered her pussy.
Then it started, one guy pulled out his cock and shoved it in Rachel's open mouth while a second entered her pussy. Nothing was soft about how they took her. Nancy could hear Rachel gasping for breath even from where she was. Becky continued to take pictures of everything happening.
Tears ran out of Rachel's eyes as she was violated. She wanted to scream but the cock in her mouth made it impossible to even breath. No condoms were used, nothing between Rachel and the flesh of these strangers.
Nancy felt sympathy for her friend in such a helpless situation but could do nothing as fingers trust in her own wet pussy.
Rachel finally found a rhythm between thrusts she could breath but it wasn't easy. She hardly noticed when the guy in her pussy shot his load. The guy in her mouth, however thrust deep down her throat and held it there as his cum forced Rachel to swallow quickly. Rachel came close to passing out before he removed his cock allowing her to finally take a breath. Soon after Becky gagged her favorite redheaded sex toy.
Nancy was then moved from the suv to where Rachel was bound.
"Lick her clean." Becky ordered.
Nancy bent over and started to lick her friend's dripping pussy. She felt the man behind her position his cock at her pussy then in one hard stroke he was in and pounding away forcing her face harder into Rachel's trimmed bush. She didn't want to admit how horny and wet she was over everything but she was actually building to an orgasm. She was about to cum when the pounding stopped.
Why did he just pull out when she was so close? Nancy asked herself. Then she found out. He put his cock at her asshole and pushed. It hurt as he entered. A hand pushed her face deep into Rachel's pussy as the cock entered fully. The pain wasn't as bad as she thought, but it could be the difficulty she was having breathing distracting her from the pain.
As he thrust in her ass she started to build back to an orgasm. Quickly she built up until she knew she would cum, then he pulled out just as she started to cum. This left her body begging for more.
He had shot his load on her back not inside her. Her pussy was dripping from her unfinished orgasm. She was desperate, lucky for her no one else knew.
The cum was rubbed all over her and she was once again tied in the suv. She watched as Becky allowed the four guys to eat her own pussy and wished she could have just one to finish her. Rachel was then drug back and tied in the back seat.
Becky exchanged some information with the guys and they left.
Becky closed all the doors, got back in the drivers seat and started the engine before saying anything.
"Slut Nancy, you enjoyed that too much I never told you that you could cum. You will be punished for that when we get home." Becky didn't say another word the whole drive. Nancy wondered what her punishment would be as she watched truck drivers gesture towards her through the open back window.

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