A Kiss That Lasts Forever Part 2: Love, Lust and Everything In Between///A Kiss That Lasts Forever, Part 3: Secretary
Parts 2 and 3 combined to meet word count limit.. Still looking for assistant to help writing and proofing. Look in part 1 for details and at the bottom of the story.

A Kiss That Lasts Forever Part 2: Love, Lust and Everything In Between

As we walked in the door, I threw down my coat and pulled Naudia into another kiss. I pushed her up against the door as our tongues continued their passionate dance. I pulled away to breathe and was mesmerized by her hazelnut eyes; they were so warm and lustfully inviting. She pulled me into another kiss, but this one was much slower, more passionate. We stared right into each other’s eyes, and for the first time I noticed how tired she looked. I broke our kiss and picked her up, laughing a little at the surprised look on her face. On my way upstairs I glanced at a clock: 3:03 A.M. I laid her down on my bed and was about to go downstairs to sleep on the couch when she said sleepily, "You'll make me feel bad if you sleep on the couch." So I hopped in bed right next to her and she cuddled up close to me.


I woke up and the warm body next to me reminded me of the events that had happened last night. I looked over at the alarm clock next to me: 13:37. For a moment I panicked, thinking I overslept, until I remembered it was Sunday. I looked at Naudia and admired her beautiful sleeping form, her chest gently heaving up and down, a smile on her face. I couldn't move without waking her, so I just admired her beauty, for how long, I don't know. When her eyes fluttered open she smiled at me and we kissed good morning. I stretched and yawned.

"We should probably go grab my car," she suggested.

"Can't, garage is closed today."

"What a drag," she said, not sounding too disappointed. She glanced out the window, noticing the great view for the first time. "Thomm, I'm sooo horny right now, and we still need to finish what we started last night," she said.

She straddled my stomach, pinning my hands above my head, I could have easily gotten her off of me but I wanted to see where this was going. "This time I call the shots,” she said in an almost commanding tone. Before I could say anything she covered my mouth with hers. Her hand started sliding down my chest and over my stomach, finally coming to a rest on my crotch.

"Not here," I said, picking her up and walking into the bathroom.

I turned on the water, walked in and set her down on one of the corner ledges. The cold water cascading over us made her nipples harden. She stood up and pulled me into a slow, passionate kiss, the water warming as she did. I could smell her arousal through the steam and lightly pushed her down onto a ledge, sinking to my knees as I did. I put my head between her legs and started to stroke her slit with my tongue and she began to moan. I nibbled at her clit while I curled a finger inside her to find her g-spot. I found it and she moaned even louder. I could tell she was near by the way her body was tensing up, her eyes tightly shut. She finally came, a torrent of hot, white cum gushing out of her and into my mouth, a sweet taste. I swallowed all of it and turned the water off, and we both stepped out. I grabbed a towel and started to dry her from behind, breathing hotly on her neck as I did. I reached her breasts and gave each of her nipples a light pinch. I pressed my hard cock against her asshole and she leaned over, placing her hands on the sink, giving me better access. I lathered on some soap as a makeshift lube and pushed against the puckered seal and it gave way to her tightest hole. Her virgin ass had my cock in a death grip; it felt so good having her walls contract on my dick while I fondled her nipples, rolling them between my index finger and thumb. After just a few strokes I shot my load of hot cum deep into her, but I didn't stop. I kept pumping into her; my hands were now buried in her pussy, two fingers from each hand slowly fucking her into a frenzy. Her tight pussy was dripping onto my hands and forming a large puddle on the floor. I pulled out and she moaned in frustration before I turned her around and rammed my shaft into her tiny cunt. I took my cum-soaked hands and easily fit an entire fist into her asshole. I came just seconds before another tidal wave of hot cum cascaded out of her. She collapsed into my arms and I carried her to my bed.


I was finishing up some work so that I could take Monday off when I heard footsteps behind me.

"I'm gonna go back to my apartment, be back tomorrow." She kissed me and left.

I couldn't wait until Monday.

