I am a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.
Paul couldn't get over the feel of his aunt's pretty pussy, as it gripped at his huge cock, as it was working back and forth in her.

She had been like a teenager again, as she had ridden on it, faster and faster. Until it had finally squirted his " boy cum " up into her, to remember him by.

" Oh," she remembered him alright, how could she forget. His huge cock had left her torn and bruised, raw and swollen. So, raw and swollen, that she couldn't walk right, for over a week.

But there she was, watching him again, as he'd head for the bathroom in the morning. Remembering how that " Big thing " felt up inside of her, reaching down touching her little pussy, as he closed the bathroom door. And she wanted to feel it again, " So Baddd."

Thinking about his aunt was really getting to Paul too, because now he was not only peeing in the morning, with his huge pee boner, he was jacking it too and getting it to squirt, just to relieve some of the pressure. The presure building up inside of him because he wanted to do her again but he couldn't figure out how.

It was his pretty aunt, that finally figured out a way for them to get together again and when she told Paul about it, he liked it. So, they set out to do it.

His uncle was a really good bowler and they started getting him to go out bowling with them more and more and when they kept telling him how good he was, he joined a bowling league.

The first night that he left to go out bowling, without them, he wasn't gone over 10 minutes, before they were at each other.

Paul was sitting in the livingroom, in the easy chair reading and the next thing he knew, she was down in front of him, trying to undo his levis again.

" Nooo, are you crazy, what if he doesn't go and comes back?"

Getting caught didn't seem to bother her, she knew what she wanted and wasn't going to stop, until she got it. As she continued to undo his levis and eventually pulled it out.

Squealing and whimpering, when she saw it again, she bent down and started licking on the end of it. Paying special attention to the little hole in the end of it, the little peehole. Spreading it ever so slightly, with her little fingers and then licking inside of it. Knowing that the boys liked it, when she'd do that to them.

" Oh shit, your crazy. " " Agghhhhhhhhhhhh." " Let's at least go into the bathroom, so he can't walk by the window and see us."

" Don't you like it?" " Shit yes, I like it but if we can see outside from here, then he can see inside, from out there. "

Finally he gave up and just started trying to get up.

It was like she didn't want to let go of it, as he more or less pried her fingers from it and stood-up, taking her into the bathroom with him and closing the door. Making her sit down on the white toilet, as he finished getting undressed and stood there naked in front of her. His now half hard cock, hanging down in front of him. " Waiting."

She was whispering, " Please, please, I want too " and without waiting for him to reply, she reached out and took ahold of it and started licking on the swollen head, as it filled with blood again, getting bigger and bigger.

Even though he was only a boy, a 16 year old boy, the precum started leaking out of the end of it and he watched, as she licked at with her tiny soft tongue. Tasting it, licking until all of it was gone. Squeezing on his big cock, milking it for more, until she got it and then licked that away too. Sliding her warm soft tongue around and around, on the big head, as she looked up at him and made him moan " Agghhhhhhhhhh " and say " Oh Fuck " as he watched her doing it.

How many times over the years, had he wanted to show " it " to her and try and get her to " Want it, " like the other girl's did, all the way back to when he was 12.

But she wanted more, as she opened her mouth and stretched it down over the swollen head. Whimpering, as it slowly slid in. Being careful not to gag on it and ruin it, for her.

She loved to suck cock, she had been doing it, since she was 11. But something about gagging on it, turned her off immediately because of when 3 older boys had made her suck on their's and the last one pushed his all the way down into her throat, gagging her and she wasn't even 12 years old yet.

Yes, she was " Known " as a " Cocksucker," all the way through school but that didn't bother her all that much because she liked to do it and didn't care who knew it.

At school it didn't bother her, all that much but sometimes at night, when she was lying in her bed, all alone. A little tear would roll down her cheek because she didn't understand why, some of the boys disrespected her for it. After all, wasn't she doing, what they wanted her too?
Paul was getting closer and closer to loosing it, as he watched her head bobbing up and down on his huge cock. Working it with her tiny tongue, as she felt his warm balls, with her little fingers.

She knew that he was getting close because his ball were tightening up and he was reaching for her head, just as she pulled up off of it and whispered, " Wait, wait for meee."

But it was already to late and he lost it, as they watched his 9 inch cock jerk " Once" Agghhhh " " Twice " Agghhhhhhhhh " and then twice more, sending its white liquid up into the air, before he lost his boner and it lowered back down.

At that moment in time, she hated him. Hated him for not waiting for her, as she got up and and made him leave the bathroom.

Locking the bathroom door, sliding her panties out from under her little sundress. She sat back on the white toilet, spread her little legs and one more time, " Finished herself."


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I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

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