An unfortunate outfit decision lands Tamz in trouble after a 21st party
This is a slight re-working of a letter sent by a friend:

Dear Rob,

It was so nice to see you again after all these years. I was pleased we still have so much in common even though I’ve been away so long and you’re still single, believe me the single life does still appeal. Married life and children isn’t always fun and I sometimes long to gout on the town pulling. As you say, I still have my looks and trim figure, it would be great to be a tart for a while but it doesn’t really go with my lifestyle now. I can still fantasize though.

As promised, I write to you with details of my secret that I’ve kept from everyone for ten years, but I reveal it to you now. I’m only telling you because you were there that night and I know how your dirty mind works, so I’m sure you’ll use what I tell you in your fantasies as I have in mine for years. I’m glad you’ve still got that dirty streak, like me. I still love attention and knowing guys are fantasising about me, gives me such a wide on! Hence I’m still in the short skirts, tight tops, leather, pvc etc. I’m so glad I didn’t lose my figure having Anthony & Jessica.

Remember when we went to Louise’s 21st in that little club? I wore that leather halter neck top and matching mini skirt that you loved so much, I still have it btw ;) Well, I knew I was getting lots of attention when I was dancing so sexy with you, I knew you weren’t the only one getting hard as, when I went to the bar I was getting my arse felt up and lads ten years younger than me were brushing past me, pressing themselves into my butt and saying things like “hey sexy legs” and telling me they’d love to fuck me. I let my hands drop to a couple of lad’s groins and they were seriously hard, I was so turned on.

It was only when I got there that I realised my outfit was a little OTT for a family event, you told me Lou and Jane always wear short skirts and I should dress accordingly, but when we arrived they were in long gowns and it was only me showing any leg. It turned me on something rotten that I was getting more attention than them and they are 6 and 9 years younger than me!

After you’d got your taxi home I went to the toilet as I didn’t think I’d make it home without peeing. As I came out a big bloke said “hey sexy legs, wanna fuck?” I just looked up at him and told him no. He was ugly, and if I was going to fuck someone that night it would’ve been you Rob! Next thing I know a bigger fella is grabbing me and I was pulled back into a Pool room that wasn’t being used. He picked me up and laid me on the table as a third bloke appeared. Two of them got onto the table either side of me and knelt on my arms, pinning me down. I was kicking and screaming so one of them put his hand over my mouth as the first guy, the ugly one, roughly hitched up my skirt. I was wearing my big silver satin knickers and he made comments that he didn’t like them, something like “you dress like a slut on the outside yet you wear these fucking things underneath”. I wasn’t in any position to say you liked them. He pulled them off me as I tried to kick against him and I kept screaming for him to him to stop, so he threw them onto my face and the guy to my right stuffed them into my mouth as the first went down on me.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it was you but couldn’t even do that as he hadn’t a clue what to do down there. I opened my eyes again to find the other two masturbating above my head as they grabbed at my breasts through my top. My muffled cries were going nowhere. Then the first bloke entered me and well, let’s just say that Mr. Ugly was also Mr. Teeny Tiny! No wonder he had to force women to sleep with him, no one would out of choice. However, you know how easy it is for me to come? Well it wasn’t long before he was making me wet, he could feel it and said I was loving it and what a whore I was. He kept shouting “whore!” as he watched my breasts jiggle under my top to his beats. “I’ve wanted to fuck you all night” he told me.

The two lads pinning me down were soon joined by some other lads who said that they’d watched me dancing all night as they got onto the table and started wanking. They wanted to get my breasts out but the other three said no, which I didn’t understand as I have great breasts and men can’t wait to get them on display usually. So these lads started sticking their hands under my top and groping away. “she’s enjoying this you know? Her nipples are hard as rocks”. This led to a lot of cheering as the bloke inside me banged me harder and harder. The two pinning me then shouted suddenly “splash her!” and pulled the others’ hands away from my breasts, shooting their cum onto my leather top and skirt. I wondered if they liked what I was wearing more than me!

I have to say I was incredibly turned on at this point and even Mr. Teeny Tiny’s pounding was bringing me to orgasm. He pulled out in preparation to come and I gushed like a fucking hose, all over him. He called me a messy slut as he shot his load over my skirt and top, good job they’re both wipe clean eh, he laughed. As soon as the first three had finished, the three newest lads lifted my head and pulled the cords to release my breasts for them to see. “I’m fucking them” said one straightaway, climbing on top of me and sticking his cock inbetween my breasts. He was HUGE by the way! His mate held my head as he released his load onto my face, with my knickers still stuffed in my mouth. “Good idea” said the other as he pumped frantically, squeezing my breasts into his cock. When he was ready he moved up and came all over my knickers and my face. I certainly wouldn’t be putting them back on on the way home! The third lad had just been standing there wanking and he lowered himself to come over my breasts.

Now all of them had come I thought that was it. Part of me hoped that the ordeal was over but part of me wanted it to continue. Sure, they might only have wanted me for wearing leather but FUCK! I’d never been taken in that rough way before, and I was liking it.

They finally took my cumsoaked knickers out of my mouth and turned me onto my stomach, undid the bottom cords of the top to remove it completely and pulled my legs over the end of the table, so I could stand but was bent over. Each got off the table and stood behind me. I felt my skirt go back up and the first cock enter my arse. Now you know I’ve done anal from time to time as I told you on Saturday, but at that time it was something I’d never even considered.

As soon as my arse was pounded I was even more turned on. I didn’t know which one was fucking me as I was pumped and my breasts grabbed from behind, it was so rough but I was loving it. I felt a finger in my pussy and I started to come again, it started running down the inside of my legs. “she loves it” one said, I couldn’t agree and had to keep up the pretence “no stop, stop please” I cried, not meaning a word of it! He pulled out and came on my buttocks and up my back, as another climbed back on the table and pulled my head onto his cock. I was being spitroasted, another first. I don’t know how many were behind me but I could feel cum being shot onto my bum, legs and skirt while I was being fucked by each of the guys who were taking it in turns to fill either my mouth or my arse. There were faces coming to the front of me who I’d seen dancing or standing around the dance floor, some came on my face and some in my mouth, holding my head onto their cocks so I couldn’t pull away.

Someone made a suggestion to “completely fill her” so I was dragged back onto the table, where I was positioned on top of a lad who must’ve been 10 years younger than me. He was a BIG boy who filled my walls perfectly, next I was entered from behind in the arse as a third filled my mouth. Sporadic lads just got onto the table to masturbate over my breasts and face, and I came once more to the three way filling I was receiving. All three came inside me, another first and what a feeling! I wondered if it was the first time the young lad beneath me had come as he shot what felt like a bottle of milk into me.

Finally I was laid back down on my back, “put your top back on bitch” shouted Mr. Teeny Tiny, I thought that was it as they helped me get dressed again, then he stood over me and pushed me back down as he masturbated over me once more in my leather outfit, followed by a string of guys all using up their “second wind”. My leather top and skirt were more white than black by the time they’d finished. After that,some apologised and left. I lay there exhausted and covered in their cum until the manager came in after the music had stopped and he did a final check of the building before locking up. He asked if I wanted to press charges but I declined, I didn’t tell him but I’d just had the best, sexiest shag of my life. I literally was the centre of attention and I loved it, even if I was very sore for weeks afterwards.

I’ve enjoyed some rough sex since then but nothing like that, I often use that in my mind as I use my Rabbit. My husband doesn’t know that of course.

Give me a text soon and we’ll hook up.




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yPMr79 See it for the first time!!...

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You're welcome at my next party bitch, same outfit yeah?

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You're welcome at my next party bitch, same outfit yeah?

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