A Kiss That Lasts Forever, Part 3: Secretary

A few weeks passed by and I've been doing nothing but the same, Monday through Friday, but that's not why I was sweating with my clothes strewn across the room. Today was Naudia's last at the office as a trainee so we decided to "celebrate". I was pushing my rock-hard cock into tight, little ass. Ever since her first time, Naudia has become somewhat of an anal sex addict.

"Fuck me harder!"

My hands were twisting her nipples and pulling them outwards. Her arms gave way and I barely caught her before she hit the table. I laid her down and moved my hands down to her wet slit. I pulled on her clit roughly and she suppressed a scream of pure ecstasy. The sound of folders dropping and a gasp made us both whip our heads towards the door. My hot secretary, Clea, was standing in the doorway. I hadn't even heard her open the door. She silently picked up the folders as if she hadn't just seen me fucking Naudia.

"I won't tell anyone, if you let me join you," she almost whispered.

For a moment, it was silent, than I leaned over and whispered something in Naudia's ear. She walked over to my desk and started rummaging through the drawers.

"Come here," I told Clea. She walked over to me and I grabbed her wrists, pulling her into a deep, merciless kiss. I pushed her up against the glass wall and turned her to face it. We were on the 47th floor so we had nothing to worry about.

I fell to my knees and ran my tongue around the lace edge of her black stockings. They were about 3 inches above her knees and her grey skirt overlapped them by an inch. She was sexy, not as much as the other brunette goddess in my office but still damn close. I lightly ran my finger along the wet spot on her matching black panties. I pushed my finger inside her as far as her tight little panties would allow and squirmed it all around.

"Stop...stop...teasing me...please," she moaned out in a breathy voice. Naudia came over to us wearing a 7-inch strap-on, a gag in her hand. She rubbed the gag into her own cunt, covering it in her cum before stuffing it into Clea's mouth and clasping the clear straps together at the back of her head.

Naudia walked behind Clea, pulled up her skirt, and slipped down her panties before placing the tip of her silicone cock at the entrance of her anal hole.

"Bend over," she commanded.

Clea bent over and I examined her firm, round ass. Naudia gave her left ass cheek a firm spank, then the right, leaving perfect imprint of her hands on Clea's tight ass. I noticed how hard Clea was clenching her asshole and I almost told her to relax, but I guessed she'd figure it out. Naudia pushed the tip of her strap-on in Clea's clenched hole.

"Jesus girl, loosen up." Naudia pulled out and went over to my desk, grabbed the bottle of lube stashed away inside, and sloshed some on Clea's hole and some on her fake dick.

The smell of feminine cum finally got the better of me. I reached down to my rock hard member and started jerking like a turned on teenager. It wasn't hard to cum, watching my girlfriend and hot secretary have strap-on sex. The friction created by the strap-on's harness finally sent Naudia over the edge, into a heart stopping, earth shattering orgasm, cum running down her slender legs and on the carpet. When Naudia was done she took off the gag. Clea strode over to me, graceful and queenlike in her stride, and opened her pussy lips, sliding my cock inside of her. She started riding me and I realized I had just broken her virginity when a little blood seeped out.

"Thomm, I want your hot cum inside me," she moaned.

I unbuttoned her blouse to discover her lack of a bra, and pinched her hard nipples, making her moan loudly into my chest. I pulled her into another deep kiss, our tongues swirling around each other's mouths. She tensed up around the same time I felt the familiar tingles of my orgasm. I felt the ocean of hot cum squirt out of her as she bucked in my lap, my cum shooting up into her tight cunt. We stayed still for a while, trying to recover from our unbelievable orgasms. She finally got off of me, pulling up her panties and buttoning her blouse as she did.

As she walked out she turned her head.

"Oh, and Mr. Merrilan, the TPS reports are in the folders on your desk," she said and walked out as if nothing had just happened.

Women are too complicated.

I walked over to a fully dressed Naudia, straightening my tie, and said, "Great last day, eh?"

She smiled at me and popped open a bottle of champagne.

"Does she do that everyday?"

"I wish." I poured us both a glass and sat down across from her.

"When's your graduation?" I asked, taking a sip from my glass.

"Three months. I turn 24 the week after," she said excitedly.

The way I see it, I have many more "celebrations" to cum.
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